God forgive us

December 26, 2008


That’s all, folks! ‘IT Crowd’, Channel 4, 9.50pm.


  1. For once I might be the first to add a comment. Looking forward to tonight with mixed feelings as it is the last of the series. Thank you so much for this brilliant series, definitely the best ever. Thank you for your generosity in letting us come to see the episodes being filmed as well, it has meant an awful lot to us all.
    Better sign off in case some one else is writing out there.

  2. I’m with Moss’s Mum, I can’t believe it’s the last one already. Thanks Mr Linehan, it really, really has been the best series so far….. please say there’ll be a series 4?

  3. I do hope there will be a series 4, with more Moss moments and a return of Richmond (supposing the mighty boosh isn’t recording or touring again)

  4. I don’t really understand the reference, but am strangely aroused nonetheless. And after all – isn’t that what’s important … at this time of year?

    Peace out, man!

  5. I assume its to do with the calender that is to be published in the last episode…
    PLEASE tell me we’ll see a semi nude Katherine Parkinson? Mmmmmm :-P

    I do hope there will be a season 4. Merry xmas & best wishes for 2009 to all by the way!

  6. Last one, all been brill as always, can we have a Christmas Special next year please? :D

  7. Blimey, is that it already? I guess that time really does fly when you’re having fun, which is probably why the last two days have felt like an eternity…

    Thanks for a great and brilliantly entertaining series so far, and despite the somewhat terrifying image above (and the worrying thoughts about which images were discarded in its favour) I look forward to the finale with baited breath and a large drink :D

  8. Don’t worry. Nothing as brain-searing as the above actually in the show.

  9. Well James, she will probably not be semi nude, but I have seen a trailer for Jonathan Creek New Years Eve, and she seems to be in that.

    I am sure Channel 4 will want to commission a fourth series after the success of this one.

  10. Well that picture is mentally scarring. Thanks Graham!

  11. I want that Bert & Ernie t-shirt!!

  12. I was just wondering, Mr. Linehan, if you find it easiest to write for three main characters? Is there something secretly, deeply, catholic about you that manifests in the trinity of your protagonists? Or do you just like to write for three escalatingly insane characters (following the old comedic exercise of good bad worst?).

  13. Box fresh! xD

  14. Three does seem to be the magic number.

  15. Well, four. In the case of ‘The IT Crowd’.

  16. Wasn’t that an Erlenmeyer flask rather than a beaker?


  17. I. Want. That. Calendar.

    Although as a product of the late 1970’s, I was the child with the hand me down parka (when they were unfashionable) and the NHS glasses with a plaster over one eye. Bosseyedness IS a serious condition.

    I was hoping for further sightings of a semi-naked Chris O’Dowd, but nevertheless, a brilliant end to the series.

  18. That was a great episode!
    Thanks again Mr. Linehan for yet another great series of “The I.T. Crowd”
    I.T. Crowd and then a bit of Morcambe & Wise. A great comedy filled night so far!

  19. Loved tonights episode as usual! I managed to miss episode 4 though, and it doesn’t seem to be coming up on 4OD or catch up- does anyone know why? I just scrolled down the blog entry for the episode in the hope of finding something but only felt more jealous of all the people who saw it, it looks hilarious! x

  20. hmm…maybe they stop running it after a few weeks? I dunno.

  21. Great show. Loved it. But Jeebus, I feckin’ hate Boxing Night. Right, I’m off to drink a bottle of gin and set the wirls to rights. Night all.

  22. They generally keep them up for a while, especially on 4OD, so maybe they’ll come up if I turn it off and on again.. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll catch it some time. x

  23. Well, that was a most arousing episode. I think a geek calendar would make my life complete.
    Thanks awfully for another excellent series. I hope you make many more. I wonder what I’ll do next Friday to fill the gaping void that’s left behind. God, I’ll probably have to leave the house or something.

  24. I got all excited that Moss might take his clothes off, and all I got was an opened shirt button. Poot. Do I have to throw a brick through your window with a note attached saying ‘Tell Richard we think he’s lovely’?

