Ceci n’est pas une series de tubes

December 12, 2008


Channel 4, 10.05pm. One of my favourites…


  1. Hurrah for the IT Crowd!

    Will we ever see Richmond again?

  2. I shall watch with glee………..particularly for the Annual Linehan Cameo.

  3. Looking forward to tonight’s show. Sadly I’ll be missing the VBP gig too, Liverpool v Hull kicks off at 3.

  4. Careful Rob, you know that things can go horribly wrong if you fake an interest in football!

  5. Good good, what’s behind the green door? Hahah Looking forward to tonight’s ep

  6. “It’s not a big truck, it’s a series of tubes.”

    Note that Stevens was recently indicted. Not for this nonsense, unfortunately.

    Looking forward to the new ep. :)

  7. Re: the Wunder Boner – Why is it funny he should ask? I don’t get it.

    Yon black box looks like the thin end of a very complex wedge.

  8. thanks for the plug on the blog Graham!

    should be another show in January, I’ll post it up here… it’s hard to know exactly how much longlevity a guided by voices covers band in Ireland can expect…

    available for weddings, birthdays, holy communions, etc, etc…

  9. I’m finally caught up on the show and I think this is my favorite series so far. Great job on everyone’s part. On a side note, is it just me or does Chris O’Dowd really look like Heath Ledger?

  10. No, it’s just you.
    Seriously? I really don’t see a resemblance at all!

  11. Looking forward to it as always, but I went to see episode 3 being filmed which should have been on last week but reading the synopsis it is not tonights episode either, so I guess more switching around has been done??

  12. Here’s a picture of Chris:

    Here’s a picture of Heath:

    I mean, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I do think there is a resemblance. Like Chris is the sillier version of Heath. I don’t know.

  13. Has anyone seen the completely irony free “priests” album available this christmas? I think the ad may be the funniest thing I have seen all week.

    Now if only they could cover my lovely horse……

  14. Oh, and this is by far the greatest series yet – thanks Graham!

    Damn these electric sex pants!

  15. Hi Graham,
    I showed the first ep of this series to a guy at work who loves Black Books, but had never seen IT Crowd. He said it was good, but was “a bit heavy on the laugh track”. I laughed, and explained not only that it’s filmed in front of a live audience, but also your comments about the canned laughter myth. (I had actually told him about this before and he looked at me blankly and dais “I don’t believe it”.) This time he said that it still sounded like canned laughter, because everyone was laughing so much.
    I explained that the audience was mainly populated by the incredibly lucky and excitable subset of people that read and leave comments on this blog, and so were pretty much guaranteed to be loving it.
    nonetheless he enjoyed the show. I should add that I have been loving this series.

  16. http://www.noisetosignal.org has been doing some really good running reviews of the series so far. I don’t know if anyone’s seen those.

  17. Time for the best sitcom since Fawlty Towers

  18. I’ve just discovered that the IT Crowd gets aired here in the US on IFC (Independant Film Channel) for any Yanks reading this. Maybe I’m late on this bit of news, but hey, I’m pleased!

  19. HOLY FUP: “Caricatyour” = genius.

    Am I allowed to mention the “Golden Cleric”? Nope – surely I’m jumping the gun. This show is 5 star material, week in, week out. Already, this one’s great.

  20. “Time for the best sitcom since Fawlty Towers”

    The 2nd best ever then?

  21. WTD “product placement” on Roy’s PC.
    ha ha.

  22. OH NO! Watch out for the Interne…. (*((((“£$£”$ NO CARRIER

  23. Cameo ALERT

  24. YES YES YES. This is full of win. That “seatbelts” line was reminiscent of the “Take off your bra” one from series 2. And also every other line is awesome.

    Matt Berry is a total hero. As are you, Graham.


  25. Has to be one of the all time great comedy fight scenes ever. And Graham “we’re all gonna die”. Jesus Christ so funny! Classic show!

  26. Haha. Best episode ever. Who saw Graham at the end there? lol

  27. Oh that was incredible Graham. Liked how Roy was looking at this very blog on his PC too.

  28. That was fantastic.

    “We’re all going to die!”

    And your own website on the program. Have you no shame?

  29. Just keeps getting better and better. Thanks so much.

  30. Brilliant episode, although Berry’s stunt double had longer hair…

    Everyone going mental at the end was brilliant.

  31. Fantastic… loved it.

    I wouldn’t have expected anything less from the two ex-lovers: after all they had watched a Steven Segal movie marathon.

    … but what is being made in that lab?

  32. Fantastic episode, sir. And the small boy tearing up a tissue; excellent touch :D

  33. Hi Graham

    Really great show. And a splendid cameo!

    If I could be a little cheeky, I thought I’d draw your attention to a sketch show pilot called ‘Your Bad Self’ that I’ve produced that’s going out on RTE 2 on Stephen’s Night

    There’s a link to a sketch from it below. The language may be a little salty for your tastes but I do hope you enjoy it nonetheless!



