January 16, 2009


I’m the dog, the cat is Twitter, and we’re in LOVE! In fact, I’m thinking of dropping the Friday thread and letting Twitter handle the social side of things… what do you think?


  1. Twitter looks like a time black hole alright. Us non-twittering delightfulites will have to join up I guess. I’ll miss the Friday gab fests though.

  2. Yeah, there’s something nice about this place.

  3. I am hooked on Twitter myself. It has kept me company throughout the night at times as I work away. Like some pusher I have been going to family and friends asking, “Hey…wanna have a tweet? The first one’s free! In fact…they’re all free.” It’s very handy keeping up with gaming info…most all gamers have taken the twit plunge.

  4. Graham et al,

    Never twittered so can’t comment, but I thought you might like to hear this…

    Listening to Simon Mayo’s Radio 5 show on Thursday, and the wonderful Ray Galton and Alan Simpson were on discussing their 60 year (!!) writing partnership. When asked about “modern” comedy, Alan Simpson uttered “Father Ted…what can be funnier than Father Ted”.

    If that doesn’t give you a rosy glow my friend, nothing will.


  5. Wow. That’s great! Thanks for letting me know, Sam!

  6. No Graham!! some of us* are not hip enough to be “twitter people” and would much prefer the usual friday chinwag…

    *I say some of us…i mean me…

  7. It’s a pleasure.

    Quite excited by the slew (well two) new G&S DvD collections…there’s the Comedy Playhouses from the early seventies, and the Les Dawson series from around the same time. I’ve a lot of time for Les Dawson, straddling both the Northern working club stuff, and some great oddball moments. And the piano playing….Oh! makes me giggle uncontrollably!

    Ever thought of doing something along the lines of Playhouse? Not much of it around nowadays, but a really underated genre!

  8. From Wikipedia:

    “…some users are starting to feel ‘too’ connected, as they grapple with check-in messages at odd hours, higher cellphone bills, and the need to tell acquaintances to stop announcing what they’re having for dinner.”

    Earlier this evening I killed two mice….whoops, after that. Earlier this evening I consulted George Orwell via my Blue-Tooth Planchette (available for just £29.99 in Comet and Dixons) and asked him what he thought of twitter.

    He said “In the future everybody will have webcams in their toilets.”

  9. Not really, sam…not a format I’ve thought much about, i have to admit.

    Oh, belatrix! Seriously, give it a go! You’ll love it!

  10. Ooh, ooh. I keep forgetting – can I ask a question about BIG TRAIN?

    It was much funnier than THE FAST SHOW, so why weren’t more series made, and why did you write less for the second series?

  11. I’m going to reply on Twitter.
    Hang on… this isn’t on Twitter. DAMMIT, GRAHAM!

  12. I have to say that so far, an hour in, I am seriously underwhelmed with Twitter. It seems constantly unable to cope with it’s own popularity.

    I am increasingly concerned that this may be the first bum steer I’ve received from WTD!

  13. I don’t know about no Twitter, but that illustration above is something I like very much and my other half wants to put in the children’s room. Where did you come by it? I promise to get a Twitter if you tell us.

  14. @Julian, your name ROCKS! (btw I am not being sarcastic here)

  15. Okay, signed up to twitter, and it’s telling me now that it’s stressed and overwhelmed and I can’t look for friends on it.
    Have we broken it?
    Will try again later, but I’m not carrying the can on my own if it’s bust…I know your names, people, and I’m not afraid to grass you up.

  16. Re: Sam’s post.
    I *really* (and I mean that) hate to blow smoke up Graham’s @$$. But, Father Ted is a modern Fawlty Towers to me. I have them all on DVD (special boxed ed. of course). And yet I still record (and watch) them via PVR. And still watch the feckers when they are shown live on E4/etc.

    In much the same way as Fawlty, I know I’ve seen them. I know what’s coming, But, it just hits all the right (comedy) spots, for me.

    Of course, my upbringing (Irish & Catholic) and choice of career (IT) kind of predisposes me to Linehan humour.

    Graham: If the smoke detector up your a$$ is currently going off, I apologise.

    NB: And that photo is just wrong. WRONG!

  17. Twitter like any other social network will beef up it’s servers to deal with capacity. To anyone resisting Twitter…It’s fun it’s new it’s “Tweet” Be A Twitter Tweaker…you won’t regret it.

