…and we like tramps!

December 5, 2008


More bad language, I’m afraid. In my defense, we did try and come up with an alternative, but nothing felt as funny. Sorry to bring the tone down, Channel 4! (IT Crowd, ‘Tramps Like us’, 10.00pm)


  1. I think I’ve heard about this particular swear. If it’s what I’ve been told, I think it’ll work beautifully.

    Oh, and that Lion/Horse picture is good. I like things like that, but I also like this wot I nicked from my friend Kerry: http://media.tumblr.com/qIBLP8WRwd70fyrlbPl8wTPI_400.png

  2. Looking forward to it!
    Yeah a little swearing can funny in the right circumstances..The only time i’ve laughed at a whole load of swearing is when they had a swear-fest on a “curb your enthusiasm” episode.
    I would post the youtube link..but it is pure word filth!

  3. Ronnie James Dio has really let himself go.

  4. Not sure if this is the ‘official’ comments thread for this week… but what the hey.

    Just watched the latest Screenwipe and very much enjoyed your contribution Graham.

    “Writing is a lot like having a poo…” I nearly spat tea all over me pooter.

  5. I really don’t think Ronnie James Dio has let himself go. If anything, it’s an improvement on his old look http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bkysjcs5vFU

  6. Yes, excellent contribution to Screen Wipe – I managed to get a short story into a real, actual book you can buy in shops a year or two ago, and tried doing more writing… and found it so hideously traumatic that I now have massive respect for pretty much anyone who can get their work out there, even if they’re only writing Star Wars/Highlander crossover slash fiction set in an alternate universe where all the characters are gay leather-fetishist anthropomorphic wolves.

  7. As regards swearing – Frank Zappa said it best:

    “What do you make of a society that is so primitive that it clings to the belief that certain words in its language are so powerful that they could corrupt you the moment you hear them?”

    (From Wikipedia so it must be true.)

    Personal view: “Bad language” is when you use words that don’t exist (LOL), or use bad grammar. Saying “fuck” is not bad language – but it CAN be termed “inappropriate language”.

    It’s all about context, obviously. When Father Ted says “fuck” it’s funny because he’s a priest, and priests aren’t supposed to swear. The fact that Father Ted is a comedy show makes it appropriate. Of course, if he did it too much that would be boring – which really would be something worth complaining about.

  8. “Of course, if he did it too much that would be boring – which really would be something worth complaining about.”

    That’s my point. Everyone’s doing it too much and I don’t like being fashionable.

  9. Apropos of nothing, my favourite joke*:

    Man takes his dog to the vet and says, “Vet, my dog’s tail has stopped wagging!”
    The Vet takes a look at the dog and says, “I’m going to have to put your dog down”
    The man exclaims “What!? Just because his tail’s stopped wagging?”
    To which the Vet replies, “No, because he’s really heavy.”

    * At any one time, I can only ever seem to remember a maximum of 4 jokes, so this may not actually be my favourite joke.

  10. I can’t tell if that man is all hairy or just badly scorched

    Michael Donovan should change his name to Napoleon O’Crime

  11. andrew thats a great joke…i feel im in the same boat as you.. as much as i’d like to i cn never remember any joke. its a curious thing, like i must have heard hundreds of jokes yet i cant manage to store any of them. It really seems like a case of in one ear and out the other…Whereas a friend of mine (with a terribly dry sense humour ) has the ability to remember pretty much every joke he has ever heard and repeats them ad nauseam. My inability to recall jokes sometimes worries me…And truth be told makes me feel a little less alive.

  12. Nonsequitur: Just want to chime in with “Yay!” for Matt Berry on Sarah Silverman last night.

  13. Warning.
    Joke thread alert!

    A farmer is wondering how many sheep he has in his field, so he asks his sheepdog to count them. The dog runs into the field, counts them, and then runs back to his master.

    “So,” says the farmer. “How many sheep were there?”

    “40,” replies the dog.

    “How can there be 40?” exclaims the farmer. “I only bought 38!”

    “I know,” says the dog. “But I rounded them up.”


  14. I’m enjoying these jokes too much. Brightens up waiting for this bus that’ll probably never come.

  15. Loved you on Screenwipe! Woop!

  16. BAD JOKE

    A man goes into a Pet Shop.

    “Hello, I’d like to buy a parrot please”

    “Of course sir, we have a lovely selection. What about one of these down here?”

    “No, no dear me no, I don’t like the look of those at all.”

    “Ah, well, in that case, how about these here”

    “Goodness, no. I quite like the look of those Parrots on that shelf right up there. May I have one of those?”

    “I’m afraid not sir, those are on higher perches”

  17. This one was a gem: http://dalasverdugo.com/post/62656418/jesus-and-mo-archive-irony-back-story

  18. That ScreenWipe thing was an eye opener. I have the book of scripts of The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer, which are as funny to read as to watch. Anyone on here have it? Just wondering if they were the actual scripts of the show?

  19. You “don’t like being fashionable” indeed. Those designer tin foil trousers certainly didn’t come from Primark…

  20. Can I ask what would have happened with Moss’s toliet guy bully if The Work Outing had been about that?

  21. Perhaps Roy told Moss to “get all up in the bullies’ shit” and then maybe, I dunno… Moss found a gun and ran amok in the park scaring the bullies off? Would like to see that in an episode sometime.

  22. Dear Graham: Please ask Channel 4 to give Matt Berry his own channel. Not a show. Not a series. But his own channel.

    I could watch that man for hours. Even better if he was awake when I did it.

    I have Screenwipe sitting on my iPod. As an aspiring writer I’m delighted to see you were on there. (Balances out Russell T “One decent Who script in four series” Davies presence.)