    Very much enjoyed the episode and the series as a whole, but if you wouldn’t mind settling an argument between me and the Husband – were the old ladies that Roy approached in the street actresses or just random passers-by?

  25. Thank you so much, my good man! You and yours have brought great moments of relief from the bleakest of times. Please continue accordingly :)

  26. Nice to see some genuine real-life geeks among the volunteers for the calendar!

  27. “Were the old ladies that Roy approached in the street actresses or just random passers-by?”

    All real.

  28. Jaysus, for once it actually started EARLY of all things! Missed the first 2 minutes maybe.

    Still, rather good indeed, though I was fully expecting Matt Berry in sleazy leopard skin pants or something…

  29. That was fantastic…looking forward to a series 4….amazing stuff.


  30. So where did Moss go on vacation anyways?

  31. Graham, why did you not choose this episode for your cameo? You could have balloon-frolicked like the best of them.

  32. Only joking about the old ladies. some were, some weren’t.

  33. Graham,

    American fan checking in. As a serious geek myself (much closer to Moss than Roy, I’m afraid), I’m sorry to see another series gone – television needs more all-out embarrassing silliness if you ask me. Is it time for Series 4 yet?

  34. If I made TV i would make the first and last episode the most addictive, like Drugs. On an entirely different subject i preferred the first and last episodes.

  35. Why are British series/seasons so short? :(

  36. Glad you asked, Emily! It’s because most US shows are team-written, whereas in the UK, there’s usually only one or two writers. When I was working with Arthur on ‘Ted’, the most we could manage in a ‘season’ was ten, and that nearly killed us.

  37. @ Brenjamin


    the bert and ernie t-shirt!

  38. Graham,

    Please say there will be a series 4!!! or least that you’ve got a new, equally fantastic series up your sleave coming soon.

  39. Btw, thanks for the explanation on the US vs. UK series thing. its always something i’ve wondered myself

  40. Oh and one more thing. i bought the complete black books set last week and am currently watching through them (near the end now). i know you were only involved with the first series but its hilarious. I think i’ve now seen all your shows (apart from Paris which if i remember correctly you and arthur said was horrible in an rte documentary)

  41. Graham,
    Thanks so much for writing one of the funniest TV shows of all time! As a student at a uni in the states majoring in IT, my friends and I love watching the show for what witty reference will be made next. The wireless internet box was AMAZING. Keep it up! Fingers crossed for a season 4!

  42. Ok, just saw the latest episode and we DEFINITELY need a season 4. That was no way to end the whole thing. It left a great deal of things open. I don’t find that anything was closed for us, and I will never be complete if there isn’t another one! Please!

  43. I hate you…

    No, really. I do!

    The last 2 episodes contained vicarious links to things i thought i’d do for a laugh this year.
    I am a pervert / saddo.
    No. really!

    I thought i was getting in touch with my artistic side…

    I thought my bit would stop with the photography…

    but it doesn’t…

    Would you like a Calendar?

    2 for 10 or 1 for 6 quid?


  44. Thanks Newmi!

    Oh, and this is pretty funny…

  45. Definitely the strongest series of IT Crowd yet – its a shame its all gone so quickly!

    Thanks again for all the laughs, im sure were all looking forward to the 4th series now. :)

    Please indulge my whimsy to share a small xmas gift of my own design.. http://clockworkshorts.com/2008/12/17/orangewarrior-xmas-mix-2008/

    merry christmas, and a geeky new year to you.

  46. Dear Mister Linehan:

    Is it at ALL possible, being the king of the show that you are, you could somehow get an MP3 of the theme music released? And I mean a good quality one, not just ripped from the show? I’ve got the techno version that was done in iTunes, but I’d really like a decent extended version of the proper theme.

    I realise this may be out of your control, but hey, I figured I’d at least ask.

    Incidentally, “A Christmassy Ted” is a staple part of my Christmas for the last few years, and I ALWAYS enjoy hearing Neil Hannon namechecked by Mrs. Doyle.

