Please! My cheeldren need wine!

September 25, 2007


A commentary!

A very short thing about being in the studio audience which is only there to prove that there is, in fact, a studio audience!

An exciting mystery that our IT Guy understands but I don’t really but which still sounds cool!


And more! (I think there’s one other thing.)

Can you afford NOT to own it? Even if you hate it, don’t you want to get it so you can write down all the bits you don’t like that you may have missed first time around?

Everyone’s happy!

(Update:  Sean, IT Guy to ‘The IT Crowd’, writes “Do you think your international readers might like to know that we tried to make it non-region encoded (but we weren’t allowed), and that Amazon.co.uk only want $6 for shipping the DVD to the USA and 8.30AUD for Australia?”

He also points to this completely unrelated link .)


  1. http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/3440637/The-IT-Crowd-Series-2/Product.html

    Play have it too. Free delivery and whatnot.

    I’ll add it to my Shaun The Sheep pre-order ;)

  2. Make a US version of seasons 1 and 2 and I’m all over it.

  3. Purchased!

  4. US version coming soon! Or at least, it was coming soon several months ago.

  5. Oh, this shall look nice on my shelf (especially if I can spot myself in the studio audience *fingers crossed*). :)

    But a commentary? Just one? (I think they were my favourite bit of the series 1 DVD.)

  6. Ethic, check the update on the original post.

  7. Bought!

    BTW, the complete UK Seinfeld boxset comes out soon (ah hell, my baby can live without shoes for a while).

  8. Love the version 2.0 but the cover is a bit plain…I love my dvds shiny and full of stuff that doesn’t make me cringe when I buy them ;D
    Does it have english subtitles? Or any other languages?

  9. What, no Klingon alternate audio track?

    Klingon really is the perfect language for IT. The only greeting they have is “What do you want?”

    Uh. Right. Setting geek mode off now. Oh damn, there it goes again.

  10. Just found out about it today and already pre-ordered it. So it will match perfectly on the shelf with the first series :) I’ve read about a German version, as well but don’t want to imagine it actually…

  11. Just bought the season 1 & 2 combo pack from Play here: http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/3440914/The-IT-Crowd-Series-1-And-2/Product.html

  12. For my fellow Americans, go to Amazon and search Philips DVP5140. There’s a review that tells you how to make it region free. It also translates PAL to NTSC, so no worries there either.

    Best $50 I ever spent. I’ve been enjoying my Series 1 disc for months now.

    Added bonus: It plays .avi files without the bother of converting them to dvd format so you’ll have something to watch while you wait for international shipping.

  13. £17.99 for both series? i’m all over that!

  14. Did you remember to mention me??

  15. Glad to hear it’s being released so soon!!!! The Wife and I have been crowding ’round the computer to watch the new episodes on YouTube.

    Sparky’s got the right idea – I hacked the region code on my player months ago. Been enjoying my Comic Strip collection, Mighty Boosh, and of course IT Crowd Series 1 (+ many others).

    By the way Graham, how much input have you had (if any)with the U.S. version of the IT Crowd? I’m kind of dreading it actually. I’m very fond of the original, and the TV execs in this country tend to water down and ruin to ruin any good comedy. Not always, but usually…

  16. Excuse my typos…

  17. Hey Graham

    DVD looking good! Might have to buy it! – whats this bit about the studio audience? I was part of the audience for the filming of show 2, I remeber there being cameras filming the audience – any chance im in it then?

    also will there be a series 3? I sure hope there will be! If so i’d love to come to see some of those shows


  18. ‘s on me Christmas list Graham.

  19. A question for Graham (or Sean): WHO didn’t allow you to make your DVD non-regioned? It’s YOUR DVD. We have mass-produced region-free DVDs ourselves, so I’m really wondering about this.

    DVD regions are Hollywood’s silly attempt to artifically segment a market into “USA” and “not USA” in order to protect their own home turf.

    As several commenters pointed out, you can hack almost any DVD player to be region free and all you need is to know what unlock code to press on the remote control. But still, region zoning only annoys customers and it would have been a very nice sign if this DVD had come region-free.

    (Also, just think of the lowered cost of not having to manage two or more categories of stock.)

  20. Dalas, yes, I did…Brian, they did a pilot for the US version which suffered from being too close to the UK version. I’m trying to persuade them to reinvent the show for America, and use my scripts merely as a jumping-off point. After all, what’s the point of the same show in a different accent? And who told us we couldn’t make the DVD nonregional? The Man. Who else?