  23. Best of the series so far, I think. The Rude Word was perfectly timed and made me laugh so very, very hard. I should stop here before I get all embarassing and fanboyish. But it really was very good.

  24. I think MY electric sex pants exploded at the compromising position Moss and Douglas were caught in… Oh, the shame!

    I also think, Graham, that you killed my dad. He was laughing much harder than I’ve ever heard at Moss’ conversation with the old lady and Roy’s plight that he was actually wheezing.

    Well effing done on the entire thing. This series just gets better.

  25. @Drood: sure, but RTD’s final comment was the best piece of writer’s advice in the whole show. I was just as pleased to see RTD there as I was to see Graham.

  26. Gary, who is no longer with us, marked his e-mail “Will not be published.” He was right!

  27. Rules of the IT Crowd, number 24:

    Each series must have a death defying Richard Ayoade prat fall. Good gracious that one made me laugh. And also wince a little bit.

    I loved the ‘Damn these sexy pants!’ line, too. And the Windows booting up music when Moss got his memory back. Brilliant.

  28. Oh, and his last line was “Sorry. Just being honest.”

  29. Thanks, everyone! It looks like that was the best IT Crowd and everything about it was fine in every way.

  30. Definitely the best episode ever. All the jokes were great, Douglas saying “Fuck Off!” was priceless.

  31. I still have yet to see the new IT Crowd episodes being an American but I loved your appearance on Screenwipe. You and the rest of the writers gave some wonderful tips.

  32. Bittorrent, Noah! But please buy the DVD too! When it eventually comes out. Obviously.

  33. @Noah: Crowd is always available online; just wait an hour or two, I think! :)

    @Graham: By all means delete criticism, but why rub it in, eh?
    I’ll definately be buying the DVD – no question about it whatsoever. ESPECIALLY if you’re doing a commentary. Are you…?

  34. Enjoyable stuff. Was that episode planned as the first of this series? And if so, why didn’t it turn out that way?

  35. Brilliant stuff…the best bits for me were the door-face-smack, both of the coffee scenes and Roy’s manic reaction to being kicked out (instant IT Crowd clasic moment, that).

    And my oh my, that Gary was less than complimentary!

  36. It wasn’t a strong enough opener, Mike.

  37. Maybe it’ll result in GBV playing ATP.



  38. My most gratuitous GBV refernce yet. I just can’t let that band go.

  39. You can HOLD ON HOPE, cat. Ahahahahahahahahahaha… I’m gonna throw myself off a bridge.

  40. Loved it (particularly Roy’s reaction to being thrown out).

    I notice that the IT Crowd seems to be conspicuously absent from the nominations list for this years British Comedy Awards (tomorrow night, ITV). What the fuck? ‘Benidorm’ is nominated, but the IT Crowd isn’t. I do not get it.

  41. Hi Graham
    Love your work especially Ted and Black Books. I am a cartoonist and have created a series called The Asbo’s. I would be grateful if you would take a look at my work on http://www.FlashJackGreetings.co.uk and let me know what you think.
    All the best

  42. I went to the taping of this! Why was it shifted from the opening episode? You told us it would be the first episode Graham, you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied to us! Do you know how foolish I felt when I spoilered it for all of my friends and it didn’t happen?

  43. Brilliant episode sir ! Matt Berry in those red boots was the most amazing thing i ever saw ! may i ask where they came from ?

  44. Are they not Boosh Boots? Great episode, laughed until I stopped.

  45. shit hot episode.

    I thought for a sec Jen was gonna blag the I.T. question and just say something like errr Interesting Televisions!

  46. What is the map on the back of the door? Looks very familiar.

  47. Don’t think I’ve laughed as hard or as consistently at an IT Crowd episode before tonight. I really loved it (especially the swear word moment – sorry?), thanks and great work. Looking forward to next week.

  48. Awesome episode tonight Graham!

    I especially liked the Brian Eno XP startup sample.

    Only today I read the Divine Comedy dude wrote the theme to The IT Crowd AND Father Ted, am I the very last person alive to know this?

    Got a release date for the DVD, pre-order available?

    Cheers Nigel

  49. Best use of the phrase “fuck off” that I have ever heard – lol!

  50. Just got an email today saying I got a runner up prize in your IT Crowd Season 2 DVD Competition. Signed Matt Berry Picture! Great Stuff. Thanks man.

  51. Haha, the Windows start-up music moment made my day (and it was badly needed)! Thank you!

  52. Nicely blatant GBV reference. I read somewhere recently about a rumoured Stephen Soderbergh/Pollard collaboration on a 3D movie musical about Cleopatra. Starring Catherine Zeta Jones. I wish I was making this up. Or maybe I don’t…

  53. Oh what kind of hijinks will Bernard and Manny get into next time?

  54. Graham… this newest one was the BEST ever. I’m a stupid, dumb, american, who would have preferred to have watched this on something that would make you money. But, I bittorrent’ed it (is that a word, yar?), and… best ever. Also, I plan to bittorrent EVERY episode, and I will buy the region free box set when it comes out. Guaranteed. I also wanted to ask you… having not paid attention to anything anyone has said earlier… do you have a problem with us downloading it for free? I would do it anyway, but just wanted to hear your views on “Channel 4 vs. Americans with IT Joneses vs. Box set”. Would you ever think of streaming your stuff, ala South Park?


  55. “God damn these electric sex pants!”

    Mr. Linehan, thank you SO much for my newest email .sig.

    I am beholden unto you.

  56. Graham, your replies are appearing ahead of everyone else’s comments – are you clairvoyant, or is WordPress running some kind of elitist ranking system?

