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A worrying transmission from Planet Yikes

April 30, 2010

I tweeted this last night and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. It’s not just the girl that I find extraordinary–she’s certainly a little bit more than your average, attention-seeking, teen fundie numpty– it’s the utterly unfazed University staff. What is going on in Texas that they are able to just shrug this kind of thing off? Are they so used to lunatics that they can just leave them writhing on the floor while they get on with their day?  Anywhere else in the world, it’d be “Holy shit! That girl just said a lot of crazy stuff and then had an orgasm and then fell over! Everything else we were going to do today is canceled! We need some time to absorb this utterly insane thing that is still happening behind us!”

Instead:  “Can someone call an ambulance? Great! Now let’s all do the next thing we were going to do! Music, please!”

This is like an intercepted transmission from an alien culture. What are they going to do next, exactly? Proceed to the birthing chamber to meld minds? It’s that what a ‘recessional’ means?



Who wants a cuddle?

April 28, 2010

We wrapped on IT Crowd 4 last Friday and I can still hardly believe it. To celebrate, have a mixtape! (And remember, if you like something, show those responsible some love. A band can not eat on Spotify plays alone! Yet.)

Click here for playlist!

As usual, a big thanks to all those on Twitter who brought these acts to my attention.

(pic via sketchy bunnies)


Duh Bill

April 10, 2010

If you’re not on Twitter, you’re been spared me banging on about the Digital Economy Bill, a rushed-through piece of legislation that was introduced not long after Peter Mandelson had dinner with David Geffen at the Rothschilds. In the end, the Bill passed. As Rory Wilson put it “A bill proposed by the unelected, debated by the ignorant and voted on by the absent.”

Let’s just concentrate on the ‘ignorant’. We already know that Stephen Timms thinks that the IP in “IP address” stands for “Intellectual Property“.  Absolutely no crime in that, unless you happen to be The Minister For Digital Britain, which Timms happens to be. Today,  @loveandgarbage sent me this humdinger that arrived through his letterbox, part of an electioneering pamphlet for his local MP, Michael Connarty. Get a load of this.

These people want to lead us!


“Go back to Douchebagistan!”

April 10, 2010

The new Auto Tune The News is a cracker and features something we’ve all wanted to say to Nigel Farage. (Thanks _micster)