  18. Aphex twin and cute kids together at last.

  19. What ClamChowder said, I think he/she’s got a point… the interface is just horrible, and it makes a lousy user experience. Most of the time you can’t even figure out what’s going on, who’s following who or who replied to whom blahblah.

    I understand there’s third party software that make this a little easier, but Twitter itself should be making an effort to make it more useful.

  20. Sbrugby, that’s brilliant! It’s like someone made a video just for me! What an adorable kid! The Aphex element and the fantastic tune just seal the deal for me. Thanks!

    Here’s a heap of WTF: Steve Guttenberg jogging nekkid in the park…

    I know, WTF.

  21. I knew we’d convince you to cross to the other side… Enjoying your tweets very much – even the late-night poker ones.


  22. If all we ever got out of the friday chat thing was “we get to ask graham a question, and he responds”, then moving it to twitter would be great. I follow you on twitter, (I only joined after reading about you and Stephen fry and a few others on there, so I am now a Twitter celebrity stalker) but I think I get something different from this forum. It allows like minded people to band together and not only ask you questions, but see wwhat others think.
    On twitter, and perhaps this is a setting I have not yet investigated, if I were to directly ask yopu something (I haven’t yet) you would reply and I would see it. Others who followed you, though, would only see your reply, and wouuld need to “dig deeper” to see what I asked. I find this a little frustrating.

    As a micro-blog, I think twitter is great, and as a way of sending a quick message, it’s good. But some of the discussions we have seen here would not be replicatable on twitter.

    Just some thoughts, anyways.

  23. Paul Duane, I dunno where I got it. someone else might be able to help…

    Twitter has got a terrible front door. It’s impossible to know exactly what it is from the interface, and most people leave it after a bit of frowning. But Twitter’s interface is basic because it’s not what you do on it, it’s what you do with it. And combined with Firefox, it’s killllllllller.

  24. I concur with Rob, et al.

    I had a Twitter account for about a week while we goofed around with it at work. I didn’t much care for it (when it was up) and deleted my account.

  25. “In the future everybody will have webcams in their toilets.”

    A subject well-covered in series 2 of Monkey Dust.

  26. I’ve looked around on the Twitter site to find out what it is, but I still haven’t completely grasped the concept. I think I’m just afraid of being *too* connected. I quite like the Friday gab-threads, but might give Twitter a go if you decide to use that instead.

  27. As much as I’ve come to adore Twitter over the past few days, I love WTD more than my children who don’t exist. Keep the Friday Funtimes, they’re lovely! X

  28. What Firefox plugin for Twitter did you find worked best for you Graham? Still experimenting myself with it. But of course…hooked.

  29. I’m waiting for Telepathy 2.0, but if you’re running Telepathy 1.0 you may already know that.

  30. I pop into twitter every now and then, but it isn’t half as fun as posting in this almost message boardesque comments section.

    And plus, I’ve got to sift through all those annoying fake Mad Men character accounts I dim-wittingly added once upon a time just to get to your funny bits, and I’m too lazy to remove them. Too lazy, I say!

  31. I see Charlie Brooker has a new show coming out on C4, where he and guests rate/mock TV from the week, any chance he has you lined up as one of the guests?

  32. Twitter for me follows on from the usual social networking sites which followed on from mobile phones. I tend to resist them until it actually becomes a disadvantage not to have it. Not because of some contrarianism or anti-technology thing… just because I’m a lazy shit who embraces change in thought but not in action!

  33. I had to force myself to delete the ol’ Twitter account last year. Yes, it was fun while it lasted, but it can easily take over your life! Be careful, everyone. ;)

  34. Can I add my name to the list of people that don’t want this Friday comments post to move to twitter? Purely selfish reasons, Twitter, facebook etc are all blocked by the firewall where I work, and WTD is one of the few sites that keeps me cheery at my humdrum job!

  35. And now, wholly unasked for and unwanted, my impression of a twitter feed…

    FOOG: is listening to somebandyouhate.
    FOOG: just ate a lovely lunch.
    FOOG: is looking out the window
    FOOG: has chosen pie for dessert
    FOOG: is contemplating scratching his left testicle
    FOOG: is scratching away, ahhh yes, that’s better
    FOOG: is looking out the window again
    FOOG: is getting up to go to the toilet
    FOOG: has taken his iphone into the stall
    FOOG: is….