    Great episode. Loved the electric sex pants (something I hope and expect will pass into everyday vernacular) and the Windows start-up music when Moss ‘re-booted’ was lovely.

    And the swears – the fuck off was perfect and more than warranted. I have to be honest though and say the piss off wasn’t as convincing for me. I felt Jenn wouldn’t say that (or wouldn’t have the need to).

  57. So, I’d just like to chime in for the USA crowd and say, I love and download the shows, and this show is one of the few worthy of our buying the dvd’s after.

    I know it’s a week late but i still don’t know what a goddamn pony is. Wikipedia and google won’t help me, so as far as i’m concerned it doesn’t exist.

  58. hanibal – a pony is slang for £25 (around $35/40)

  59. Great stuff, again! “Goddamn my sexy pants” is one of those lines that great writers just throw out regardless, without thinking that everyone will be saying it in the playground on Monday. Genius, Graham

  60. Great episode!
    When Moss “restarted” so to speak, I actually looked around as if someone had turned my computer on…even the second time i watched it!I was tricked!…
    anyway it was great to see how you worked that episode out…from roy topless in the office and then worked from that to make the episode (just going from what you said on “Screenwipe”)
    Yet another great I.T. Crowd epsiode! *pats graham on back*

  61. As a dedicated music fan with a large CD collection I cannot let all this talk of Guided By Voices pass me by… I really feel like I’m missing something!

    So where should I start? The ‘best of’? ‘Bee Thousand’?

  62. I was wondering when the new season began what happened after roy and moss got locked in with douglas, finally know now. Chirs screaming that he worked there when he got kicked out made my insides burst. Fantastic episode

  63. You are all too kind. Thanks very much. There’s lots of stuff in it I wish I could have done differently (I agree with Andrew on ‘Piss off, June’, for example), but I’m pretty happy with the closing stuff between Moss and Douglas.

  64. I was wondering when the new season began what happened after roy and moss got locked in with douglas, finally know now. Chris screaming that he worked there when he got kicked out made my insides burst. Fantastic episode

  65. Don’t start with the ‘Best of’! ‘Bee Thousand’ is a great way to kick off your addiction. So is ‘Under The Bushes, Under The Stars’ or ‘Alien Lanes’.

  66. Random thought but have been planning to go into CUS to see if one of my old teachers taught you as well as I need an interview. Neither time or place here I know but it would save me a trip to going in to see Mr Doyle and Mr Doolin :)

  67. ‘Alien Lanes’ is great. Of the later stuff, maybe try ‘Universal Truths and Cycles’…

  68. You’re getting on top of the whole Seinfeldy three stories relating thing Gray-ham. And Jen obsessing over a date who has the face of a magician is very man hands, in a good way mind. All you need now is to get Chris to laugh at what he’s saying constantly. The old ‘Laugh constantly!’

  69. I’d recommend Alien Lanes as it was the first GBV cd I was forced to listen to. I’ve had it for about 10 years, so maybe I should think about giving it back…

    Loved last night’s episode, I think it’s my favourite of the series so far. I’d tell you my favourite moment, but it’d just be a list of pretty much each and every joke.

    (ps. The joke about the tank sketch on Screenwipe was brilliant, the look on Charlie’s face when you pointed out you were joking was wonderful!)

  70. I love that the IT crowd keeps improving. I feel bad saying this but I wasn’t hugely impressed by the first series, but I was won over by Roy insisting ‘I’m disabled’ in the second (how un-PC). Don’t know if I should feel bad about that but I think there is something to do with writing a script/character around the actor. For example, the first Pirates of the Caribbean film (slightly different thing there I know!) worked because Johnny Depp’s performance was completely unexpected and was a fun surprise, but the others seemed forced because it seemed like the script was written for the part he’s created, but without really understanding why it worked in the first place (although I could be completely wrong about that because I’m not entirely sure when the script writing/filming took place so apologies if this is all just rubbish). There seems to be a fine line between writing a script to suit the actor so it seems natural and just capitalising on the success of something that worked the first time but which doesn’t work so well when it’s less spontaneous. I think The IT Crowd got onto the right side of that line.

    Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense :/ it’s been a long night.

  71. ‘(ps. The joke about the tank sketch on Screenwipe was brilliant, the look on Charlie’s face when you pointed out you were joking was wonderful!)’

    The streaming quality on my PC here is awful so I got a huge gap between that comment and the fact that it was a joke, so in the meantime I was wondering what the hell I was missing and why I hadn’t heard of this sketch before and I spent a good few minutes googling it…boy was my face red.

  72. First-time poster, Mr. Linehan. Just wanted to pass on my congrats. I’m currently stranded in LA, and The IT Crowd is getting me through. I think that, very quietly, it has become a modern great and – dare I say it? – may even rank up there with Ted.

    And please tell us that at some point we’re going to find out what Moss’ happy place looks like…

  73. My Fiance (a journalist), after watching last night’s episode, told me that a newspaper office that he once worked at (but I won’t say which one!) held a minute’s silence on the anniversary of a major world event (again, won’t say which one). During the silence, the editor, a rather, err, brash character, burst in and shouted (excuse the language), “Caw, iss a bit fackin’ quiet in ere, innit? Let’s noise it up a bit”, totally forgetting the date and time…….my Fiance was reminded of this after watching the minutes’ silence scene on last night’s episode!!! Personally I can’t get the comment Moss made to the poor old woman out of my head, “Never mind, you’ll soon be at peace”….harsh, but very, very funny!!!!

