Calling UK Cosplayers!

May 16, 2014


Dear CosPlayers living in the UK,

I’m looking for something special for a telly thing…

It’s quite specific, so if you can help, and it would be a massive help, we’d need to know you can help with ALL of the wish-list below:

Do you have a really elaborate, cool costume?

Can you be available for the whole of the day and evening of Friday 4th July near London?

Can you also spare half a day sometime between Mon 30th Jun – Thurs 3rd July near Fulham?

Is your outfit completely your creation? A character you’ve made up, or one from British soil we might be able to clear?

If you can answer YES to these three questions, can you email a picture of yourself with AND without your marvellous outfit to cas.uk@retort.tv please, with everything you want to say about your character, give us your best introduction…  and we’ll be in touch.


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