Why is this woman not famous?

October 18, 2007

How much time did she spend learning those moves? Learn the fucking trumpet!

(Thanks, Liz!)


  1. Forgive my rather knee-jerk, instantly terrified reaction – but, well, fuck me!

    And did I miss it or was there no applause at the end whatsoever?

  2. That’s HILARIOUS!

  3. What… what… what the hell just happened there? No seriously. Did someone just hand her a trumpet as she ran out on stage? I love it when she completely misses the shooting gun action at the end. Seriously what was that? I need tea…

  4. It sounds like someone melted Star Wars. It’s all kind of nightmarish. Watch Star Wars and eat cheese before you go to bed, and this is what your mind would probably come up with.

  5. What I’d like to know is how she made the droid sounds at the same time. A very talented and charming young lady.

  6. “someone melted Star Wars”!! haha I’m crying here – she didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed.

  7. She looks like my mum :(

  8. That is my mum ;-(

  9. oh sweet jesus!!
    My opinion as a regular person i think thats wrong on so many levels! But as a trumpet player i just spent the last half hour curled up on the floor weeping!!!!

  10. Haha! This is the best version of the Star Wars theme I’ve ever heard!

    For some reason I can imagine Dougal in a similar outfit. The applause, the rush of that familiar theme growing, then, those incredible notes! duh… duh…

    It’s almost as good as William Shatner’s Rocketman. Well done, Stacey Hedger!

  11. I think she was not allowed to play it rigcorrectly because of the copyright lawyers.

    I am sure if they could have afforded the rights to the real theme she would have been fantastic.

  12. Thought you would like this.

    Sorry to post this, but there is no way to get this to you otherwise.

  13. I don’t think she actually knew there was anything wrong with that. Hence the lack of embarrassment. That’s tone-deafness in action

  14. Aw, c’mon…
    She brought a smile to my face. And a grimace.

  15. More cringeworthy Star Wars Youtube, it’s the 1978 Holiday Special…

  16. Loved it!

    This kind of variety died after the 80s. It’s just not fair!

  17. Oh……I’ve just wet.

  18. It sounds like she’s even inspired Van Halen.

  19. To begin with I thought that perhaps they had speeded up the backing music, changing the pitch of the music, but then when you try and listen to just the trumpet “melody”, you realise that she’s all over the place. I wonder what she makes of all the “net attention” that clip is getting. “More to be pitied, than scolded”, as Billy Connolly used to say!

  20. I stumbled across this on Youtube a couple of days ago myself and immediately sent it to everyone I’ve ever known & loved…but am I the only one who finds it both piss-funny and yet also strangely moving? No, really…it’s the triumph of the human spirit against all obstacles (mainly talent, rhythm and dignity) and I for one salute Stacey’s heroic efforts in the face of ineptitude and utter indifference. A role model for us all, I think.

  21. She is not famous because she ought not to be. “) :) :P

  22. It would appear that she was trying for Miss… Whatever section of the globe… when she realized, “I don’t have a talent! Mom, what could I learn in a week?” Then Mom has a great idea! “We’ll teach you the trumpet! It only has those 3 button-thingies, it MUST be easy!”

    So really, we should all be incredibly impressed that she could learn that much so quickly!

  23. She’s just flat (in tone, that is.) That’s why it sounds so horrific. But even if she was in tune, it’s pretty cheesy :P

  24. Yet more proof real people were funnier in the olden days:


  25. Oh that was quite stunning.

  26. i personally found the dance enchanting. And the sweet orchestrated melodies that floated from her trumpet …mesmerising.

    i thought i’d got my head round this stunningly original act, but then she throws in a charlie chaplin walk, and makes me rethink the entire thing.

    definitely an act the whole family can enjoy. from the grandmother, to the wide eyed toddlers.

    shame about the tits.

  27. In a sad and perverted way I feel kind of warm and tingly all over as I am positively talented in comparison to this woman.

    Where the f*** did the Charlie Chaplin waddle come from? Could it be she suddenly realised her trumpet playing was rather questionable and thus tried to deflect attention away from this shortcoming by coming up with such electrifying moves? Surely Justin Trousersnake will be using this dance routine in his next video. I think he could pull it off quite convincingly! :)

  28. Stacy Hedger, Revealed: http://blogs.pitch.com/plog/2007/10/stacy_hedger_revealed.php


  29. This is my first comment on here, and I’m torn between telling you either that I just nearly pissed myself or that I want those 2 minutes and 53 seconds of my life back…

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