  74. hey, one of the best episodes ever and what is better easy to translate.
    but there is one thing that is bothering me: where is Richmond?
    Did he disappear? Can we expect episode with him?
    thx a lot.
    Vird “admin of czecho-slovakian FAN site”

  75. The new episode has been the best of the series so far and is up there with the infamous theatre episode…

    Was very very funny!

    Thought you might like this Psychedelic Rock band – Yeasayer…they are awesome!

  76. Regarding the Richmond question…

    Noel fielding who plays Richmond could not appear in the third series due to issues with Fielding’s schedule.

    (wikipedia is handy!…)

  77. 2 more bands for you!

  78. I think the Karen Matthews story has shown the world what Britain is really like. A vile pit.

  79. Steady on, Brendan!

  80. Saw screen wipe, should be shown as part of the English syllabus so youngsters may be encouraged to write. Too often school teaches them that they cannot do things rather than giving them the fire to experiment and refine their efforts.

  81. For a second I thought I was the only one who spotted Black Frost’s boots. Ich Bein Ein Nerd!

  82. Another great episode, so far so good! Though after waiting for what seemed like an eternity it is sad series 3 is at the half way point. I was expecting to see the episode that I watched being filming which I assume will now be shown next week? Nit picking here but why is Matt Berry not credited in the opening title sequence in this episode yet he is in the first 2?

  83. And I still haven’t found out what IT stands for;

    Idiot Terminology?
    Impure Transients?
    Indigo Tortoise?

  84. ‘Tramps Like Us’ was pure genius if you ask me. I’m not sure whether I’d call it the strongest of the series though just yet, as ‘From Hell’ was brilliant too. It’s a close call. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed ‘Are We Not Men?’ (I couldn’t stop laughing at Moss’ Cockney accent), but I just didn’t find it to quite match up to the pure INSANITY of the other two Episodes. Perhaps that was due to the lack of Douglas, =O

    Can’t wait for Episode 4, =D

  85. Incarnadine-I was wondering the same thing! I am too lazy to wait for the torrent and so watch in on youtube when I can catch it in the small window between when it is uploaded and BBC demands it be taken down.

    You could watch it directly from the BBC website but only if you have British IP address.

    Sorry Mr. Linehan, but you have some voracious fans across the way, here. Is it because BBC has a deal with IFC?

    This show is so meta!…or is it?

  86. Shit, Matt wasn’t credited? Fucknuts. That’s the untreated credit sequence still doing the rounds.

  87. It shall be corrected.

  88. To my fellow American friends who can’t wait for torrents or are just plain frightened of them (a friend of mine got a nasty “cease and desist” letter from Fox after downloading an X Files 2 torrent. I’m not sure what the BBC is like in that respect), there’s an IT Crowd livejournal community where very nice people post the entire episode for the week on sendspace or megaupload hours after it’s been aired. …usually. But those posts are friendslocked, so you’ll have to join the group.


    Just, uh, beware the Roy/Moss fanfiction.

  89. I know they’re online, I just haven’t gotten around to them yet. It’s been a crazy week; the new Screenwipe is about all I’ve had time for. I’m sure it’s splendid though.

  90. I’m sorry to be linking to my own blog, but sometimes you find something you like and it’s not on the internet it’s in a bookshop and so I’ve put it on the internet and now it’s here:


    a small and I hope representative selection from a beautiful second-hand textbook I found for anyone interested in what Tomorrow’s World might have been like in the 1930’s, and that’s surely quite a few of us (“The Wonders Of Television” particularly had me insensible with laughter. You should definitely make that show, Graham Linehan.) Oh and this week’s swear-word was perfect. Thank you.

    And that

  91. I’m new to The it crowd, I’ve been missing out. Add an extra one the viewing figures from now on.

  92. There’s nothing wrong with the Best Of GBV if it’s all you can find!
    …or just get a pre-4AD Mountain Goats album, same thing but better(or, at the very least, almost as good).

  93. Hey Graham!
    I just thought I’d let you know that ‘Father Ted’, ‘Black Books’ and ‘The IT Crowd’ are widely known around the world. I’m from Ecuador and I’m addicted to everything you write. You’re a great inspiration to many people. I want to be a screenwriter and have begun writing because of these shows you’ve created. The last few episodes of The IT Crowd have been great! Are We Not Men was probably the best of the new series. I had no idea you even had a blog until I saw the Screenwipe episode.

    By the way, doesn’t it bother you that your shows can be easily seen on Youtube? It must be pretty difficult to get Youtube to get the episodes down from the Internet. I thought I’d share this link with you if you want to see something funny/surreal:

    I’m still a little bewildered about being able to write you. This is amazing!

  94. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1567544/Top-100-living-geniuses.html

    You are a genius apparently..no. 83 but still at least in the top 100!!! lol…some of these details are a bit off, but id have you higher! some of this is down to whoever rated them i tihnk!..
    enjoy link!

  95. I have to watch this on the internet for the moment (until it comes out on dvd here in aus) so I’ve been sat here in the lounge room wheezing like a dying bird from laughter. Fantastic work as always

  96. Was that a young lookalike or a relative in the office who turned in disgust at Roy?

  97. Ya boo sucks to AA Gill in today’s Sunday Times Culture section.. http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/tv_and_radio/article5293533.ece

    Mind you, the man is a professional curmudgeon, so it ought to come as no surprise.

  98. i was wondering if there was going to be a christmas episode this season as the remaining episodes are quite close to the chrismtas holiday.

  99. Graham, I’m sure it must have occurred to you or someone else in the production about the scope for an IT Crowd computer game. The menu design on the DVD for series two is entertaining on its own! Would this be diluting and trivialising the brand? Mmmm, well, I’d play it!

