We are Devo!

November 28, 2008


Tonight’s episode features some bad language.  I do apologise. (Channel 4, 10.00pm.)


  1. Can’t Wait. Going to be keeping my eye open for why the episode is linked to the picture.

    Is this the one with lipstick/bulldog reference/coincidence?

  2. I’m not sure I can tolerate bad language in your usually excellent show. In fact Graham, I think you may have just ruined television for me :-)

    I’d best get into the daily mail to have you, and the entire cast hounded from television for ever.

    All joking aside, I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I’ve never missed an episode of the IT crowd yet.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Just for clarification, do you mean the language is bad due to poor adherence to the Rules of Grammar™, or because you have riddled the dialogue with unsavoury items such as:
    – pl*p
    – p*nts
    – kn*ck*rs
    – kn*ck*rs


    Either way, I have already drafted my complaint letter to the daily mail. So there.

  4. Bad language? I’m worried about Moss!

  5. I like a swear!

  6. Hey ,nothing wrong with that ,swearing is big and clever after all.
    Oddly enough I keep meaning to post here and ask , are you allowed an allotted amount of swears per episode?
    Is there bad language rationing?
    Do you say,get three shits per epsiode, or an option to trade two shits for a fuck?
    (In fairness that may be possibly the oddest thing I’ve ever typed on the internet, and not a sentance you excpect to see outside some very “niche” forums).Its not keeping me up nights needing to know or anything , but it’s something I always meant to ask.

    By the way I’ve no idea if congratulations from random internet strangers makes any difference to you , but well done on the Emmy!

  7. I have prepared a 20000 word dossier on why this despicable show must be taken off the air immediately and I am sending it to OfCom!

  8. I want a spinoff show in which Richard Ayoade’s character has an accident and ends up in the 1970s still as an IT chap but having to cope with things like acoustic coupler modems etc and it could be called “Life On Moss”

  9. I’m loving that you won an Emmy and I want you to post a pic of you going to sleep with it, just like Ricky Gervais did:

    Oh yeah, the game is on…

  10. Dr Bob,
    trading “two shits for a fuck” sounds an awesome exchange rate , but I’m sure I’ll struggle to find an appropriate bank.

    Oh, is now a good time to say “I fucked your grandmother”? No, I guess not.

    BTW – last weeks episode was really good, so .. y’know , well done, I suppose.

  11. “But can’t you see that if you keep inputting the date in a two digit format it’ll cause thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of catastrophic, apocalyptic, Armageddonesque news items in the years leading up to 2000!”

    “We’ve got two weeks to give Scarbourogh county council a decent payroll system, if you want to save the fooking world yer on yer own sunshine, now pass me the fooking hammer. Oh, and it turns out your dad’s the world’s first hacker”

  12. “I’ve got a ruddy gun!!!” Wash your mouth out Moss!

  13. David Butcher (in the Radio Times) believes it may be the “perfect IT Crowd episode”.

    And he likes his feckin’ TV shows, so he does.

  14. So as not to ruin the episode with filthy potty mouthyness I’m going to shout BLEEP whenever a character looks like he or she might swear, thus ensuring there possible blue tongued rudeness does not shit up my ears.

  15. “I’ve got a ruddy gun!”
    Did I also hear Moss say, “Mother Flipper”?

    Dr Bob / Angstrom
    Does the swear-word trading system work across programmes on the same channel? Say for example, trade a “Oh, for F*cks sake” from the sweary Ramsay. For a couple of “Crafty Irish Bastards” on the IT Crowd?

    Further to my question of last week.
    Graham, is Cookalong Live on this week then? ha ha.

    I remember you mentioning on the Ted DVDs that comedic ideas you like you sometimes try to re-work into your own Sitcom writing (Seinfeld bits in Father Ted). I noticed you did some “homage” bits of dialogue from other sitcoms. Notably, the “I’ll see you soon… not if I see you first” bit. Not sure which one but it will come to me. Very funny though.

  16. Graham,

    Re: The American Idol clip.

    I find it genuinely amusing firstly that they didn’t know they were being filmed, and then it gets posted on the internet!

    But their reactions go from being genuinely disappointed to hysterically ridiculous, almost competitively hysterical!

    When you won your Emmy did the competition have the same reaction? Just curious.

