Are you seeded?

December 19, 2008


‘The IT Crowd’, Channel 4, 10.00pm.


  1. Can’t wait! Getting sad now though, there’s only 2 more left. How is series 4 coming along? :D

  2. Intriguing…..

  3. Woo! Bring on the next ep!

  4. Excited.

    Also Graham, I woke up yesterday, had some toast and found that the dvd box set in the post for me. Later on a huuuuuge crate was delivered that took me about an hour to open (I’ve never opened a crate in my life before. I was going at it like a maniac with a hammer until I discovered the chisel…) only to discover that it contained a hilarious picture of Sir Matt of Berry from series 2 that still makes me cry with laughter signed by your good self. It’s probably the greatest thing I’ve ever received so I thank you profusely.

  5. Mmmm… but can it top “THIS is the Internet!”.

  6. (PS: This is the episode I went to see filmed. Excited even more.)

  7. Regarding the end of last weeks ep – since when does a darts commentator proclaim “He’s done it!” after 3 single 20’s have been thrown? Ridiculous! I could understand it if the last dart hit double top… Still, I’m looking forward to tonight, trusting there will be no further slip-ups.

  8. Can’t wait for the show tonight! I spotted this in the New Statesman’s interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury:

    ‘He entertains staff – who affectionately call him “ABC” in internal memos – with impersonations of the television vicar character Father Ted and sharp one-liners’


  9. What the hell is wrong with BBC America? Why are they not airing these now? Do they not see a robust potential revenue stream coming from this terrific show that is being torrented every week? Contractual schmontractual, they should be letting us see these NOW.

  10. Tim……deep breaths now. We’re going to count to 10.
    Ready? Let’s go.

    There. Was it really that important?

  11. Even double 10 would’ve been ok. Infact, any double!

  12. Kirstenin, congrats on winning that photo. I’m incredibly envious.

    I’ve been torrenting the new episodes over here in the U.S. – excellent as always Graham.

  13. This is the one all about social network sites. Looking forward to seeing this one big time!

  14. Somebody has to sell “The Internet”. Imagine having that sitting on your computer desk.

  15. Ooooooh if this is the social networking one then this is the one I saw being filmed too. Hurrah.

  16. Even the IEEE is talking about The IT Crowd.
    Actually, I have not read the full article, but I guess I don’t need to.

  17. Looking forward to it!

    Tonight that’ll be two laugh out loud programme’s i’ve seen today. “The I.T. Crowd” & the season 2 Premiere of “Flight of the Conchords” which is ruddy funny!

  18. kirstenin stole my “excited.” comment, time to get the thesaurus out…

    synonym fail, I’ll stick with excited.

    also one I went to see filmed. takes the sting out of getting the sack yesterday!

  19. Let me get this straight.

    You’re the actual -writer- behind the IT crowd?

    And you have a -blog-?

    And the blog -doesn’t suck?-

    I am flabbergasted.

  20. Lex10, not everything in the UK is produced by the BBC!! this is a channel 4 production so I would say the chances of it ever showing on any BBC channel are pretty slim.

    Went to watch this one being filmed so tonights episode is pretty special for me, going to get it setup on my m8’s projection system and watch it cinema style.

  21. Mr Linehan, where can I find your email address?? I have a question to ask you. and it’s not ‘where do your ideas come from?’.

    mine is lewesherriot@hotmail.co.uk

    I trawled the web to no avail.

  22. That Johnny Rotten t-shirt is great.

  23. I would kill to have the *crushed* version of The Internet!

  24. Hi Graham. Is it you who liters the set with Daniel Clowes paraphenalia viz. 20th Century Eightball comic book and a Pogeybait figurine? If so, you have good taste and a penchant for Clowes tat to match my own if I may blow my own trumpet by proxy. I’m going to watch IT crowd in 42 minutes. There you go.

  25. shit, what time is the Conchords on? And what channel?

