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That’s a wrap!

October 31, 2008

…well, nearly. Last episode tonight!
Just to say, this is the one. This is series we’ve been trying to make since the start. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And anyone who has listened to my commentaries will know that I’m not given to bigging the show up when it doesn’t deserve it. Really, this one feels good.
Can’t wait to get it out there…


The force of ‘Ted’ is strong with this one.

October 30, 2008

Roots Manuva is a Father Ted fan! Hurray for Roots Manuva apparently being a Father Ted fan! Thanks, Roots!

And for those of you who don’t know the man, best place to start is with his hilarious video for ‘Witness Fitness’.  Watch it to the end!

(Thanks, Sbrugby!)


Hey, kids! Anyone got any questions for two people you’ve never heard of up until this moment?

October 30, 2008

Brenjamin in the comments section had a nice thing to say about Arthur and me appearing on RTE’s ‘Eye to Eye, but I have to say…well, God love ’em, but it was a totally random collection of kids who had no questions about ‘Father Ted’ once the cameras were off. It was hilarious. Does anyone want to be a writer? No. Does anyone want to work in comedy? No. Any more questions about ‘Ted’? No.

As they left, one of the staff waved at one of the departing kids. I noticed they looked a bit like each other. “Thanks for that,” she said to the kid.

They were related! The kid was doing her a favour! “Yeah, i’ll go and ask a question. Who is it? The two old men who wrote ‘Father Ted’? Ehhhh…
“Oh, pleeeeeeeeeease! Pleeeeeeease come!”

Actually, I tell a lie. One girl put her hand up when I asked if anyone wanted to be a writer. Good for you, kid! How the hell did you get in?

(Note to Eye To Eye producers. Please know that I am not writing this with anything resembling true annoyance. I had a fun day and I enjoyed doing the show. In fact, here’s a link!).

(Thanks, Brenj!)


I actually sort of love him for this

October 29, 2008

I’m not one for kicking a man when he’s down, but this is too funny to ignore.

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The next ‘Portal’?

October 26, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Or would this get old? (Damn those computer game designers. Every time I think I’m out they pull me back in.)

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Thus Spake Zara-you-thra

October 24, 2008

Did you see what I sort of did there?



October 24, 2008

Big Bird pays tribute to Kermit

October 23, 2008

…at Jim Henson’s funeral. Heartbreaking.

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October 23, 2008

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Five score years ago, it was $9.99

October 22, 2008

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(I also love their headline for this Tracy Emin photo.)