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Merry Christmas, everyone!

December 25, 2010

You know! Krampus!

Sorry, the picture is actually one I took off the telly of the ‘Deal or No Deal’ Halloween Special. Yes, that’s Noel Edmonds. No, I don’t know what the thinking is behind it. All I know is looking at it makes me feel insane.


How Law and Order writers see gamers

October 1, 2010

(via Reddit)


What did I do wrong?

May 26, 2010


(Thanks @piersroberts!)

(Update: was chatting about this to Sharon Horgan on Twitter last night and we were wondering why we were only hearing about this now. Surely this should be a folk memory shared by every Irish person? Was this the night no-one in Ireland watched the ‘Late Late’?)


A worrying transmission from Planet Yikes

April 30, 2010

I tweeted this last night and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. It’s not just the girl that I find extraordinary–she’s certainly a little bit more than your average, attention-seeking, teen fundie numpty– it’s the utterly unfazed University staff. What is going on in Texas that they are able to just shrug this kind of thing off? Are they so used to lunatics that they can just leave them writhing on the floor while they get on with their day?  Anywhere else in the world, it’d be “Holy shit! That girl just said a lot of crazy stuff and then had an orgasm and then fell over! Everything else we were going to do today is canceled! We need some time to absorb this utterly insane thing that is still happening behind us!”

Instead:  “Can someone call an ambulance? Great! Now let’s all do the next thing we were going to do! Music, please!”

This is like an intercepted transmission from an alien culture. What are they going to do next, exactly? Proceed to the birthing chamber to meld minds? It’s that what a ‘recessional’ means?



He is the very mirror of the man!

March 15, 2010

I’ve always been fascinated by professional lookalikes. How’s this for “Stephen Fry”?!


Portrait of a broken man

February 23, 2010

Click this link for the full story

The Robert Popper fans will understand.


You think you know wrong? You don’t know wrong.

February 19, 2010

This is wrong. (Thanks, David!)


What’s going on with Barry Manilow?

February 14, 2010

I’m sorry, but he used to look different.

Something’s gotta change. Maybe the title (thanks, @Pongogirl!).


Keep calm and carry on!

November 30, 2009

You know this unusual weather we seem to be experiencing–ha, ha– worldwide? I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. So what if Nick Griffin is representing the EU at the Climate summit in Copenhagen! Ha, ha! That would certainly be alarming news to everyone except the people who think the world’s leading scientists are making stuff up just for a laugh!

No, let’s all take a leaf out of this young woman’s book and just ignore it! Hurray! Now we’re safe!


Buy this anal tool!

September 17, 2009

So while you’re shaving, at least, you’ll look like the psychopath you undoubtedly are.

(thanks, @Moonjam!)