Perry Farrell goes nuts, shocks British MPs with racist comments.

September 30, 2007


Oh, wait, no, it’s not Perry Farrell. It’s Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates, pictured here receiving the Iron Cross for statements like “I hate all Iranians.


  1. There’s an awful lot of “one MP said”, “another MP said” and “an official said”. I’m not suggesting The Daily Mail isn’t the pinnacle of honesty but has this been reported and expanded on in any of the more factual papers?

    In the above photo she looks like a seductive Bond villain.

  2. I bet you a thousand pounds she said it.

  3. Whoah, seductive? She looks like something He-Man would run in to.

  4. That’s a man baby!

  5. Note the craftily placed, Adam’s-apple-hiding choker. Not to mention the 5 o’clock shodow.

  6. How did she get my “breakin” jacket?!

  7. the thing has a nazi cross round its scrawny neck! its ears look like poorly disguised horns.

  8. Holy crap! She makes Nancy Del’Olio look like a woman!

  9. Oh come on! Red leather, the slicked back hair, the choker…. she’s got all the hallmarks of a bond villain! Maybe seductive was the wrong word. But I guarantee she’d get him alone in a room and they’d kiss just before she’d pull a gun on him!

    And there is every chance this is true and I need to excuse to hate the US administration but a google on this has just turned up The Daily Mail and a bunch of blogs referencing their article. But I wouldn’t bet £1000 on it. I’m not that sure.

  10. That’s a nasty beating. The brow and cheek, plus her ear is very pink. I’ll warrant she’s just been hit smartly. That’s probably why she’s saying ‘ioouh’ in that shot.

    It’s the same snap-shot expression I remember on my maths teacher, the instant my football left his face.

  11. Well, she’s got balls I’ll say that for her. And a penis.

  12. “She” did this interview in Georgia:
    Hilariously re-re-translated.
    You can find “the real” Perry Farrell naked on teh webs, google heem! NSFW! Penis!

    “Ahhhh Mr. Linehan, I’d been expecting you. Between Blackwater, the US Ministry of Defence and Janes Addiction, you have aroused some powerful enemies, did you really expect you could escape us? Muahahaha! ;p

  13. Okay, after seeing the photo from the above mod.gov.ge link, I hereby retract all my comments. Given the above photos quality, I’d filled in gaps in my head which were WAY off. Having now seen another photo, I feel dirty.

    I apologise.

  14. She’s got spunk! And Balls! I like that in a woman! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  15. For a second there I thought that was Kel Knight from Kath and Kim.

  16. Oh come ON…is all the ‘oo she’s masculine and has a PENIS!’ stuff at all necessary or relevant? Seriously. Criticise/defend all you want but it is distressing to see how presumably liberal people are can be so hideously strange when confronted with a high ranking female they object to. I know George W gets called chimplike, but would you find it an acceptable or meaningful insult to call him girly or gay?

    Why do her looks/gender matter? I love how the Daily Mail makes sure to refer to her ‘muscular’ style and refer to her as a leading woman adviser. Urgh.

  17. Hang on! What’s wrong with saying she looks like Perry Farrell? If it was a man who looked like Tori Amos, I’d find that funny too. Besides, anyone who comes out with statements like “I hate all Iranians” is fair game. Get your priorities, straight! These lunatics want to bomb Iran!

  18. Not referring to your post Graham…just your commenters. Should have made that clearer.

  19. Sure. I guess the cumulative effect of all these comments might start to make it all feel a bit suspect, but I don’t think any individuals are being too bad. Besides, she is evil, and she does look insane.

  20. But her evilness isn’t reflected in whether or not she has a cock, five o clock shadow or adam’s apple. ‘I hate Iranians!’ is not countered in any substantive way by implicitly stating ‘I am suspicious of women in authority/women who do not look like plucked, passive caricatures of femininity’.

    I just find it bizarre that the first criticisms supposedly left-leaning tolerant types throw out to people like her and Ann Coulter and all the rest is how unpleasing they are to the eye, or what masculine qualities they may or may not have.

    Anyway. I’ll move along now.

  21. I dunno, Martin. These shitbags are talking about murdering another group of people, and here we are, all us liberals, worrying about gender politics. This is exactly what those fuckers depend on…Ann Coulter gets away with the most disgusting statements imaginable–remember what she said about the 9-11 widows?–but as soon as anyone levels the same kind of artillery at her, she has both right-wingers AND liberals rushing to her aid. It drives me nuts.