  17. I liked that American Idol video too much. Only because I realised that the kid with the glasses reacted exactly how I would. She was just there for the laughs and pretended to care and be sympathetic to the others, then sort of looks at another indifferent girl and grins like, “Why are we friends with these people?”

    Looking forward to tonight’s show, but I’ll have to watch it tomorrow on channel4 catch-up I think due to being otherwise engaged tonight (NOOOOOOOOOOO! etc)

    Well done on the Emmy too. That picture of you with the award and the massive grin is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  18. By the way, thanks to all those people who posted trippy videos a few weeks back…TV On the Radio, Pete Drake etc…some really great stuff in there that I’ve only got a chance to look at now.

  19. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all the IT Crowd fans stateside.

    I introduced the mother in law who was visiting, to the TV series Doc Martin and copious amounts of cheap Trader Joe’s red wine, she enjoyed both greatly.

    Cheers Nigel

  20. Slightly off-topic, but the “Devo” in the topic made me think of “Devoto” and at least once a day I spaz out with glee about going to see Magazine next February.

    So my question is, anyone else going to see Magazine at the Forum? It’s going to be dream-shatteringly awesome.

  21. Two Devo references on Channel 4 in one week, we can’t get enough.

  22. Cant wait for tonight’s episode,saw a bit of an ad for it but then the feckin elictricity went out so now I’m even more looking forward to it!!

  23. I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode, especially after seeing the trailer with Moss and his gruff “Blokey” voice talking “football”.
    BTW, Graham – if you like Caribou’s music you may also enjoy another great Canadian one-man ensemble called Miracle Fortress (link to their MySpace page).

  24. Solid show last week. The work paid off.

  25. swearing is a great if used right ;-) and you sir are good at that. hurry up 10pm

  26. Indescribably unlikely as it is, the mere suggestion rocks my socks:


    Also, if it’s the episode I think it is, we’re all in for a treat tonight. I injured myself laughing at this one.

  27. I thought the title was a DEVO reference when I saw it in the Rad’ Tyms the other day. I went all giddy with excitement.

    Did you know DEVO are playing here next year as part of All Tomorrows Parties?

  28. What was the street in Black Books called?

    I’ve just moved to London from Dub, and would like to take a walk.

    IT = Good

  29. Congrats on the EMMY Graham.

    Can’t wait for 2nd episode. Any chance you could settle a bet? Were you in Bijou in Rathgar a few weeks ago. I would be beholden to you if you could settle the argument (I get the 1st and 2nd series on DVD if I win)


  31. Great episode tonight! I still have tears in my eyes after those kisses!

    Oh and moss’s accent was so excellent!

  32. excellent once again! thanks for the laughs

  33. Funny, you apologise for the swearing but i don’t think in my wildest dreams i could have imagined what. just. happened. I had an asthma attack when i saw it and i’m not even ashmatic!

  34. Top Stuff. I love long moments…
    The vision of the endless Chigwell interceptors will remain with me forever. Almost up there with Sideshow Bob’s rake trauma!

  35. That was such a good episode, I felt it was stronger than last weeks. The plot involving Roy and Moss was an interesting exploration of their characters, loved the ridiculousness of the situation they ended up in.On par with The work outing and Aunt Irma visits as my favourite episodes for sure.

  36. Just finished too soon. Fantastic, and many congrats for the well deserved EMMY as well. This is just the best. Laughed until I cried. Thanks.

  37. Brilliant!!!

  38. I laughed so much I was crying , still aching now, brilliant!

  39. You’re the king of the Pull-Back-&-Reveal Mr Linehan. (sorry to be one of the ones who keeps mentioning the theatre episode but…) First Moss behind the bar, and tonight’s reveal of Michael the Magnificent both got big big laughs from me.

    Moss’s football match commentary was excellent as well. Good work.

  40. Cheers, M’dears! Bit short tonight so apologies for that…sometimes when you edit all the fat out, the show comes in short. Need to address that next series. A bit more character stuff is what it needs, i think–don’t need to be quite so paranoid about moving the plot along…

  41. Perfect in quality, if not quantity.

  42. The ‘Magician’ reveal made me make a very unattractive noise – a cross between a normal laugh and a pig that had just been kicked in the crotch.

    The kiss made me feel a little bit flustered in a girlish sort of way. Hooray for the ridiculous number of passing police cars!

