Attention, followers!

January 8, 2009


I just got a bezillion new ‘followers’ for my Twitter feed , which is nice. You’re all very welcome, and it’s great to see so many people using the service. Of course, Twitter doesn’t work quite the way it’s supposed to in the UK, which leads me to ask a question.

How much are you being charged for sending and receiving texts? That much, huh? Well, I guess it must cost the phone companies something to provide the service, which is why you’re paying that amount you somehow just mentioned to me. Apparently, it costs UK companies even more, which is why Twitter are unable to provide their full service in this country. Apparently, phone companies in the UK couldn’t possibly bring down their text costs so that Twitter can work here the way it works everywhere else in the world.

Well, guess how much each text message costs these companies, here and everywhere else? Nothing. That’s right! Nnnnnnnnothing! That’s some markup! It’s lucky we’re not in any kind of financial crisis at the moment and can afford to just give money away to rich people!

(Update: Jonathan Ryland, who played the Builder from Hell in this latest series of ‘The IT Crowd’ (and the Ship Captain in ‘Dark Knight’, fact fans!)  informs me that Chris Gent, ex chief executive of Vodafone, once described text costs as “the closest thing to pure profit ever invented.”)

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