Again? We just did it!

September 27, 2007

Mouth-crackingly funny SNL sketch with Christopher Walken. I love this kind of routine. Anyone know who wrote it?


  1. Is funny, but as with most SNL I find myself constantly distracted by the fact that Walken is looking off to the side to read his lines. It’s not just visually annoying; it really screws around with the timing too.

  2. I love Walken!
    This made me look up the spot-on Walken impersonation Kevin Pollack does in the Aristocrats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tch7DhJWTBs

  3. I should have probably said that the above link contains very bad language….

  4. Nothing beats the deadpan delivery of Mr Walken (even if he is clearly reading his lines). That man could turn the sh*ttiest and most absurd dialog into pure gold. What a great sketch! I laughed so damn hard. Thanks a million Graham…

  5. I agree. SNL would be a great show if they took away the ‘L’.

  6. Wow. The first 4 minutes of that sketch was pure gold. I thought it dipped a little during the bobcat revelation, but that was still a brilliant bit of writing.
    You’ve gotta love Walken too. His off beat delivery of lines always cracks me up.
    I remember seeing an interview with Christopher Walken on the Conan O’Brien show once that I found hysterical. If I can find a clip of it, I’ll post it up.

    As for the writer of this sketch. According to imdb, Tina Fey is credited as the being the head writer of the episode, so it might have been her. It is hard to say whether she definitely wrote the sketch or not though as it may have been written by another team member.

  7. Saturday Night Pre-Recorded.

  8. “This episode was filmed before a barely-live studio audience.”

    Can’t remember where I heard that joke before.

  9. Tiny Fey wrote it.


  10. Tina Fey wrote it.


  11. “I agree. SNL would be a great show if they took away the ‘L’.”

    This is a bone of contention I’ve had with those who defend SNL’s not being as funny as it could be on the basis that it lacks the advantage of being taped, as though we’re to pity this 30 year old network institution for its burden of being broadcast live. (Which, I know isn’t your point of view.)

    On the flipside and in fairness, I’ve been to a SNL broadcast twice. Seeing it in person it is blatantly an overwhelming and impressive undertaking and suddenly the fact that it’s not always the funniest thing in the world — which in my view, it very seldom is — becomes a great deal more sympathetic… Until I analyze the fact that of its millions of viewers only 200 or so see the live broadcast in person.

    With the insane talent that show has consistently had in its ranks — some of the greatest comic performers and writers that North America has ever produced — it’s a shame that it’s not always been a lot better.

  12. I’m so glad Christopher Walken is’nt one of these people who takes himself too seriously. Funny man cheers.

  13. Apparently, when he gets a script, the first thing Walken does is score out all the punctuation. Now we know the secret of his quirky delivery!

  14. Yes, this sketch is a classic, from probably one the best seasons in recent years. It’s been terrible over the last few years.

  15. Tim Meadows is so fantastic. I really wish he was in more things.
    He is such a solid straight man. He can make any bit work. I think Meadows and maybe Dave Foley have some of the best reactions in the business.
    Just watch the first chicken lady sketch. I hated that sketch until someone told me to watch Dave Foley’s reaction. It makes the scene.
    I think Meadows pulls it off well here too.

  16. I read somewhere that Tina Fey wrote it, so it would make sense that it’s hilarious. Walken is amazing every single time he hosts.

  17. You can see Christopher Walken cooking a chicken with pears here:

    I don’t know why. I think he just likes chicken and pears.

  18. From many many years ago , Christopher Walken reading the 3 little pigs

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