Anyone who watches this owes me 50p

September 8, 2007

Sorry, I’m a fan of it myself.

(Thanks to Mark for the Youtube link!)


  1. I laughed so much at that I had to go to the toilet in my hat. Now I can watch it again and again! But I have only one hat left. Things may start getting strange.

    Well done Graham.

  2. Pfft! We owe you nothing – you us us. We own you!

    But yeah, it’s damn funny :)

  3. Haha, 50 pence, that’s practically £2.21.

    Also, it is almost CERTAIN to reach number 1 on digg.com at this rate which is pretty good. It won’t help you pay your mortgages but its a good sign of doing something pretty spot on.

  4. Number 1 on digg.com – probably not for long though:

  5. Which episode of ‘The IT Crowd’ is this from? Also, why are they calling the Irishman “The German”?

  6. That was the *best* thing I have seen for ages since I always rant about that in the cinema and always get my mobile phone out to wind up my friends ;-)

    Best 50p I have spent! :-P

  7. It’s from Series 2, episode 3 which aired Friday. The title “Moss and the German” refers to the German man who places an ad that Moss answers. It reads like an ad for a course in German cooking, and needless to say it’s something else entirely. Google “Armin Meiwes” if you want to know how it turns out.

  8. Loved it. One of my favourite pieces of telly this year. Well-judged, totally spot-on. 50p is in the post. ;)

    This series is superb, I was starting to think we couldn’t do comedy in this country any longer. Glad some people are still working hard on the side of quality entertainment.

  9. Is that Peter Serafinowicz doing the voice over?

  10. SICKO!

  11. funnyest thing i will see this week, mind if i use the clip on my website?

  12. Imagine if I said no to that last request! Of course you can use it. And that is Pete doing the words, yes.

  13. […] you watched it now? Well, now you owe Graham 50p. I’m sure he’ll let you off if you buy a DVD […]

  14. First time commenter on your blog – I enjoyed the most recent episode immensely, and laughed myself silly at the piracy ad. Marvellous work – trebles all round!!

  15. add me to your blogroll http://www.100mph.wordpress.com

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  17. Hilarious!

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  19. It’s even worse when you can’t skip it. At least with tapes you could always fast-forward!
    I sometimes wonder if there’s a criminal watching it thinking, “I would do all those things.”

  20. it is brilliance !
    and well worth 50p ;]

    I am loving the new season of IT crowd , but i have to assume Jen has tidied the lads office up for them, or perhaps that is Richmonds job , now he’s allowed out from behind the red door :]

  21. […] September 9, 2007 This is an absolutely hilarious anti-video-piracy ad from the latest episode of Graham Linehan’s The IT Crowd, which is one of the very few current tv shows that is able to make me laugh out loud. Don’t worry, Graham knows that it is on YouTube. But you owe him 50p if you watch it. […]

  22. I enjoyed that video very much. I want to pirate it.

  23. That was excellent.

  24. The full episode is on YT now. Not sure how you feel about that Graham.


  25. I pre-ordered the DVD weeks ago so I can watch this with impunity! Bwahaaha.

  26. For me this clip built nicely – great voiceover, immediately obvious what it was parodying, great increasingly absurd comparisons – until the exaggerated shitting in the hat etc which shifted the tone too far from its subject. I enjoyed much more the reveal just afterwards of them not being in the cinema.

  27. Fantastic scene – for what it’s worth I don’t really agree with rickk, the crapping in the copper’s helmet was the funniest bit. I have a neighbour who’s a copper, perhaps he’ll let me try it.

  28. Jolly old Brits! ‘1984?’


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  30. You’re going to put this at the front of the series 2 DVD and be unable to skip it, right?

  31. I found this little easter egg on Roy’s TV…

    “FBI WARNING: Stop watching this immediately
    if you suspect you may be watching this film
    please phone 0164 496 0645
    move back from the television
    place your hands above your head
    await further instructions”

    Aw Graham you crack me up. :P

  32. Brilliant.

    I will gladly cough up my 50p. If you’ve got a PayPal account, give me your details and I’ll send the money now.

  33. Awesome. Simply awesome.

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  35. I am not able to view the video…


  36. I must owe you about £4.50 cos I’ve watced it at least 20 times! Funniest ad ever!

  37. ppppppppppppppppppppppppp
    (I’m American, so that’s funny to me)

  38. its a parody of those announcements at the movies, hilarious, but the real ones really make me mad, those and commercials at the movies, you pay like 10 bucks to see the flick and you have to watch advertisements? thats nuts,….

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  40. You bastard thief..!!

  41. Nice artistic shooting… the blood on the keyboard is a good shot… nice work!


  42. Someone’s kindly posted the Australian/British version of the real commercial:

    For anyone who hasn’t seen the original.

    It’s still not as bad as this one:

    I’ve seen this on both Australian and British DVDs.

  43. Ha!!!! I’m still laughing! I was recently in London (am an American) and happen to have lots of p’s leftover. Where shall I send you your 50??? :-)

  44. Graham

    Out of curiosity, do you get repeat fees when your shows are shown ‘on demand’? How does that work?

    Love the show. Your usual top form. Far, far above anything else that’s been out for a long while.

  45. I’m adoring the new series, extremely (and a bit gushingly). The opening of this episode was superb.

  46. Completely brilliant! :) Well done indeed!

  47. Gah! No, we didn’t put it at the front of the DVD but of course we should have. Of course!

  48. […] no major premiere, an even larger queue at the concession stand, and they are all paranoid about piracy, blaming it for all their […]

  49. Absolutely CLASSIC Graham!

    Reminds me of this:

  50. I dropped my 50p into one of the slots in my computer, you should have it by now.

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  52. man!
    theese anti piracy ads are getting real mean!!!

    hahaha XD
    roy is so hilarious!
    i love the IT crowd!

  53. I remember me and my mates in school making fun of this anti-piracy ad before we saw it in your episode.

    Just shows how in tune you are with your audience.

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