  34. That was just F***ing brilliant! Nothing more to add really….

  35. Fabulous! Just fabulous!
    Nice sly plug for the website too!!!
    If only we could see something of the scurvy dog now!

    What was on Roy’s first t-shirt btw?

  36. Brilliant. The IT crowd stands head and shoulders above that the Brit comedy scene at the moment. Tonights episode was the best of series 3 so far… Can’t wait for my box set dvd to arrive in February. I can’t think of enought words to describe how good the stories are. Amazing work, as always.

  37. Fav episode so far. Bloody brilliant

  38. My God that was funny. The only program currently running that makes me snort laughing on a weekly basis.

    And I have that Overlook hotel T-Shirt!!!
    Good times.
    “we’re all going to die!!!”

  39. Begorrah, even those CaB bods loved that ‘un!

  40. Top notch. Well done all.

  41. Another excellent episode. I had missed your cameo when we were at the show recording.
    Also heard you and Chris on radio 4 this evening in the car. Had a bad week so it really cheered me up. Its great when you feel “trapped like a moth in a bath” to see IT mayhem, when the internet gets broken again.

  42. Matt Berry quotes John Malkovich? “It’s beyond my control…” I think there was another quote there but I’ll have to go back and remind myself. Which will be a pleasure.

  43. This series is fantastic! Really loved the fight sequence tonight, I’m glad it didn’t get shortened!

    We went to see this episode be filmed so it was great to see it on TV. But where was the best line in the IT Crowd history ever? ‘£2. We can go twice.’ Such a shame it was cut! But I guess now I can use it as an actual chat up line and no one will think I stole it!

  44. I should’ve mentioned that the line is from “Dangerous Liaisons” because that’s what makes it so funny to me.

  45. Also heard the I.T. Crowd interview on BBC Radio 4 this evening. I was meant to be working, too, it was by complete chance and cheekiness that I snuck an earpiece in at that particular moment.
    This episode was greatness, and I felt proud that I recognised Graham in his cameo and came on here to check if I was right. Fight scene was completely unexpected and side-splitting – telephone to the cranium especially. Very well done to all.

  46. Wow Graham, you’re bombarding the airwaves
    (you’re on Dave right now)

  47. and by airwaves I mean.. televisual.. rays..


  48. Quality episode again.

  49. Cool cameo by you again… although I was half hoping you were going to say “f*cking hell” a la Father Ted Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep episode!

  50. Thanks, everyone! Glad you liked it! xx

  51. I did! Listen carefully, just after the woman asks the ‘silly question’.

  52. I know it’s been said many times already, but your cameo Graham was awesome. I was already finding that scene to be hilarious, but your line just took it that three notches further, =D

    Lots of Douglas was excellent too, although I was expecting him to draw a speed knob on the picture when he scribbled all over it towards the end.

    And Moss. All hail Moss.

    I won’t even paraphrase his line about Roy’s eyes because I don’t want to taint its perfection.

    However, as much as it pains me to overshadow one Episode with another immediately after its airing, next week’s is one that I’ve been waiting for for a while now, >:3

    Oh, and the reference to Richmond was great.

    ‘He’s got scurvy!’

  53. Pure class. I’ve only seen two episodes of the current series but the writing in both seems to have been taken up a notch over previous seasons. Both the Jen and Douglas stories were great, and the way they were both tied into the ending was superb! I loved those Bill Gates lines too. Fantastic!


    This was one of the best episodes EVER! You took the old ‘type google into google’ into a whole episode and it was magic!
    Love the connected ending.

  55. What the hell was I doing on Dave?

  56. Here’s a clue – “Dere’s more to Oireland dan dis” (at least the fifth time that episode has been on Dave this month)

    Another great episode tonight. Loved the fight scene.

  57. Who makes that uber cool executive chair Matt Berry sits in? It is sooooo thin.

    I think I saw Roy reading this very blog.

    Loved the episode.

  58. I’ve been loving this series, but I’ve just watched tonight’s and have only just stopped laughing.


  59. That was a good episode. I especially liked Douglas’ story and how it culminated. Loved the internet storyline the most though, especially your appearance donning the moustache. I liked the way you just explained Richmond’s absence from the series in a single sentence.

  60. Had an unavoidable do this evening so missed this episode on the telly. Was cheffed off that 4od requires my least favourite software suite. Was worth it though. Nearly totalled my laptop with teaspray. Marvelous cameo Graham. I also loved the lab technician’s “excuse me”.

  61. Really great episode tonight! Probably the most jokes/gags per scene this season. But I think you missed an opportunity on having Douglas say something like ‘call for you’ when he hits April with the phone. Love the show, keep up the good work!

  62. Noah – they have very similar eyes, very soulful.

    Now I have to wait for it to come on again to see the faux blog! I missed that!

  63. If Moss WASN’T running the native Asus Eee PC Xandros Linux OS (because that’s what it looked like he had on his flatscreen monitor), I’m about to lose some cash…not to mention cachet.

