What he said!

December 24, 2008


Frank Skinner sums up what I’ve been spluttering about for months.

“I don’t want people using so much swearing that there’s a blanket ban because there won’t be then any room for the clever swearing – the beautiful, eloquent swearing,” he said.

“So I just think we need to back off on the stuff that’s not necessary.”

Back off on the stuff that’s not necessary….well, exactly. The problem with the all-round okayness of TV swearing is that it makes the texture of our lives that much more unpleasant by increasing the level of aggression in our daily discourse. And life in the UK at the moment is plenty unpleasant already without any help from people off the telly.

Frank recently experimented with cutting swearing from his act in an attempt to freshen it up, and to show my support of this kind of thing, I’m taking back what I said about there being only one use of the f-bomb on the next series. We’re going for zero.

(Thanks, Si!)

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