  100. Chris/Heidi – it’s nothing to do with the BBC, The I.T. Crowd is made by Channel 4, not the BBC

  101. It is just me or when Jen comes back from the bathroom during the interview, it appears she is bent over like Quasimodo when behind the vertical blind but appears bolt upright in the doorway?

  102. Bowlie, that was perhaps the joke that Graham was going for!

    Found this on Popbitch, one fore the computer geeks! Long but interesting

  103. Ah, okay. Thanks for de-confusing me, Stuart.

  104. Just finished watching the latest (thank god for bittorrent!) and I must say, I laughed more at this one that any of the other episodes. It was really brilliant!

    Graham, I noticed Matt not getting credited also – he was terrific in this episode. I must admit I did not care for his character at first, but now I look forward to see him in the episodes. Guess you all will just have to put his name in twice in one of the next credit scrolls as payback!

  105. Just managed to watch the latest episode. Well done, that man. As always, another highlight of my telly year.

    Also happened to catch Screenwipe. Is writing really like ‘having a poo’, Mr Linehan? If so, what does that make us fans?

  106. Well, it’s no longer poo by the time it reaches you, friends. It goes through a de-pooification phase that takes some months. But the first draft is always poo. (Except for ‘Flight Into Terror’, which took two days and was pretty darn good from the start.)

  107. De-Pooification. They’re my favourite band.

  108. Oo. Any idea why “Flight into Terror” was an exception?

  109. Hitting our stride by that stage…also, structure was already there in every disaster movie ever made. We just had to trace over it. Once we had this ‘disaster movie playpen’ to ourselves, it was the work of a moment to construct a plot and get on with writing it.

    Also, I’d flown the day before, and as I was rapidly developing a fear of flying, it all fed into what Ted was going through.

    And that essay competition was a kick-ass joke basket that lasted about three pages! Whoo-hoo!

  110. That’s three pages closer to the words ‘THE END’, my friends. The two most beautiful words in the English language when arranged in precisely that order.

  111. Not the two saddest words? :(

  112. Obviously you haven’t drunkenly watched as many confusing noirs at 4am as me, where ‘The’ and ‘End’ are the two most frustrating words in the world… usually followed by a conversation like this:

    Me: So Bogart won?
    Other Person: How?
    Me: Well didn’t he kill that Falcon?
    Other Person: This was the Big Sleep, and that Falcon was a statue… in a different film
    Me: Are you sure this is the Big Sleep?
    Other Person: …actually no, Humphrey Bogart wasn’t even in it.

    Then I’d go online to find out the film, head onto wiki which describes it’s plot in two words; “F*ck knows”

    Almost all this comment is redundant(asides from paragraph 1), but I’ve typed it so I’ll post it.

  113. The Wrestler looks awesome. I am a wrestling fan myself, so anything that paints it as something other than a Vince McMahon afterbirth is good in my books.

  114. Thank you HEIDI, for http://www.ninjavideo.net/video . I was able to see the end of ep. 2. It is nice to break away from youtube, so all you AMericans take note and link, uses approximately 43MBs, and you have access to every possible show.

    It gave me a chance to thank Mr. Linehan for the final line of this episode. Coffee through nose funny, where Roy likens his babbling to that of Stephen Frye. I thought I was going to die and I am an American!!!!!!!! I even went to his blog to see if anyone mentioned it. THought I might let him know but I don’t speak Oxbridge Alice in Wonderland-esque English.

    Just want to know, the writing these episodes of this season seem waaaaay more crafted then last season’s. Each line is so fresh and unpredictable. An AMerican show where the writing and character development is very po-mo is “Always SUnny in Philadelphia”, of course the first season seems the funniest. Maybe some of you are looking for something else whilst whiling away the moments until pure comedic ecstasy. Wait, maybe I can post to Stephen Frye!

  115. Lordy yeah, Russell T. Davies’ words of advice: “Finish it!” have to be two of the best. Cheers.

  116. I actually came here to complain (sort of) about the big ‘FUCK OFF’… just because it didnt seem as necessary as the other times they’ve been used in the series so far.
    Looks like you apolagised yourself though :D
    I agree that in the end i think it works well, the only thing that was unfortunate was it becomes less of a family show with adult meaning and more just an adult show.
    I dont know what you are aiming for, i think i read that it was for it to be a family-ish show and whatever you do you’ve already pulled that one off.

    Loving the series.

  117. also i was just wondering, how come Matt Berry’s name was not in the title sequence this week? :D it was on the first two. :)

    ta ra

  118. I liked the ‘piss off June’, but I suppose it was a bit out of character. Is that what you mean by ‘could be anythings’?

    So what was the Guided by Voices song you used in the dinner party?

  119. I should be cleaning my house right now; it’s really horrible! But I have become addicted to reading this blog. I bet you have special cleany people that come and clean your house don’t you Graham? And quite right as well. The best comedy writer in the universe should not be seen wearing marigolds. Sorry, that has bugger all to do with The IT Crowd.

  120. Tell you what, Mr L.
    I think one of my favourite elements of the whole concept of The IT Crowd is the rather lovely female extras in the office.

    And nobody can say that that’s sexist………..because it’s not.

  121. I’m sorry to say it but for me this last episode went a little too far down the road of insanity. To me it played off as though the sex pants were just in for the end “fuck off” (was a really funny “fuck off”) and that the sex pants for some reason had to drag in an old episode.

    I love the IT crowd, I just hope it didn’t jump the shark on Friday

  122. LOVING THIS SERIES SO MUCH!! It really is a joy. To be able to watch TV and laugh for half an hour and then everytime you remember that half hour smiling and laughing again – for days after the event – is a real gift. Thank you. BRILLIANT.