    Now I’m off to watch tonights episode. MAKE ME LAUGH, GRAHAM! MAKE ME LAUGH! END MY CHRISTMAS WITH LAUGHTER!

  47. @Drood — We watched a Christmassy Ted on Christmas Day, too! The lingerie section scene is *so* classic. My husband and I reference it every time we’re in a department store.

    As for tonight’s IT Crowd, it was stellar, though I agree with everyone else that you can’t end the show now, Graham!

  48. Without a doubt the best series so far! I loved the ‘fox in the hen-house’ opening with Roy.

  49. BOX FRESH!

  50. BTW, the text on the Japanese bunny’s legwarmers up there translates as “Radical”. Quite.
    It’s the driver of the car I feel sorry for – that’s some insurance claim he’ll be filling out…

    Back on topic (sorry, it’s a powerful image – I now have some bizarre camp musical version of the Goodies’ take on Watership Down hopping through my head), thanks for such a great series. Everyone involved did a sterling job (as always) and I can’t wait till series 4!

  51. Good morning, Graham. I’ve just woken up after seeing the IT Crowd finale last night. THEY WERE IN MY DREAMS. OH GOD MY EYES.

    Ah well . . . I look forward to season four. I’m off to the corner to go whimper in a fetal position.


  52. Another quality episode Graham!

    The series so far has been undoubtedly the best and the most structured! It will only get better!

    Still though IMO the theatre episode has still the strongest episode! But the newer episodes are definitely catching up too it…this great sign my friend!

    Hope you are enjoying your Christmas!

  53. Apologies for the god awful grammar in the last comment. I will save the Grammar police the hassle and take my own life…

  54. Graham,

    I have still absolutely loved the IT Crowd, although I didn’t think the last episode was the best one this series, it’s still way above almost everything else on TV these days.
    I’m looking forward to watching series 3 over and over again on dvd and I’m surely looking forward to series 4.

    Greetings, a geek from Holland.

  55. The Series 3 DVD (according to PLAY.com)is available March 09 (http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/8112115/The-IT-Crowd-Series-3/Product.html.

    Graham, any ideas or clues as to what extras will be on this version?

  56. In all honesty I feel that last nights episode was easily the strongest because it didn’t focus on the zany ways of any one character and instead left us to enjoy the quite normal Roy struggling to get himself a woman. For me it was a brilliant example of the IT Crowd at its best.

    My only niggle was that Roy actually being *almost* successful with the sexy lady kind of changed the way I see him. I’ll always know that his pulling powers are pretty good from now wheras before there was joy in his failure!

    But otherwise it was brilliant, Douglas was used less which keeps him funny and Moss and the random geeks were really funny too.

    (comment wasn’t appearing, just incase of duplicate!)

  57. There is a Daniel out there who seems unaware of my ‘scan and spam’ process. Daniel, thanks for the negative comments the day after the episode went out, I got the gist of the latest one from the first sentence (S&S in operation). I value constructive criticism from people I know, otherwise, if and when I decide I require your thoughts on where I went wrong, I will e-mail you and ask you directly. Fair enough? Rhetorical question, no need to reply.

  58. Seasonal Greetings G-man. Congrats on yet another successful IT Crowd series.

    Finally got something I actually wanted/needed for Chrimbo… Series 2. Going to have a back to back showing and an afternoon away from the family. Peace perfect peace. Cuppa Tea and a slice of Christmas cake.

    Re: Only Six episodes per series. why not get some guest writers in and open it up a bit more. Could even maybe find some of your writing staff from the WTD hive mind. Just a thought.

  59. Loved last night’s finale, Graham. What a wonderful army of geeks you assembled for the calendar! Also, I loved Moss’s moment of attitude when Jen & Roy didn’t realise he’d been on holiday – a lovely aside that made me double over with laughter. I wish I could leave a room that dramatically!

    I very much hope you’re doing a commentary for the DVD this time around (I’ve had many moments of ‘I wonder how that came about’ and ‘I wonder who that is’ during this series. This may make me a nerd/fangirl/both of above, but I’ve come to terms with it).

