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Portrait of a broken man

February 23, 2010

Click this link for the full story

The Robert Popper fans will understand.


No publicity is bad publicity, but NO publicity is BAD PUBLICITY

February 21, 2010

I can think of no better illustration of the stupidity and short-sightedness of the music industry in the face of the current technological revolution, than the example laid out in this piece by OK Go’s Damian Kulash. Read it and weep.

And here’s the video (I think).


You think you know wrong? You don’t know wrong.

February 19, 2010

This is wrong. (Thanks, David!)


What’s going on with Barry Manilow?

February 14, 2010

I’m sorry, but he used to look different.

Something’s gotta change. Maybe the title (thanks, @Pongogirl!).


Hive mind! Engage!

February 14, 2010

…and we’re off! Three weeks to go, five and a half scripts done, casting begun, location scouting next week…it’s all happening! And once again, we’re asking for your help in populating the IT Crowd office with cool bits.

Same story as last time, send us your poor huddled zines, your artwork, your comics, your T-shirts, your memes. Anything you think should be in there that we might have missed. It’s especially helpful if you own the rights to the merchandise, but even if you don’t, send us pics and links anyway and we’ll do the legal legwork.

This year, the man to contact is Chris Jones. He’s set up @ItCrowdSupport so you can get in touch with him there. We’ll occasionally be looking for help with extras, locations and the like, so following is a way of saying you don’t mind that kind of request occasionally popping up in your feed.  It’s also a good follow if you fancy joining us at one of the studio recordings.

The studio recordings… that familiar cold wave of fear just went through me like poo through a goose. Better get back to work.

P.s. Oh, this is a long shot but…does anyone know anyone who can help us with ‘Star Trek’ clearances? I got this killer bit that I’m reluctant to let go without a fight…


Don’t bogart that shit, dude!

February 12, 2010

I’m writing, which means mixtapes!

As ever, thanks to all on Twitter and for pointing these delights out to me. The chances of my running across a track from the New Moon soundtrack on my own were very, very low.

(pic via National Geographic & Boing Boing)


Ugly Furniture

February 5, 2010

(thanks, @booshette)