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Sweet Oblivion

September 18, 2009


Watch this sketch first (don’t read on until you’ve done so)….LINK

A perfect sketch. Beautifully shot, a brilliant lesson in misdirection, and Kevin Eldon just takes my breath away. Even the music, which I first thought was too leading, tees the laugh up expertly, so that when it drops you immediately fill the silence with laughter. It also illustrates a principle I have long held to be true. If you take a horrible situation, and turn it so that it becomes delightful, it’s often more satisfying than vice versa.

(via @flidby & @AlCampbeII )


Waiters who are nauseated by food

March 26, 2008

Another gem from ‘The Dana Carvey Show’. (Anyone know how I might pick up a copy on DVD?)

(Video’s down–here’s a link.)