  123. John – Game of pricks, I think it was.

    Benjamin Biscuitboy – Graham has commented somewhere further up that Matt’s name missing was a cock up.

    Davylove – What the hell does ‘jump the shark’ mean? And you’re wrong, by the way.

  124. Jolene: Their opinion is wrong?

    Jump the Shark: a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

    Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on waterskis. Thus was labeled the lowest point of the show.

    Never knew it came from Happy Days, interesting little fact.

  125. They actually make an action figure of the Fonz from the shark-jumping episode:


    As for the IT Crowd, it has definitely not jumped the shark. You wacky Brits only give us six episodes of a sitcom each year — would be hard for a show to completely run its course so quickly!

  126. As I posted that I thought, how long until I’m told off… turns out 15 minutes.

    B’ yes, I’m allowed to disagree aren’t I? I just couldn’t be bothered to write a massively rambling post in response. Davy is of course allowed to have an opinion.

    Given your explanation of the phrase jump the shark (Thanks, by the way)I think I am right that he is wrong. The greatest episode of the series is surely not going to be buried mid run?

  127. Jolene, it’s really not worth working up a head of steam about (you really didn’t know where the phrase came from? You and B must be the last two!). The original comment was (sorry, Davy) a bit thick, but I leave it up there so he can feel the full force of his silliness as the last three episodes go out.

    Kids, resist the urge to post up dumb things. You’ll feel better about it in the long run.

  128. I definately hope the last three episodes do make me eat my words. Basically sex pants have, for me, already had their laugh with the vibrating phone in return of the golden child.

    I’ll still be watching on Friday, I merely expressed hope that it hadn’t jumped the shark, which may have been hasty (silliness hits) but I cannot help the way I felt watching the episode!

    Midway through season 4 I felt Peep Show did it and that is one of the best comedy shows to come out of Britain. It can happen quickly over here…

  129. Hey all, long time lurker driven to post…..

    Davylove’s comment does seem a bit daft to me. One of the things I like about Graham’s writing is the creeping insanity/surreality that escalating situations can create….isn’t that an inherent part of all the great situation comedies?
    This goes back to the US review of the IT Crowd comparing it to “The Office”….one shows a comedic “reality”, the other a comedic “surreality”: guess which is which….!?
    Aside from sounding like a pompous OU deconstruction of sitcom (for which I apologise hugely!), it’s a trait that is inherent in all my favourite sit-comedy stuff, from Python/Cook/Moore right through to Morris/Iannucci/Boosh and your good self and sometime writing partner(s).
    Doesn’t mean that “reality” comedy isn’t funny, just that showing the absurdity can sometimes work better, and be much funnier. Showing a mirror to the world can make us understand ourselves better, but it’s funnier if it’s concave.
    Or have I missed the point? Probably.
    Series three shaping up beautifully, Graham, excellent swearing by the way. Fully justifiable, and terribly funny. Roll on Friday.
    Back to lurking…..(and I didn’t even mention Dada-ism…..)

  130. “Showing a mirror to the world can make us understand ourselves better, but it’s funnier if it’s concave.”

    What an excellent little summary, Sam. If that’s your own original thought, then I salute you. Even if it isn’t, well done on its faithful reproduction!

  131. The Lonely Island strike again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4

    Keep the electric sex pants away from those guys.

  132. I’m with Darren – nice post, Sam!

  133. Basically, without getting over-analytical, can anyone come up with a different way of making it look as though a blow-job is happening without needing electric sex pants? Yes.

    Literally that is my gripe, that’s all. Bit of an inane sex joke, no escalation of situation – just electric sex pants. It happens.

  134. Davylove: maybe you’re right, I am over analysing, which, of course, can be the death of comedy, but that scene was the punchline of at least three set-ups (or at least three I counted anyoldhow) and the impact was all the better for it. Let’s just say it was damned amusing…..

    Darren: cheers!salute you back in a smug kinda way.
    By the way, interested to hear Graham’s take on the On the Hour re-issues: did you and Arthur do anything on them? My new fave Morris introduction “Heads it’s news, tails it’s news… IT’S NEWS!”

  135. Actually, Davylove, those pants really do exist, Graham didn’t make them up. (I’m going to look up “inane” now.)

    Okay maybe they don’t.
    Matt Berry should definately jump a shark though (it’s the new spelling, I feel so hip.) And, Graham, you should definately have escalated the situation more. COuld you not see how inescalated that situation was? Why it was so not escalated it was practically, um, escalated-but-the-other-escalator-going-down-so… do they have names?

    Oh this feels mean, I’ll stop now. But it’s actually a little ironic the phrase “jump the shark” has come to mean “self-indulgently contrived” since that bit where the Fonz does “jump the shark” was originally totally unscripted. It was just something unplanned that happened on that one take which they decided to keep it in. And who wouldn’t? But look where it got them. (Same thing happened with the end of Season 2 of Moonlighting. True.).

  136. I agree that Matt Berry should jump a shark. But not on a motorcycle. No, no. He has to physically leap over it, and then turn around and taunt it in his mighty Man-Voice. The shark will then cry.

  137. Stephen Fry has a blog? Links?

  138. I propose that the electric sex pants *should* be made for sex offenders and the like. Perhaps they will model this future tech after the latest episode of The IT Crowd, making Graham the modern-day H.G. Wells.

  139. Hi Graham,

    RE: The Wrestler – Make that *three* film-makers: http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/12/04/arts/fake.php

  140. Good idea!

  141. Whoa! Inferiority complex alert!!!!!! The last few entries have gone way over my poor old head……but I am from the West Country so, you know, it’s to be expected…….I am looking forward to the next instalment on Friday night though!