  64. So I just watched the new episode and it might be my favorite of the new series. Loved the WTD reference as well.

  65. OMG, how soon before these black boxes be available for purchase at thinkgeek.com ? I need absolutely need one to bring in to the office. k-tnx.

  66. The episode had me in tears – bloody well done!

  67. Hi, I’m an American viewer of the show and just want to say how much I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the It Crowd!!! I saw it way before IFC got it, by geekily downloading the show. But don’t worry I bought both series DVDs when they came out which me and my friends have watched so many times that we quote it all the time! Loving the 3rd series so far….please please go for series 4!!! And seriously Richmond needs to come back at least one more time. Oh, and terrific casting choice – they are all terrific! xoxoxox

  68. http://www.playscount.blogspot.com/

    Happy Christmas.

  69. Best ep of the entire show so far! Absolutely loved it – this ep is pretty much how I describe the show to people who’ve never seen it.

    Also, last week my friend suggested that Douglas is genderqueer (unbeknownst to him) so now I get to tell her that she’s completely right!

    My love for Matt Berry grows with each new episode.

  70. We’re you visible in that whole scene where you turn ed up you big ham? Also, re The Priests, the poster above is right. The ad for the album could come straight out of FT. I’m waiting for them to do an album of Kraft Werk covers like…

  71. Mr Linehan, is that really your Amazon UK list that comes up on search? If it is I think you more than deserve some xmas presents.

  72. I’m sad. We don’t get it in Australia yet.

    Here’s a christmas card for you Graham:


  73. The line about the seatbelts was brilliant, and the whole storyline about the internet together with the chaos at the end was just hysterical – thank you so much!!!!! You’re the best!

  74. Just brilliant and lovely to see you in it too!
    Loved the way Matt bounces back up during the fight scene.

  75. Best episode of this series! I loved the big proper fight at the end!

  76. “fuckin idiot”


  77. Amazing episode! I told my mate to make sure he watched it and i got a text from him saying he was laughing his head off…and now thats 1 more fan!

    My favourite bit was Roy walking in and saying

    “What is Jen doing with the internet!?!?”

    Comedy gold!

  78. Some great moments, there.

    But to be honest …. have to say that I found the punch-up a little disturbing. Even in a comedy setting, watching male-on-female (or even ‘female’) violence, feels very uncomfortable.

    Just sayin’.

  79. Even if it’s a fair fight, Jack? You big sexist ;)

  80. Darren: just going with my gut reaction at the time

  81. See, that wasn’t hard. Best episode of the season.

  82. Is that an official surname for Roy I see on that thar banner? =O

  83. ‘Cool cameo by you again… although I was half hoping you were going to say “f*cking hell” a la Father Ted Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep episode!’

    Oh, thanks for reminding me of one of my favourite sitcom moments :)

    Matt Berry’s pronunciation of particular words is always great. I remember cracking up when he was playing Dixon Bainbridge on The Mighty Boosh and said something about a ‘Kit KAT’.

  84. Only just watched it. The Berry’s bounceback had me crying with laughter. Everything about that was amazing.
    Roy’s blog banner is beautious too.

  85. Does Moss have a surname?

    Moss Mossman?

  86. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned the angry child ripping a napkin under the table during the madness at the end.

    Tremendous work sir!

  87. kate: You just named one of my favourite Mighty Boosh moments, :3

    David B: Isn’t Moss Moss’ surname? I thought his name was Maurice Moss…

  88. Graham – just coming on here to ask if that WAS you just after the silly question comment on last nights episode. Is that the second time you “added” that comment or is it something you’ve slipped in on other things you’ve written?

  89. I found the IT Crowd here in the US on BBC America and find myself eagerly awaiting Tuesday nights. We’re finishing up Season Two here in the States – I’m half in love with Moss and Roy.

  90. Is it my imagination, or is Berry getting all the best material nowadays?

    Second week in a row I’ve bust a gut at his character’s storyline.

    Not bad for a fourth episode, not bad at all.

  91. Just wanted to say congrats on this episode. It was hilarious throughout. Line after line, the momentum of the comedy just kept building and paying off. Too many great moments to list off. Special word of praise should go to Douglas’s lady April. She was brilliant. I love the way Douglas called her Aprrille and how he held up the pound coin as a gesture to shag him. Fantastic stuff Graham. Thrilled for you.

  92. hahahaha!! just watched it, SO funny. Loved the internet storyline. And Douglas thinking she said she is from Iran, instead of used to being a man, LOL. Nice cameo :)

    I hope Moss gets more of a storyline in the next two eppys, he is my favorite, what a cutie ;)

  93. Alan Partridge told you to write that episode didn’t he?

    The sequel to “The Crying Game…” “A Man with…..a FANNY!!!”

    (Though I can’t remember now if that was in the episode or an extra on the DVD, but I doubt that really matters!)

