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April 27, 2009


Still can’t quite believe it– we won a BAFTA!  Thank God my wife forced me to go to the ceremony!

Thanks to BAFTA for the nomination and the judges for ruling in our favour. I worship ‘Peep Show’, am hugely enjoying ‘The Inbetweeners’ and the only thing better than the first series of ‘Outnumbered’ was the second series of ‘Outnumbered’. It really was the “group of death”, and I can’t believe we came through unscathed. A small mercy was that the awesome ‘Pulling’ was not, for some unfathomable reason, in the running. Had it been, well…I don’t like to think about it.

Thanks to Talkback, and to Channel 4 who stood by the show when no-one would have blinked if they walked away early on.  Thanks also to all those online who passed on their congrats, and apologies to those whose enjoyment of the TV coverage was spoiled by my premature Twittering (one of the unforseen hazards of the Twitter deal, I guess). Also, sorry if you posted a complimentary tweet and I didn’t get back to you. At one point they were just gushing in and it was impossible to keep up.

Of course, a salty salute to the cast and crew for all their hard work over the last few years. It’s really very moving for me, seeing a large group of professionals working as hard as they possibly can to make some ridiculous concept of mine come to life. Thank you all, whatever series you worked on.

Last but not least, thanks to all the people who came and sat in the audience and provided us with our laugh track. Every so often I’ll hear the old “I don’t need to be told where to laugh” line trotted out, but those who utter it are missing the point. The audience is not there to tell you where to laugh, the audience is there to remind us to be funny. And you have done your job admirably. Because, well, I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but…we won a BAFTA!


At last! It’s my official charity retweeting policy

April 27, 2009


I have been receiving a few requests for retweets from people on Twitter who are engaged in various worthwhile charity doings, and up until now I’ve been dodging a decision on what to do about them. Sir Stephen has this to say about it, and my problems are similar, though obviously on a much smaller scale.

Basically, if you do one, you have to do them all, and if I do them all, eventually my Twitter feed will just be an endless stream of charity requests, and that’s no fun. Also, it won’t be much use to the use to the people who are looking for publicity if people start unfollowing me as a result of the flood.

So because I’m lazy, and not clever, I’m just going to copy what Mr.Fry’s doing.  Put the hashtag #glinnerRT somewhere in the body of your post and every week I’ll pick one at random to retweet. Can’t say fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff….can’t say fffffffffffffffffffffffffff…can’t say ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff….can’t say ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffairer thhhhan ttttthat!

(Going to do them every Wed)


Auto-Tune The News makes bad news feel so good

April 23, 2009

(Thanks to @telmekus for the tip)


Don’t fear the baby preacher!

April 21, 2009

This baby’s satirical take on religion rivals the work of the late, great Bill Hicks. (via Videogum, again)


Christian Mime. As unpleasant as it sounds.

April 21, 2009

This is one of the worst things ever. What are they doing? As Videogum pointed out, “Where’s ‘trapped in a box’? Where’s the OBJECT WORK?”

There’s a moment about 3:48 in, where you realise the thing ends at 7: 11. That really shook me, that bit.

Oh, if you’re ever interested in hiring K&K, here’s their website.


‘Snakes on A Plane’, TV Edit

April 20, 2009

I have watched this many times now, waiting for it to be less funny, and it’s just NOT HAPPENING.  ‘Snakes On A Plane’ was interesting for, like, a second, and then it was the most boring thing in the world. But a DVD of this TV edit would always be within reach at my house.

(via Paul Scheer)


A special experience in moviegoing entertainment!

April 17, 2009

There are so many things to love in this trailer, it’s impossible to know where to begin. No, I know! The film is set in 1994! (Thanks, Christine!)