The Arc of The Covenant

March 30, 2009


There are things that rule, and there are things that rule the things that rule.  This rules the things that rule the things that rule.

The Mystery Man On Film site has just put up a link to a very special PDF. It is, if you can believe this shit right here, the transcript of the original, five-day, 1978 story conference for ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

That’s right, you insanely lucky human beings. We’re talking 125 pages of Spielberg, Lucas and Kasdan sitting around, shooting the shit, and creating a legend.

I mean, come ON! If you know of anything cooler than this on the internet right now, well…I hate to call someone a liar but…you’re a LIAR!

Link to Mystery Man site. Link to PDF

(Sorry about the  subject heading…couldn’t resist it, even though it doesn’t really make any sense.)


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