Publish and be damned

October 20, 2007


My! Sheriff Joe Arpaio is quite the character! (Boing Boing talked about this story earlier today, which is how I know about it). This is the New Times taking the term “publish and be damned” to a whole new level, giving you the skinny on some of the sleaziest characters this side of a James Ellroy novel. Seriously, this is white hot stuff, and sure enough, it landed the editors in jail.

(Update: About eight seconds after I posted this, someone wrote to say that the case has been dropped. Hurray!)


  1. They were released and the case was dropped, http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2007-10-18/news/case-against-new-times-dropped
    I’m curious to know what you think about their comments on the Irish though, haha.

  2. Wow, that text alignment makes me look fat.

  3. Don’t quite know if these observations are being noted. There are novelists queuing up around the block to write the story-there’s an even better one where a retired cop is on trial at the moment for whacking people on behalf of the mob-go on to NewYorkPost.com- you couldn’t make it up.

  4. Joe does a lot of good work. America needs more like him…

  5. Ha, ha…well, you’ve got an administration full of similar criminals, so be happy with what you got.

  6. Looks like Rod Steiger has taken the whole method acting thing too far.

  7. sound like sheriff has something to hide….

  8. Jesus, this guy never ceases to amaze me. I had the unforgettably creepy experience of meeting him two years ago, when I wrote a story on him for a magazine.

    He brought me on a tour of his jail – “Tent City”, as it’s known – which he made into a ridiculous publicity stunt about “the Irish media”‘s interest in Sheriff Joe. Then I interviewed him in his cavernous, bewilderingly ostentatious office on the top floor of a Phoenix skyscraper, where he batted away most of my questions with sneers and thinly veiled threats. He brought the interview to a surreal close by presenting me with a pair of Sheriff Joe Arpaio-branded pink underwear which he signed for me (“Stay out of trouble, son – Sheriff Joe”) along with a copy of his powerfully ridiculous autobiography.

    You can read the story online here if you feel up to it:


    Maybe the most galling thing about the man is the fact that the likes of TRM1 up there keep voting him back in. Arpaio is a sort of case study in the way democracy can promote its own destruction by granting power to him and people like him.

  9. I don’t even live in AZ, but you are correct, I would vote for him. If you cannot see the good that his brand of “tough love” do then any attempt by me to explain it will be a waste of my time. But I ask you this. What would you do as Sheriff?

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