    BTW I watched last nights episode with an abashed IT Crowd hater (sorry but there are such people in the world *sigh* ) and he loved that episode, LOVED it…I find it hard to predict people’s responses these days but, that’s something eh??

    (BTW his main criticism of the show is that it’s “Not geeky enough, there’s not enough leet speak and the Windows noise for Moss’ reboot last week should’ve been Linux, Windows is too common”
    What can you do eh?

  94. )

  95. HA HA HA !!!!! Just watched it:-).
    I laughed a lot:-))))).
    I think that this part is the best I have ever seen!!! Great job, carry on:-)))).

  96. This episode was just awesome!
    Thank you very much.

    Please keep up the good work!

  97. It’s strange watching more than once. I was surprised at the fight going on so long the first time, but on the television last night, suddenly fell in with the computer graphic nature of it with Matt Berry jumping up after being knocked down.
    DS1 recognised the Asus EEE Linux on screen, when we were at the screening.
    These episodes are so full of jokes at all possible levels.

  98. Well, Mr L, you hinted that the best was yet to come, and yer didn’t disappoint … just in case anyone else, other than the feller on the last topic, was seeing Fonzie jumping a shark, the proverbial nuts was delivered with aplomb!

    Love the two stories in this episode, but kudos must go to Matt Berry and Lucy Montgomery (April), as well as yerself, Graham, for that really well put together fight scene and last sequence.

    Of course, enjoyed the cameo (and gotta say, especially the cameos a few years back in ‘Darkplace’) … keep em coming. It’s becoming like Peter Jackson in LOTR Trilogy and trying to spot where you pop up next!

  99. […] Ceci n’est pas une series de tubes Channel 4, 10.05pm. One of my favourites… […]

  100. Apparently the BBC is incredibly nervous at the moment about putting another foot wrong: You can hear Adam and Joe checking with their producer if they’re allowed to say “smack my bitch up”, all shows are now undergoing a three-day vetting period to ensure nothing which might possibly offend anyone reaches the internet etc. everyone’s clearly under a lot of pressure to play it as safe as is humanly possible, with no more “slip-ups”. In the light of which, I found this image in the Mail on Sunday – detailing what’s planned for Christmas Day – SO HILARIOUS I CRIED:


    (It was lying in a cafe. I did not buy it. And it’s not the outrage I’m promoting, just the delicious oops.)

  101. Will people please stop using the tired old phrase “jumping the shark” because the phrase itself jumped the shark about 5 years ago and is now just overused to the point of “I didn’t like the direction that particular TV show went in, therefore I want to look cool and use the phrase on an internet forum” when in reality it’s all down to personal taste.

    What next, moaning at the IT Crowd for its “Deux Ex Machina” endings?…grrr

  102. Graham, you write such deeply funny comedy but encode within it quite thoughtful examinations of masculinity. It’s like David Mamet writing Dads Army. Matt Berry is CRAZILY brilliant by the way!

  103. Graham, is Roy’s last name really “Tenneman”?

    Is that official?

  104. “Planes would drop from the sky like tables” is just as good as “Trapped like carrots” from the Simpsons movie. I love any joke that’s funny FOR NO REASON and I think you do too.

    Could I suggest Roy Nuccles, Underballs, Beesnay, McJagger, Portal, Jaycums or maybe Mudgems. Or Roy Alice. I know I’m a child, but I’m comfortable with that.

  105. Paul, I was merely quoting another poster on the last thread who hinted that we may have seen the best of the show since it had resorted to a bit of swearing, and had used that particular term… I just wanted to point out that this week’s episode (and indeed the entire series so far) should surely have nipped that notion in the bud. It was only a reference, mate.

  106. Daniel Chapman – glad to be of service!

  107. I knew what you meant, Lee! Don’t sweat it! As for Roy’s last name, I dunno…it doesn’t feel right, which is maybe why I didn’t make a bigger deal of his blog on the show. Roy’s supposed to share certain things with me, so I wanted to give him an annoying-to-say last name, as I sometimes feel mine is, but Tenneman feels too made up, and doesn’t seem to fit Chris. So no, not his official real name. Just another thing to ruin the reality of the show for the people who are kind enough to regularly visit this site.

  108. Hi im joanne, im from cork i totally adore the It crowd. Thank you, sweet graham!, for bringing this comic gem into my life. Its generally accepted now that when the series is airing that i dont go out on Fridays. where can i get tickets for it?? and can you pass onto to Richard Ayoade that i love him(i know you wont but i actually think he is the sex, my boyfriend knows he’s second only to Richard)

    I really respect all of your work so much, its fantastic. Im sure my respect is what youve been working towards all these years, so congrats!