  60. The collective groan at the end of the episode was priceless. Congratulations on a fantastic series, the best one yet in my opinion. Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well, Graham.

  61. Dear Mr. Linehan:

    Thank you.

    And to Chris, Richard, Katherine and Matt, thank you as well.

    These 18 episodes have been among the best TV comedy in my memory.

  62. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Very sweet of you to take the trouble. If Channel 4 let me do it, I’ll be on the next series as soon as I can. I’m having a great time at the moment, and I’m not going to give up until I manage a series of six stormers. It can be done, I’m sure of it!

  63. Thanks Graham! Welldone you surpassed the British comedy two season curse, you are an Irish man after all!

  64. Brilliant work sir ! IT Crowd just keeps on getting better and better – roll on series 4 ! x

  65. Just had to stop by to congratulate on yet another brilliant, and perhaps the best yet, series. I feel utterly spoiled. ^_^

    MOAR IT CROWD!!!!111 (although I’d settle for a DVD of series 3 for now).

  66. I just came across your blog, Mr Linehan! What a beautiful picture I was greeted with on your latest blog entry ;)
    I just popped along to say congratulations on a fab series.. Friday night’s will never be the same.. until you return with a wonderful series 4! (there is going to be a series 4, surely?!). Chris, Richard and Katherine would make millions of people very happy if they all came back for another series too!
    Cant wait for the dvd release in March :)

  67. Totally revised my opinion on ‘A Christmassy Ted’, by the way. On the commentary I came down very hard on it, but looking back at it now, the script problems (two stories crudely bolted together roughly at the halfway mark) don’t stop it from working and there’s some really nice moments. I was waaaaaay too hard on it.

  68. Graham, I would like to second everyone’s thanks for this last series, I have enjoyed it a tremendous amount. My only complaint is that Moss wasn’t in the last episode enough, but then again the plot is king so I understand why.

    I am assuming this is where the inspiration for the opening scene last night came from and I thought for anyone unaware of this clip it was worth sharing.

    Happy New Year everyone.


  69. Hi Graham. First time visitor to this blog after hearing you talking about it on the Charlie Brooker special.

    Loved Series 3 as a whole, but am i the only one who thinks Channel 4 really treated it badly this year? I didn’t see it advertised anywhere, and they stuck it in a slot with nothing around it to give it a decent lead up. The only time it got a decent lead up was when it was next to ‘Britains Got the Pop Factor’. Have i just missed all the advertising?

  70. Graham,

    Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable season. The things I didn’t see coming this year will keep me chuckling until season 4. Again, a great job.

    Happy Cavorting!

  71. @BenP: Yeh, it did seem to be a bit neglected this year. I think I only saw adverts for the first two episodes. I could have just missed it too though.

    Absolutely loved this series :D Can’t wait for the DVD (and series 4.)

  72. Perfect. Thanks. Peranks.

  73. Regards from the States, and sincerest thanks for the laughs, Graham. Quick question: the pink poster hanging behind Jen’s desk. Japanese (near as I can tell) figure. What is it, and where can I get one for my girlfriend?

  74. Marooned in French Craggy Island, skivvying round the clock for an ungrateful miserable inlaw, some angel has put Episode 6 on YouTube. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the only laughs I’ve had in a week. Today I shall CAVORT!

  75. I love a Christmassy Ted!

  76. That picture…

    People are getting ready for Easter already?

    Great episode (although I didn’t get to see it until this morning, due to working over Christmas). Will miss the show terribly and am hoping for a series 4.

  77. Brilliant episode! Six series of The IT Crowd would be heaven! I’m so sad it will be the last for a while to come.

    I must say though, I felt a little awkward watching Roy kissing someone. Probably because I watch the DVD’s to death and now have a certain familiarity with the characters, and the awkwardness I felt was like that of seeing your brother in the same scenario.

    Anyhoo – terrific episode otherwise, and the best season yet! Thank you for being alive, Mr Linehan!
    Or maybe I should thank evolution for bringing us to this moment.

