The IT Crowd, Episode 6

September 28, 2007


It’s all over! Tonight’s episode is really, really funny, but the ending’s a bit shit (although you might like it! After last week, I don’t know what to think).

I’ve really enjoyed the run. We seem to have turned a corner in terms of the general perception of the show. Someone called us ‘overrated” in one newspaper! Hurray!

Thanks again for all the nice comments these last six weeks. I feel pretty fired up now, and ready to start sorting through my notes for series 3.

You’ve been a great audience! Goodnight!


  1. oh no! what the hell am I going to quote within an inch of it’s life now!?

  2. Excellent, thanks so much and thank His Noodly Appendage for series 3. I have broken the tabs of Series 2.0s cassette, as it were, and put a note in the corner and scrawled “GRRRR!!!! DO NOT ERASE!!!” with many deathsheads also entwined. It shall never ever ever be removed from our DVR. (well, not until the DVD comes out..)

  3. Ah, all good things and all that…..

    I’ve just ordered the dvd(and picked up The Father Ted Box set too)

    Anyway,good luck with the next one(what are the chances it’ll be ready for next year? Slim I guess, eh?)

  4. This show is like the Prague Spring–wonderful, short-lived, and then brutally torn from the hearts of the public.

    Filthy communists.

  5. Y’better tell the folks at boingboing that there’s not 8 episodes….the nerdiverse shall cry.
    Also, it’s fookin’ brilliant, eh!

  6. In light of the fact that there will be a series 3, my nerdy question is this…

    Had the U.S. version gone to series, would Richard Ayoade have appeared in both versions, essentially, simultaneously?

    That would have been interesting. (Well, interesting to sad nerds like me.)

  7. As there doesn’t seem to be any definitive info on the release date for the North American series one DVD set, I’ll have to order it from Amazon UK as soon as I can, and add a little more to your royalties.

    Thank you for a pair of wonderfully funny and entertaining series. I have had the great pleasure and honor of introducing The IT Crowd to quite a few of my friends, and they also have become enthusiastic fans.

    I really regret that Channel 4 hasn’t quite caught onto this whole WORLD WIDE Web thing. Instead of locking down the web availability of the episodes to only Windows and to U.K. residents only, how much money might they (and you) have made from people like me, who would happily have paid £1-£2 via PayPal per episode in a format such as QuickTime or MPEG or .avi?

  8. Hard to believe it’s been 6 weeks already! I look forward to watching this… in the usual manner.

  9. Really apreciated all the laughs this great series. thanks

  10. good job on this season. I am looking forward to next season and kinda hope you lean a little back to the tech side of the comedy (it is what I felt made the show really unique).

    Great Job non-the-less.

  11. One note for next season: No Google jokes. Their time has passed.

    Oh, also, more Richmond!

    Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode. Thanks for the laughs!

    BTW, I’m currently working on a project called “The Ultimate Blogger,” which is an elimination-style blogging contest. Typically, a video is made each week to announce results and challenges, but this year we are doing it a bit different and framing those videos within another mockumentary-style video. We’ve actually fooled several local publications into believing it is a real documentary made by “Canadians.”

    Our most recent episode is our funniest, in my opinion. Have a look if you care to:


  12. Can’t believe it’s the end already. :(
    Getting geared up for tonights show, all the best for the future season!

  13. Fifteen minutes to go? Bittersweet moment…

    BTW: Has anyone else come across this guy? Bit talented.

  14. Bloody marvellous. Does anyone else think Matt Berry is a genius? Now I have an explanation for the fact that the volcano in the Evian ads made me wet my pants.

  15. This episode has had me in stitches. I made the mistake of eating while watching and almost chocked to death from belly laughing. Attempted murder Mr Linehan.

  16. Although the ending was borderline funographic.

  17. I fail to see the humour in MALE ON MALE RAPE.

    Also, you can’t actually smell Rohypnol.

  18. A tremendous series. Nothing wrong with that ending, sir! Loved the missing hand, too. And you undeniably impressed as Blind Irish Sorcerer. Did you employ Sir Ian McKellen’s secret technique of imagining what it was like to be a blind Irish sorcerer, then pretending to be one? :)

  19. Gahh! Missed the start, and your credit, judging by the…credits. Loved the stuff with the lads on their own, and the stuff with Jen and Douglas too.