  109. The Speech – best episode by miles ! well done sir ! especially the fight scene – saw a bit of sanchez coming through with that karate stance ! x

  110. Roy Marmsden?

  111. Hi Graham, loving the IT Crowd as ever. Here is another funny ad along the lines of the “Wonder Boner” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhl7f5IPoV8&eurl=http://failblog.org/2008/12/11/game-fail/&feature=player_embedded

  112. You won’t believe this video. It’s some journalist throwing his shoes at George Bush in Iraq. Hilarious!


  113. What about Trenaman…?

  114. Hi

    fantastic episode. can’t believe anything could have topped the outing episode but this did.

    had my wife in tears with the internet. and she’s a technophobe.

    I need to make one of those for a present for her for christmas. don’t suppose you could let us know where you got the box from?

  115. Roy Silverman?

  116. That wasn’t Kevin Eldon in that panic scene was it?

  117. Tenneman and Silverman aren’t really big West of Ireland names, are they?


    (I’ll stop now. Name aside, love the banner, and by extension the show, by the way).

  118. Roy T’internet?

    Roy Schmeckelstein?

    Roy Whatshisname?

    Roy McScuttigan?

    Roy Oftherovers?

    Roy Gentleman?

    Roy Basketball?

    Roy Turpentine?

    Roy Tremulous?

    Roy Vegetables?

    Roysaleen Linehan?

    Roy Scommon?

    Roy Roy Roy Your Boat?

    Roy Mac An Shaughnessy?

    Roy Crilly?

    Roy Vey?

    Roy Sausages?

    Roy Keane?

    Roy Keanu?

    Roy Ster?

    Roy Moss?

    Roy Soldier?

    Roy Rogers?

    Roy Funnegan?

    Roy Tunnel?

    Roy Haberdashery?

    Roy Questions?

    Roy Show?

    Royston Vasey?

    Roy Hitler?

    Roy Al Trux?

    Roy Crapper?

    Roy Wonder?

    Roy Bloomsbury?

    Roy Jessopjessopjessop?

    Roy Heap?

    Roy Arundhati?

    Roy Blenkinsop?

  119. […] [via] jan am 15 Dezember 2008 in Spaßtags: internet, it_crowd […]

  120. Hi,

    any chance we could details of what kind of box “the internet” was made of, id love to make my own replica.


  121. I will ask the art dept tomorrow.

  122. WHAT?!! You mean that wasn’t the real internet?!!!!!!!!!

  123. Graham, I’m a first-time poster here, but a long-time fan. I was moved to post for two reasons: 1) the anguished cry Douglas lets out on realising about April, and 2) your recent attempts to bring GBV into the consciousness of the nation. Fantastic, on both scores.

  124. Hello Graham. I hope this comment finds you well.

    First, I wish to say that I am a huge fan of your work. I’m an American who lists The IT Crowd, Black Books, and Father Ted amongst my very favorite shows. I’d say that all three are in my top five. The IT Crowd in particular I have been following since the first series.

    I’ve been really enjoying series 3 so far. I think the episodes have been stunningly well-crafted, even for your writing which already holds a high standard of excellence.

    That said, I do wish to register a complaint about the most recent episode. I found it very distressing to watch. At first I was pleasantly surprised, because Douglas’ reaction to April’s admission that she is trans was so unusually accepting. I thought that maybe for once this was a tv show (a comedy show, no less!) that wasn’t going to ply trans-hatred for laughs. It was extremely disappointing to be proven wrong.

    Obviously all is said and done, and I don’t expect you to really do anything about this. I just thought you should be informed that you do have a fanbase amongst queer and transgendered people (because of course we, like all people of taste and refinement, enjoy quality comedy), and I wanted to make sure you knew that it is painful to always be the butt of the joke.

    I found the fight scene particularly upsetting, not to mention April’s tearful attempts to beg Douglas to accept her as a woman. Large numbers of transpeople are beaten and/or killed every single year for who they are. This is, in my humble opinion, not a topic with much comedy potential. In 2008 ALONE we have lost:

    Silvana Berisha (transwoman; stabbed to death in Hamburg, Germany)
    Stacy Brown (transwoman; shot to death in Baltimore, MD)
    Juan Carlos Aucalle Coronel (transwoman; beaten then run over with a car in Lombardi, Italy)
    Daisy Dube (transwoman; shot to death in Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Samantha Rangel Brandau (transwoman; gang-raped, beaten, stabbed and left for dead in Milan, Italy)
    Lateisha Green (transwoman; shot to death in Syracuse, NY)
    Dilek Ince (transwoman; shot to death in Ankara, Turkey)
    Duanna Johnson (transwoman; beaten by police in June, shot to death in November in Memphis, TN)
    Patrick Johnson (found dressed in women’s clothes; shot to death in Albuquerque, NM)
    Larry King (gender-variant teenager; shot to death in Oxnard, CA)
    Felicia Melton-Smyth (transwoman; stabbed to death in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
    Ruby Molina (transwoman; drowned in a river, death ruled ‘suspicious’ in Sacremento, CA)
    Jaylynn L. Namauu (transwoman; stabbed to death in Makiki Honolulu, HI)
    Lloyd Nixon (transvestite; beaten to death with a brick in West Palm Beach, FL)
    Rosa Pazos (transwoman; shot to death in Sevilla, Spain)
    Adolphus Simmons (gender-variant teenager; shot to death in Charleston, SC)
    Sanesha Stewart (transwoman; stabbed to death in Brooklyn, NY)
    Ashley Sweeney (transwoman; shot to death in Detroit, MI)
    Ebony Whitaker (transwoman; shot to death in Memphis, TN)
    Aimee Wilcoxson (transwoman; found dead in her home, foul play suspected in Aurora, CO)
    Nakhia Williams (transwoman; shot and left near a dumpster in Louisville, KY)
    Simmie Williams Jr (gender-variant teenager; shot to death in Ft Lauderdale, FL)
    Angie Zapata (transwoman; beaten to death in Greeley, CO)
    Fedra (transvestite; found lying in a pool of blood in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)
    Luna (transwoman; beaten to death and left in a dumpster in Lisbon, Portugal)
    Ali and two other unidentified women (transwomen, executed for being trans in Iraq)

