Pop Quiz

September 27, 2007


How much money has Blackwater made in Iraq? Guess.


  1. 50p

  2. Woah! – Would never have guessed THAT amount! Certaintly in the millions though

  3. Wow.

    Papa’s gotta get himself a piece of that lucrative child murdering pie!

    I knew I was a fool to turn up that investment opportunity I had in DeathMurderers Inc’s Iraq subsidiary back in 2002. I hope I haven’t missed the boat on their soon-to-open Iran branch!

    (PS, looks like the original poster you link to misread the figure by $999,999,999,999 or so!

  4. the internet is the source of my concern.full stop. I’m interested in how the world will deal with the neo-cons, drawing & quatering sound too good?

  5. Original poster? Who dat?

  6. The guy who posted the piece on Governmentdirt.com – check the wording of the link itself.

    (sorry, wasn’t clear on what I meant by original poster)

  7. Ah, yes, I see…

  8. I wanted to make a joke about the amount. I just cannot. Sick, yet not surprising at all.

  9. Bad enough the septics making a billion but what does the UK government spend on PMC’s. All UK embassies and consulates now use PMC’s to provide armed security (Control Risks Group, formerly part of Hogg-Robinson Travel Agents??).

    Aegis is another Brit company that is evil incarnate. Formerly Sandline International, a South African/British Aegis contractor was responsible for the famous video of the murderer strafing cars with automatic fire to the sounds of Elvis. Apparently this person cannot be brought to justice.

  10. Blackwatergate.

  11. If this charges your ire (how Ireland got its name no doubt – tee hee!), check out Naomi Kleins latest “The Shock Doctrine”
    And then join a local activist group and get involved fighting the “powers that be” and sockin’ it to “The Man”

    I think Internet based oprobrium is too easily ignored. It is great for communicating, dissemination of ideas etc., but there’s none so deaf!
    I’m a huge huge fan of Robert Newman, who put this idea in my head, much like the egg of a brain eating wasp.

  12. With a name like ‘Blackwater’ how could be anything else but an underhand, corrupt and secretive security organisation. They could not have come up with a shadier name if they tried. I bet it’s owned by a guy with an eye-patch and persian cat.

  13. Sadly, he looks like a decent sort of chap, trustworthy, a lark down the pub and good with the ladies…
    In fact, he looks like that lad from the OC
    (for the record: a program I have seen ONE TIME*, and maybe some other times, in web clip form for pool scenes and the like with the ladies.)

    I believe the Prince family made their fortune patenting the wee mirrors in sun shades on the passenger seats of cars. That and appearing on popular teen dramas in the 50s.

    Said mirrors were outlawed on the drivers side when low speed collisions spiked following introduction. Fact*.


  14. I actually live in one of the top five congressional districts that this work is performed(under the most evil man in the world, Dave Weldon)(and what a surprise, they’re all in the South!)and the extent of my constant white-hot anger and disgust cannot be measured with conventional methods.

    Mind you, you mention these things to other Americans and you are instantly accused of being an unhinged conspiracist.

    I have to stop now before I get an aneurysm…

  15. Did you catch this news?

    “U.S. DoD To Outsource $15B War on ‘Narcoterror’ ”

    [quote]“We don’t have a lot of details yet, but we do know that this is an expansion of what [the United States] is already doing to fight drug trafficking, and that 80 percent of the work will be overseas.”[/quote]

    For some reason I have Catholic Day by the original line up of Adam and the Ants running through my head

    “…I see the chickens have come home to roost….”

    and I am not sure why.

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