  21. Hey Graham, not to hijack the thread (I’ve bought the DVD) but did you write any of the following clip – it’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen:

    (wasn’t sure if you wrote for the show of just appeared a few times in it).

  22. I suppose there’s little point in this suggestion since I am going to buy the DVD the INSTANT I see it anyway, but on the first DVD I especially enjoyed the 13375p34k sub-titles – particularly for the first episode.

    I realise it’s a massive amount of work – almost like writing another episode – but is there any chance of something similar in store for season two.

  23. this site is a bit of a pain to navigate (you have to guess which page your dvd player is on) but chances are your dvd player is featured. it’s worked for every DVD player i/my friends have owned:


  24. Yay! The cheque’s in the mail!

  25. Worry not, Tom.

  26. Mark, we didn’t write that, but we did write the dentist chair interview with Branson and I THINK, though I can’t be sure, that we came up with the confusing world cup thing in this clip.

  27. IT crowd is the only programme on TV which comes anywhere close to helping me get over the demise of Green Wing. It’s so laugh out loud fantastic that it’s worth missing the first half hour of the psychic show on LBC just to watch it.

    re Fr Ted, I take the minutes at my local catholic church’s meetings. I’m trying my best to get as many Ted-isms into the minutes as possible. I have actually said “That would be an ecumenical matter” several times. Those in the know are very cross with me as they choke on their custard creams and spill their tea, trying not to laugh.

  28. Order placed. I can’t believe how cheap it was! 12.98?! Crazy.

    I’m in Canada, but I have a region free player.

  29. Can I have it for Christmas please x

  30. I loved the Behind The Scenes extra on Season 1 with Ken Korda, “Are you going to make any more Father Ted?”
    I got the feeling the actors weren’t told it was Adam Buxton.
    Oh, and I didn’t know there were commentaries on it until I read these comments.

  31. Just on the region coding thing from the Australian side – the vast majority of DVD players here in Australia are sold with region coding disabled, so all UK (and US) DVDs play just fine on them. This is one country where not only did the people say “no region coding” but so did the local arms of big companies like Sony and Pioneer. Once a nation of outlaws, always a nation of outlaws, I guess :)

    While I’m here – I haven’t commented so far, but Graham, you’ve written some of the most laugh-out-loud funny moments I’ve ever seen on TV, and many of them have been in this IT Crowd season. I was just out at the pub before with a bunch of people, and several of us eventually twigged that we’d all been downloading this IT Crowd season thinking we were the only ones who “got it”. Much quoting of lines and merriment ensued. Other patrons looked frightened, especially during a scarily accurate re-enactment of the funeral scene from a few weeks ago. I blame the beer. :)

    This season’s been brilliant, Graham – thanks. And belated thanks also for the stare-out internationals, the George Martin kidnapping and the Little Book Of Calm car-alarm moment. I still laugh when i think of them even now..!

  32. OHMYGOSHYAY. & it’s only a few days away!

  33. It’s on me Christmas list. Hopefully I’ll be watching it in my chunky Christmas sweater, eggnog in hand, chuckling contentedly to myself about stealing it from HMV.

    Jest! I hate eggnog.

  34. What didn’t you do to get Series 2 down to a 12 certificate from Series 1’s 15?

  35. Completely off topic, but thought you might like this:

  36. Preordered it weeeeeeeeeeeks ago. La la la. Do I get a medal?

  37. I am planning on treating myself toome manner of region free DVD player for Christmas.

    I am particularly keen on the cross format NTSC/PAL players with the USB port on the front.

    Copy an avi file to the flash drive and watch it that way, no disc burning needed, or just copy everything to an external drive with a USB cable.

    In any event, I shall buy the two IT Crowd DVD sets. Somethings deserve to be supported with money, and the more money in Graham’s pocket, the better!

    And maybe It Crowd series three, perhaps?

  38. So can I assume from the post that there is no deleted scenes/”blooper” reel? Those were my favorite things from the S1 disc.

    I’m in the US but I’ve got the means to watch ’em, already preordered S2.

  39. excuse me for asking – but but why do they even make region encoded dvd players? money making or a piracy deterrent or what?

  40. Region encoding, as far as I’m aware, was put in place as a way of making sure people don’t import DVDs from overseas where they are cheaper. So, they divided it into 6 regions. Then add in NTSC / PAL variants as well. (eg. Region 2 UK = PAL, Japan = NTSC)

    But, it’s hard to be a UK comedy fan overseas without a region-free player.