    I think I’ve covered everything. Lovely.

  20. Really loved it, the end was great, oh the imagery. Well done on the whole series man. what will i do on fridays now?

  21. Great series. Great final episode. Graham, thank you very much for restoring my hope for good TV.

  22. Great episode to go out on!

    I saw the credits. Didn’t care for them. :)

    Also, that guy at the beginning. Isn’t he in I’m Alan Partridge?

  23. Also Rohypnol isn’t an aphrodisiac, it would just zonk you out.
    But loved the rest of it, the Kupperman guest slot was appreciated, loved the squirrel, the Roman Holiday skit was fantastic and the opening had me in painful hysterics.

  24. That episode was insanely good. The Douglas hand thing was just genius. It took me ages to recognise Graham as the blind sorceror too, he was really into character. Method acting. I heard he prepared by living in that tent for nearly twenty minutes. Very admirable.

    But yes. Hooray Graham, cast and crew!

    And I really hope there’s a third series. Much as I enjoyed the episode, I’d hate to think my last ever memories of Moss and Roy involved a gang-rape.

  25. I love you! That was awesome. More now please.

    My sky+ doesn’t do frame advance.

  26. THAT WAS A WASP! >:(

  27. Another fantastic episode! I was in fits of laughter the whole way through. Moss’ face over the sofa was hilarious & I LOVED the missing hand sketch.

    You’re a genius. I’ll be over there in the corner until series three…

  28. Pinkle:

    Sky+ does do frame advance, well, sorta. Hold down the play button, and it’ll go into slowmo. You can then hit pause on any random frame you’d want.

    Dunno why you’d want to.

  29. Bloody marvellous. And Matt Berry is very good, shame he gets such a hard time from a lot of comedy forums. While O’Dowd and Ayoade have improved a lot. O’Dowd in particular knows how to get laughs from one or two words.

    Graham – although this series hasn’t been without it’s lulls and bits that haven’t quite matched your own high peaks in writing – it’s still been very very funny. You’re one of the few writers around where you can watch a gag and think ‘Typical Linehan brilliance again!’

    You’ve got an identifiable style in both writing and directing that is a joy to watch. I have to say some of your throwaway cut to’s are some of my favourite comedy devices ever in UK sitcom (the ambulance today one was wonderful – as was the ambulance one in Ted, of course!)

    It’s just a shame a lot of people have gone ‘Well, it’s NOT Seinfeld’ which seems a really odd argument to level at the show, and you as a writer.

    The way I look at your work, and the IT Crowd in particular is that it’s a live action cartoon. In fact, I think you are one of the few writers around in the UK (well, Ireland obviously) who could write for The Simpsons. But they pick Gervais, never mind . . .

    I think the only thing the IT Crowd has lacked is one liners. I know that’s not really your style but is that an aspect that you’ve ever thought of working on? I think early Seinfeld had mostly character driven verbal jokes – like the IT Crowd – but sometimes a one liner does wonders. I know Ted had a lot of verbal stuff, but again, it was character led verbal jokes. If that makes sense . . .

    Good luck for series 3! My what a long post . . .

  30. That was fantastic.
    An absolutely fabulous series.
    Thank you so much.

  31. Tremendous series sir. I particularly liked that you got the gang out of the office environment more.

    Moss standing behind the bar in episode 2.1 had me literally projecting tea from my nostrils. Funniest TV moment of the year.

    I salute you!

  32. It was really funny. That’s the best thing you can say. Cheers mate, for making me fall off my given seating more times than anything else on the telly, from Father Ted to now.

  33. David, thank you. I guess I wanted to see if I cared for it or not. Turns out I didn’t.

  34. Amanda, the only “MALE ON MALE RAPE” going on is in your imagination. Don’t take it out on a genius.

  35. I only saw the last minute and was also trying to figure out why Berry was getting aroused after ingesting rohypnol… maybe I missed something?

    The rest of my thoughts on the episode will have to wait until 4oD sorts me out.

