November 7, 2007


More here, but I haven’t yet found anything that made me laugh as much as this.


  1. Hahaha! That’s perfect.

  2. Another mistake Bond villains always make is telling Bond ABOUT the plan “because you won’t live to stop me anyway”.

  3. Have you seen this guy’s cartoons?
    They’re a bit crudely done but make me laugh…
    Young Billy’s Parents Don’t Listen
    or my favourite…
    The Alcoholic Goes To The Zoo

  4. Funny! Reminds me of Wulff & Morgenthalers stuff.


  5. Hahaha!! FUN-NY

    ah, and by the way!! I hear that Matt Berry has been nominated for the ‘The IT Crowd’ so congrats to Mr.Berry and you!!

  6. There is a face-off (draw-off?) between this guy and SeeMikeDraw (http://seemikedraw.wordpress.com/) where they take a subject and both draw cartoons based on it…
    Pencils at Dawn: http://pencilsatdawn.wordpress.com/

  7. Those are some excellent cartoons.


    Silly, but funny silly :D

  8. brilliant…….

  9. I like the idea of a draw off. Nice motivation to get those piccys out.

    Off topic: just came across this fine reworking of an old visual gag. Wanted to share:

  10. That vulture one is excellent.

  11. I liked the door access one … purely because the guy was holding a magnifying glass for close assuring scrutiny.

  12. Lol. That just worked so well. Brilliant!

  13. Here’s another great vulture one from the legendary Perry Bible Fellowship


  14. There’s some really good stuff there and on the two sister sites as well. The vultures, the penguin and the polar bear and the unconscious Batman were my faves.

  15. I like the one where the boy drops his snickers! Nice find Graham!

    Also – talking about ‘what’s funny’, have you seen this?:


    I thought series 1 and 2 of the IT crowd were both excellent – however I have to say I agree with some of the posts on this forum. Far too many ‘sex jokes’ – it really isn’t family viewing anymore!

  16. Don’t read forums on the show, Tim–saps my energies worrying about all the contradictory advice from people who don’t understand the process. But rest assured, I wasn’t thinking of heading down that road anyway.

  17. […] (Via) […]

  18. I drew a cartoon on my page (click on my name)
    I did it with a mouse and that’s difficult.

  19. No, I don’t either, stumbled across it when searching for this site actually, saw a link to the it crowd channel 4 site and one click leads to another!

    Never knew those channel 4 forums were so active! Have to say I disagree with all the other points, for example: ‘loose the new boss’ WHAT?! Matt Berry is a god!

    Glad to hear that wasn’t what you intended, really love the show but I imagine ‘family viewing’ could have got a bit awkward on a couple of occasions!

    Looking forward to another brilliant series, has any writing started yet?

  20. Thanks for the link Graham. :)

    PS. Truthfully, didn’t realise who you were at first. Nearly fouled myself with excitement when I did.

  21. No, problem, sir! Keep it up!

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