    “Regarding the end of last weeks ep – since when does a darts commentator proclaim “He’s done it!” after 3 single 20’s have been thrown?” Oh, hell, you’re absolutely right,Tim. I do apologise… Any interest in being our darts consultant on series 4?

    Funnily enough, even though ‘Ted’ aired on C4, it plays on BBC America, in America (except in Boston, where the Catholic green-Guinness -drinker types banned it). So I presume that’s what Lex is talking about, Dave.

  26. Father Ted is banned in Boston?! That’s…… really quite strange.

    Right…. 20 mins to try and get the little one to stay in bed so I can watch the next episode in peace. Wish me luck!

  27. Re: Conchords.

    Premiere is only available online at the moment. I think the series starts in the US on 18th January

    IP blocked outside US but here is a link to watch online if you are comfortable with that:


  28. Well, it may be on now…anyone out there know?

    Know exactly what you’re talking about Jolene. Good luck.

  29. Thanks, Andy! I’m on that!

  30. I believe Conchords is premiering online, a month ahead of it’s broadcast premiere. I guess I should check this show out since EVERYONE is nuts for it.

    And a comment about last week’s episode. Jen’s reveal of “The Internet” and the lines leading up to it – “Ladies and Gentleman I present THE INTERNET!” – are hilarious on their own. But what sold it for me was Katherine Parkinson’s delivery. Her timing is comic genius. She takes great writing and makes it shine even brighter.

  31. Did you spot the Why That’s Delightful reference?

  32. What’s the flashy thing that Roy’s using?
    I loves it!

  33. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenori-on

    a suggestion from the Hive Mind!

  34. Kinda feel special, almost as if this show was written for people like me who love all this techy stuff in real life

  35. Cheers Mr L.

  36. Lex10, check if you have IFC (Independant Film Channel), you probably do if you get BBC America. IT Crowd airs on there on Tuesdays.

    BBC America is shite. It seems like everytime I get a chance to watch it (I don’t subscribe) all they air is Kitchen Nightmares followed by You Are What You Eat…I already know I’m just a body of cheesey snacks, don’t need a programme to tell me so. When they start airing a better mix of shows I’ll be happy to pay extra to get it in my home, but for now, what good shows they do air, I already own on DVD.

    PS, here’s to the IT Crowd seeing Region One format daylight!

  37. Friendface. :-) Best episode this series for me so far Graham. “You joker, no offense!”. :lol:

  38. as fantastic as any other. love the douglas story. you are a complete and utter genius in a bottle stamped with the word dish.

  39. Great episode as expected (“Forget about germs. That analogy is over now!”), but I still preferred last week’s, it really raised the bar.

    Having looked at the plot for next week’s, I can imagine Matt Berry being spectacular in it.

  40. Yay! Another fabulous episode. Eddie Izzard’s on now, and has EXACTLY the same make-up as Joker girl before she cried.

  41. Was never quite happy with the script, to be honest, and as a result it was rewritten to death and under-rehearsed (The Joker/Matt punchline, for example, was conceived and shot about an hour before the studio audience filed in). That said, I thought the cast did a great job rescuing it…they saved my arse on the “I think you still have feelings for this young man” scene.

  42. “Incoming Message” sounded like Mr Serafinowicz. Am I right?

  43. Nein!

  44. Great episode and a great performance by chris, graham. I was just wondering though….. Why the u-turn on using swearing? Don’t get me wrong, I love the show but I always understood and thought it was great why you said you would try to stay away from using it. I know I’m probably opening myself up to a whole world of criticism and it sounds very “points of view” but I was just curious.

    Let me just say though, thanks for giving us a great show and allowing the world to see more of Matt Berry!

  45. Great episode and a great performance by chris, graham. I was just wondering though….. Why the u-turn on using swearing? Don’t get me wrong, I love the show but I always understood and thought it was great why you said you would try to stay away from using it. I know I’m probably opening myself up to a whole world of criticism and it sounds very “points of view” but I was just curious.