  36. Now I got the rohypnol nerds after me. Kidding! You’re all quite right, of course, it’s all very silly and not what we should be doing, really.
    Some nice jokes, though–Stephanie/Definitely I’m particularly proud of as it seems to me the kind of joke Arthur would write.

  37. “I fail to see the humour in MALE ON MALE RAPE.”

    You’re the one drawing that conclusion. I saw it as one drugged and horny guy possibly groping at, and making incredibly uncomfortable, two other guys. No one in my version of events gets raped. You’ve got your own imagination to contend with for this one.

    “Also, you can’t actually smell Rohypnol.”

    Moss’ unusually acute sense of smell is established earlier in the episode for this very reason.
    It would seem this little tidbit was included due to the fact that the writer (our host) already understands this; in fact, it’s part of the joke.

  38. The rape thing is just there to get you all riled, I would imagine. I’d ignore it!

  39. “The rape thing is just there to get you all riled, I would imagine. I’d ignore it!”

    I feel silly now for taking troll bait with my first post. I’m accustomed to message boards where such sentiments are expressed sincerely (and there I’m also a fool for responding, of course).

    Regardless, I’m quite certain that when treated correctly — as it was here (not delicately, of course, but with the correct measure of irreverence and outrageous, cartoonish farce) — there can be a great deal of humor found in that very subject. Maybe not for every crowd and all times of day, but there’s humor to be found in even the most distasteful stuff.

    Ok. I failed to ignore completely, but I’m starting now.

  40. Sigh. Another great series. I hope this time the “cliffhanger” gets resolved at the start of the next season ;^)

  41. My last reason to watch television has finished. The death of the format is now completed and i will destroy my tele forthwith. Thank you for those last golden autumnal days graham.

  42. http://www.reynholm.co.uk

    Site updated, with some hidden surprises. Don’t forget to get your “official” Reynholm Industries desktop wallpaper and ID Card!

    Avoid the site if you haven’t seen series 2 yet, minor spoilers involved!

    By the way Graham, the huge amount of traffic on my site suggests a series 3 would go down very well, especially in the Czech Republic, where 1/3 of my hits come from!

  43. More dead flies, Graham? What is it with you and the dead flies?

  44. Congratulations for the show from Barcelona, Spain. I think is premiering soon in a spanish TV. I’ve also just finished Father Ted recently and was absolutely hilarious. I’ll keep following your work!

  45. The answering machine called “Jen 2”: a deliberate Gentoo (as in the Linux distribution) homonym or just a coincidence I wonder?

  46. Very funny. I laughed a lot at Roy answering the telephone with ‘oh for fu..’ and the print-out of things they couldn’t do while Jen was around was a nice cos it got two jokes out of the one thing. The giant print-out, then later the fact there were only 8 things on it.

    The Fight Club style insert into the closing credits was good too.

    I’ve laughed a fair bit at Saxondale but The IT Crowd has been the funniest sitcom on telly this year. Hope the writing of the third series goes well.

  47. The fake severed hand sequence….funniest thing I’ve seen this month!. I’ve really enjoyed both the series so here’s looking forward to the next.

  48. Good episode. Some of the smaller jokes really made me laugh :The way Moss was nudging Jen to get into his chair, Matt Berry’s dramatic button pressing, “take this..tin. tinc…..tincture”, Matt Berry going “I feel..mmmmmmmmm” and probably a few other things that I have forgotten too.

    As for the series as a whole, the most exciting thing for me was that there were some moments that screamed ‘genius’ and pretty much wowed me. You could watch those moments over and over and over and you would never get tired of them.
    If I were to be uber-critical, I would say that the last two episodes were not quite as good as the earlier ones, although still damn funny. All in all though, I’d say that this series was the funniest thing that I’ve seen since Darkplace. Speaking of Darkplace, please get Matthew Holness into the next series somehow. He would be IDEAL for the IT Crowd.

