And so it begins…

February 13, 2009


A few words from me on how to get the most out of this evening.

1. Grab whatever substance/liquid usually gets you through a Friday night and fire up your laptop.

2. Pause the film where the BMC site tells you to. Open your Twitter app of choice.

3. This is a good place to follow, using @Glinner and @badmovieclub and one other thingy! (If you’re ‘down’ with Tweetdeck, just use the search function). I shall be using the Firefox broswer and I suggest you do too. If you’re anything like me, you’re gonna need those tabs.

4. At 9.pm, when the clock on the BMC site hits, press play!

5. Enjoy the evening in whatever way you wish. No pressure to contribute if you don’t have anything funny/interesting/silly to say.  There’s only one real rule: If something disturbs your viewing of the film, DON’T PRESS PAUSE, just Twitter about it.

6. It would be great if this doesn’t just descend into a sneery snipefest. I would be just as interested to hear what you think does work about the film. You might even like it! I wants to know!

7. There will be a contest, but I can’t tell you what it is because it will make you self-conscious. The prize is IT Crowd-related and pretty cool. And unlike most things in this heavily lawyered world, it’s open to you all, wherever you are.

8. Thanks for all the suggestions for future bad movies, but if there is another BMC, it won’t be run by me. At least not for a while.

9. If you can’t make it, don’t forget that Phil Jupitus will be hosting another screening at 12.00 (I’m sure the BMC clock will be updated)

(Thanks to Laurie Pink for the logo and Katoi for setting up the brilliant BMC site.)


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