    I just wanted to, in some small way, make you aware that even the most seemingly harmless of jokes made at the expense of transpeople are part of a global culture of hatred and revulsion. Of course you are not in any way personally responsible, but I do hope that in the future you may consider more carefully what it is you are contributing to when you make transwomen the butt of the joke.

    Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you all the best of luck and success in the coming year.

    – Leeanne McHugh, queer woman living in Boston, MA

  125. All respect to your taste in comedy, Leeanne, but I feel you are falling into the classic trap of being oversensitive to an issue near to your heart, and sometimes the world of comedy requires some detachment. Obviously I do not speak for Graham and I’d be curious to see his own response. It’s unfortunate that this wonderful comedy has caused you discomfort, but I am curious as to what you felt made April the “butt of the joke”.

    From my point of view it was Douglas who we were laughing at. Personally (and this was how I thought we were meant to feel) I felt sorry for April and the way Douglas treated her. I then found the fight scene hilarious and not at all uncomfortable because, basically, April gave as good as she got and got the better of him in the end. Douglas was protrayed as a character who couldn’t get over his own prejudices, which I’m sure you agree is a very real situation.

    I already feel uneasy that I’m over-analysing the comedy. It’s important to point out that when handled in the right way, there is NO subject unfit for comedy. See the classic example of the Paedophilia episode of “Brass Eye”.

  126. Still, that’s some list, Leeanne.
    “George Bush Ducks to Avoid Shoe” will do as a Christmas present for me. I think I might in fact prefer it to had the thing made contact – Heavens we don’t want to make a martyr of the man! (or worst case scenario: Bush does an Iain Morris and catches it thereby completely vindicating his policy in Iraq). “Ducks to avoid shoe”… It’s just so beautifully unObama. Thanks, Graham!

  127. Actually, best case scenario: Bush ducks to avoid shoe. Then they pull open the trapdoor releasing the bricks.

  128. Thanks for the letter, Leanne. I’m sorry you didn’t like the show.

    I don’t really feel the need to defend it further as it’s a very silly show, and not meant to be taken seriously. But thank you for remaining polite on a matter that obviously means a lot to you.

  129. Also, just I read Darren’s comment.

    “From my point of view it was Douglas who we were laughing at. Personally (and this was how I thought we were meant to feel) I felt sorry for April and the way Douglas treated her. I then found the fight scene hilarious and not at all uncomfortable because, basically, April gave as good as she got and got the better of him in the end. Douglas was protrayed as a character who couldn’t get over his own prejudices, which I’m sure you agree is a very real situation.”

    If I was of a mind to argue my case, that’s exactly how I’d do it.

  130. Some more fun to while your Monday away – best worldwide beer commercials on TV: http://legendsofbeer.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/10-greatest-beer-tv-commercials/

  131. Amazing episode, one of the best yet!

    “To think when we met you were so worried that you came from Iran!” :D

    Also: Matt Berry as the next Dr. Who? Tell me that wouldn’t be worth watching! :D

  132. Graham, I just wanted to show my appreciation for Pauline McLynn’s prat falls in Father Ted. Richard Ayoade is also an excellent performer of these, but no one else can get close to Pauline for falling off a window sill.

    Sorry for the seemingly random nature of this post, but I was watching Night of the Nearly Dead last night and I thought that she doesn’t get nearly enough credit for that part of her performance.

  133. Agreed! Pauline is a fantastic (physical) comic actor. I hope she’ll fall off something else for me someday.

  134. “I mean, who throws a shoe???”

    Love the Bush-shoe thing. That irate journo has made a prophet out of “Comical Ali”, who did say (among many other, so far inaccurate things) “We will hit you with knives and shoes” or words to that effect.

    It’s a traditional Iraqi way of showing contempt, apparently. And, I would say, quite an effective one.

  135. Thank you for your quick response, Graham. I didn’t really expect you to defend the episode, I just wanted to give you some food for thought.

