Iran So Far

October 1, 2007

Andy Samberg declares his intentions. (Anyone know if Hot Rod is any good? The trailer’s hysterical.)


  1. It’s funny… but could have gone further, or maybe it just stays on the same level of “Oh, look. Fred looks a lot like the president of Iran.” It’s honestly more of a catchy piece of pop than a skit at some points.

  2. That’s kind of why I like it. It’s such a neat parody of that kind of song. The kids!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed “Hot Rod”. It was a strange experience, actually. I saw the movie at a fully packed theater, and some of the jokes fell so completely flat that it was embarrassing. But other jokes were so incredibly funny that it more than made up for the bad parts.

    I was also interested to discover that Hot Rod was originally written by Will Ferrell and Pam Brady with Will Ferrell in mind for the main character. Andy, Jorma, and Akiva were given the script and were then able to change it a bit and put their own stamp on it. But if you are aware of that fact when you watch the movie, you can definitely see how Andy’s character was written for Will Ferrell.

    I’m a big fan of a lot of the stuff those three guys have done, though. So it was easy to get into it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to see how they got started as The Lonely Island:


    And my favourite:

  4. Dude! It’s been removed! The evil NBC has reared it’s head again!

    I didn’t actually see “Hot Rod,” but several papers over here gave it negative stars, which I’ve never seen before. I didn’t take that for a resounding endorsement. And I was a little sad about it.

  5. Back again.

  6. Excellent, thanks!

  7. I’ll give Hot Rod the benefit of the doubt and see it, otherwise how will I ever know?

    That pants skit from lonely island reminds me of so many Monty Python sketches. Didn’t they call it PDNT comedy? (PDNT = Pan down, no trousers). Graham, would you say that panning is one of your favourite comedy devices? I’ve noticed it’s used a lot in the IT crowd.

  8. balls out funny is more like it.

  9. My little bro sent me the link for that, damn near fell out of my chair laughing. Seriously though, if you dig that kind of humor, check out some of the stuff “The Whitest Kids I Know” has done. It runs in a similar vein.

  10. Wonder how they got to use the Aphex Twin tune… pretty catchy though.

  11. Can I plug my review of “Hot Rod,” which I posted a little while ago? No? Oh well.

    Worth renting.

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