    Thanks for the many, many laughs Graham, and keep up the good work. :)

  49. I guess I’m wondering why YOU thought the ending was a bit shit and why you couldn’t solve whatever you think the problem was. To me it felt VERY MILDLY (and I stress this) homophobic and maybe Matt Berry’s character, drugged into mindless arousal was too close to his normal state to be markedly funnier. I guess I would have had him drink the rohypnol and fall over (hey, falling over is funny!) but then it would have kind of fizzled out. Also I wasn’t sure if Moss was telling Jen about Jen2 because he was mad at her for leaving (that’s what his performance suggested, though it makes no sense with his previous eagerness to speak to her) or simply in a fit of tactless honesty (which makes perfect sense but it didn’t feel like that).

    Argh! Now it sounds like I hated the episode, I didn’t, I loved it! I’m just analysing it do death because you hinted you were dissatisfied with it!

  50. Well done Graham, really enjoyed this series. Its kind of moved away from being about life in a IT department to almost life in a three person flat-share at times, but there has been lots of fantastic scenes and lines throughout.

    I’m glad you delete the stupid posts as they wind me up too. People have their own opinions on what’s funny and should look for shows that fit their taste not comment and try and force every other comedy to be the same. Why is this not like Seinfield? Because isn’t supposed to be. If you don’t like it, why watch it again?

    Oh yeah and is anyone worried that quite a few guys know quite a bit about rohypnol. Anyway, great stuff Graham.

  51. Hi man!
    Great season!
    I hope not to wait so long for the third season!
    You have lots of fans in Spain!

    Greetings from Barcelona!

  52. Must admit to being slightly uncomfortable with the whole Rohypnol thing. Maybe it’s just the shock of it being used in a comedy or something. But anyway, great episode, Graham. The missing hand was a classic, but where was Richmond? I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye!:(

    Can’t wait to get the DVD on Monday xx

  53. As ever the only thing that scares us is ourselves. Great people point this out so that we can evolve and move on. Thanks for doing what you do. peace

  54. FLY !

  55. What a brilliant last episode. I had a little cheer to myself as you made your cameo appearance at the beginning. Completely unintelligible, excellent! Good job I videoed it for my missus, as I didn’t have a clue what Douglas threw at you! All will be revealed in a nerdy pause rewind scenario later on. The cameo was definitely as good as your quite beautifully observed Spanish Restaurant Guitarist in series 1.

    If you get Chris Morris to do one more episode, it would be brill to see him and Mr Berry together on screen. They are both awesome. I agree with the chap earlier, Matt Holness would be lovely too.

    The IT crowd is one of the few programs I watch each week and it has just reeked quality from end to end, so thanks very much for all your hard work.

  56. Definitely one of the more quotable episodes so far:

    “It was a schhhoooopid thing to do!”
    “I don’t have time for this bullshit.”

    “A person’s got to have a lot of backbone to allow themselves to be ordered around like that. You’ve got spunk and balls, and I like that in a woman.”

    “Moss, I’ve got something to tell you.”
    “OH MY GOD!”

    “I’ll never forget her final moments.”

    “Damn that sorcerer! Twenty gold pieces and I’m wankered on rohypnol!”

    “Pucker up, boys. It’s hammer time!”


  57. I talk about it more in the commentary, but basically, all the rohypnol stuff, and the ‘list’ stuff was written in the final week before filming…

    Originally, the series ended with Roy and Jen getting together, romatically–because I wanted them to have a sort of ‘Sam and Diane’ Cheers thing going that would spin series 3 in a new direction. But by the time we got to that episode we realised that…well, it just wasn’t us.

    I had to do an emergency rewrite as late as tuesday of that week, and we were shooting the episode three days later. We often do our best work in rehearsal–you wouldn’t believe how much the show changes in the final week–and on this episode we just didn’t have the time.

    So the Benny Hill ending was really there out of necessity. I just didn’t have time to come up with anything better. I’m sorry if the Rohypnol thing worried you, Debs– I thought it would take the sting off it if Douglas ended up drinking it. If it means anything, there was never any chance that Jen would.

  58. Ah! I’d say you did a grand rescue job then in the time available.

    A romance might have been interesting as it’d have taken things into a whole new world, but CHEERS kind of doomed itself by having the characters start to evolve… sooner or later they had to evolve out of the SIT part of the sitcom. If the status quo continues to win out in I.T. CROWD then it can run forever!