  78. Fantastic show and great series. Strong episode to end on. I think Roy has changed a bit throughout this series from the other two. He reminds me of the way you described Ted before in that he is the most well rounded character with many different dimensions. Ah sure he’s just (enter Irish slang) pure class. Im off now to try and dance like Jen in episode 5 at my nearest club. Great show again, cant wait for season 4

  79. Hello Graham

    First time commentator but long time visitor and reader of this great website of yours. Like everybody else I like to thank you for series 3. It was a lot of fun and yes, I hope there will be a season 4 soon.

    The last episode was great, but not the best of this series in my opinion. It‘s this old suspension of disbelieve thing. I don‘t bought that Jan finds geeks remotely sexy. But that‘s a second or two in an otherwise great episode.

    Graham, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the rtf doc about you (Thank you Mr McC.). As a german – cough – comedy writer and fan of british sitcoms (or good sitcoms in general) I found it very interesting to see your work progress. I know, for you it‘s nothing special and yes, it‘s not really rocket science but as a writer it‘s always interesting to see what makes other writers tick. One segment I found especially inspiring. You were talking about, that „The IT Crowd“ is eminently important for you as an artist, because it‘s the first solo gig in your career and you had a lot of self doubt about if you can create a show on your own or not. I got the feeling, that it was also very important for you to emancipate yourself from the safety net of working with co writers. Am I right?

    Is there any chance that you will publish the „IT“ scripts in the future, as you did with „Father Ted“?

    And the final and the most important question: Xbox, PS3 or PC?

    Again, thank you, Graham, for continuously making us laugh and sharing your insights with us.



    PS: And as a german screen writer, my honest apologies for Das iTeam.

  80. hank, never thought i’d get involved in a blog based character motivation discussion, but here goes…

    jen doesn’t think geeks are sexy, but she’s read/heard/seen that others believe it. its a last ditch attempt to save herself after roy refuses to photograph the girls on 7.

    it’s also damn funny.

  81. Awesome series. The IT Crowd is one of the only shows I watch regularly. One of the things I would love to see in season 4:

    Jen getting trolled on the internet.

    Also some Chris Morris. Looking forward to whatever you come up with for the next season. It’s sure to be brilliant. Great job.

  82. Excellent season Graham, you and the team deserve a pat on the back. I’ve never been so entertained! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a fourth season..

    Have you seen the FriendFace website? There is also a Reynholm Industries site, and Moss and Roy have their own pages. Quite a crack with a few ‘easter eggs’ if you’re interested..


  83. “the pink poster hanging behind Jen’s desk. Japanese (near as I can tell) figure. What is it, and where can I get one for my girlfriend?”
    Anyone know? not one of my picks, so I’m not sure …

    “Is there any chance that you will publish the „IT“ scripts in the future, as you did with “Father Ted“?”
    Maybe…I don’t like script books that have obviously just been transcribed by someone watching it back on DVD, so I’ll need to see if I have time to do some editing. you don’t get asked until you reach a certain level of success and ‘The IT Crowd’ is still, at best, a cult concern.

  84. Bonjour Monsieur Linehan!

    Just to say that this series has been an absolute JOY, to the point where it is now an event for this Jen, her Roy and her Moss to get together on a Friday night to ‘not go out’ and watch what is arguably the best bloody sitcom for a good long time.

    RE: ‘A Christmassy Ted’ – I don’t know. I do a bit of writing myself both on and off my production course and I find it’s always better to be hard on it at the time, then enjoy it retrospectively – rather than think it’s great then find the opposite later.

    Channel Four would be more mental than Mojave to not give you a fourth series. There is so much more life in it yet. It’s weird – I feel I know so much about the characters, but there’s still so much to be tapped into.

    This last episode was fantastic – a character-driven Roy episode. I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

    Keep up the good work, Graham – you really are comedy’s finest.

    Oh – n I r seeryus fan. Plz 2 giv moar Jen/Roy? Kthnxbye x

    PS PS PS – Watched the Screenwriter’s episode of Brooker’s Screenwipe recently – you really calmed me down – thank god procrastination is normal!! Thank you!