  22. I think the ‘she’s got a big greasy knob!’ form of attack doesn’t serve to inform or usefully criticise the statements these people are making. It’s as nonsensical to me as the original ‘I hate Iranians’ statement.

    For those of us who don’t hate Iranians and for those of us worried about US foreign and domestic policy it might be and idea to a)keep an eye on the ball and b) not make the kind of statements that could just as easily creep from the mouths of a deranged homophobic, misogynistic fratboy.

    We have to be better than that. In addition, I think addressing gender politics can do a lot to confront/critique the more distasteful policies of the Bush administration. It’s not a complete distraction..especially in the US context when we consider live debates over abortion policy and associated Right wing views are at the heart of the administration.

    Maybe I take it all too seriously, but I think people’s reaction to this is about as reasonable or effective as someone criticising Colin Powell by stating ‘hurr hurr he’s black!’. I don’t want to get into an argument about OMG OPPRESSHUN and stuff but that’s how I feel.

  23. But no-one said “She’s got a big greasy knob”. You’re inventing a controversy where there isn’t one. There are more important things to think about!

  24. Very well observed Graham. Reading No Logo im learning alot about the gulf between political correctness or whatever & actual human rights! with people like Graham I think the rebel alliance can one day defeat the galactic empire (see martin, joke!)

  25. I think she looks like Tamsin Grieg in the 1st episode of the 1st series of Black Books. Is there something wrong with my eyes?

  26. A mannish dominatrix wearing an Iron Cross and saying she hates all Iranians? Is this for real? Am I taking crazy pills? Is this a Yes Man prank?

    Hey, that crack about Tamsin Grieg was low. She’s might be a little Virginia-Woolf mannish, but she’s still very lovely. And she’s not a garish emissary of evil like this weirdo.

  27. John thinks Tamsin Grieg is sweetly pretty.

    BTW, Ms. Cagan’s outlandish appearance DOES matter, and it has less to do with her unconventional feminity than her overt Nazi overtones. (I believe the Iron Cross was last awarded in May of 1945…)

  28. The prospect of war with Iran is very important, yes.

    Is that importance served by saying a pro-war female politician has a penis, big, greasy or otherwise?

    I don’t think so. I’m not saying this is a controversy, but whatever it is it’s not my invention. These important issues are not addressed by this and try as I might, I cannot understand why disgust at her statements is secondary to disgust at her appearance to most of the people who have commented here.

    Her idiocy shouldn’t grant free license for others to wallow in further idiocy. Her prejudice doesn’t justify other prejudice..and that is what it is when people so visibly express their distaste for ‘mannish’ women. I mean for fuck sake..what if she was actually transexual? Would that actually be something worth attacking?

    Let me tell you, Internet..

  29. From the comments on the original article at the Daily Mail Web site, a gem of understatement:

    “Typical of this administrations stance. Well I hate her outfit.

    – Chris, Canada”

  30. Apart from verbose Martin, there seems to be support for the notion that this scary looking woman is part of a scary administration and she’s not averse to saying scary things in public. I’m happy to move right along at this point.

    On a lighter note, Amazon.co.uk said they’d dispatched my IT Crowd series two yesterday woo-hickety-hoo.

    I happened upon this old UK 50 best comedy sketches show that had the odd snippet from our host Graham. Transpires he doesn’t like Bo Selecta one little bit. I’m shocked, more so to see Grahams views supported by a bunch of decrepit old school types like Nicholas (greasy knob) Parsons all agreeing that this was not comedy. But every time I see that Wacko Jacko sketch I laugh like the proverbial drian, go figure.

  31. Tamsin Greig’s gorgeous! It’s just that picture reminds me of her a little in that first episode when she’s wearing that red jacket and has too much make-up and is wondering around with an ‘orb’ all the time.

    Ahem, anyway, going away now………

  32. This lunatic is to Tamsin Greig what I am to half a cat.
    It’s unfair to judge politicions on their looks but this person looks like something out of Hellboy.
    I bet she bleeds sand or something.

  33. Wait, is this the witch that appeared on Paxman?
    Look at this, made me chuckle…

  34. Wait, that’s not her, I was thinking about Ann Coulter…I should really read things before posting comments.
    Easy to confuse them though, they’re both clearly insane.

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