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  1. Howya graham,duno if this is were to contact you but it looks right,if your reading this I was wondering if you could answer this…for someone starting off writing comedy were would you recomend sending a totaly orignal comedy script,Im from Ireland and a big fan off your work.Thanks Gary.

  2. Here’s some real-life comedy (or at least a fascinating idea) based on your teevee comedy.

    I don’t read Czech, but this appears (via Google translation) to be a Czech site on which a subculture of clothes fetishists (or costume designers or Black Books-themed-wedding-level fans) go through each episode of “Black Books” and detail what the actors wear in each scene. If you ever wonder whether you’ve arrived… this is proof.


  3. Graham,

    Take a moment if you can to have a look at this real life comedy gold. I bet his ex girlfriends will be kicking themselves…

  4. Hey Mr.Linehan! So I’ve been looking around for any shred of news on a season 4 of the IT crowd. And either I’m terrible at this (which I’m not), or the interwebs are barren.

    I know BBC has access to MI5’s secret super spies who’ll karate chop you dead and all for saying too much, but if you could pass some word about it along, that’d be fab.

    K thanks.

  5. Hi Mr L, love the site, so hate to use this for non-delightful purposes but can’t find any other way to contact you – to ask what are the chances of getting permission to make an amateur stage adaptation of “Father Ted”? I’ve tried sending requests via Hat Trick but getting no response.

  6. Hi Graham,

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  7. Hi Graham, just thought I’d let you know that I posted that fantastic La Bionda space-disco tune you put up on my facebook profile, my mate Jack saw it, loved it, promptly downloaded the song and played it to a club full of young people the following night.

    Apparently it went down a storm and was pretty much on repeat all night at the afterparty. Sadly I was at home being a good father.

    Keep up the good work.


  8. Hi Graham,

    A viral ad for Eddie Rockets we made –


  9. Hi there Graham! My name is Lucy, and I just love your work. I have written a letter that I would like to send to you, but I don’t have a contact address for you. How would I go about posting a letter to you that you would actually receive?

    Lucy x

  10. Bad uncle short

    Hi Graham
    I have an idea for a short film:
    A young guy babysitting his neice sleeps in her bed while she sleeps in her mums coz her mum works nights. He gets stoned and as a result horny. He jacks off in her bed and she becomes pregnant soon after by some ‘twilight zone’ twist of fate. What happens next?

    It could be a mockumentary in a parody of Panorama called Para-nana with a banana related title sequence but also full of paranoia in a paranoid banana way. Or it could be a laugh out loud but incredibly painful black comedy. Who knows? Well let’s develop it for the craic and see what happens!!

    Johnny (slightly stoned and possibly troubled young Irishman)

    Love ur work by the way

  11. Greatest comedy writer , pity we didnt get more washes that show was as great as all your others. Would have been a classic. Here in Canada, love all of your work and honestly search your name hoping for that next classic. Please keep creating more hilarious situations for characters to be stuck in.

  12. https://grace.substack.com/p/graham-linehan-should-be-kicked-off

  13. Hey, miss you on twitter. Why don’t you try and get back on it and tweet its last days. Please join Mastodon too!

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