Hilarious Fianna Fail yokels have apparently never seen a television camera in their lives

March 4, 2009

You know the way children crowd around TV news reporters when they’re out and about? This is like that, except with middle-aged men. It’s  really quite odd; it’s like a wedding photo. Maybe the reporter hasn’t seen them. Wouldn’t it be great if he turned around and went “AAARGH!”” and dropped the microphone?

I also love the marvellous pause at the start of the interview. That makes it.

Bonus: follow up video.

(Thanks @AllanCavanagh)

UPDATE: My friend writes….”Saw that clip of FF yokels at the Ard Feis on your blog. I hadn’t seen it before but it made sense of a newspaper snippet the next day that I couldn’t quite fathom.
The cryptic press piece said that the reporter, David Davin Power, was furious about an incident involving slack jawed yokels.
The crowd surrounding him aren’t just a bunch of gombeen zombies. In the glorious tradition of past Ard Fheiseana, they were a crowd of helpful party members squashing up under orders to listen closely to his broadcast and show how much they enjoyed it.
He apparently told colleagues that it worked a dream and he found himself choosing his words carefully so as to maximize their enjoyment of the broadcast.

Look at them there, silently urging the journalist to do an enjoyable report. Good for them!”

(Sections in bold have been changed after legal advice.)

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