  59. The only reason I watch TV nowadays is Heroes and The IT Crowd. Pfff. I hope to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour that we get six more episodes or I’ll go into a mindless rage and start cutting myself again.

    And the ending was fine. Nowt wrong with it. Berry’s delivery of “I am very aroused” nearly killed my sister. Now give me the feckin’ DVD!!


  61. To the people who said that Matt Holness would be perfect for The IT Crowd, you’re right. The only problem is, he’s already given the perfect performance as Simon the IT guy in ‘The Office’. There’s no way he could be in another IT type role, and pull it off any better than that.

  62. Bang on, anon.

  63. Graham (and everyone who worked on it), thanks for another great series!

    So much of the things that Roy and Moss get up to around the office (especially in Jen’s absence) remind me of the four years I spent at my last job.

    We did five-pin hard drive bowling, using a sixth drive instead of a bowling ball.

    We didn’t joust with mops and bikes, but we would gain as much speed as possible on a razor scooter and deliberately crash into each other’s cubicles.

    We also used the under-floor HVAC system to keep bottles of Smithwicks cold.

    That’s some of the tame stuff, anyway. Our company eventually was eaten by a bigger fish and we were left in a corner of the old building to continue our horrible ways while the rest of the staff moved to a new clean shiny office building and tried hard to forget that we existed.

  64. Hi Graham, I think you are on to a winner with the Roy-Jen storyline in the next series. You are right they probably shouldn’t get together but I could see them being disgusted at their own feelings for each other and trying to deny them, with Moss trying to put 1 and 1 together but coming up with 5.3876 or thinking they both fancy him. Sorry, you’d be the best judge of all this – it just got my imagination going!

    BTW, its great that you are working on a third series – how many months writing have you set aside or will you just see how it develops?

  65. I’d thought the ending was a bit odd when I watched episode6, but reading about the re-write I’m so glad you didn’t go with the whole Roy-Jen getting together thing. It’s one of those things where you want a couple of characters to get together and when they do it’s just odd…… (and it would spoil my slightly disturbing schoolgirl crush on Roy)

    So pleased that you’re working on another series, I proper belly laughed throughout all 6 episodes of series 2, can’t wait for my dvd to arrive.

  66. Sorry – when I say odd, i mean it seemed to end abruptly. I’ve just received a text that just said Pucker up, boys. It’s hammer time!, and I’m still laughing now……….

  67. You sir, are a genius.

  68. Not to seem greedy…. but I can hardly wait for Season3, …and the Christmas special, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and eventually the Imax experience. Actually, I only want one thing: MORE! :D
    I wonder what more unpleasant dating experiences Roy will have (and what about that Oedipus complex?)… Does Jen have an old nemesis from her schooldays with an equal gift for …embellishment… at a rival company? Does Moss have a Buddy Love style alter ego? After the end of Season1 I wouldn’t be surprised. What does Richmond do all day behind that red door? Does he secretly run an online criminal empire? …perhaps a dating site for Goths & other alt.lifestyles? …and if so, has Roy ever unwittingly visited it? What unsavory adventures will Douglas get into, requiring the gang to extricate him & cover up? And what IS behind the green door? I’m not asking for much. Just answers to these & countless other questions… . Until then, – or at least until the Season 2 DVD arrives at my door, I’ll have to content myself with U.S. domestic TV , which is a bit less depressing now that “30 Rock” premieres this week. (I can hardly wait for ‘Seinfeld-vision’!)

  69. Graham the series was bloody awesome. I just wish the IT Crowd had some airplay down here in Australia.. it’s painful when you want to talk to your friends about it and nobody else has seen it!

    Which leads me to a question you might have answered before (apologies if that’s the case). How do you feel about your shows being on YouTube?

    My wife and I discovered IT Crowd on YouTube and promptly bought the series on DVD. We’ve seen Series 2 eps 1-5 on YouTube too and that’s also on the must-have DVD list now.

    Love your work from beginning to now. Thanks mate.

  70. Just as the season was getting going as well! Douglas has to be the best thing to happen to TV in years. This had better come back for a longer season next year!

