Brother-in-law makes good

September 30, 2007

Thursday night, 9.30pm, BBC2, although you can watch it online tomorrow!

The few sketches I’ve seen have had me weeping with laughter. This show is going to be the most awesomest thing ever!

(Update: I notice Peter very kindly gave me a credit as script editor. Don’t believe a word of it. I came in early on for a few chats, but the content of the show was as much a delightful surprise to me as I trust it was to you.)


  1. I was lucky enough to be at the audience “mirth-track” record earlier in the week and saw two episodes (Lord alone knows what order they will be shown in) and I have to say this is one of the funnier programmes I have seen in quite a while. The Serafinowicz boys seem to take real pleasure in the silly which, combined with their particular frame of reference, makes for a rare treat.

    That’s it.

    For now.

  2. I saw this in the BBC comedy newsletter. Looks like it should be good!

  3. I’m both looking forward to this and dreading it, although from the above clip it looks like it’s right up my alley.

  4. I don’t know about most awesomest thing ever… that’s a pretty lofty superlative.

  5. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Hey, isn’t that your brother-in-law?

    Off topic: Following on from the old thread about jokes being created more than once, I just found this link to a classic Father Ted joke. Can you spot it?

    Now, if this new show can make me laugh as much as Mr Wright does, I’ll be a happy man.

  7. So excited for the show. I remember the O! News videos from way back when (uh, last year) and those were great.

  8. OoOoh, Handsome Boy Modelling School, been a while.

    If it has even a smidge of that ole’ Look Around You spirit, I’ll be a happy mammal. If it’s silly enough his charisma will carry it through.

    Sterling work on the brother-in-law.

  9. been waiting for this for a while now. Looks like fried gold!

  10. Can anyone get this to work on MySpace? (The episode, I mean.) It says I need to be logged in to make it work. I can’t log in because I’m not signed up to MySpace.

  11. There is a clue there Chris . . . . :)

  12. About time, too!

  13. I’d never intended to join MySpace before, and I don’t intend to now. Unless someone tells me they’ve seen this first episode and it’s worth it…

  14. I just tried it again and it’s been changed so that clicking on the link brings up a pop-up window. Now it says that it’s ‘Coming soon – hot off the press! Keep checking back’. (Are online videos of upcoming BBC2 comedies made on presses nowadays?) Ho hum. I suppose October 1st doesn’t start at the same time everywhere.

  15. can’t wait for this, the O! News stuff was great and can never forget Serafinowicz’s uncanny terry wogan on comic relief : ‘to freddy starr: ‘you’re such a prick!’

    i think after stuff like Bo Selecta, it’s a genuine joy to see someone workign with great impressionist/voice skills. Not such much impressionist in a mike yarwood sense but more like Morris, the way Serafinowicz really captures the parlance of a tv genre or ad campaign.

  16. re: MySpace, try bugmenot.com? ‘Tis a pain these days having to register with so many sites, it’s all about the bleedin’ advertising.

    I’d like to be (certainly not) the first to point out that MySpace and the BBC are most unlikely bedfellows.

  17. Thanks, Andrew. I’m not sure I’ll need to actually log in once the man at MySpace (or BBC, or wherever) actually gets his finger out of his pipe and throws the switch to make the video live, though.

    That Wogan impression was indeed amaaazing. I just saw Peter’s Michael Caine, though, and it’s a bit bum by comparison. Perhaps his best mimicry work is all north-of-Watford stuff. Hmmm.

  18. Even his surname is fun to say!

  19. If you have time, have a read at the first blog on my page and tell me if you thinks it’s funny. Unless you don’t, in which case keep it to yourself.

  20. Alas, I wish I could watch it. Living in Canada means I’m not even allowed to watch UK stuff online. Would anyone like to torrent it? :)

    It’s either that or waiting for the DVDs to come out. Or, god forbid, American remakes. (I had a nightmare that I saw the first episode of the American I.T. Crowd…that fear will likely continue until it premieres… ;)

  21. This will be essential viewing. Essential. (I have tickets to see a recording on October 22nd, so it can’t not be great!)

    Wonder if we can coax some Duane Benzie lines from him?

  22. Just watched the first episode on line and it’s superb. At least 3/4 of the sketches I’d class as ‘hits’ with a couple of misses. The Injury Lawyers sketch had me in stitches.

  23. I’ve been looking forward to this.

    Howell Granger still makes me [:)] when I think of him

  24. Hmm… just watched it and I’m sorry, although I found it funny in places, it only scored a few wry smiles. Don’t know why this is, because the sketches were GOOD. I wonder if it’s simply one of those rapport thingies. I’ll give it a week to digest, then I’ll pick it up and see if I’ve tuned in to it some more.

  25. I love you, Kitchen Gun!


  26. Serafinowicz is getting a bit of a beating on the bbc points of view pages. Some folk are sticking up for it though. It wasn’t entirely original, but the attention to detail was admirable. Highlights for me included Eyes Closed News (which could have easily been a skit on Broken News, if anybody saw that) and Piano Fingers.

  27. I loved it, but I do fancy him so that helps. I was giggling like a buffoon at the toilet grenade, and that’s the best Chris Tarrant impression I’ve ever heard!! x

  28. Amazed by how good his impersonations were and there was easily enough to keep me watching. Highlight was the Cillit Bang sketches for me, as basing them purely on the catch-phrase was inspired.

  29. What is it with such brilliant talent having to stretch himself to so much time?

    I think that a lot of the second show wasn’t as good as it had promised in the first. I don’t know if hanging around out of respect for the occasional laugh is really the bes way to spend half an hour.

    The truth is that the kitchen gun/one hair material is so brilliant that I get lured into it pretty immediately. I just wonder if there might be a better way of channeling PS without wasting him on the 30 minute stretchitis.

    Anyways – the real thing I want to know is who your sister is and how they met and whether there is some ‘comic-strip-presents-in-the-noughties’-type fraternity that inter-breeds until everyone looks vaguely similar.

    But I hardly know you, do I?

  30. I caught the second episode of this last night and was pleasantly surprised. Some of the abstract/surreal stuff was HYSTERICAL. Dickens Corners! Poison sockets! What!? Brilliant. A few of the other sketches didn’t quite work for me but I’m still laughing at the ones that did. Dickens Corners!

  31. Well, I’ve been doing my giggling like a buffoon thing at this again. And he really reminded me of ‘Look Around You’ when he did the newsreader ‘BM’ thing, which was nice. I love it!

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