IT Crowd Episode 3

September 7, 2007


Channel 4, 10.00pm. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Graham. First time commenting. I can’t wait… I love this show. I’m in the US and I wish we had this kind of quality comedy on TV. I am also in IT and so is my wife and we are hooked. I’m kind of mixed on the US version though. I’m sure it will be funny and everything, but I’m betting it will borrow a lot from the British show, so it probably won’t be as fresh. I’ll still watch it religiously though.. just like I’ll watch the US version of Life on Mars. I’ve only recently “discovered” British TV and I was totally amazed at the quality of programming you have as compared to the junk that is broadcast in the US. I’m totally addicted now and thankfully I have “other means” to be able to watch these shows (until I can buy them on DVD). Anyway, thank you for making such a smart, funny and intelligent show. I do have one general question as a ‘dumb American” I was wondering if you or someone else could answer. Why do most of the series in the UK have only 6 or 8 episodes where in the US we have 12 or so in a season?

  2. In Graham’s own words: “if there’d been eight episodes, two of them would have been bollocks”

    I’d like to think that is the reason, choosing quality over quantity, but its probably just because we can’t afford it ;)

    Anyhow, since this is my first comment I ought to do the mushy stuff… This is the only TV program I set a reminder for, ’nuff said.

  3. Most US sitcoms are written by a team, but British sitcoms are generally the work of just one or two writers. ‘The IT Crowd’ is just me on my lonesome. I thought of doing eight, but in the end the workload was just too much.

  4. Did you have any plans to weave in a few videogame references, Graham? I ask because it must be tempting, and surely gaming references must work as broadly as IT-related ones, no? (Mmm. Possibly not.)

  5. GL,
    What’s the deal with you introductions? You seem to have an american accent.

    Joy and happiness,

  6. That makes sense. I mean I don’t know what it takes to write a show and stuff, but I’m sure it must be hard and even harder when you’re shouldering most of the burden on your own. I just wondered on the episode numbers because it seems even dramas and stuff I’ve watched from British TV only have 6 or 8 episodes. I didn’t know if that was a normal thing over there or something or why it was done like that.

  7. I can confirm that the guy in the photo is a German translator from tonight’s show! hehe, I think.

  8. Hey Graham, bad news. Your show has been bumped by a Big Brother special about “what the house mates did next” and the IT Crowd will now air at 10pm tonight instead!

  9. Looking forward to it Graham. Only thing on TV for quite a while that makes me laugh like an idiot!

  10. Thanks, Mark! Corrected.

  11. I wanted to go easy on the computer games references so I wouldn’t turn off the people who don’t play them. That said, a certain, popular rhythm-based game turns up in about three weeks.

  12. I imagine it’s hard to not let your total geekness come out when writing these scripts and put loads of obscure references in that 1% of the audience would get. A bit like that geeky episode of Futurama in which Kip gets pregnant and writes a holodeck program out of “4 million lines of basic”.

  13. The show seems to be deviating away from IT specific comedy some this season, are you purposely focusing on more general workplace humor?

    Regardless, love the show. Brilliant!

  14. Hi Graham,
    I guess you don’t know how popular is IT Crowd in small country where I live…

  15. This is brilliant so far! Loving it!

  16. So THATS who that guy at the top of the page is! I thought u were just being Random lol

    Great stuff.

  17. Aces!


  18. A return to form this week I thought. The anti-piracy video in particular hit the target.

  19. An absolute classic.

  20. Back to its best tonight, Graham.

    Matt Berry’s “There’s somebody at the door” dance had me……:)

    I’m now off to watch it again………… I think I might be stagnating

  21. Just superb. The smokers shunted off into some grey tundra was so well observed. I’ll have a chuckle about that on Monday when I’m stood outside the concrete Lubyanka I work in having a oily.

  22. Glorious episode.

    I suspect many people, myself included, will have loved the anti-piracy ads dig. Amazing that this is the first pop at those wretched things. I’d suggest making that part unskippable on the DVD, for the full on satire, but nobody would want to skip it anyway.

    Was that a sly poke at the parade of “Presented by Quentin Tarantino” movies that are always shit (see: Hostel) in there?

    “We should be married to ladies,” was a cracking line too. Great performances all round, really loving Berry and the German was tremendous.


  23. Genius, thanks!

    That piracy stuff bugs me especially when you buy the bloody DVD then have to sit through a load of crap about how piracy is bad etc…

    I’m a big Boosh fan – did Richard Ayoade recommend Noel Fielding or were you aware of their work??

  24. Another fantastic episode and one for Moss to shine.. absolutely loved it. The cannibalism element was a stroke of genius.. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.