  43. I agree with Scriblet whilst blushing. Richard never fails to impress!

  44. Graham, I’d say “remain paranoid”
    Firstly : because this series has been tight as a motherfumbler, perhaps the paranoid diet helped?
    Secondly : they are actually out to get you, I heard them talking about it.

  45. Excellent episode; I laughed like a maniac during the kissing scene.

    Thought I’d post this little clip. Not sure if I should find it funny or not, but it’s a great demonstration of why newscasters should stick to delivering facts instead of trying to be our pals.


  46. so, you what makes a brilliant piece of writing?

    When I, as an American, who knows almost nothing about British football, got almost every single joke.

    That’s brilliant writing.

    As for the swearing. No problems. It fit in and was appropriate to the situations. Not at all gratuitous, in my opinion.

  47. Blast! “So, you know what makes a brilliant piece of writing?”

  48. Congrats on the Emmy! Pity a bit longer to wait until the ABC even starts to talk to channel 4 about the third series.

    On another note, someone complained on an US site that Black Books had canned laughter. Given your other shows don’t seem to have had that, did Black Books?

  49. Funniest episode yet! LOL, poor Roy found himself in the middle of a Guy Ritchie movie.

  50. LOL, yay, one for us non sport liking, non-cockney geezers. How refreshing to have the majority made to feel like a subliminally violent freakish sect with its own modes of behaviour and language. Great fun.

  51. No. Never used canned laughter on any show. Even ‘Big Train’, which was shot on location, was shown to an audience so we could record their response. As I said before, canned laughter is a myth (anyone who doesn’t believe me is welcome to come and see the next series of ‘The IT Crowd’ being filmed).

  52. From the wilds of Canada: Thanks for the Mountie joke. Seriously.

    (Yes I downloaded it tonight, but I always buy the DVDs on-line as soon as they’re available.)

  53. Hi Graham,

    For what its worth, I thought last night’s episode of The Crowd was better than the first of the new run. More space for the gags to breath I thought and nice to see that bloke out of Pulling getting a run-out as the cockernee geezer.

    Speaking of Pulling, if proof was needed that we live in a Godless universe, consider the decision not to re-commission Pulling while giving another series to that pile of lachrymose shite Gavin and Stacey.
    Fuckin’ ‘ell.

  54. Kenny Balls – the Black Books store is on Leigh Street, which is five minutes walk from Kings Cross. The pub opposite, where Bernard took on the skinheads, has now been done up and is quite a nice place for a drink of an evening. It’s called the Norfolk Arms. Have fun!

  55. Are you sure about ‘Pulling’, Alistair? Can’t be true, surely.

  56. Altair! Yay!

    More kudos on the Magician reveal. That must have been a fun role to cast.

  57. Excellent Episode. The kissing/police car scene made me laugh almost as much as the theatre episode.

    Mr. Linehan, don’t know if you have seen it yet but I would really recommend Waltz with Bashir. Everyone should see this film. It really cuts deep. If you see it you should shine as much light on it using your blog as possible.

  58. Perfect!

    I was waiting for the “Magician” to accidentally pull the tablecloth off in the restaurant leaving everything intact! Can you get him back to film this just for me?

  59. RE:Pulling
    Apparently, I read it in The Guardian a few weeks back.
    I can’t believe it either. Pulling was easily the best of those BBC 3 shows.

  60. It’s probably not the first time Brian Boyd hasn’t researched an article properly…


  61. Hey Graham! Am loving the new series at the moment.
    It has got different feel from the other 2 series. The ‘outer’ characters (bar the magician) seem to be a lot more realistic. And I love the fact that they are out and about more! Also I had my mother watching it with me and she was almost laughing more than I was!

    I loved Roy’s “who closed the door” line at the end…priceless!

  62. Yeh, but then you would deny you’re “close to professional level” because it blows your bluff otherwise.

  63. Graham, is Moss’s stapler the Swingline model produced as an homage to the one as heavily featured in Office Space?

    Cheers Nigel

  64. What a fabulous ham based episode. I haven’t laughed so loud at a tv show in ages. My 10 yo daughter came downstairs while the kissing scene was on to complain about the noise, apparently I sounded like someone murdering a turkey.

    I too loved “who closed the doors”. I had wondered.

