Dunblane/Express update

April 2, 2009
Matt Nida on delivering the Express/Dunblane petition.
“On Monday, I delivered the Sunday Express petition to the Press Complaints Commission and the Express Group itself (Downing Street will receive their copy next Thursday). Surprisingly, we received the frostiest reception at the PCC – we were refused entry into their building on “security” grounds (presumably because 250-odd sheets of paper could cause someone a very nasty paper cut), and the security guard who we eventually left the petition with was very insistent that we couldn’t film or photograph the building.

In the PCC’s defence, I received a letter less than 48 hours later acknowledging receipt of the petition and explaining that it has been passed to the person carrying out their investigation into the Sunday Express article. Nevertheless, I continue to be surprised at the barriers the Press Complaints Commission puts up against people who want to, erm, complain about the press.

By contrast, we delivered to the Express without incident, although they have yet to acknowledge receipt. Downing Street next week – let’s see if Gordon’s brave enough to criticise a newspaper!”

…or whether it’s destined to remain the scandal that didn’t happen because it happened to the press.

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