  25. When I saw the piracy bit I screamed with laughter.. I also hate those warnings that you can’t skip past.

  26. The piracy parody was so well done. I loathe those things: “Thanks for buying this DVD YOU THIEF!!!” Some DVDs let you skip them. Not surprisingly, Disney are by far the worst with their piracy stuff.

  27. You hit a sort of level in this one, hard to describe but every good comedy I’ve ever loved has featured it – it’s the one where something is funny to the point you want to rewind and watch over and over, but at the same time is slightly disturbing and surreal. Which just makes it more rewindable. It’s like some kind of weird Japanese food combination that shouldn’t work, but does.

  28. Hi Graham, very funny episode indeed! Loved the piracy parody, the nerdiness of the DVD twist scenario (i’ve been there) and that slap in the face – there’s no better way to end a story than physical violence. I LITERALLY shit a brick laughing.

    Many thanks!

  29. There’s a particular joy to pirating DVDs just so one can delete the wretched anti-piracy warnings. Not that I have ever done that, you understand.

    Anyway, great episode, especially adored the German.

  30. Hi Graham!

    I just wanted to let you know how much I really love the show. I’ve been a fan of your since father ted – bought all the DVD’s from hat trick on ebay before you could get them on bbc america. My wife and I frequently pop in a father ted to watch at night rather than watch anything else on american television.

    I just happened to be in Edinburgh when IT Crowd premiered – I was lucky enough to be in to watch it that night at the hotel. Since then, I’ve downloaded all the episodes and watch them over and over. It really is a great show.

    I know you’ve gotten some suggestions about the show and are sick of them by now – but of course, I have one too. I’d really like to see some back story on the characters. Something like how Richmond became goth… something like Moss in his early years in IT, that sort of thing. Something to give maybe a little more depth to the characters. I suppose with only 3 more episodes to go, it may be too late. Hopefully you’ll do another 6 – and hopefully the US version of IT Crowd won’t totally blow dog.

    Thanks for a great show!

  31. Really good episode last night, loved the anti-piracy ad

  32. Hey, I was well upset when I found out you were going to do a sit-com about life in an IT department as I’d been thinking about doing that for aaages…just as well i never bothered really, as this show is the mutt’s nuts. 2nd series has blown me away, even funnier than the first and makes more of each character’s foibles (or is that just because we know them better now?). Anyway, genius and all that.

    Sorry for the spam, but you might like this song myself and a few mates wrote about the perils of computing crossed with felines…it has a cool video anyway.

  33. Great! The piracy ad was a stroke of genius. Matty Berry’s door answering dance was about 10 times funnier than it should have been and I loved the nonchalance of Moss and Roy when talking about the cannibal mix up.

    There was also one scene that was quite Seinfeldian. You know the part when Roy says “People! What a bunch of bastards!” It seemed reminiscent of the Seinfeld scene where Elaine says to Jerry “I will never understand people.” and Jerry replies “They’re the worst!”

    This show is really starting to grow on me and I am loving the cast. Any chance of getting Matthew Holness in as a guest star? I’m sure he would fit in superbly.

  34. Loved the show last night. Really funny. Great writing and acting. Although there were a few too many laugh-at-the-gays jokes for my liking.

    Still, great episode

  35. Excellent stuff! It had one of the finest puns on telly for an eon – you know the one I mean…

  36. I mentioned in a previous thread that I loved the silliness in the series and picked the Fire Brigade changing number as my favorite moment. Last nights Piracy scene was so spot on and so true it beats it.

  37. “there were a few too many laugh-at-the-gays jokes” says Steve.

    such as?…

  38. As a smoker, I loved Jen’s story in this ep. Too True!

  39. Good episode. Matt Berry’s delivery of “some sort of homosexual department?” made it all worth while :-p Definitely better than last week, not as good as ep1.

  40. Oh yeah… are you a big Tarkovsky fan, Graham? The homages in the smoking sequences certainly seemed more affectionate than hostile. Also some shades of Bela Tarr in that fixed panning shot of the car park…

  41. Liked it a lot , if theres any justice in the world, that anti piracy spoof will come on at the start of the season 2 dvd (just , you know, make it skipable).

  42. My Episode Ratings

    1.1 = Very good (9/10)
    1.2 = Good (8/10)
    1.3 = Very good (9/10)
    1.4 = Very good (9/10)
    1.5 = Brilliant (10/10)
    1.6 = Good (8/10)

    2.1 = Brilliant (10/10)
    2.2 = Good (8/10)
    2.3 = Very good (9/10)

  43. Holy Moley. What a nice bunch of messages to return to.

    Tarantino–not a poke, just shorthand for ‘a movie Roy really wants to see’.
    Tarkovsky–not a huge fan, but I know what ‘Stalker’ looks like. It’s actually more of a ‘Stardust Memories’ steal, if it is a steal.
    Gay-bashing–not guilty! Douglas is the idiot, not gay people. (also, first episode was anti-gay theatre, not anti-gay)
    I love that Seinfeld line! Had actually forgotten it.