    Jen x

  85. Hey Graham
    Wouldn`t have a blue`s clue about the pink poster myself but I DID notice the Buddy Bradley and Jimmy Corrigan toys.Where`d you get those gems?

  86. A Top season – best and most confident so far – a ‘well-oiled comedy machine’. (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/24/verity_stob_yuletide_quiz/ item 7)

    Many congrats and happy returns to Graham and all concerned.

    Fave of the season remains the football one; but possibly I am prejudiced by a personal dislike of the supposedly beautiful game that makes Moss an enthusiast by comparison.

    Apropos the issue of Frank Skinner and swearing, have you seen/heard this interesting Clive James essay on the same topic?

  87. Graham, PLEASE, we need more seasons!!! MOOOREEEE!… I’m writing from Venezuela (yes, South America) and you don’t have any idea of how much we enjoy The IT Crowd in this country (and all Latinamerica)… what happened with the american version? …and please Channel 4: WE NEED MORE!!!!!!

  88. employ me. c’est tout.

  89. thanks Graham!!!

  90. “jen doesn’t think geeks are sexy, but she’s read/heard/seen that others believe it. its a last ditch attempt to save herself after roy refuses to photograph the girls on 7”

    Thanks Matt for pointing that out. I saw the episode very late last night, so i think this tiny thing got lost in traslation. Saw it again today and of course your right.



  91. “Well, if it’s OK with ‘the Hawk’…”

    I was critical of the show last year (only because the theatre episode set an unbelievably high standard for the rest of the series), but this year has been really really funny all the way though.

    You’re right – it’s the most consistent series so far. And I think most of the people who did post on here last year (idiots like me) only did so because they care so much about your work. Although I now understand that we weren’t being particularly helpful in any way.

    Fingers crossed for series 4! And – random question – do you like “Lost”?

  92. Any flaws that A Christmassy Ted may have are trumped by the glorious scene in the lingerie section. A stroke of comic genius, if I may be so bold.

  93. “The same reason I do anything Jen…” that line had me hitting the rewind button more than once. My fave episode of the 3rd series.

  94. ‘Lost’: As soon as I got the feeling that the writers didn’t actually know where they were going, I bailed. I think I made it as far as episode 3. Sould I have persevered?

  95. Graham, apropos of nothing, are you any relation to Rosaleen Linehan per chance?

  96. Graham, I agree, Lost & Heroes, potentially great series but I also found out that neither had any clue where it would end, therefore they were ditched after a few episodes. Surely US TV shows aren’t commissioned on the strength of a vague idea?

  97. Graham, the season was awesome. My wife and I have another item-on-the-show question. Where are the pixelated Sesame Street character shirts from? For that matter we always love Roy’s shirts. Thanks for all of the hard work, Moss kissing Roy will keep us in stitches ’til the next series.

  98. Well, I guess I must read ALL of the posts, Urban Outfitters it is. Hooray!

  99. Graham, give Lost another go! I stopped watching a bit through the second season but picked it up again during the fourth season. If you’ve got time, start from the beginning and go through. The fifth season airs in the new year. It all ties in so neatly, I’m sure the writers have thought it all out.

    Was the Pivot poster in the basement a contribution from Richard Ayoade? I understand he’s a fan. It was cool to see one of my fave local bands on my favourite TV show :D

  100. Re: Script books. Eddie Braben was the name which sprang to mind on seeing that, as his M&W scripts worked well in the original hardback edition (complete with BBC-cleared photographs from the shows), but were peculiarly butchered for the Star paperback version. Maybe the Goodies (along with Ben, Rik, and Lise of The Young Ones) got it right with the spin-off books idea? An IT Crowd “tech support manual” would make a wonderful between-shows project and an excellent gift…he said. (Don’t fear the bargain dumpster – the show has enough overseas fans to ensure sales beyond an initial print run!)

    Many thanks for another great series, and all the best for the next.

