Britain says no to lunatics

September 30, 2007


Hey, creationists! Tony Blair’s not in power anymore so it’s time to get your ignorant, crazy asses out of UK classrooms!


  1. Listened to some Bill Hicks yesterday. He talked about “myth & belief” being seperate from “FACT”. He also said “They wanna kill each other? I’m filming it!” Cheers

  2. Great news, I sometimes can’t believe it’s 2007, it’s like dealing with characters from that Simpsons Xena episode: quantum theory? A wizard did it, humanity? A wizard did it etc. like talking to 4 year-olds, fun in itself for a while, but unfortunately some of them are in charage of the most powerful country in the world.

    in more disturbing WTF news, US english teacher forced to resign for giving a student Dan Clowes’ eightball to read fot and assignment:


    damn, better not go into too much detail about spider-man’s various emissions in my classes…

  3. Ah, the blessed Raptor Jesus returns.

  4. Excellent news , this made my non denominational secular Sunday.

  5. thats good . , i think Britain is now blessed again .

  6. Sniff. Raptors need luv too.

  7. That’s a beautiful picture, made terrifying by the staring unblinking eyes of the baby raptor.

  8. […] update: como visto aqui […]

  9. Ahem. Time to eat a little humble (banoffee) pie people…

  10. I wonder if its America’s fault. We’ve got those crazy bastards in our classrooms too, and nothing against the British, but lets face it, Blair was pretty much America’s whore. We’d snap our fingers and he’d hit his knees.

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