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Father Ted meets #OccupyWallStreet

October 18, 2011

The bearer of the sign said he was a “big fan of Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews’ work”.

Right back atcha, fella!

(Of course, he’s not the first person who’s had the idea)


Evening Herald Still Angry!

January 6, 2011

Ireland’s Evening Herald published a hatchet job by Michael O’Doherty on Arthur and myself over Christmas. O’Doherty singled me out in particular but couldn’t work up the courage to tell his readers the real reason why. Truth is, I called them out for their shoddy journalism earlier in 2010 and he/they didnae like it! Waaaah!

Michael obviously holds a grudge, so you can expect to see my “it was our baby” quote again.  It’s all the ammunition he has (this is the second time he’s trotted it out) and he needs something to write about. That  ‘Model Loses Laptop’ story won’t keep paying off forever, after all.

Anyway, that’s more than enough time spent on the matter. So as to not further bore everyone with this spat, I’ll concede the floor, permanently. Michael, knock yourself out, you’re on your own.


Herald gets it wrong, then gets angry and get it wrong again

September 10, 2010

In a piece about my “setting the record straight” on ‘Father Ted’, Ireland’s fourth-best paper The Herald manages to confuse the issue further by not mentioning the co-writer of ‘Father Ted’, Arthur Mathews, AT ALL. So any Herald reader who was labouring under any misapprehension as to the authorship of the show, now thinks I wrote it on my own.

Fine, no-one ever read the Herald to get a story straight. But instead of admitting they cocked up a very simple job, they’ve gone on the offensive with this, and got it wrong again. I’m not talking about the attempt to make Arthur’s comments on The Rose of Tralee fit Michael O’ Doherty’s narrative, desperate and pathetic though the attempt is. No, it’s this bit…

But when this conversation was recorded in the Herald this week, Linehan became peeved that the photo used was cropped so as to exclude his co-writer Mathews. Perhaps feeling that this is part of a conspiracy to deny the couple recognition, Linehan launched into a Twitter rant…

Whoah, hold it right there, Professor. He wasn’t cropped out of the picture. He wasn’t in the picture. That picture is from the night I won an Emmy for ‘The IT Crowd’.  He was cropped out of the story.  The tiniest bit of research would have told you that picture was taken in 2008, long after my collaboration with Artie ended. Can’t you guys  get anything right? How do you all manage to find the office every day?

The original story is quite something,  Michael, read it again. In a piece about “setting the record straight”, the Woodward to your Bernstein (famous journalists)  managed to  further confuse the issue without ever having to go over the Herald’s four-syllable limit.  I do admit, that takes a special kind of skill–the kind of skill that Herald writers, and only Herald writers, possess.

But at least in this latest piece, you do mention him, so you’ve sort of accidentally set the record straight. Well done! You’ve actually done your job as a journalist! I bet you weren’t expecting that when you woke up this morning!


Woo hoo! New movie from Arthur Mathews!

June 22, 2009

Congratulations, Artie, Ardal and everyone else involved…this looks ace!


The force of ‘Ted’ is strong with this one.

October 30, 2008

Roots Manuva is a Father Ted fan! Hurray for Roots Manuva apparently being a Father Ted fan! Thanks, Roots!

And for those of you who don’t know the man, best place to start is with his hilarious video for ‘Witness Fitness’.  Watch it to the end!

(Thanks, Sbrugby!)


Hey, kids! Anyone got any questions for two people you’ve never heard of up until this moment?

October 30, 2008

Brenjamin in the comments section had a nice thing to say about Arthur and me appearing on RTE’s ‘Eye to Eye, but I have to say…well, God love ’em, but it was a totally random collection of kids who had no questions about ‘Father Ted’ once the cameras were off. It was hilarious. Does anyone want to be a writer? No. Does anyone want to work in comedy? No. Any more questions about ‘Ted’? No.

As they left, one of the staff waved at one of the departing kids. I noticed they looked a bit like each other. “Thanks for that,” she said to the kid.

They were related! The kid was doing her a favour! “Yeah, i’ll go and ask a question. Who is it? The two old men who wrote ‘Father Ted’? Ehhhh…
“Oh, pleeeeeeeeeease! Pleeeeeeease come!”

Actually, I tell a lie. One girl put her hand up when I asked if anyone wanted to be a writer. Good for you, kid! How the hell did you get in?

(Note to Eye To Eye producers. Please know that I am not writing this with anything resembling true annoyance. I had a fun day and I enjoyed doing the show. In fact, here’s a link!).

(Thanks, Brenj!)


Visit the Parochial House, virtually

September 12, 2008

Like many of you (I imagine) I joined Second Life, flew around for a bit, got bored and then logged out forever. Unless I’m killing things and accumulating points of some sort, virtual worlds don’t hold much fascination for me. That said, I was pleased to hear that there is a Parochial House in Second Lifeland, which seems to be packed with details that fans will appreciate (I love that they’ve gone to the trouble to recreate Ted’s not-brilliant drawing of Len Brennan in the skirting boards, for example).

If you’re in the area, doing whatever the hell it is you do in Second Life, drop by !

(Thanks, Rachel!)