    Also, thanks Darren. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to call me oversensitive. Less than an hour, I think that’s a record. ;)

  136. No problem, Leeanne, sorry I wasn’t faster!

  137. You’re welcome, Leeane. Keep on fighting the good fight!

  138. Leeane – if you recall in the episode, April threw the first punch. She started it and so deserved everything she got.

    Which brings me onto something else: Graham, I’m a non-specific scientist working in a lab-like environment. No one really understands or knows what I do, but it does involve a lot of peering at charts and monitoring smoking beakers. I was angered to see you perpetuating the unhelpful stereotype of scientists as glasses-wearing boffins who do little more than wear white coats and hold test tubes and are therefore, due to their delicate work, unable to break up fights occurring in their laboratories.

    Just for the record, I’ve broken up no fewer than 5 fights in my laboratory – and I started 2 of them.

    Please reconsider the dynamic and aggressive side of scientists (something we all possess in degrees) when next writing a scientist or scientific-related sketch.

    Best wishes,

  139. Favourite episode yet!

  140. Amazing, gorgeous tune by Grizzly Bear…

  141. I like that song but, man, that Grizzly Bear album…it just refused to click with me. I far prefer Beach House, who have a similar moody thing going…

  142. Out of curiosity, is Roy going to be wearing a Kubrick-referencing T-shirt in every episode, or is it just coincidence that last week had Ludovico Industries, and this week had the Overlook Hotel?

  143. Ouch. No. Mistake.

  144. That is, to be fair, perhaps my geekiest observation ever. (And my chosen career is one even the most basement dwelling IT-geek would consider perhaps a bit spoddy.)

  145. hey graham have you listened to this weeks podcast from This American Life ..its great. trying to fit 30 stories in 60 minutes. Actually i prefer it this way..Some lovely wee stories in there.

  146. Well you certainly know your Kubrick, Richard, but that’s not geeky…..just shows that you know your films! And Kubrick, he was The Man!!!

  147. Build your own Internet!!

    buy online now – available in different sizes (not that it matters as the internet doesn’t weigh anything!!)


  148. Wow!!! I wonder how many people out there will be getting little cloned Internets for Christmas?!!!

  149. I think that episode was flawless, actually. I could point any of my US friends who’ve not seen the show to it and they’d “get” it, just by watching this episode. Though I’m still chuckling over the “Hitler” appearance from a couple of weeks ago.

  150. lol – I spent an hour in maplins today. Bought an ‘MB4’ or something, which was the closest I could find. Also a little LED thing.

    I have no idea how to wire it all up, but I will have a go.

    My wife will have the internet for christmas! (and harry hill tv burp gold and some boots)

    BTW, when will IT crowd series 3 be on DVD?

  151. Richard: If Amazon have their facts straight the release is set for 16 March. A second Christmas for most of us I suspect.

  152. […] Graham has a blog and on this blog a commenter named Leanne pointed out to him that he isn’t writing in a vacuum and the kind of violence he used as humor has a real life […]

  153. Brilliant episode as always Graham. My wife and I worship you like a God.

  154. The Rubberbandits strike again!!

    Funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks, the roll call at the end is hilarious.

  155. […] tip to Graham Linehan and some cunning internet […]

  156. thats funny. But I’m sure its the wrong box, its just too small.

    I was in maplins box section (sad yes but whatever), and I had a youtube clip of Jen’s intro to the box on my mobile phone. The picture makes it look quite small, but when its in front of Jen its pretty wide.

    I still maintain its an MB4 :)

  157. Congratulations on the new series (and the Emmy).

    I know you like the quirky – have you heard this


    a Scottish variety entertainer (and by the sounds of this he has moments of majesty) singing a medley of songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber with a ceilidh band? There is something about it that has left a goofy smile on my face this morning.


  158. Graham, I take it that was that a reference to “T2” when April dents the wall after Douglas hurls her out the laboratory door?

  159. Maybe someone should have patented “The Internet” box – Maplins won’t have a scooby-doo whats going on – or they will put prices up!!

    p.s. I was once asked by a “User” – if I could print the Internet for her as she would like to keep it in binders on her desk – I told her yes but she would need 5 binders just for the porn bits.

  160. Really good episode, Graham, and I’m saying that as not really a big fan of the show.

    Just to add to the Bush thing, I heard him last night say this:
    “…I don’t know what his beef is…”

    Words cannot describe

  161. The late great Oliver “Bagpuss” Postgate on Bush (one of many such posts. Who noo?):


  162. Oops, forgot to post this. It’s unoriginal, quite childish, but very funny. And surprisingly arousing.

  163. I LOVE this show.

  164. “Graham, I take it that was that a reference to “T2″ when April dents the wall after Douglas hurls her out the laboratory door?”

    No! The stunt people did that BY MISTAKE. They totally fucked up the wall at the University where we were filming. They froze with horror and I was shouting “KEEP GOING! YOU’VE DONE IT NOW, JUST KEEP GOING!”