  142. Hello birdygirl, I hope it wasn’t my last entry may that went over your head because it was – I now read – utter gibberish. Sorry everyone. Corrections.

    P.S. Who needs canned laughter when you can have nitrous-oxide-emitting devil dolls?

  143. hello graham.

    thought you might find this collection of nerdy internet crap of interest – loads of internet memes


    the music is 8bit heaven!

  144. Hi Graham,
    Just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of The IT Crowd and mightily impressive back catalogue. I’m writing scripted comedy myself and wondered if you’re happy to throw scraps to us hungry, pleading types? Maybe even a wee section on this site that’s dedicated to the technical aspects of writing and producing a show? – Somewhere where people can ask sweet, tender questions that don’t involve your favourite wine or skull circumference. Here’s a few probing thoughts I wanted to throw your way, if okay?!

    What do you think are the main differences between US and UK sitcom, and which do you prefer?

    How is writing on your own different to that of a partnership, and do you prefer not having to compromise over the benefits of bouncing ideas off a writing partner? If so, does that basically come from confidence and experience?

    I’ve noticed that structurally you’re very flexible with your writing, sometimes focussing on three different stories that tie up at the end, or setting up two different plots with one prioritised. In ‘Are We Not Men?’ I noticed that the premise to both plot points were setup within the first three minutes, whereas in ‘Tramps Like Us’ the three stories were introduced around the 7 minute mark after some clever setup. Very admirable flexibility (now I’m crawling!) Is that something you consciously set about? I mean, do you have several preferred formats that you select depending on the stories / gags you want to make, or is it not something you pay too much mind?

    Do ideas for individual episodes start from a particular gag or funny scene that came to you one evening, or do you try to tell a story first, with the humour and jokes coming to you during the ‘writing process’?

    Aside from the imminent plans for The IT Crowd, do you have any other plans or projects going on?

    Any plans to start a production company in the future?

    Douglas Adams, a notoriously slow writer (who admittedly only adapted for TV) once said that he found it very hard to ‘write to order’. How do you fare with deadlines and expectations? Can you write when you feel like crap or have too many plates spinning?

    I take the individualism of written British comedy over the non-offensive writing team, 24 episode, US stuff any day … but seriously, do you not like The Big Bang Theory?!

    Do you have any vices that help with the ‘creative process’? … nah, best not answer that one. Keep it to yerself!

    Thanks in advance for any insight.


  145. Hey Graham,

    I am an admirer and believe your position on the genius list deserves to be higher than 83. With all the respect I can muster for a hero, I do not share your taste in music. This clever little ditty made me think of you and the tunes you bring to our attention on WTD:

  146. Lee – I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Graham appeared in a rather good episode of Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe last week talking about the writing process. If you’re in the UK, then I highly recommend watching it here..


  147. I’m confused, DZM. That track is exactly the kind of thing I would post up…are you saying you don’t like it?

  148. Thanks Andrew… unfortunately I’m a Brit Abroad and can’t view that. shame, coz I’d read some posts about it. I presume ‘the man’ covers a lot of the stuff I posted, right?

    Anyone know if a torrent of this exists until such a day when it is released on DVD?

  149. Lovely little game, might have to dedicate a bit of time to it though.

  150. Lee,

    It’s on YOUTUBE. Here is part 1


    IF that doesn’t work just search for screenwipe S5E3P1

  151. Lee – a lovely person called x the music has bunged every single Screenwipe on You Tube… http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8B06D502CD00C977 is the link to the series 5 playlist – Episode 3 is the one you’re after.

  152. Graham

    Ex-pat Brit here living across the river from downtown Cincinnati. A HEADS-UP that you may wish your legal team (do you have a legal team?) to follow up on. We have just watched the first (pilot) episode of new TNT drama series “Leverage” (starring Timothy Hutton) which contained an I.T. scene where a computer freezes. The scam artist woman playing the ‘IT department’ responded with “have you tried turning it off and on again?”. Roughly 30-32 minutes in. Get your money from ’em matey!

  153. Hey Graham,

    I’m part of a fascinating discussion over at James Henry’s blog about why the default gender in scriptwriting is male, and why most female comedy writers tend to be writers AND performers. If y’have time, I’d be very interested to hear what you make of the subject.

  154. That african grey parrot is the most foul (or should that be fowl? Sorry that’s bad) beaked bird I’ve ever come across…..!

  155. Hi,
    Got to see Screenwipe on youtube. It’s true, great episode (I feel a bit of a berk for writing out a questionnaire now!)… one thing I’d love for you to expand on, Graham, if you don’t mind. I totally got what you was saying about rewriting and how you hate having to change your 1st draft because of the sheer work and effort that goes into it. You mention that you often rewrite 3-4 times. When you ‘rewrite’, for you, is that basically painstakingly going over and over the same document, tinkering, cutting, adding, etc, or do you write a 1st draft, put it away somewhere dark and cold and full of bats, and then start afresh from a brand new blank page?
    I’m really curious about this and how someone like yourself goes about it, as it’s such a difficult procedure, I’m sure many of us will agree.

  156. In regards to ‘Pomplamoose’…if DZM, thinks that they are awful…then they’d be absolutely wrong! What a refreshing band! A bit ‘Lamb-esque’, and a VERY talented musician behind them. Jack Conte’s stuff is brilliant! Also Nataly Dawn’s voice is enchanting. Ok enchanting isn’t the right word, but as a fan of Lamb, I think their great! Post their vid Graham, you know you want to!

  157. Damn my literary mistakes! I’m a writer and should check these things: *I think they’re great!

  158. Sorry Graham,

    Apologies for the confusion. I was attempting to explain that I do enjoy your musical posts (from an “expand my horizons” point of view) and thought that this was a decent tune that was right up your alley.