    Let me just say though, thanks for giving us a great show and allowing the world to see more of Matt Berry!

  46. i was gonna swear over being posted twice and my name apparently changing to “craig” though i thought that might weaken my point a little somewhat! lol

  47. No, Craig/Adam, it’s a very fair question.

    The F word just sort of kept sneaking through, and there was a reason for using every one, and it always seemed like a valid reason. But to be honest, if I could do this series again, I would find a way of removing all of them, with the exception of Matt’s one to the multi-faith tour.

    In fact, that’s my new rule. From now on, only one ‘fuck’ allowed per series. If that.

  48. IT Crowd is going to kill me.
    It should take me an hour to get from work in the Jervis in Dublin to my home allowing for waiting for the bus and everything. I was finished at 9:30 today and managed to be home before 10. I’m still catching my breath.
    Fantastic as always this week. Really had me laughing, I had been wondering about the swearing myself. I think it does work, I was just suprised by it appearing so often.

  49. Been educating the US population on the Wonderful IT Crowd for 2 years now, IFC (tuesdays at 10pm) has done a great job catching those non Youtube types on season 1&2. Still waiting on the DVD set for the US. Please keep them coming. (R.I.P. Dermot Morgan)

  50. DVD coming very soon, America!

  51. Re: “only one ‘fuck’ allowed per series”. To Hell with mail order ‘Internets’. Put me down for some Sex Pants to cope with the tension – someone’s going to get laid!

    Oh. Language. Right…

  52. Region 1 DVDs at last. I hope the features/menus live up to R2 releases… they’re best of the best as far as menus go. Cheers!

  53. For the fourth fucking time in a row, the fucknuts at C4 in fact started the ep several minutes late. I’ve missed the last five minutes of this entire series because I have a Tivo.

    Tonight they didn’t bother pressing Play until nearly 22:11, the cunts.

  54. Damnit, I’ve now spent about an hour watching Tenori-on videos on Youtube and I now want one, but they cost 600 quid.
    I think I can build my own though :-)

  55. I’d forgotten all about “Message for me!” until a friend texted me with it about half an hour before the show aired and I giggled uncontrollably.

    It’s very surreal seeing it all on tv after seeing it from one angle (yeah, I know I coulda been watching the screens, but my eyes were drawn to the set) in the studio. I may have gotten overly excited. (Can you tell it was the first filming I’ve been too?) Well done on keeping in Matt’s very short but very funny “Come on, be game!” That made me splutter on the night of the filming.

    All in all, very interesting. And OBVIOUSLY very funny. Especially the bit before the opening credits. New. Enjoyable. Fun times.

    (It’s after 2am, I don’t function well after 2am. I’m going to end this here.)

  56. (Why did I spell “to” with an extra “o”? Rookie error. But… 2am…)

  57. Graham, great to hear about the DVD coming to America!! Thanks for fighting for this!

  58. “cuke”


  59. Hey, why is the joker practically the only northern character? Bloody cheek!

    I was going to do a terrible pun then but decided against it. Probably for the best.

  60. But you did a pun. It was really good.

  61. In fact I’m using that. Next time I Chelsea Smile a Bond villain.

  62. Oh I did didn’t I! Well, looks like I’m a genius without even realising it. That’s good, right?

  63. I hope you mean it when you say the DVD is coming soon, because I was seriously considering buying a region 2 DVD player.

    And because I feel like I should say something about this episode, I think that it could actually be my favorite of this series.

    P.S. – Boston sucks.

  64. So glad to hear that there will be a US DVD release!!! My brother and I will each be buying a copy!

  65. On, the untapped IT Crowd merchandise potential!

    Does no one at Channel 4 recognize the market they have, credit cards and PayPal accounts in hand?

    I would LOVE to have a CUKE can, sitting atop one of my monitors.

    Damned few people would get it, ah, but those that DID get it…

    The look on Moss’ face the instant Jen mentioned Scrabble, and the perfect cut, just the briefest glance of his face. Really, one of the things that enhances the series is the video editing.