    More when I can take a breath. Thanks again, everyone.

  44. Anyone who LOVED the piracy opening from last night can check this video out for the full thing. UK License payers only please: (what a crap disclaimer huh)

  45. Oh also, someone posted the scene on DIGG.com and its racing up the chart.

  46. Could have used more bears.

  47. Great Episode. Still Loving Matt Berry <3 Favourite Line:

    Jen: If it’s work related, you’ll obviously know what department this is?

    Douglas: The Homosexual Department?

    All the TV mag insists on telling me is that next weeks episode has something to do with a guy called Peter(?) and Jen taking him on a date. Sounds intriguing, as Jen’s track record isn’t great (Guy who she fucked over on Who wants to be a millionaire and the gu who was actually gay…) Looking forward to it!

  48. Hi Graham. Are there some deliberate Seinfeld references in the new series? I may be reading too much into it but in the first episode Moss and Roy were talking about whether Roy should use the disabled toilet and there was a line like “well it’s not as if it’s a parking space” which I thought could be a reference to the “Handicap Spot” episode. Then the most recent one had a line about “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”- and I’m sure there’s a line in one Seinfeld episode where George ponders on what a gander is. I know there were some deliberate references in Ted so I was wondering if it’s something you’ve been doing all along…or is it that I’m just being a nerd.

  49. Those particular gags, no, nothing to do with Seinfeld. Ted once said “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” It was in ‘Song For Europe’.

  50. Awww crap, they showed a closeup of the Reynholm Industries logo in this one (foyer of the building), and it looks like the one on my site is completely wrong!
    Time to go back and fix it. It’s so obvious, a letter “R” for Reynholm Industries! I’m an idiot :P

    Oh yeah, 10/10 episode! Absolutely hilarious :D

  51. Hi Graham,

    Very funny episode, it amazed me that you’d even got “Dawn of the Nonsensical Curse” in Korean on the dvd box. I laughed a lot at that, but was saddened by the fact that the actors names along the top of the box were in Chinese characters. Can I ask why? It seemed such an odd thing to do when you had created a brilliant Korean film name in Hangul.

  52. That’s my art guys, Paul! They told me the title but nothing else…still, they’re great. I only noticed the blood spatter artwork on the wall in Johann’s flat when I watched it go out!

  53. hey G. You are comedy genius, so thanks for talking to us on here. and thanks for Matt Berry, at the end of Ep 2.2 i cried and cried with delight.

  54. Episode 3 was great along with the previous episodes. I’m very happy with the inclusion of Matt Berry in this season, I think he is hilarious and I’m a big fan of Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place.

  55. For some reason I nearly keeled over when Matt Berry went to meet Roy at the door with the gay-like chorus of ‘There’s some-body at the door’. Classic, Graham, classic.

    Would have loved to have been there when you were directing the guy to drop his trousers and pretend to ‘go to the toilet’ in the policeman’s helmet…

  56. Very funny once again, Graham. Consistently fab. You sod.

  57. Hi Graham,

    Another great episode. Going to the toilet in a stolen policeman’s helmet, sending it to the grieving widow (nice packaging)…and then stealing it again.

    I love your parodies of stupid rubbishy things like that. Such as your All Priest Chatline in Father Ted.

    Nice Rod Hull homage too! The Pink Windmill Show is all too often overlooked.

  58. Hi Graham,

    thanks for writing the IT Crowd! I am a big fan of the series. The only thing is: I’m german and i’m a little bit embarrassed that now everone thinks all germans are cannibals ;). No, seriously, it made me laugh! I only think that most of the british do not know the guy at the photo on the top of the page. With knowing the story of Armin Meiwes the episode is even more funny!
    Greetings from germany!

  59. Hi. Again high standards. I think it’s now, tell your friends & set the sky plus-able good!

    ps. I don’t know of anyone has ever thanked you and Arthur for Feck, but thank you. Everyone I know, well under 40 anyway, says it. Its like an affectionate “well never forget Ted” little reminder. Plus, it actually stops people from swearing too much!

  60. Ive just noticed, There’s only four more episodes left…..uhhhhh….. You wish it cud go on forever. Why do the cast and crew have to be human. lol

  61. hi graham..
    hats are awesome.. Especially when fashioned entirely from denim.
    Warmest regards

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