  65. Absolutely, Bowlie. The design team thought I was being ridiculously picky.

  66. I found last night’s episode to be one of the exceptional ones but Adam preferred last week’s. I love it when you reveal a little of the depth of the characters of Moss and Roy, and give their point of view. One which is shared with many, many people, but is rarely given a sympathetic hearing. The amazing situations they get into are believable as you write them. All this and total hilarity too!
    I love Matt Berry’s voice, does he sing?
    Who ever did the casting, is fantastic as well, hiow did they find the magician?
    I read your answer to the Irish Times. I suppose your success in this business lays you open to misrepresentation by reporters. I have only seen reports of a very few situations where I was present and know what actually happened and all of them had large inaccuracies. It must be upsetting though, particularly if it may cause offence to another person, by that inaccuracy.
    Best wishes.

  67. Well done on the Emmy win.

  68. Just watched last night’s show, I laughed so hard I thought my face was going to explode. I really didn’t think it could get much better but it has, even from last week, which was absolutely incredible. I am actually scared about next week in case I do explode my face. Seriously, I’ve got tears in my eyes. Bloody hell.

  69. Christ, I’m gonna seem like a wannabe PR lady for Mr Berry, but Moss’s mum, check out http://www.myspace.com/mattberrysmusic
    He’s good at the ol’ music.

    In other news, I like that you have the category “bloodyjournalists” on here. I believe Wikipedia is their main reference point a lot of the time. I think it unwise to trust information from a site that minutes after Jeremy Beadle died had claims on his page he’d died from “big hand weirdness”. True story. Strange times.

  70. Ps… this is the girl in the Idol video…


  71. […] We are Devo! Tonight’s episode features some bad language.  I do apologise. (Channel 4, 10.00pm.) […]

  72. Superb episode Graham. The kiss will now be the classic moment by which all the other episodes are measured by. It beats Moss behind the bar and “WOW A Gun!”

    Is it just me, or did you take the “lots of policemen” joke from the first episode of Black Books and make it bigger and much funnier?

    The car rolling back off the ramps was brilliant too.

  73. The props from Think Geek and everything are awesome, but I also really love Jen’s hair and wardrobe this season! Her wardrobe seems more colorful.

    Although this episode was about real men, I have to admit that it hit really close to home. Wow, that scene at the football game; I’ve been there. I’ve been there since 2nd grade. I can’t wait for more, and I can’t wait to buy the DVD!

  74. I forgot to post this link. Sorry about the double-post.

    The Jazz Man – a fun spoof of Ken Burns-type documentaries

  75. As a foreigner and non-english native speaker, I have to complain about this episode. I’m still wondering what half of what was said in that strong cockney accent actually meant.

    Seriously though, good show again, this season looks indeed like the best so far. The break-up because ‘you look like a magician’ was Seinfeld-worthy, and the 500 police cars passing by was very funny.

    PS. My favorites are still the theatre episode and Calamity Jen, sorry but goal not achieved yet. Ha, it’ll teach you to write such great stuff, now my expectations are too high.
    (also can’t bring myself to do a blinking smiley, but the spirit is there)

  76. Got as far as the fart joke, Rachel.

  77. HAHAHA!! My favorite part of the Irish Times piece is “Despite the fact that Father Ted was basically an Irish Only Fools and Horses with a soft, surreal twist…”

    What. the. hell.

  78. The trash bins after the first kiss KILLED ME.

    Thanks so much for series 3, Graham. It’s getting me through my final, mind-crushingly busy weeks of animation school.

    Although commenting on your blog is not. Back to work with me!

  79. Hi Kirstinen,
    Thanks for the link most enjoyable, I guess Mr Berry could sing anything with that voice, though I was thinking more of classical stuff, if he had the interest in it.
    Its strange, until finding this blog due to the IT Crowd, blogs were not somewhere I had explored, so there you are , the educational value of channel 4 comedy, courtesy of G Linehan. Sadly I am too old to be considered to run an IT department, though I have the same level of knowledge of IT as Jen.

  80. have just finished watching hit sitcom ” The War at Home.” would anyone wish to opine as to the worst sitcoms of all time?

  81. Hi Graham – is it true that you’re going to be on Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe this week? I’m really looking forward to this week’s show which I believe is an extended edition all about TV writing / writers…

  82. *Brooker-pitched squee* at above post.