  66. If the hive mind is wondering how a Tenori-on might be employed here’s a clip:

    Or a monome box which is quite cool too:

  67. That should be, “Oh, the untapped IT Crowd…”

    Why is it that I cannot spell after watching an episode?

  68. My absolute favourite episode of the season, it was all there! Well done, Sir

  69. Merchandising aside, the C4 site should at least have IT-related desktop things like funny screensavers/wallpapers! Seems damned appropriate to me. Back in the day, BBC had Gareth paper airplanes for The Office site. I thought that was fun.

  70. What a cop out by putting that on the Tropic Thunder DVD. Keep it mencap!

  71. Driving me nuts. What’s the t-shirt Roy is wearing? Because to me, it looks like an Archer battlemech from Battletech.


  72. Oh, hell…I spent the first ten minutes of the episode looking at my other half with an apologetic look on my face – I am one of those annoying Facebook addicts and it took last night’s episode to convince me that I do indeed have a problem. My name is Yolanda, I am 28 and I am addicted to Facebook. I am hoping that a housemove and new job within the next couple of weeks may help with this by drawing my attention away from the site before it’s too late…….

  73. I’m probably the only person grateful for the delayed start. At 9.59 I was seriously considering stapling the little sod to his matress. Had to employ the pause button on the sky plus a few times too.

    You got a “contains strong language” warning!!! Is that your first one ever? Clearly channel 4 have never previously noticed, probably because you’ve been preceeded by that swearing enthusiast Ramsey.

    Loved the episode, by the way. Absolutely spot on.

  74. Great episode as usual! *yet another pat on the back for graham*

    ..and thanks Andy for the download link for the “Flight of the Conchords” Episode.I’d watched it on youtube first time round.

    It’s great to have them back!

    “This is what is called a cover version. weird thing is, this cover version was released 13 years before the crazy dogggs original. Now is that bad?”

  75. Excellent episode … you should definitely consider including a six-pack of Cuke with each DVD of series 3.

  76. Firstly, because I’m sad, I noticed a continuity error (apologies if it’s already been mentioned – the list of comments is pretty long). When Roy initially chastises Jen for having joined Friendface, you can see on Roy’s screen that he’s already on it, even though he doesn’t join until a minute or two later. I wasn’t sure if it was the Friendface page at first, but when Moss is ranting and raving about his Mum being on Friendface too, you see his screen momentarily and it’s definitely Friendface. Watch the world end now, =O

    Secondly, two things in particular about the episode that amused me:

    1) The pronounced way in which Roy takes a sip of Cuke during that scene where Jen’s on the sofa and the three are typing away madly.

    2) The fact that it took a few seconds for Roy’s rotted teeth to register with the audience. t’was rather funny.

    Finally, only one more episode to go, :(

    However, it sounds as though it just might be legendary.

  77. woohooo a new fuck rule!
    ill die happy

    i dont care, everything you touch is gold whether swearing or not.

  78. Another great ep. Well done to all involved. Although I would like to point out that it is technically possible for IT people to have social skills.

    Oh, and you must tell us how many series you plan to make, as I don’t want to buy the boxed set and then have another series come out after that…

  79. Q for Irish Conchord fans:

    Do you think Rté will ever get it through their thick skulls that their home-made ‘genius’ programmes are rubbish and start showing Conchords?

    And IT Crowd of course, although I’m not sure why that’s not on Rté 2 already.

    Favourite line from new Conchords:
    “Stuff you Jemaine, and stuff you Bret. And stuff you again Jemaine!”

    “Why did I get double-stuffed?”

  80. could i maybe make a suggestion for the next “behind the scenes” feature on an “I.T. Crowd” DVD? (You’ve probably filmed series 3’s already)

    i would love to see adam buxton do his ken korda again! or get joe cornish involved aswell..I laugh out loud everytime i see his behind the scenes of series 1.

    That’s just me though. i love adam & joe!..

