A quiet week in front of the computer

August 14, 2009



..it began like this…

…the response was immediate

…I explained myself on the news yesterday…

…woke up today to this..

…to sum up.

This all took less than three days.

Now, what was that about Twitter being ‘inconsequential’ and ‘superficial’? Hmm? HMMMMM?

(A quick correction: for some reason, the text of my Channel 4 interview has me saying “you change the NHS at your peril”, when in fact I said “you attack the NHS at your peril.”)


  1. […] The appearance of Hannan on the far-right Fox News channel sparked a twitter backlash, led by Graham Linehan (creator of Father Ted) and others. Elsewhere the coverage in the US is beyond belief: […]

  2. […] the NHS here in the UK. But even as everyone from the PM to the genius behind Father Ted that is Graham Linehan are proclaiming their love for the NHS,  those lovely people at McKinsey’s are dreaming up […]

  3. […] there’s a similar need for caution in assessing the success of the #welovetheNHS campaign.  This is a blog post by Graham Linehan discussing his part in the campaign.  Now, Graham Linehan is a truly wonderful […]

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