    I just sawed your mammy on the news on RTÉ. Can I be her friend?

  83. Totally appropriate bad language imo, so I let my 9 year old watch it (he loves IT Crowd too). I don’t mind him hearing it used in context, how will they learn how our language works otherwise?
    I loved this episode so much, weird and sweet style! I expect even my my neighbours heard the laughter.
    How did you come up with the weirdy beardy magician? Was he someone you knew and wrote it around him or did you have to go looking to cast a magician like man? Perhaps there’s an agency for weirdy beardy magician men.

  84. The RED Swingline!!!! :)

  85. Latest episode: reassuring to know that I am not alone in indulging in a bit of mind-wandering once a pub conversation turns to f**tb*ll. Next time I go for a pint, I shall bring my own stapler.

  86. Oh, I meant to say (damn not being able to edit comments), I almost wet myself at “I just went to the toilet”. The phrasing and delivery were absolutely perfect, definitely one of my favourite lines evarrrrr 2kai8.

  87. Well, Colm, I am of the opinion that no sitcom, no matter how terrible, vomit-inducing, or Jim Belushi-starring it is, can ever top the mightiest of the awful: Homeboys in Outer Space.

    Although I have to admit, I watched it because little middle school Trekkie me had SUCH a weird crush on James Doohan.

    …I typed that out loud, didn’t I?

  88. I love you for the Devo reference in the episode title… I saw them live a couple of months ago, I touched Mark Mothersbaugh! Everyone be jealous!

  89. For anyone in other countries who doesn’t receive Channel 4, or for anyone who has even missed the episodes or just wants to see them again, they’re available for 30 days at the Channel 4 website. I’m sure plenty of people here are aware of this but some people aren’t, so hopefully now they can get to see the show!


    The only problem I can think of is that the streaming won’t work in other countries (as with the BBC iPlayer), but it works in Republic of Ireland at the very least (Unlike iPlayer).

  90. Loved the show on Friday (just watched it again at work this morning on 4oD).

    That football website should exist. My usual ‘did you see the blues/reds’ and ‘I thought their defense was weak’ wears off after I use them to describe every match ever played.

  91. Graham, congratulations – you have finally kicked the “handicapped moment” into a cocked hat with that kiss. The bar has most definitely been raised and we’re only two shows in. Bodes well!

  92. The World’s worst amusement park?

    But, does it have a ‘Crane of Death’, ‘Freak Pointing’ or ‘Spider Baby’? Or even anything at all that involves goats and nun’s to get stuck anywhere?

  93. Please, what is the “family portrait” type poster next to the Guy Fawkes mask? It has been bugging me since we went to one of the tapings..

    Please nerds, please help..

  94. So good to see a clip from the next episode. I was lucky enough to be at the filming for that episode – Roy in that Batman outfit…brilliant…wait until you see Jen as Catwoman. I thought Matt Berry was hilarous as the Batmobile.

  95. “Please, what is the “family portrait” type poster next to the Guy Fawkes mask?” .. “Please nerds, please help..”

    Here it is here:


    with some background here:


    and maybe here:


    Love “The IT Crowd” and the new set. Waiting til next year to watch this series in Aus.

  96. Mammoth congratulations on the Emmy! Huge! Now… MEN:


  97. second episode was great…Moss and the simulated leg hump was a nice touch. Seen Arthur Matthews new film was mentioned on RTE news today..That famine amusement park looks like something from a lost Ted episode!

  98. “Please, what is the “family portrait” type poster next to the Guy Fawkes mask? It has been bugging me since we went to one of the tapings.. Please nerds, please help..”

    Here it is here:


    with some background here:


    and maybe here:


  99. Mr. L, not to tell you how to blog or anything; but goddammit blog about Screenwipe (as mentioned above) this evening BBC4 at 10.30, you’re in it remember?

    No one with even a passing interest in this lovely blog will want to miss it.

  100. Well you just did! Thanks, Andrew!

  101. Nowt camper than Adam West in or out of that cape. I used to love that show, possibly more than The Monkee’s.

  102. Mr. Linehan, watching you on Screenwipe. You come across very well (not that my opinion of you matters in any way).

    It’s nice to see you and Charlie Brooker chatting. Have you two discussed writting something together?

    A quick ted based question, did the fun you and had with Mr. Matthews coming up character names evolve into Mrs Doyle Guessing Todd Umptious’ name?