  81. I would love to get Adam to do Ken again…might be too late for this series, though…

  82. “Although I would like to point out that it is technically possible for IT people to have social skills.”

    Never said it wasn’t!

  83. My favourite new Conchords line was “Don’t listen.” from Jemaine as they had their emergency band meeting.

    Additionally, Graham, thanks for having enough integrity to not use the pissingly overused phrase “Why so serious?” at any point in reference to the Joker. I probably would’ve gone on a frenzy and started attacking every emo rat I saw.

  84. Yeah i had a feeling it would be too late for this series..but it’s an idea for the next one.

    I miss Adam & Joe’s TV Show…(sad face)

  85. Thank goodness I recorded Eddie Izzard as well even though I was pretty sure I’d seen it before. I’ll be recording the program after the IT crowd from now on, just in case.

    Nice episode – always like the ones where the characters have to talk to real people :) but not as laugh out loud as the internet ep (my wife has that on the same level as the poppadum explosion from black books)

  86. hahahaha!!! So funny and yet so true. Excited for the region 1 release, hopefully it will come soon, since the only way to watch the show in canada is to steal it.

    Love the space invader’s decorations, where on earth do you find stuff like that?! I definitely think you should sell the internet, would go good on my desk :D

  87. Finally watched the latest episode after being busy last night and most of today and again I loved it. The consistenty of this series has been very impressive, great work all around. Thanks.

  88. My m8 won a sigasned can of cuke, when we went to watch the filming they are real cans with a label stuck round. The can also has a humorous ingredient list, will try and take a snap next time I am round his house.

  89. Or even “signed” :) ah well it is 2:10am here in the uk guess it is time for sleep!!!

  90. Graham – Y’know what I’d love to see in a future episode as a prop lying around the office? A model of Vic Viper from Konami’s “Gradius” series. That would make my day, :D

    Probably wouldn’t make anyone else’s, but it’d make mine. If I had the money then I’d buy one and send it to you, :P

  91. Graham, you are a genius! Super-hilarious take-down of Facebook/Friendster/etc thing for the blight on society that it is. The sad thing is F-book actually makes you feel bad about your life in the privacy of your own home; you don’t even need to meet the old aquaintances face-to-face.

    ***And was that a TENORI-ON Roy was playing with???***
    I so want one of those–how cool is it?

  92. Great episode Graham. My favourite thing about this show is that it gets better as the series go on. So many others start with a bang and then peter out. The I.T. Crowd started at a really high level and just keeps getting better. That’s great (and honest) writing.

    On another note, I see so many mentions of people in the US waiting for Region 1 DVDs. For example:
    “So glad to hear that there will be a US DVD release!!! My brother and I will each be buying a copy!
    by barkendeavourii December 20, 2008 at 3:48 am”

    This really surprises me (particularly when there’s a “tech” edge to this show/blog and I know that’s not the point, Graham!). I live in Ireland but do enjoy watching shows/movies/whatever that are either only available or available early in Region 1 format. I’ve been buying Region 1 DVDs since the 90s and have been able to watch them here by simply hacking my DVD player to be region-free. It’s the simplest thing in the world, requiring (usually) me to enter a code with the drawer open. Just stick your brand, model number and “region-free hack” into google and you’re laughing.

    While I understand that you may want to support your local DVD store in these tough economic times, surely the outcry over the long delay in getting the Region 1 copies means that many of you wouldn’t mind buying Region 2 copies online.

    Just my two cents/pence/pfennigs.


  93. Hello Graham,

    Thought the episode started slow but finished great!! With the best bit being Moss showing off at the party. It was Richards best performance so far imo…he was so funny! Bionic Arm…priceless!

    The Conchords episode was good…although the songs weren’t as strong as some in the first season, “Angel” is funny but not one of their best…thought they didn’t use it in the first season for that reason. Looking forward to hearing there new songs.

    Will you be attending Ted Fest this year Graham?

