September 27, 2007

Hmm…first time I’ve had to write one of these and hopefully the last. I just wanted to apologise for my last post about ‘The Truth About Food’. Why? Over to one of my readers…

“You are right about their response, it is nothing more than banal
lip-service – but your response to theirs is just puerile. It’s got
name-calling, non-sequiturs, putting words in their mouths, ignoring
points you don’t like, the whole works. I cannot reconcile that any
person who had a hand in Big Train could
be so vapid.”

I have to say, I can’t disagree with any of this. I’m quite embarrassed about the post. I fired it off too
quickly and let my anger and contempt get the better of me and now it sits there, a permanent reminder of what I’m like when I let my emotions take the wheel. Yes, the show is disgusting, and I do have contempt for the people responsible, and I hate how some producers feel they need to sink to the lowest level imaginable in order to scoop up viewers too morbidly fascinated to change the channel, but that’s no excuse for being shrill.

From now on my rule is, count to ten before posting anything. And as for ‘The Truth About Food’, rest assured, I will not speak of it again.


  1. If you can’t be shrill every now and again in your own blog about something that you hate, what can you do?

    I didn’t know atheists could suffer from catholic guilt.

  2. Honestly the who bit about ‘The Truth About Food’ was disgusting but no need to apologize. You did warn us about the bit. Thank you for writing out a sincere apology.

  3. I have to say I got many laughs out of the whole affair & I bet many others did to! No worries G! But the whole thing has left a funny taste in my mouth..

  4. Sometimes when I really want to vent, I will write the entire post/email and then delete it. It has almost the same cathartic effect.

    You were fully justified in your disgust on this one, though.

  5. Not content with drawing our attention to women eating stuff, you now force us to watch you eat your own words?

  6. I still think that the post was valid, even with the apology. These behaviours are at the fibrous core of our being, and from them we learn in ourselves and develop as a society. So with the disgust, the letter and the apology I say hooray for celebrating the spectrum of our species.

    I also have to say that I did find the response form the BBC very hard to swallow.

    ( *sorry* )

  7. I don’t think you need to apologise at all, Graham. Your response was that of a human being, whereas the response from the BBC was one of those reply-by-numbers things they churn out just to keep people quiet.

    It is the BBC who should apologige for showing this shite in the first place, not you for having a perfectly understandable reaction to their hal-arsed ‘research’ and excuses for showing it.

  8. That inability to keep my emotions in check when responding on the internet is one of the main reasons that I don’t spend as much time on internet communities as I used to. Also why I should never, EVER, read IMDB comment forums.

    (It’s also why I don’t post on my website as much as I could… the modern world is rife with annoyances, and it gets difficult sometimes to keep perspective…)

    I quite enjoyed the post that you are apologising for, but the person who called you on it made good points, and managed to do it without generating any further agitation, which is pretty impressive considering the internet as a medium.

    And your apology made me think “Ooooh, Mr Linehan is even nicer than I thought he was”. You seem to hold yourself to a standard of fairness and positivity that must be quite hard for someone as insightful as you are to maintain, and for that, I applaud you.

  9. Well, at least you are man enough to apologise… (sniff) You really scared me with your “shrillness”… (sniff) I just hope we can get past this… (blub)

    In all seriousness I can’t see any reason to apologise here; your reaction was entirely valid both to the clip and to the letter. If it was an honest and truthful response then publication of it on your own blog was justified. You printed their letter as well as your own responses which, in turn, allowed your readers the chance to make up their own minds as well as seeing what you had to say. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Oh, and the name-calling, non-sequiturs and puerileness were my favourite bits of Big Train.

  10. Anyway, let’s leave it there. Thanks, all!

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