Life in the future continues to befuddle me.

May 4, 2009


I forget who originally brought it to my attention, but the TV show ‘Deadliest Warrior’ is hilarious. Like everything else on Spike TV, it appears to be aimed at fourteen year old boys, with a pseudo-scientific/historical format providing cover for a lot of crashbang goreporn. Do have a look at it, because it needs to be seen to be believed (not necessary to watch the whole thing…you’ll get the idea after a couple of minutes).

But ‘Pirate vs Knight’ is not why I’m posting. I’m posting because of a future episode, which is called–and I really hope that someone is pulling an elaborate, Chris Morris-style joke on me here—‘IRA vs Taliban’. I shit you not.

Click on ‘Schedule’ for the description. Well, no, don’t bother, here it is.

“The Taliban – deadly extremists battling in the mountains of Afghanistan, versus the I.R.A. – elusive, hard-hitting masters of Ireland’s urban jungles. It’s a battle to the death, between two lethal guerilla warriors, armed to the teeth with flamethrowers, rocket launchers, carbines, mines and devastating home-made bombs.”

Ooooh! Please let the IRA guy be wearing an Aran jumper! Please let there be a hell so the makers of this program can go there!

(thanks to @stephen_normal for the heads up)

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