    That way lies madness Graham. Please sir, if not for those of us who remain steadfastly old-skool and prefer the Friday gab-and-link-fest, then think about the children. The children Graham.

  36. @ Foog

    That just made me choke on my cornflakes. I haven’t had a choking incident for some time… thanks!

  37. I think in TwitterFox I may have found my ‘internet crack’. I’m afriad I’m blaming you for this, Graham, as it’s easier than taking responsibility for my own life.

  38. Twitter is a very handy publicity tool, especially for Graham and the like who can acquire thousands of followers. They only need to say “..my new series/my new book” and thousands of people know! For the lesser followed like me it’s still possible with effort to build up a useful social network either for publicity or purely social gain.

  39. Don’t stop the Friday comments Graham! Too much fun!

    Here, have you listened to Merriweather Post Pavilion yet?

    p.s. has NOBODY watched the Steve Guttenberg clip?

  40. Don’t stop the Friday thread work Graham.
    Twitter requires more attention and substantially more wading through of comments. Whereas your traditional Friday open-post, allows the WTD followers to dip in and out at their leisure.

    On a different note, if you are still allowing questions… have you ever explained the subtitle to your blog?
    – “Hompendium of Dorithies.”

    When first I happened on your blog, I thought it was a veiled comment on your sexuality. Ha Ha.. ok, I was wrong.

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” as Jerry might say.

    If doesn’t mean that, what does it mean?

  41. Graham

    Me and a friend have produced a new Prog Opera (your OK it’s only five mins long) in homage to Rick Wakemen.

    The subject we have chosen is a recent news story about a pregnant, ice skater who had a brain haemorrhage. They weren’t able to save her, but they were able to save the baby.

    You can find the background info, a link to the track, so you can listen to it, and see the artwork we’ve produced on this flickr page:


    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  42. Here’s a good game for all of ye to play.

    My friend has a death metal band, and I always got great pleasure coming up with song names for them.

    here are some tips for beginners:

    1.Try and start with a verb or a describing word such as “amputated, bloody, mutilated”
    2. Then a noun such as “devil, car, cat, norseman”. Be creative!
    3. If you are starting out try and use “of” as the next word.
    4. Now we are back to a noun again. Place names are good normally.

    Once you have completed your first title try and be a bit more adventurous…maybe even mix up some of the verbs and nouns. Go crazy!!

    Some of my titles:

    burnt fist of the devil
    crucified rabbit foot
    sliced nipple of gore
    Crisp Ingredients: Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt and your severed thumb!!
    stapled paper massacre
    crayon of the dead
    salmon of heavy metal knowledge
    cannibal skulls of Ovens, County Cork
    Guts Coffin O’Clock
    amalgamated vomit faeces of the dead and elderly.
    Death of a Heavy Metal Salesman
    Murderous diary of a mutilated débutante
    Korn in the Kobain
    Coffin robbing Axe-murderer from Cóbh
    Chapel of gruesome rapes and Sunday Mass
    shopping cart of gore and toiletries

    Give it a go…it’s quite rewarding!

  43. Please don’t kill the friday gabfest – at least not in favour of Twitter. I don’t know what it is in me that’s resisting it so much, but it just seems so pointless and mundane. At least there’s a semblance of quality control here.

    Anyway, you may already have seen this, but some glorious good has come of that awful Songsmith software: http://music.metafilter.com/2943/Runnin-With-The-Songsmith

    I can’t stop listening to it. As one of the comments puts it: “Hello new ringtone!”

  44. Brendan (and others playing the game): this may help… http://www.comicvsaudience.net/images/flow_heavymetal.jpg

    As for here v Twitter: I don’t twit (I bet there’s a word) but to me it looks like emailing v texting. Am I wrong?

  45. On the subject of the immortal Chris Dane Owens, are you aware of Italian Metal band Rhapsody?


    Mighty. Christopher lee on top form.