  103. … writing is like having a poo? Heehee. :)

  104. Screenwipe tonight was, as ever, informative AND fun.

    You’ve no idea how relieved it makes me feel every time I read on here or hear you in interviews and the like being positive about procrastination. I’ve got too many ideas, but no structure. Youtube is my friend for the time being!
    I remember Sam and Jesse saying that if they could go back in time and tell their former selves something, they’d say “Keep watching the Day Today. In the future, you will be able to claim this was research.”

    Well done you lot!

  105. The poo thing…I know it’s not glamorous but it’s entirely apt. I wish I had a better way of putting it. Suggestions welcome.

    Gosh, I really enjoyed that show. Isn’t Russell T Davis inspiring? And Sam and Jesse were great as always…I think the most valuable thing it showed is that there are as many approaches as there are writers, and everyone’s struggling to hold it together.

  106. Russell’s rant over the credits was good. Scary, but good!


  107. Hi Graham, long time lurker etc etc.. The numerous insights on Screenwipe tonight made me inclined to pop out from under my parapet. The thought of a collab between you and Mr Angry is indeed a teasing one – perhaps we can try and persuade you to do a yin/yang thing on the Return of Nathan Barley?

    Anyway, fascinating stuff from yourself and all the other writers.. from now on I shall claim that surfing youtube is subconscious preparation, even if i dont yet know what for! :)

    Thanks for keeping on keeping up the good work.

  108. Graham, you should be proud that you appeared in quite possibly the most swear-deficient episode of Screenwipe yet.

    Also, I can’t believe that that Irish Times article on you was even published. As you’ve already pointed out, there’s false information in there, but the spelling and grammar are pretty shoddy to say the least.

    Maybe Brian Boyd watched Screenwipe tonight for some tips…

  109. Really nice and funny video I came across recently:

    The actor playing Mr. W is great.

    Oh, and God hates the world apparently…

  110. Screenwipe was awesome last night. Russell T Davies was kind of mesmerising. He made me feel enthusiastic about just about everything he talked about.

    Also, I have learned many wonderful new procrastination techniques.

    Graham, I enjoyed your poo analogy (that was a weird sentence to type). I have sat for five minutes pondering an alternative but nothing I’ve come up with is any good.

  111. Sp that’w where Spodo Comodo came from…

  112. Believe or not the poo analogy made my evening. I’m writing something at the moment and have been beating myself up with a toaster for spending vast amounts of time on the internet or watching cartoons, the don’t force it strategy works for me!
    BBC Four was on a roll last night, Flight of the Concords Live, Mitchell and Webb and then Screenwipe. I started looking at the Frankie Howerd thing but it was seriously depressing, although David Walliams performance was eerily impressive.

    Can’t believe that such a woeful and inaccurate piece would be published in the Irish Times. I’d be pissed off as all hell….

  113. Am I the only person in this country who doesn’t like Dr. Who?

  114. What a fantastic show and I’ve printed out the poo analogy – its perfect for a comedy writer. Where the hell was your bit shot? It looked like you were on the set of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel.

  115. No, notacrook, you’re not.

    As for ‘Pulling’, I believe there’s a one-off special in the pipeline and that’s it. BBC3 were terrified that one or two under-20s might not watch it because there weren’t enough jokes about masturbating or mobile phones in it. Same excuse they used with Adam Buxton’s show. Which begs the question, where is the right place on the BBC for shows like that, which clearly have a devoted audience? They want to divide everything up into niche channels, fine, just make sure you don’t miss any of the key niches…like ‘good comedy’…

    Sorry. Bugbear rant over.

  116. The ‘Pulling’ schedule confused the bejeasus out of me. I never knew when the bloody thing was on, then it seemed to only grace the late hours after my (embarrasingly pathetic) bedtime. How is something meant to get a following behind it when they arse up the showing times?
    They seem to be using the digital channels as a sort of litmus test for new sitcoms, like Gavin and Stacey. I don’t know what would have happened to shows like League of Gentlemen if they were put through the same regime…

  117. Graham,

    Friday’s episode was fantastic – and not just because I was sitting in the row behind Moss at the football match. Shame that some of the scene ended up on the cutting room floor, but side splittingly funny all the same.

