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Chris Ware takes your breath away

October 27, 2009

chris ware cover

The Chris Ware New Yorker cover is a thing of beauty. (Click link to enlarge)

(UPDATE: It reminded me of something…)


Bad paintings of Obama

March 5, 2009


I actually think some of them are quite good! Like this next one…


But this one is just crazy bad.


Link (Thanks @nohiddenpath79!)


The view from below

February 12, 2008

A very beautiful thing. Link


For sale: Non Corporeal Containment Spectregraph

August 22, 2007

Alex CF creates awesome fantastical steampunk doohickeys and sells them on e-bay. This is his latest.

The pieces themselves are exceptionally detailed and lovely (go to his site for a looksee; my faves are the werewolf kit and the Cthulhu expedition items), but selling them on a site as mundane as e-bay is the masterstroke here; it makes the stuff feel even more authentic.

“Your viewing lens is built into the roof of the secondary containment chamber. The viewing lens must be erected carefully by releasing the latch and extending the bellows. The shutter must also be open. The lever is found on the left of the lens. Once the bellows are extended, the viewing lens will allow you to view the secondary

vault of the containment chamber. The Necropathic Spectregraph can house two spirits. The spirit will not be viewed in this normal state. Identify the stimulation switch, and press. This will send a current within the chamber which will excite the material aether of the spirit, allowing the human eye to recognise the entity.

Do not expect a clear view of the spirit. Most are vaguely human at best.”

I get a shiver imagining the synaptic burn that might come
from actually holding of these things one in my hands. Attention, producers of
‘Doctor Who’! Hire this guy for your art department immediately!