  165. OMG!! Wow, I would never have thought it was an accident, it’s funnier to think that it is now. He he he. This series is turning out to be the best yet Graham. Well done!!

  166. For anyone who else who enjoyed the Bush vs. shoe thing, and was similarly disappointed at the thrower’s accuracy… here’s your chance to try on your own, without getting imprisoned:


    It’s endless… well, minutes, anyway… of fun.

  167. Official internet box instructions from Kye, the guy responsible.

    “The internet box came from Maplin, we bought a box from there, and on location the SFX man installed the flashing light and made the “crushed” version by melting a matching box. In the studio we had to install our own flashing red light which also was bought from Maplin, you buy the light and a little circuit board to make it flash.”

  168. I’ll take the lazy way out and wait for one to pop up on eBay. It’s only a matter of time…

  169. it flashed!? don’t remember that.

  170. Douglas appears to be on the cover for the single ‘Weekend’ by Mick Jackson……please, please do not ask me how I came by this; it’s worth googling though!!!!

  171. As a designer and web developer I laugh twenty minutes straight, probably waking my neighbors. No doubt the best episode, well tied with season two episode one.

  172. Loved your appearance on the show on Friday, Graham! For some great IT dept vs Sales humour (though at the more nerdish end of the scale), check out http://www.thewebsiteisdown.com – and watch it right till the end, it’s brilliant

  173. Nice clip of Peter Serafinowicz’s new stuff Graham…..
    For those that can access it, the BBC iPlayer has a “best of” the first series of his show which was very, very good. Hugely talented guy, and a scouser to boot! Hooray! Really looking forward to the Christmas special.
    BTW, the Douglas/April fight is now my favourite stage fight ever. Class.

  174. Were-Michael McDonalds are no joke, man. I was attacked by one last full moon. My god, I can still hear him telling me what keeps him running as he tears into my flesh with his razor-sharp beard.

  175. I can imagine that fight scene picking up a fair amount of coverage, especially in the recent outcry of people being offended at things… it says a lot though, due the grey area of right and wrong that comes from April being transgender.

    Also, I’ve re-watched the “Fuckin’ idiot!” part about 15 times now, and each time I break my bollocks laughing. I’ll never tire of the bit parts you give yourself.

    “Some mad man’s put up a cross”, for example. You’re a weapon.

  176. Where can i get a model of the internet

    i need it

  177. Graham, wnated to drop by and say my biggest laugh came from “Planes will drop like tables”, which proves you a genius.

    I hope it is not absolutley wretched of me to ask you to please enjoy this: http://www.paganbarista.blogspot.com

    It’s a blog by a guy, who’s also a witch, who also works part time at a coffeeshop. (And I made it)

  178. I loved the Michael McDonald thing – sadly I do remember the bearded 80s singer…….

  179. Myself and some colleagues were at The IT Crowd filming for that episode, and look what I got for Secret Santa at work this year – amazing :)

  180. Graham

    I honestly spent a fruitless hour trying to match the chair Douglas sits in to Eames et all, can you ask props to reveal the maker please?

    Can’t play Animals at Christmas in the US because apparently: The video is not available in your country or domain.

    Can’t play a BBC news piece today either because apparently: Sorry, this media is not available in your territory.

    Regardless of whether I’m a country, domain or a territory, Net Neutrality and the sharing of the goodness this is not.

    Happy Crimbo to all from Portland Oregun (sic) where huge white fluffy flakes of snow are indeed falling.

    Cheers Nigel

  181. Graham: Your ‘black box’ has made it to Gizmodo!

  182. Graham…

    Would you like Mr. Gates to do a cameo… and bring some of his gates on the next series ?

    I could put in a word (seriously…no really)

  183. “I loved the Michael McDonald thing – sadly I do remember the bearded 80s singer…….”

    hey birdygirl i happpen to like some doobie brothers stuff!

  184. Oops! After a quick search on youtube I’ve just made the connection and realised…..no offence intended there Fergal!

  185. none taken birdygirl

  186. I too enjoy some of the Doobie brothers stuff… but that was definitely one from their dodgy 80s sound!

  187. Ceci n’est pas une love song!!!

    Check out the tee shirt…


  188. Don’t diss the Donald!… Michael was awesome back in the day, collaborating with the likes of Doobies, Steely Dan and Quincey Jones… what worries me tho, and I know he’s versatile, but what does Christian Bale think he’s doing making that video?!

  189. That’s all, folks! Thanks for all the kind words on the ep. Glad you liked it.

  190. […] on 12 June 2008. Few online South African newspapers mention this murder; I learnt of it from a comment on a blog that had criticised the blogger slash comedian for his sketch about a […]

  191. […] on 12 June 2008. Few online South African newspapers mention this murder; I learnt of it from a comment on a blog that had criticised the blogger slash comedian for his sketch about a […]

  192. […] Graham has a blog and on this blog a commenter named Leanne pointed out to him that he isn’t writing in a vacuum and the kind of violence he used as humor has a real life […]

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