  94. Great episode again, Roy’s rotting teeth made me laugh out loud too.

  95. Grrr – the flu (proper flu, too!) is just starting to take hold now, so am going to bed with a stack of DVDs and some flu plus and try and shake it by xmas – so will bid you Graham, your family and everyone on this blog a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward to the final episode on Boxing Day!


  96. I agree with Brendan on Conchords. The comedy was spot on but the songs were lacking. Kind of expected that though. The songs for the first series were things they’ve come up with over several years, while the stuff for this series will all be new. I think thats why they’ve said the second series will definitely be the last

  97. Do you think David Bowie would’ve seen the conchords episode all about him? They’re huge in america aren’t they?

    My favourite Conchords live clip.

    Looking forward to next I.T. Crowd episode! All about nude-ness apparently…

  98. Personally I thought the new Conchords ep. wasn’t up to much

  99. Once again I ask, what was Roy’s t-shirt in the first part? Since it looked like an Archer battlemech from Battletech, but I couldn’t quite figure out what the shirt was. The pose and look is definitely like an Archer. (See my post further up with the a link to an image.)

    I dearly hope it was as I am an old school Battletech geek and that would melt my cold, cold heart if that was an Archer.

  100. Sorry, Drood, I cannae remember…

  101. Ah – Graham! You ruddy *tease* you! Just when the femgeeks thought there was going to be another nice little Roy/Jen moment – you snatched it away!

    Great, GREAT work on the series so far. You were very right when you said it would be the best. Every episode so far has essentially been written about me, my socially-inept ubernerd friend and my slightly-less-nerdy-and-also-looks-like-chris friend.

    My name is really Jen. I’m not joking.

  102. Another top notch episode, congrats.

    Graham, I have just made my first ever attempt at “comical writing” Can I send it to you somehow? I’ve written it as the “I.T Crowd” as I was too lazy to invent characters in this trial run. It’s fairly short (a bit like my future writing career I expect!) Cheers.

  103. Well thanks anyway Graham. Even if it wasn’t, it sure LOOKED like an Archer, and that bought back many happy geek memories for me, so thanks! And it was very nice to hear the intro as it sums up my feeling on Facebook etc… (And why I don’t have an account.)

    And incidentally this series has been the best so far I think. Hope the show goes out on a high like it started. (Seriously, Berry with the gun is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year.)

    And I enjoyed your recent cameo appearance as well:)

  104. ..king hell, its true. According to The Guardian, Bollocksy Gavin and Feckoff Stacey is getting a third series.Its official, there is no God.

  105. Gregan, sorry, but I have a policy of not reading ‘IT Crowd’ scripts. Legally problematic etc.

  106. I have to agree with you about the last episode not being the strongest one Graham, the “ad” for the Facebook-type site was a bit heavy handed as an opener, but still, a weak IT Crowd episode is still funnier and more compulsively watchable than anything else on.

  107. Director-nerd stuff: I really enjoyed the camera blocking when Moss was playing husband — the way he turned his back on her to face the camera! Pure daytime soap, possibly Brazilian variety. Genius.

  108. I have finally finished building my internet and I’m very happy. Hope my wife appreciates the hard work it took :)

  109. You might already know about it and heaven knows it could do with some pruning, but the “Scared of Santa” site is well worth checking out if you’re into that kind of thing (I’m giving the book to everyone… it just doesn’t get tired for me.)


    And a very Merry Christmas. This site has been one of my favourite procrastinations of the year, many many thanks.

  110. I’m guessing that http://www.friendface.co.uk/ is the official website (and is that hebrew/arabic/futurama alien text or just scribbles?), but theres already what looks like a fan one
    (nothing to do with me so if it blows up your PC I’m not resposible ..looks fairly benign if a bit empty though).

  111. Just curious, Graham. What programme do you use for writing your scripts? And how long would you say that last episode took (‘re-written to death’, etc) to say, the previous ‘speech’ episode?

