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Chris Ware takes your breath away

October 27, 2009

chris ware cover

The Chris Ware New Yorker cover is a thing of beauty. (Click link to enlarge)

(UPDATE: It reminded me of something…)


Mmmmm…Delicious bacon (and snake)

May 12, 2009


Michael Kupperman, one of my favourite cartoonists a hilarious twitterer (example: “Lady Gaga has been going from strength to strength since the divorce, but Lord Goo Goo is a shadow of his former self”), proud new dad and, possibly most importantly, the man who created the WTD banner that gives this site its undeserved air of classiness, is moving into the world of animation with a new “walk aroundy” version of his comedy CLASSIC, Snake and Bacon.

Watch it, love it and contact Adult Swim to demand more episodes!  LINK


One person who won’t be watching the ‘Watchmen’

March 5, 2009

Yoink! Mustard adds another cap to its collection of caps with what will inevitably be a exhaustive interview with The Wizard of All. Here’s an excerpt!

(Bonus: Thanks to @flicksnews for this brilliant Watchmen-as-saturday-morning-cartoon parody! Link)


Lunch bags in hell!

February 1, 2009

This guy posted about doing art lunchbags for his kids, which is very sweet and one of the great things about the internet–that every so often it brings to light the ingenuity and thoughtfulness of some people… things you’d otherwise never have heard about.

That said, I wouldn’t actually have posted a link to it had I not noticed this totally awsome thing. The ad that I had to click to get into the site accidentally looks like a Jack Chick cover and is therefore a little disturbing!

For those of you who haven’t had a jack Chick tract fall into your lap when you opened a comic, here’s a taste (warning! He’s insane!).

I nominate this as a possible meme! Innocent things as Jack Chick covers!


Failin’ Palin

October 11, 2008

Get your war on gets it on with Sarah Palin. Link


Webcomics: A comparison!

October 1, 2008

This was the beginning of one short ‘storyline’ in Achewood, when Philippe meets a shy, Japanese otter and embarks on a tentative romance (it was also the first Achewood strip I saw). link

Now, that to me, is damn funny. Don’t know why. Maybe the way there’s no apostrophe?

The latest strip ends with a character being ‘seen to’ in a darkened room. It ends with the following dialogue: “Oh, HELL yes! Man, I can’t imagine askin’ a chick I actually knew to do this…this ROCKS! This is the PERFECT thing to do to a guy in a hotel! No WONDER there’s so many hotels!”

Meanwhile…at the other end of the webcomic scene, this is a recent Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Allow me to lay them both at your feet with no further comment.


The Gift

June 19, 2008

The Gift.
(Cartoon has nothing to do with link. It’s simply an excuse for me to remind you that Steve Bell is the greatest political cartoonist ever.)


Farewell, Will Elder

May 15, 2008

Boing Boing reports the departure of the great man. Thanks for bending my brain when I was a kid, Will!


Chris Ware + ‘This American Life’

May 7, 2008

Two of my favourite things in one huggable package. Link


Help ‘Johnny The Lurker’

March 4, 2008

“A question for Graham, and other graphic novel aficionados. I’ve
always lurked on the outside looking in when it comes to graphic
novels, but I’ve never had a starting point to work my way in. Would
anyone like to recommend a top 3 or top 5 that I could pick up and
investigate, so I could take the plunge?”

Johnny says he is looking for comics that might ‘mess with his head’, but his list of likes and dislikes indicate he’d probably like anything as long as it’s good.

So here’s my starting three or five.

Frank by Jim Woodring (not a ‘novel’, though)
Ed the Happy Clown by Chester Brown! Not Himes! Dohhh!

Anything by Joe Sacco.
‘Eightball’ collections, Dan Pussey…most things by Daniel Clowes (although recent stuff is testing my patience)
Anything by Jason, but especially this
…and of course, Snake ‘n’ Bacon
Jimmy Corrigan
Hellboy , but only if the art is by Mignola
The Goon is often good fun.

I could go on but I should get back to work. Maybe y’all can help Johhny with some more.