  46. Graham the link I provide earlier only gave a thirty second preview of my prog opera. Never enough.

    Here’s the updated Flickr page with the artwork and a link to the whole 5.45 of prog operaticness


  47. Hello there
    I’m sure no one cares but, for what it’s worth, I think the Friday thread discussion.. uh.. scenario, should stay here.
    I’ve never participated in one (although it sounds – well – delightful) and I love Twitter, but it just seems this place is better suited for it.
    It’s nice to carve out your own little piece of the electric interweb.
    As for the picture, someone posted the exact same image on my forum a few days ago. Coincidence?
    Probably :p
    I don’t know where he got it from though. Should the opportunity arise I shall ask him. :D

  48. Also, apologies for essentially replying to myself, but I just realised that this thread title (Busted!) was my exact response to the picture when I saw it the other day.


  49. I hate to be a Luddite when I’m not… but please keep us yakking on here. Twitter makes it a closed club whereas this is open and inviting.

    Also, Twitter doesn’t imply that you are smoking a pipe in a grandfatherly way, and that is a major loss.

  50. This is rather funny:
    if you scroll through a few pages they’ve done Father Ted and The IT Crowd. Nice,

  51. Hi Graham. I watched Series One of the IT Crowd recently and the tone is noticeably different, in a great way, even though I think the latest series is peerless TV comedy. There’s a running gag with “Made in Britain” on faulty items which seems to be inspired by the Reeves and Mortimer brand in “The Smell of…”? Or was there something else that inspired the running dig at the quality of British product? Not that I’m cheerleading for the CBI!

  52. Some of the ones in that B3Ta thread are very funny…some remind me why I never visit B3Ta…

    Brendan, I think I just needed a reason why the fire extinguisher didn’t work, and then I threaded it back through the show as a running gag.

  53. ‘Threaded’. I’m such a craftsman.

  54. Is it just me, or is there an astounding likeness between Microsoft Songsmith and Look Around You’s music-making Harrington 1200?

  55. Graham–I feel like gushing. I just graduated animation school yesterday, had a big ol’ ceremony and a huge party and I’m still in a state of euphoria. I’d like to give you a gigantic thank you, because taking a break during my toughest and most brain-frying assignments to watch The IT Crowd and laugh myself silly every friday this past few months really, really helped me along.

    So thank you!

  56. I’m not David (Shadowplay) Cairns, I’m his missus, the Fiona who makes guest appearances on his blog. Anyhoo, apropos of nothing really, David happened to buy a copy of Flann O’Brien’s The Dalkey Archive, which features a character called Hackett. Just wondered if O’Brien was an influence on Father Ted.

  57. Check out these posts on a twitter-look-a-like:

    I can’t wait for the next status update on the “complete toilet repair kit”.

  58. Hi, Fiona! No, Flann/Myles was never a big influence, although I have read and enjoyed some of his novels. I would presume that the name Hackett just fits his character the way it seemed to fit ours.

    Congratulations, Heidi!

  59. Great link from Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ blog. Worth sticking with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dEjc5B4kOo&eurl=http://www.bobanddavid.com/&feature=player_embedded

  60. for twitter lovers (and people who like nifty web gadgetry, which twitter is certainly NOT) http://www.dial2do.com/ is a scarily cool bit of webby goodness, does twitter aurally (ooh err missus!)takes notes, send / receive email, setup voip calls etc. etc. Oh, and the company are from Dublin. So props on that front.

    it’s indistinguishable from magic imho.

  61. Never been on twitter. I’m put off by everyone telling me its great. Also the fact they refer to posts they make as their ‘tweets’.

    For shame.

  62. All anti-Twitter twits.. where else could you find such classics as (from Stephen Fry) “… shower me in envious verbal turds” and “…have idea for competition which’ll be open to all 50,000 of my darlings x” or from Glinner ” Wow. I just grokked twitter….”, plus photos and websites in abundance, it’s what you let it be.

  63. Twitter is a gimmick, a fad, this month’s trendy t-shirt. In two years it’ll be sold to a media giant eager for the advertising revenue and shortly afterwards it will fall flat upon its face and people will leave in droves. But unlike a CND or Motorhead t-shirt, it won’t ever come back into fashion.

    The internet does two things and two things only: it platforms websites and it facilitates communication. Every blog and discussion forum is essentially a website which facilitates communication via email.

    Keep it simple and plan for the long term. A decent website stroke blog and an easily accessible discussion forum is definitely the most sensible long term strategy. If you keep switching platforms people lose track of where to find you, thus undermining any publicity that your online platform has received to date.