  101. Great final episode, only got around to watching it last night, but it didn’t disappoint; the ‘Bosseyeds’ had me wheezing and spluttering (still not quite over my bout of ‘flu yet….), but the final scene was pure comedy gold!! Can’t wait for the next series….caught ‘A Christmassy Ted’ last week and had forgotten how funny it was, especially the funeral scene. I love the audience’s reaction when it cuts from Ted to the graveyard, I think it enhances the scene and certainly doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the comedy as some would say it might.

  102. Re: A Walen Christmas

  103. Thanks for the laughs Graham! Great final episode and a very strong ending to a consistently strong series. Sad to think it’s all over so soon. You should be very proud – IT Crowd is going from strength to strength and the characters are now easily able to stand up on their own and carry whole episodes. I think that’s the sign of something maturing well. Also, especially knowing some of the last-minute re-writes that went on, I thought pretty much every episode in this series was immaculately structured. Awe and respect flows abundant… I’ll stop gushing now. But thanks.

  104. I think you should definitely give ”Lost” a second try – ever since they set an end date for the series it has been phenomenal. It’s one of only a handful of shows on TV that can actually justify its six-season duration (unlike “Heroes”, which doesn’t have a clue.) It’s also doing what I wish Doctor Who would do in the UK – sacrificing a few viewers for the sake of shaking up its formula and challenging an audience’s preconceptions of what television should be.

    In fact, you should probably just wait until they’ve finished season six, they could still screw up the ending. But so far they’ve got almost everything right.

    Plus you get to see Lieutenant Daniels from “The Wire” playing pretty much EXACTLY the same character :-D – http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MLXdmR4NiJ0

  105. I would love to know your favourite six episodes of the IT Crowd. I love the way its grown over the three seasons. Richard and Matt have always been great in their roles but Katherine and especially Chris were fantastic in this series. Well done on another successful series Graham.

  106. Dear Mr. Linehan,

    Yank here. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this program(me). I absolutely cherish it, as well as Black Books*. You’ve provided me more laughter than I probably deserve.

    I have a question regarding Series 3 (which may also contain a sly, possibly off-base criticism). Are the six episodes shown in order they were written and/or shot? I ask because I think Series 3 got stronger as it went along. I found episodes 1 and 2 to be odd ducks, and number 3 was good. But as the focus of the last 3 episodes fell back to the office, the series reached or surpassed the brilliant heights of series 1 and 2.

    Thank you again. Praying for a fourth series!

    P.S. If another series comes to be, please do not hesitate to triple Katherine Parkinson’s screen time. She is wonderful. :)

    *Which is not to say I don’t also love Father Ted.

  107. http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/view.aspx?ciid=2986904

    I r seeryus Boss-Eyed Cat. Plz 2 step into mai office.

  108. Graham, As always another CLASSIC series! Thanks again! I vaguely remember it being mentioned there IS going to be a series 4? Also what was the LOL Cat poster on Jen’s door?


  109. Graham,

    Thanks for keeping Series 3 as brilliant as the other two.

    And thank you for having my two Lucha Libre boys appear in Moss and Roys bookcase (it was a great honour to see something I made appear in one of my favourite programmes).

    Much love to you, and I hope the gods of comedy look after you and C4 produce series 4!

  110. great ending episode, shame it has to be the last in some time…

    you said something in an earlier post about a pitbull in lipstick, only i never saw it come up in any episode, just wondering where was it? or was it edited out?

    p.s hope you had a good christmas! :)

  111. You know what would be good, right..
    a gigantic photo of the set with Nerdly Explanation Boxes popping up when the mouse hovered over them, stating their provenance for the satisfaction of geeks and mild interest of others.



  112. @sassington – she’s his mammy, very well known in Ireland

  113. Great season!

  114. “@sassington – she’s his mammy, very well known in Ireland”

    Aye, I had a feeling but surprisingly couldn’t find info on the matter anywhere. Was just curious, cheaz like manwomanman!

  115. @sassington – she’s his mammy, very well known in Ireland

    What? No, she’s not. Where did you get that idea?

  116. I agree about Poehler, there’s something just funny about her. Impassive smirkiness is the best way I can articulate it. Like in the “I drink your milkshake” sketch too. I laugh for no reason at Vic Reeves in the same way.