  41. I’ll buy it as soon as its released in the States and do my small part to help U.S. sales. I hope NBC goes through with the U.S. version so more people can know the comedic brilliance that is Richard Ayoade.

  42. Is it weird that I’ve already pre-ordered it?

    Multi-regional DVD players are the cheapest things ever, buy one at the same time as the series haha

  43. I am sitting in Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre 20 at Leeds University watching the Racist Father Ted clip on youtube on my unlocked imported iphone. Ahhh this is the life.

  44. Hello,
    Huge fan of the IT Crowd, just want to make sure that Chris fantastic comment re Jen gets into the series somehow:
    “I would quite like to finger her! Ah no, don’t put that in there – ha ha ha!”



  45. Argh, the Winston Smiths at Channel 4 have been busy, it has been “sanitised”, but the Internet still knows Chris true feelings for Katherine:!+Ah+no,+don%27t+put+that+in+there+-+ha+ha+ha!&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=uk

    In fairness to Chris, he was probably referring to the old geek joke from the ‘finger’ command in UNIX.
    In modern times such as this he could have used “poke” from the crypto-fascist-spy-ring that is facebook.

    You watched it, you can un-watch it!

  46. With the rumors swirling about the American version being canceled before it airs, thank god!, will they move back up the release date of the region 1 version? I’m ready to order from the amazon UK if not. I’m tired of waiting. Should have just kept the 9/4 release date to hype up the show across the pond.

  47. Speaking of IT departments, you might find this interesting (and source for future eps;-)

    About half of IT workers admit sleeping on the job, kissing co-workers


  48. One commentary? Shame.

    No interview with the sexy Katherine Parkinson? Shame.

    No bloopers or deleted scenes? Shame.

    No Adam Buxton? THANK GOD FOR THAT.

  49. Graham Linehan just has the knack for doing commentary tracks. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to anyone as consistently interesting and funny.

  50. there are bloopers…and I wish Adam was doing something on it. His documentary last time was brilliant.

  51. I didn’t realise this was a site actually written and maintained by Graham Linehan himself. I stumbled upon this page by accident. I feel foolish.

  52. The DVD must be going like hot cakes. I’ve just got the last one on the shelf in Asda – *phew* -was starting to panic a bit when I couldn’t find it!

    Off to watch it now….x

  53. Yeah, same here. None left in HMV, and two left in Virgin (one of which I bagged). Dunno if they’re forgetting to put ’em back on the shelf.

  54. Really? Whoo-hoo!

  55. http://pbfcomics.com/?cid=PBF029AD-Genius_Sir.jpg#97

  56. Graham – is there a problem with the DVD?

    I’m getting it for my birthday next week and I’m a little worried I may have to take it back.


  57. I wouldn’t worry James….. Mine works fine, and I’ve watched the whole thing, and laughed like a drain the whole way through…… I nearly wet myself at the outtake from Moss and the German (the ‘ethical pickle’ bit) – How can someone’s inability to stop giggling be so funny?!

  58. I couldn’t follow the link, James. What’s the problem?

  59. Aha, right, I managed to see that thread. Apparently, there was a compatability problem with some players. It has been diagnosed and it is being fixed, so if you are unlucky enough to have a problem, just take it back to where you got it for an exchange.

  60. Top man sir… Cheers Graham.

    I have left enough hints around the house for it to be bought for my birthday next week…. we shall see.

    Also I look forward to Katherine Parkinson popping out of my birthday cake… Mmmmmm KP with strawberry icing….


  61. Graham,

    Have you ever seen an old US sitcom called Dweebs?

    The format was very similar to the IT Crowd; computer-illiterate girl becomes manager of IT department full of socially inept geeks – with hilarious consequences.

    CBS made ten episodes of this in 1995, but it was cancelled after the transmission of episode seven. It aired in the UK in the graveyard slot – about 2am in the morning on Channel 4.

    I’ve never seen the end of the last episode as it was shown the night Diana was killed – so the back half was replaced with a newsflash.

    If the guys at NBC want to see how to reinvent the IT Crowd for a US audience, they could do worse than review a few episodes of Dweebs.

  62. This is a long shot but it’s driving me insane. In series 3 jen has a lovely pink japanese print behind her desk. I have tried looking everywhere and can’t find any info. Any clues as to who it is by or where I could get one? ;)

    Lainey x

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