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March 20, 2009

Exciting news! Apparently, there will be an apology in this week’s Sunday Express about the Dunblane story! Let’s see if they give it the prominence they gave the original piece (front page) and take appropriate action against the people responsible.

Meanwhile, I had a thought. At the moment, we have almost 6000 signatures on the petition. Not bad going for something that’s only been up three or four days, but I thought that number might increase if we bring in people who aren’t on Twitter/regularly checking blogs/etc. To that end, perhaps you would consider taking a few moments out of your day to spread the word.

Just pick four or five friends or family who you’re pretty sure aren’t hugely up to speed with the interwebs, and send them the link to the petition via e-mail along with an explanation (my original blog post, or anything you think brings the point home). Don’t ask them to send it on…leave that up to them. If it starts to look like a chain letter, it’ll be easier to ignore. The personal touch is what’s needed here, I think.

And remember, there is no reason as yet to let up on The Express. While an apology is obviously a good start, we need to know what safeguards they are putting in place to ensure that nothing like this happens again, and how the journalist (Paula Murray) and the editor (Derek Lambie) will be punished for their appalling lack of moral judgement.

Thanks again for listening, and for signing the petition.

(Update: We just got two over  two thousand signatures in one day. Thank you all so much!)


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