  117. I started writing that before you posted Graham, I’m not under your car.

  118. 3:06!!!???

  119. I have children.

  120. Sorry, just to be clear, I’m not saying that Rosaleen Linehan is not well known in Ireland, I’m saying that she’s not my mother. GracefulStalker, where did you get that idea?

  121. That lolcat is great. As I’m not going to be able to obtain the geek calendar for my desk at work, that’s going to have to go up I think…

    (and it wasn’t cruel, it was hilarious. There’s plenty of more spiteful stuff on tv, and its nastiness tends to be intentional)

    and, 3am postings? Don’t you lot sleep?!

  122. Looks like someone’s going to have to go back to Stalker School

  123. What was Roy’s losing poker hand and how could I find it?

  124. You HAVE TO buy the geek calendars!!!!

    Or you can sell it with the 3 season DVD, but please I need it! hahahah

  125. sorry, i meant *You have to sell

  126. Man i would buy that calender! Disappointed we didn’t see Moss topless, lol (Richard is hawt!)

    Bring on Season 4!!!

  127. Graham,

    18 episodes! well done! With three seasons to look back upon I have three questions!

    1) What was your favorite episode to write?

    2) whatw as your favorite episode to film?

    3) what’s your favorite epiosodes, looking back?

    Your surrealistic comedy is a God send. Thank-you.


  128. Another happy American here. You, the show & the cast rule. Happy New Year.

  129. Save those questions, Todd! I might have an official Q&A type thingon this site very early in the new year. Might do one in place of the usual Friday gabfest.

  130. hi graham. big fan of your shows.

    i received (on request) season’s 1 & 2 on dvd there for christmas, having already seen all episodes at least 2 or 3 times each on the internet. i can repeatedly watch it crowd to the same level as classic shows like fawlty towers or vic reeves or father ted.

    i am curious about adam buxton’s interviews on the dvd extras. you were the only person interviewed that didn’t ultimately get irked by him. did the other guys (chris, richard, katherine) not know adam buxton / his ways or was the annoyance just very well planned and executed (acted)?

    p.s. i saw the chrismassy ted on the plane home. i only wish aerlingus would put the lot up. that episode cracks me up though. you just don’t see the gags coming.

  131. Oh, that wasn’t cruel! I was a cross-eyed (er, boss-eyed) kid and have kind of a lazy eye to this day, and I laughed so hard at the whole episode that I think I may have accidentally crossed them all over again.

  132. Oooh that sounds exciting, Graham. I shall attempt to think of a couple of questions, just in case.

    BTW, I didn’t think the bosseyed thing was at all cruel.

  133. That made me laugh out loud, Heidi. Thank you.

  134. Mr Linehan
    How does an aspiring sitcom writer submit storyline ideas for series 4 of IT Crowd? Would it be a waste of time or would you consider reading them?
    Graham Pearce

  135. Is that a Derren Brown portrait of Mr Walken? It’s bleedin’ deadly.

  136. “Save those questions, Todd! I might have an official Q&A type thingon this site very early in the new year. Might do one in place of the usual Friday gabfest.”

    Well thank God for that.

  137. Wow – because comments are closed on the LOLCat post – THANK YOU Mister Linehan for your mention! The picture was just sitting there – just ASKING to be ITCrowded!

    2009 is off to a good start! Happy New Year, G!

  138. Happy new year to you all, by the way. xx

  139. Great series, thank you.

    Sadly, I was just reading another blog (Wil Shipley’s for those who must know) and read computers as comp-uters. Thanks for that.

    I’m sure this has been requested already but will there be a complete series boxed set which comes in an internet shaped box? *hopes*

    HNY all of you.

  140. Wonderful end to an excellent series! Here’s to a fourth.

  141. “Why, that’s disturbing!”

    Happy new year, Graham! Thank you for the IT Crowd. The show has become an instant favorite.

    Reading back, it seems you enjoy (some) web comics. Have you read Three Panel Soul? The writer has a natural “Moss” hairstyle.

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