    Thanks for the giving me the opportunity to appear in the best sitcom around.

  118. Re :Pulling
    If the writers have any sense they’ll punt it straight over to C4.

  119. No, thank you, Phil! You guys were great. A bunch of Crystal Palace fans, pretending to be West Ham fans…that was above and beyond the call of duty.

    By the way, can anyone explain to me what “walk it in” actually means? I never found out.

  120. Can I be the 10th person to express my fondness for your poo analogy? Very good and disturbingly informative Screenwipe – I also found it most refreshing and reassuring that there were so many differing approaches and despite this, no one really enjoys what they do until it’s done. Brilliant.

    Actually, Graham, have you thought about writing a book on writing? Your healthy embrace of procrastination could inspire many. Personally, your poo metaphor was like a creative suppository and when you uttered those lines I got the sudden urge to write. Or maybe poo. Dammit, I can’t distinguish between the two urges any more.

  121. Hmmm…I just remembered you didn’t tell us at the time we were pretending to be West Ham fans did you now!

    Would I be right in thinking the scene filmed with Matt Berry sitting amongst us will feature in another episode, thus giving me a second shot at fame (and ridicule)? I must say his “Who are we watching, Crystal Palace, they’re a bit crap aren’t they?” comment was a cracker.

    I’ll leave the walk it in question for a real football fan to answer.

  122. LOL… Walk it in: it refers to a team trying to pass the ball so much that instead of shooting when they get near the goal they would prefer to carry on passing until someone is literally on the goal line to walk the ball over it. They over-play basically. :)

  123. oops, sorry for the double-post

  124. Andrew Sheerin – Perhaps we should start suggesting titles for Mr. Linehan’s hypothetical book-
    My suggestion would be “Delaying the Poo- a Tale of a Life Spent Procrastinating”

  125. notacrook – I like it, but may I suggest a modest alteration? I find “Feeding the Poo” to be more pleasing and relevant all-round.

    I hereby also submit “Don’t Rush the Poo” and “Nurture Your Inner-Poo: A Guide to Creative Procrastination” for your consideration.

  126. To quote Roy “That’s Quite Gay”, but in this case im a good way.

  127. Writing is like having a poo?
    Well, having a poo can be like writing – as sometimes you need a pen to work it out.

    Ok. That was shocking. I’m getting my coat now.

  128. Hey Graham!
    I’ve just found this wonderful blog type thing after you spoke about it on “charlie brooker’s screenwipe”
    i’d just like to say thanks for the tips about writing and it was very very interesting…im starting to get idea’s flowing around my brainbox right now…i’m only 16 so i don’t expect to come up with anything groundbreaking just yet…maybe a little bit groundbreaking.
    so yeah thanks for the inspiration and all the great programs you’ve written over the years!


  129. Groundbreaking? Just try and write something with a beginning, middle and end, James. That’s hard enough. I still only manage it occasionally.

  130. Ah okay thanks!
    Yes i am starting to find that out now.
    I’ve been watching some of my favourite comedies to try get some more ideas (“Father Ted”,”Flight of the Conchords”, “The I.T. Crowd”,”Brass Eye” etc.)
    Were you good at english at school Graham? just because i really wasn’t so i hope that wont hold me back.
    I’m good at music so i’ll have to incorporate that somehow..
    I apologise…I’ve basically just given you a very short and primarily school based life story.

  131. I was good at English, yes. You do have to LOVE reading if you want to be a writer. There’s no way around that one, I’m afraid.

  132. That said, maybe you just had a bad teacher, or a bad curriculum. You can love reading and still stink at English, because it’s taught so badly. I still remember being forced to read ‘Silas Marner’ when I was eighteen–it was like they were actually trying to make me hate literature.

  133. Ah…well it was fun while it lasted :P
    The last book i read was “Wilt” by Tom Sharpe and i thoroughly enjoyed that but i wouldnt say i LOVE reading…Oh well.
    Any really funny books you could recommend? …Not so i can suddenly say i love reading…just because it’s been a while since i’ve had a ruddy good laugh..

  134. Well the book i really disliked being taught was “To kill a mockingbird”…but when i read it without the teacher it wasn’t so bad
    I had one of the worst english teachers..so boring when she spoke..took absolutely nothing from her lessons..taht said my other english teachers were rather good!
    I actually remember when i was in school playing “Father Stone” in a version of that Father Ted episode my mate had re-worked…was a boring part though…Just had to say “Fine” and lie on a table..