    Ah, what do I know…..? No one listens to me anyway. Even the postman keeps asking me who I am despite having worked the same round for five years. I must have signed for a couple of hundred parcels during that time but it’s still “Are you Mr XXXXX?” “Yes, still.” “In that case would you please mind signing for this?” “Actually I would. I’ll only sign for it if you tell me my name.” “Oh well, if you’re going to play silly buggers I’m taking it back to the depot…”

  64. Aces cracked eh? Bad beats are painful even in PLO but check out these bad boys….

    This amazing hand for a 135k pot:

    And aces cracked (after hitting the set) in PLO for 143k:

    Hope that makes you feel better. Or at least that you’re not alone.

  65. Dear Graham,

    Well you seem like a rather witty, intelligent young chap altogether! You see me and a few of the lads from down the pub would be very privileged to have us join our online thingy to talk about (you’ll never guess what…)- MUSIC !!!!! We even call ourselves the MUSIC MILLIONAIRES CLUB for gaud sake!

    Drop me a line on the ol’ email thingy and maybe I’ll fill you in.

    Toddle pip!

  66. Speech writing process:

  67. Well I have to say Graham, I strongly disagree with your views on Bush.

    I hope the door gives his arse a fair old whack and knocks him down the steps.

  68. Hey Graham.

    Please don’t cancel the Friday gabfest! I am addicted to blogs through Google Reader anyway, and so becoming addicted to some new internet fad like Twitter would surely result in far too much time spent on the computer. Like the guy said further up, blogs will last forever, but Twitter…?

    Also, have you considered incoporating Twitter with this site? Iain Dale, famous political blogger, does it (http://www.iaindale.blogspot.com/). Have you looked into it?

  69. http://www.iaindale.blogspot.com/

  70. Graham – I very reluctantly joined twitter on your recommendation, although I have yet to find your feed.

    I’m not that impressed so far and I’m also concerned that in a years time you’re going to post a piece on here exactly like this one..


    Please tell me you will keep the Friday comments open!

  71. Hi Graham,

    I saw that you mentioned Scriball on your tumblr. Here’s another similar little game:


    As they say on their blog, it’s not this (http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=QsTqspnvAaI) one, but an early version of same.

    (I cannot try it as I only use macs, so don’t blame me if it’s a bit crap :)

    P.S. I also like Friday comments, but am prepared to attempt tweeting if I must…

  72. Is Rick Warren making anyone else’s skin crawl? Just sayin’. What a prick.

    Can’t wait for his horrible ass to get off the podium. I’ve cracked open a Mixed Fruit Kopparberg and I anticipate a round-the-room dance in a few minutes.

    What’s your tipple, Graham? Where are you watching the proceedings?

  73. Ding dong, the witch is dead!

  74. Anyone else over the moon to see Cheney pushed out of office in a wheelchair? Warmed the cockles of my heart.

  75. Ah, there you go, Astonishing. I was enjoying it with some people on Twitter. However you were experiencing it, it was a delightful day.

  76. Haha brilliant Picard clip!
    Dunno if this is happening anywhere else, but some of the comedians who featured in ‘Ted’ are doing a gig in the Laughter Lounge in Belfast tomorrow night. Nice to see it’s still getting them work! Apparently it includes Fr. Damo, Eoin “I’ve no willy” McLove, and the guy who confesses his love for Graham in ‘Flight into Terror’.

  77. Just to keep things relevant, Stephen Fry apparently discusses Twitter with Wossy tomorrow night. Could be interesting

  78. I’m mildly obsessed with this site. I will shut up now.

  79. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7845031.stm

    ‘The money was just resting in my account’.

  80. Who else remembers when the BBC were using Twitter as a news source during the Mumbai terrorist incidents the other month? Of all the BBC gaffes of late, that had to be the funniest ever.

  81. New Animal Collective video: http://vimeo.com/2616231

    If I was to start all this twittering business on an iphone would I need to download an application? If so, which one of the many, many ones would you guys recommend?

  82. just found this Graham. Literally nothing here that isn’t wonderful.


  83. ^^ “The Gorey Guardian” – great name for a newspaper. Although “The Gorey Details” would have been much better.

  84. Hasn’t Jonathan Ross’s return been really dignified and warm, great show and good to see the Daily Mail not being able to take the fun out of all life. well done Wossy

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