    “If you type google INTO google, you can actually BREAK the internet…”

    Inspired stuff…

  71. Well, you just answered the question yourself, Phillips! You watched it on You Tube and then bought the series on DVD. That’s great!

  72. Job well done Graham. This series of The IT Crowd has been one of the few things on telly actually worth watching. Some truly great moments, and getting them all out of the office more was a good move. I really think the cast’ve all really settled in to their roles now – especially loving Roy’s slightly more endearing persona, and of course the mighty Matt Berry did a sterling job – even though he had some scary Morris-sized boots to fill.

    So all in all, loved it. You should be proud sir.

    And to the male rape Rohypnol-worriers – come on. That was nowhere near funography, and even if it was – which it wasn’t – it was damned worth it to witness Berry’s Sid James-esque lusty growl of drug-fuelled passion. Honestly – I’m all for taste and boundaries in comedy (sometimes) but there’s always room for the occasional good old-fashioned Carry On moment – especially when you’ve got someone like Matt Berry at your disposal to pull it off.

  73. Just brilliant. I’ve been a huge fan of your writing ever since they showed Black Books on tv here in Finland.

    Keep up the good work!

  74. While season 1 is pretty damned good, season 2 went downhill. I’m not going to use big words or compare it to other shows: it’s just my opinion and you’ll have to do with it like that.
    I recommended it to everyone when season 1 was going, and I went back to doing that when season 2 started, but that quickly changed to a ‘just watch season 1’ thing.
    I’d prefer if you go back to the ‘roots’ of season 1, but it is your show so do as you like.

  75. More like season one…just writing this down…

  76. Amazing season. Nothing to add that hasn’t already been said, really. Just… thanks *so* damned much for this show. :)


  77. OK, returned the iphone as apparently the hack to apply apps (like getting your theme song as a ringtone) would have…well you know, the rumor was true. So, my not iphone rings at the grocery in a scary long “que”, and some guy four carts up leans back to see whose phone is ringing, and just grins before turning back around. The show is going viral here.

    Anyhoo, just watched ep6. I have always enjoyed the show…but for some reason Moss (Ayoub) leaning over the couch w/ his mouth open waiting for the golf ball made me a little uncomfortable (read-stopped laughing and started to blink a lot).

    And, I really miss the tech humor. And, I too just said while playing Katamari Damacy earlier this week, “OMG, I’m wasting my life”. HAAAAA HaHAAAAAAAA

  78. Thanks for The Series graham. I am now a PROPER fan of ‘The Crowd. ( Just trying to sound Cool and with it there by not even saying I.T Did u spot it? )

    Dont Change The next series jesus…. I love the way it is now.

    Matt Berry What a guy.

  79. I won’t go into amazing depth about why i think the IT Crowd is the best television comedy in a long time, as it would bore you to tears. But i will say that The IT Crowd is the only show i actually make sure i watch every week without fail. The last show that i ever did this with was Red Dwarf in about 1999.

    Brilliant show Graham, and long may it continue.

    As far as the American show is concerned, i’m kind of glad that it didn’t happen because Americvan re-makes of British shows have a habit of ruining not only the show itself, but the writers who get involved with them. I think ‘The Office’ is probably the only success story in that respect, but then i really thought it was an American style show in the first place.

  80. P.S – Is that Walter Koenig in your little pic at the top?? :D

  81. I can’t tell you how much I love this show. I actually introduced season 1 about 2 months ago to my “The Office” party friends and I think we all like it even better. I’ve had to torrent the season 2 episodes here in the states, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD set.

    Can’t wait to get into season 3. Will it have more episodes?

  82. Nice series, Graham. You make me laugh.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, because we all know there’s something a little special going on in your comedy biro (I of course speak for those with good taste.)
    Can’t help getting a faint whiff of grapes every now and then around these parts ..

  83. Thank you! I found The IT Crowd through slashdot after its first episode and have loved it ever since. I had to resort to torrenting it to watch it here in the states, but I am the proud owner of the series 1 dvd, with series 2 already on its way here. By the way, the 1337 subtitles are fantastic! I hope something similar exists on the series 2 dvd.