  135. If you didn’t like ‘To kill a Mockingbird’, then it MUST have been the teacher.

  136. Funny books…Jeeves series by Wodehouse, ‘The Small Bachelor’ by Wodehouse…’Eggs, Beans and Crumpets’ by Wodehouse…Woody Allen’s essays, Peter Benchley, Dorothy Parker, The Onion’s ‘Dumb Century’, ‘Catch 22’, ‘Tourist Season’ by Carl Hiassen (probably everything by him), anything by Elmore Leonard (but start with ‘Swag’), most things by Douglas Copeland (but especially ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’), ‘The Santaland Diaries’ by David Sedaris, ‘Confederacy of Dunces’…that enough to be getting on with?

  137. Yes it is! thank you very much Mr. Graham..and I’m very much looking forward to “The I.T. Crowd” Tomorrow..(I’ve watched last weeks one about 8 times already i think…Best episode yet in my opinion! Either that one or the one with The fire and the stress machine…)

    And yes it was DEFINATELY the teacher!..

  138. Oh, God, James!…watch the spelling!

  139. I told you it was the teacher! *badoom tsch!*

  140. Funny Books? Anything by Douglas Adams – an IT nerd who wrote sci-fi comedy, seems apt for this blog…

    Thought Flann O’Brien might get a nod for his bizarre humour Graham?

  141. The John Swartzwelder books are hilarious. Every page of each book has at least three laugh out loud moments.


  142. Thanks for all the recommendations guys!
    As soon as i get my next lot of money i will go book hunting!
    By the way is “Big Train” available on DVD? I Must have completely missed it when it was on so i looked at some clips on youtube and i’ve been laughing non-stop since!..

  143. Wow! Great tip! Thanks, Craig.

  144. Forget about the “Big Train” question. Just found it on amazon.

  145. Yeah Big Train is available on DVD


    I also highly reccommend any of Stephen Fry’s novels for a bit of hilarity (even the often moving autobiography has plenty of laughs) but I particularly urge you towards Hugh Laurie’s only novel, ‘The Gun Seller’. Not groundbreaking plot or character development etc., but it’s witty as feck.

  146. Just watched this week’s episode of Screenwipe – good enough to be used as Classroom material I think. The poo analogy was hilariously accurate, just like an episode of IT Crowd. Made me feel better for not being able to “write on demand” so to speak. Writing seems to be seldom discussed so this was very appreciated.

    And about “Are We Not Men?”… The kiss at the end was the perfect. How more wrong could an attempt by Roy and Moss to be “real men” go?

    An American fan (just don’t ask how I get the show).

  147. Exactly, Tom, though I wish I’d made that more explicit. Still, seemed to work anyway…

  148. hi graham
    this is my favourite thing i’ve seen on youtube this week.


  149. Very funny, Miss Custard! That Downfall remix never gets old.

  150. Really funny writer, David Sedaris.


    Here he is on Letterman..

  151. Is it too late to suggest a funny book? I sure hope not. I love “Wigfield” by Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, and Paul Dinello (http://www.amazon.com/Wigfield-Can-Do-Town-That-Just/dp/078688696X/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1228442751&sr=8-1). I have read it five times over the years, and have never not ended up laughing my face off.

    You might find taping your face back on after every chapter a little annoying, though.

  152. Hi Graham,
    I’ve just been listening to your dvd commentary for Father Ted and its brilliant – in my effusion of admiration I just want to say thank you thank you. I am crazy about Big Train and Father Ted and I can’t wait to find a way to see IT crowd. Anyways by all means get a good show going here in the States – we need more of the sort of thing you write.
    After listening to your commentary now I’m just going to look up Guided By Voices.
    p.s. Moby Dick is actually quite funny in parts. And Tristram Shandi. Sorry. Thanks again!

  153. Regarding bad English teachers, I was made to read Jude The Obscure at the age of 14. It put me off English literature for many, many years. I only got back into reading when I was about 21, and now I’m finally catching up.

    Agree about Catch 22 being funny. It works so effectively to make the horrifying bits punch you in the guts all the harder.

  154. Graham, you said to be a writer you have to love reading. I love reading books about telly. Does that count?

  155. No.

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