Warning: Bawdy!

October 1, 2007


I made sure that Moss was reading this when Jen tells him she’s leaving in the most recent episode. Actually, it’s more of a Roy-type comic, but it makes sense that Moss is reading it because he’s not laughing. Only Moss could read ‘ Thrizzle’ and not find it funny.

Seriously, go to your local comics shop and buy this. In fact, buy everything Michael Kupperman’s ever done. Not only is he hysterical, he’s a major influence on my comedy (‘Big Train’ was written round about the same time I read Snake n Bacon, and was very much in the same vein of “absurdity played as real as possible”) and he very kindly did the illustration for this site, which many of you have been asking about.
You know when someone describes something as really, really funny, and then you read it and it’s sort of wry or satirical, but not actually funny? This isn’t one of those times.


  1. I just acquired Snake n Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret and it was laughaloud on every damn page. “If you liked Four Weddings and a Funeral, you’ll LOVE Roger Daltrey’s Sex Diary.”

  2. Okay. You say it’s funny = I buy it.

  3. nice one. I dig your love of comics.

  4. Alright, I’m sold. On buying the one comic that is, not on the buying everything he’s ever done. That Snake n Bacon one sounds good.

  5. DO NOT READ “Tales Designed To Thrizzle”. Study THE BIBLE instead. Michael Kupperman is an instrument of PAGUS!!

  6. Spotted this summary for a programme on my digibox guide just this morning:

    ‘An intimate observation of 18 year old Dominic Nyam who has brittle bone disease, as he embarks upon a European adventure with his able-bodied mates’.

    The name of this programme?

    Crip On A Trip.


  7. I’ve actually just started getting into comics and graphic novels but no comedy as yet, so I just might get this on your recommendation. Just finished “From Hell” – pitch black but excellent stuff.

    On a completely unrelated note, I’m hopefully about to be embarking on a project involving Matt Berry so I was boning up on his stuff, and came across the rock opera AD/BC, which I’d never seen before. I’ve not watched much of it yet but I swear I saw you gracefully dance into frame, singing about being a restaurant critic. Did my eyes deceive me or what?

  8. “absurdity played as real as possible” – I like that.

  9. Just bought it. That’s how weak and easily lead I am.

  10. Nice. I am inspired.

  11. […] been pondering since I read Tales Designed to Thrizzle. I bought it partly because Graham Linehan likes it, but also partly because I was in a comic shop and buying it seemed like a hip thing to do. (Sigh.) […]

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