    I, too, would like more geek humor, (and I’d love to see more episodes per series, if possible) though I am happy to see Moss, Jen, and Roy get out of that stereotype a bit. And it’s certainly not gone–“Jen 2”.. heh.. The soccer cut scene on youtube is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, aside from episode 2×01.

    Thank you again, very much.

  84. I just thought it meant Jen No.2.

    I Feel Stupid now.

  85. Thanks again for this fantastic series as well as the previous one. We have recorded all of these and have already watched them many times over, but will be buying the DVD as well. Not able to be critical as I just loved it. As my 14 year old has just been diagnosed with Aspergers he can identify positively with both Moss and Roy, and goes around quoting various phrases from the series. It has given him a big boost Thanks.

  86. Well I enjoyed every episode – Well done Graham!
    Matt Berry is absolutley amazing – more of that guy!
    I say ‘more’ but actually I think the balance of the characters right now is pretty good.

    You say that it’s suprising how much of the show is done last minute, in the week before the filming. You must all think the new stuff you come up with is better or else you wouldnt put it in. Wonder what would happen if you just booked the studio and got the actors down with no script in mind – you could come up with a very interesting show by the sounds of it!

  87. I wouldnt want to see Roy and Jen together! I think the whole point of the show as I view it would be ruined! You enjoy seeing the struggle between characters, I think jen and roy are completley different, and I’m not a fan of too much romance in comedys anyway.

  88. I’d like to see Roy and Jen get together, but what would happen to poor Moss, then? He’d be all lost, bless him, unless they kind of adopted him, or something.

    Re: the Rohypnol thing; I’ve seen that episode a couple of times again since and it’s not as bad as all that – I think I just had an initial “aarrghh, date rape’s not funny” kind of response.

    And Matt Berry is wonderful, I can’t stop saying “Fatheeeeer” and doing Tony Hadley air punches! xx

  89. Things ‘not being funny’ can make them funny.

  90. Great show, too bad season 2 is over … :-(

    Looking forward for season 3 !

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  92. this is such a great show, I love it, thank you for making it…and I’m really missing moss and the others :) very funny and brilliant show… I really can’t remember breaking out into laughter so many times during a tv show. and having worked as a sys admin previously, it had some extra fun. anybody that I show some clips to, loves it immediately too. great work, thanks again.

  93. Oh, brillaint series :D Even my grandparents found it funny and… well… let’s just say they don’t find very many things amusing! Thanks so much for a brilliant series!

    Also, I had the idea for a newsletter/club thing aimed at the IT Crowd. I’ve got quite a few people that would be willing to help out with it, so I just thought I’d put it to you, if you wanted to help out with it at all, and if you had any ideas? If you want any more info or if you want to help out at all, please email me at grace.varley@talk21.com

  94. I hope, 3rd season will be more IT-specific, cause it is what are we loved!
    Seriously, second season was about “nothing”, “general live”, no more. =(

  95. Oh, yeah, let me get right on that–making the show less accessible to a wider audience.

  96. Graham, presently the IT crowd is the funniest thing on TV by a considerable distance. It’s a million miles away from the reality TV that swamps the TV schedule. Come on and get series 3 written! Great characters, story-lines and plots. It’s class in a glass, pure brilliance. I finally watched them all and last so hard start to finish. The ‘works outing’ was by far the funniest episode.

  97. My wife and I are from the States, and I have to tell you that your show is the funnest thing on TV anywhere in any country. I used to be an “IT” guy, and you must have been as well to get all the references as spot on as you did (love the RTHFM shirt). Please never stop making this show, and if possible, please make future seasons 52 episodes long :), When we move back to the States, we will be forced to watch them on youtube, we can only hope Comedy Central will pick up this wonderful show.

    Pay no attention to those people complaining about the Rohypnol reference, it made perfect sense, he’s a slimy bastard, and that’s what slimy bastards do, in the end he gets his. I love British comedy because they don’t try to be so politically correct, please don’t start.

    Please make the seasons longer, it’s our only request.

  98. Very sweet of you to write, MacGyver. Glad to hear you settled down after all your adventures. :)

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