    Also, do you have a policy of reading non-IT Crowd scripts?! …

  112. Hi, Graham,

    New to these pages, so apologies if I’m asking a question that’s been done to death…

    Does the character Moss have Asperger’s Syndrome? He certainly displays a panoply of symptoms.

    Cracking series, as ever.

  113. What’s that tune Jen is dancing to? I absolutely love it! Well, both the tune and Jen dancing to it :) Merry Christmas!

  114. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-VBdAY8eA9w

  115. My one last thought as a followup to all the responses to my original assertion regarding commercial viability of (please not the follwing stipulation) real-time brand spankin’ new IT Crowds being played on BBC America, (as opposed to older seasons once a stinkin’ week on IFC if one can find it plus no guide description of what episode it is) their (BBC America) being the #1 most obvious purveyor of contemporary UK programming, whether it’s Channel 4 or not (see? I have a TV and have seen BBC America!) is this:

    Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins
    Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins
    Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton Graham Norton

    Hopefully I have made my point. Thanks! & Happy Holidays!

  116. Hi Graham,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying this series, albeit exclusively through the internet (about which I really feel terribly guilty, but I remain optimistic about the region 1 dvds!).

    This past episode was tremendous. I know you said you weren’t wholly satisfied with the script, but if there were any weaknesses there, it was more than made up for by your directing and the incredible acting on the part of your three leads. Not sure why, but the comedic icing on the cake for me came at the very end, during the credits. The sight of Jen dancing–alone– with such forced abandon to this utterly cheese-tastic jazz (courtesy of Mr. Hannon, I assume? If so, I extend my congratulations. It was beyond perfect) had me in hysterics, especially because Katherine Parkinson played that moment so subtly.

    One thing I would like to ask you: since Jen, Moss and Roy have been increasingly more comfortable with one another season by season, is it deliberate that the individual characters are becoming more comfortable in their own skin, and less socially inept? Roy in particular has come a long way from his season 1, episode 1 self. Is this all down to your writing or was it a collaborative decision between you and Chris O’Dowd, as he became more comfortable in his role?

    Thank you!

  117. hi graham,

    have heard about this recently I just realised I can completely imagine Moss doing this.


  118. (and is that hebrew/arabic/futurama alien text or just scribbles?)

    Hmmm – I can see a pattern in those scribbles…

  119. Content that might hurt raisins, cabbage and oatmeal sentiments of our fellow employees?

    Well, that made sense, even it if doesn’t, um, make sense. Or something.

  120. I dont care what anyone says, that ted christmas special is genius- “bet you cant wait Ted, something to tell the grandchildren about” lol

  121. i tried to use your death joke from series two but failed :D
    its not really relevent but i made the credits similar to it crowds.
    Its an animation.


  122. You mean someone says it’s not?! An angry mob of WTD commenters should be easy to assemble.

  123. I deciphered the blurry text in the http://www.Friendface.co.uk error page!

    Check out my blog to see it (within the next 10 mins).

    Yes I had nothing better to do…

  124. Here’s the direct link to the post with the updated image:

  125. Beat you to it by 11 hours, bbcentral (see 4 posts above yours) :)

    Nice to see that I’d got it right though, or at least in agreement with someone else :D

  126. Am I imagining it or is Moss suddenly an excellent liar? He was astonishingly convincing (and funny) in the internet episode and in the seeded episode he was a little nuttier, but still convincing. Is this a new Moss, or am I being over analytic?

  127. 3 funniest moments
    Pull back to reveal Moss behind the bar in the theater episode
    Pull back to reveal Richmond on the ceiling in the dinner episode

    And my favorite:
    In the internet episode, you shouting “We’re all gonna die,” … Hilarity ensues

  128. http://play.sockandawe.com/

    Best. Thing. Ever.

  129. http://www.blogotheque.net/spip.php?page=cae_all&lang=fr
    Lots of well shot videos of amazing bands playing in random places around Paris. Lots of random French bands admittedly, but some of the others are great.

