Thank you, mysterious stranger!

March 21, 2009

Someone with the internetty name of Idea15 wrote a brilliant comment on my original post about the Dunblane/Express saga.

“This campaign has to succeed. If not, the road ahead for these kids just got a lot darker. The Sunday Express has served notice that the downmarket stalker press considers them fair game for the rest of their lives. Whatever successes they enjoy will be trumped up as being down to their hardy survivor spirit, and whatever failures they endure will be chalked up to the psychological damage of the shooting. Their sadnesses will be exploited as “heartbreak for tragic Dunblane victim”. You can just see the headlines now, and for decades to come. If the media gets the message right here right now that these kids are not fair game for lifelong exploitation because they happened to be in one room for one hour aged five, they can continue to live normal lives. Who knows, some of the papers might even have to go dig up real stories, not manufacture the problem.”

Exactly. You would imagine that we wouldn’t have to remind the press of such an obvious point, but apparently, we do. So if you haven’t already, please think about signing the petition to call the Express to account. (8,749 signatories at last count!)


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