    My own tastes just lean considerably more on the heavy side. I guess it’s okay to have differing

    Right, with that cleared up, I’m going back to listen to the best thing to come out of Alaska before Sarah Palin’s comedy value, 36 Crazyfists.



  159. “I totally got what you was saying about rewriting and how you hate having to change your 1st draft because of the sheer work and effort that goes into it.”

    Sorry, man, but you sort of didn’t…I don’t hate rewriting at all. I love it. My point was that that a lot of people hate rewriting because they are under the illusion that the 2nd and 3rd draft will be as difficult to write as the first.

    But rewriting is where the fun is. At the start, you may be taking out whole plotlines and replacing them, further along, you’re doing the same with scenes. Finally, you’re doing dialogue tweaks and scene re-ordering. But if you dig your heels in at the start and refuse to listen to, say, the producer who feels that the first half doesn’t work, then you will grind your way to the screen in a car with a missing wheel, or roof.

  160. I’ve discovered a new sport http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=G_M-_G0wDBc&feature=related

    Yeah! he beat the black marker on the right. Gold!

    London 2012?

  161. Yeh, sorry. ‘Hate’ was my terminolgy. You spoke of the difficulty of the 1st draft and how hard the process can be, which sometimes makes you not want to change anything. That’s what I was trying to get at, that particular feeling.

    So, for you, is rewriting binning the previous draft and starting afresh on a blank page, or more a case of revisiting, remoulding and tinkering the same draft over a period of time, until things start to click?

    The reason I ask, is because people have told me to throw away the first drafts, which I’ve never really understood, because I’m generally happyish with my 1st drafts (if I’ve done enough mental prep). I was interested in how you typically work on an initial draft.

    Also, when writing on yor own (something I’m nervously starting to do) and you have material that you can’t quite decide upon – a great joke that perhaps isn’t the right tone, or a reference to something you like, but you’re not sure if it will get across – how do you decide? Presuming all rewrites have left you equally undecisive. Does that simply come down to gut-feeling or do you occasionally ask an opinion of someone?

  162. Still not quite what I meant to say, Lee. I was pointing out that some people don’t like rewriting because they think every draft will be as difficult as the first. I actually love rewriting, and can’t wait to get the first draft over with so I can start on the second, because I find that the second draft is where you start mining gold.

    As for your other questions, you really have to find your own answers to most of them. I do think it would be absolutely insane to throw away a first draft if you’re happy with it, though.

  163. Hey Graham!

    Just had to pop in to say how funny this show is! ‘Tramp’s like us’ was HILARIOUS! Between the electric sex pants, Moss going crazy and Roy playing the Wii, i was dying laughing. Really makes up for the lack of good american comedy shows.

    Really wish region 1 dvd’s would be released, so i wouldn’t have to steal anymore. I know several people who watch it, even though no canadian channels air it. Word of mouth…spreads fast.

  164. @xfcanadian — You can easily buy a multi-region player online for about $50. I live in the USA and watch every region of DVD on my TV without any problems. Well worth the money!

  165. That Rod Blagojevich, eh? Whataprick.

  166. Graham. This is probably the wrong place to post this, but…



  167. I was having a bad morning the other day, but thought about the conversation Jen had with the interviewer about Guided By Voices and everything was ok. “I shouldn’t even know who they are.” Reminds me of a college roommate who I saw a few years after moving from my college town who had bought an Uncle Tupelo cd after we subjected her to their music continuously in the house.

  168. Graham,
    Forgive the shameless effusiveness but please do a DVD commentary for IT. I didn’t know anyone who watched them besides me until I found your blog but they are seriously soberly valuable. And do you think script writing is anything like writing a dissertation? like a mini-one?

  169. Would this be something Moss would do?

  170. Hi… Have to say, along with yourself, I really admire Chris Morris. Been a fan of his radio stuff for ages… obviously Brasseye, Nathan Barley, etc. But someone recently put me onto the TV adaptation of Blue Jam, ‘Jam’. My God that’s a seriously unique series!… Not everyone’s cup of tea I’d imagine! but highly regarded by anyone who enjoys some dark humour… I gather from posts and his work as Denholm that you know him relatively well (I woulda said ‘mates’ but I wouldn’t want to assume). Just wanted to know what you thought of his writing, particularly the more controversial stuff, and how the ole feller is to work with (and to occasionally go downtown with to watch Sarah Silverman!)?

  171. It’s official.
    ‘Feck’ is perfectly ok and not at all offensive – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/11/feck_off_bees/

    Thank feck for that.

  172. Now THIS is what I call a Christmas song

  173. Dear Graham, or anyone else who is Dublin and loves Guided By Voices….

    Ireland’s leading (*cough*) Guided By Voices covers band, Voided By Ponces, will be making their live debut this coming Saturday. If you like GBV then you should come along.

    It’s an afternoon gig. So, in the grand Christmas tradition, you can do some shopping, then pop in to the gig for a convivial “few”, and then leave your shopping behind. AND ITS FREE IN!!!

    There will be some charitable spin crowbarred into the affair, given the craze for such philanthropy.

    Can’t you find time in your schedule to pick up for God’s sake, when we call you back to the lake?


    Date: Saturday 13th December
    Venue: Upstairs in Anseo, Camden Street
    The club is open at: 3pm

  174. Graham,

    Thought you might enjoy this.


  175. […] I thought this article was about btb, but the tinfoil is on the wrong part of his body… …and we like tramps! | Why, That's Delightful! Bloody hell, that's an extremely good likeness! BtB would never wear anything under his kilt, […]

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