  130. Merry Christmas Graham, have a great one

  131. Lex 10, don’t know whats with top gear on constantly, it is the same on Virgin (UK cable TV) you can be pretty damm sure that at any hour of any day top gear will be on!! Don’t get me wrong Top gear is my 2nd fave program but the number of channels broadcasting the same content over and over again is getting stupid.

    BTW if you can’t get to a TV but want to watch when it is broadcast then try http://www.tvcatchup.com/ it is basically totally free live feed of a load of UK tv channels and the quality isn’t too bad. They also claim they have consulted top lawyers in the media biz and are acting 100% within the law so shouldnt be a here today gone tommorow service.

  132. I think they may filter for UK IP Addresses the same as the BBC iplayer service does.

  133. To reiterate what I’ve said once before, the channel 4 catch-up site http://www.channel4.com/watch_online/ has all programmes from the last 30 days. It’s possible that only UK IPs are allowed to view it like iplayer, but I don’t think so. Give it a try and let us know anyway! I know that Irish IP addresses work as I used it when I lived in Galway, so surely others will as well?

  134. Darren and Dave,

    For TV Catch Up, it doesn’t allow US IP’s to watch. Same with the ITV Watch Online service. I still have the icon on my laptop from when I lived in the UK, but it won’t allow me to sign on anymore.

    Same goes for some YouTube content, which I wasn’t aware of until I tried to watch that Peter Serafinowicz clip Graham put up not long ago and it told me I couldn’t watch it in my region. I take it it’s legality issues, but it sucks for the US fans (don’t know how this issue affects other non-UK regions).

    Maybe Ol’ St. Nick will bring us all region-free players for Christmas?

  135. @Foz Great work deciphering the text! I updated my blog to point out how you beat me by 4 hours. Still its great to know that we both got it right :)

  136. Graham, This seems to tie in with your recent view of only 1 “fuck” per series.

    Any other thoughts?

  137. Did anyone watch the Peter Serafinowicz Christmas Special last night? I thought it was really funny. “Ol’ Tel is having a whitey” is still making me laugh in a stupid giggly schoolboy sort of way.

    I thought it was interesting that this show had been recorded in front of a studio audience. The first series wasn’t, and felt quite harsh / cold without it, if you know what I mean. Some of the material from that series was quite obscure at times anyway (but very funny) but I think the lack of warmth that you get from having studio audience laughter almost puts a distance between the viewer and the action on TV and doesn’t make them feel included. Which is maybe good in a show like “The Office” but not right for a show like this. The compilation of the first series shown last week was also shown to an audience this time round and I thought it really lifted the material- it didn’t seem perhaps quite so self-indulgent as it did went it went out originally. I also thought last night’s show had a broader touch to it than the previous series but maybe that’s what was needed. I can certainly see the “Did I arks you” estate agent character catching on in a Catherine Tate “Am I boverred?” sort of way. Hope a second series is on the way after this now.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  138. There are ways around TV Catchup’s UK restrictions, and other more stringent UK limits. I will not be your PROXY to sort it out though. You’ll need to do a TOR of Google. *cough*

    Merry Christmas Graham!

  139. I admire what you’re going for, Graham, with regards to swearing. All I ask is that you don’t deprive us of the ‘appropriate’ uses, like frank says, when it’s “eloquent and beautiful”. Such as Douglas telling the group to fuck off. This series would have lost a classic moment without it!

    You’ve proven to us many times that you can write brilliant stuff without swearing, so a little sprinkling of it when appropriate is great!

  140. Just finished watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, so it’s now officially Christmas. I wish you and your family a DELIGHTFUL festive period! Keep doing what you’re doing and more. X

  141. Also, once again for old time’s sake and ‘cos as of last year AD/BC found its way onto my traditional christmas watching list: I’m a restaurant critic and there’s nothing to eat!

  142. Don’t suppose I’ll be seeing you in the Bernard Shaw tomorrow?


  143. Nah. Watching ‘The IT Crowd’.

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