Party time! ‘Why, That’s Delightful!’ is four years old today!

March 4, 2009


The Hompendium of Dorithies began as a whimsical distraction on Livejournal and aside from the facelift it received from WordPress and Mister Kupperman, it hasn’t really evolved in any meaningful way since then.

However, it has become dear to me, as much a part of my life as my television work (and a regular source of inspiration for that), and  if you guys didn’t visit, it would have farted uselessly to death years ago. So thank you, and Happy Birthday to you.

(Thanks to @jspmartin for the reminder!)

(Nearly forgot! Michael has a site too!!)


  1. Hooray!

  2. Aww!
    Well done for keeping it up this long.
    This wordpress one has been bringing the LOLs since back when I was at school and wasn’t supposed to be online or was meant to be researching Waugh.
    Classic times.
    Four more years! Four more years!

  3. Ha! That`s an ace pik .. I have it saved to send to unsuspecting folk too …

    WTF is goin on that pik innnit !! luv it :)))

  4. Slightly coincidentally then we appear to have registered our sites on the same day, albeit yours a year later than mine. This makes mine one better, s’the rules.

  5. Congratulations! I only recently discovered your site, via Twitter (it was an “SMS people you don’t know” web based service of the late noughties for the surfers of 2013 who are here celebrating 8 years and who no doubt have their own pico-blogging craze of punctuation marks).

    May WTD pass every leap year with ease.

    That was way more than 140 characters. I am an old fuddy duddy.


  6. Freaking A. Well done Graham and keep it up. It has done a lot for us all… Hip hip…

  7. I visit your site everyday, very entertaining and thought provoking. Please keep it up!

  8. Hey,

    What every happened to “funography?” Did “The Man” keep it down, or was it an evolutionary dead end?

  9. WHOO! *chugs whatever’s in that third bottle from the right*

  10. I drink a Cuke in your honour!

  11. foue eh….well done…they are fun at that age…..heh

  12. Inspiration to us all.

  13. Four years already you say? Why, that’s simply delightful!

  14. Congratulations. I only recently found you, and now I’ll never let you go.

  15. Yay!

    Happy Birthday WTD – and you celebrated it with one of my favourite WTF pictures. How nice!!

    It was featured a few months ago in a caption competition – The winning entry was “A threesome’s a threesome”

  16. That’s right! Such a funny caption. brilliant!

  17. I was a Johnny come lately and was only made aware of this site through Chris (Cynical-C)in October last year.

    It has been a wonderful insight into Graham’s mind… I can look at him now as a man and not just some Uber-demigod of comedy.

    I dunno, if I met him in the flesh, I’d still probably clap my hands together and drool on myself like a demented teenage seal at an all-the-tuna-you-can-eat McFly concert/buffet.

    Grats on the big 4. May I creep you out by mentioning that in Japan: 4 is an unlucky number that can signify death?

    *Bob fades into the shadows*

    Umm.. and I also found out today that “Japan 4” is a phrase that Tom Green uses to distract you just before doing something nasty. You like useless trivia, right?

  18. Happy Birthday!! I heart camels.

  19. Happy 4th birthday. Long may it continue. As Kirstenin said, 4 MORE YEARS

  20. Egads! Where is everyone? Has Graham’s new twitter fetish left us all confused as to when and how to post comments?

  21. No comments allowed on the other posts? I think he’s trying to keep Americans off. Makes sense. I just wanted to say that yes the Mae Shi rock… I saw them a few weeks ago in Arcata. Very much fun.

  22. In a somewhat befuddled state I couldn’t find a contact button, so thought this may bring you some gaping maw like amusement…

    Can you see who it is yet?

  23. Happy blog birthday!

  24. You should feel very honoured- WTD is a link off the Viz site. In fact its linktastic!

  25. I’ve seen that picture somewhere before. I am quite concerned in case I just dreamed it.

    Many happy returns, all the best for the next year of blogging.

  26. Well, I always come to this blog daily, hoping to lucky to receive some webby goodness.

    The tilt-shifting is amazing stuff and I had to make time to look through all of Mr. Loutit’s work! I have a sneaky feeling we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of that technique flooding our webby screens and television pods.

    God, I feel as though I am in the Cathedral of Linehan, and there’s not many people present anymore….Sadly I feel I cannot twitter, and now am out of the ‘cool-but-not-cool gang’.

    Please don’t forget the stragglers Graham!

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