We’re back!

November 21, 2008


Today’s the day, kids! I’m still editing, but I definitely think this is our best series. We really–

No, maybe I should keep expectations low.

We messed up. It doesn’t work.

There! Now you’re really gonna love it!

Couple of things–

No, I can’t do anything about the laughter. Anyone who doesn’t like studio sitcoms, let’s just call it a day and start seeing other people. It’s not working out.

Anyone who wants to start being nasty about me or the actors or the show, this is not the place. There are several sites out there where you can get your hate on and no-one will just instantly mark your comment as spam.  And best of luck with getting that script commissioned!

A big thank you to all the cast and crew who made this series such a blast to work on. I apologise for complaining on the rare occassions where something went wrong, and not noticing or remarking on it when things went right. I am sometimes an arse.

Last but not least, thanks to all the people who wrote in to this site and suggested props for the set. Man, that worked out.  Man, that worked out. I guess to most, it’ll look exactly the same, but to me, it’s a huge improvement and a permanent reminder of how much you dig the show. I am indebted to you all.

Let the games commence! (Channel 4, 10.00pm)


  1. Its great to have the show back. I’m glad you think its the best yet as I read that post about the limitations you’ve got with settings etc. Looks like you broke through. I Hope there are more series to come!

  2. I saw the ‘bully’ clip on YouTube. If that’s anything to go by, I cannot wait. I wish you and the series all the best.

  3. […] okay so langsam bin ich dann doch auch in extrem freudiger (und ungeduldiger) Erwartung der neuen IT-Crowd-Folgen zumal ich diese Serie schon guckte als ihr alle noch unbedarft Google bei Google eingetippt habt, […]

  4. Just saw the bully clip. Looks like its going to be on top form again!

  5. Yay! I’m so excited! I can’t wait!

  6. Damnit, I knew I should have bought that Diesel Sweeties shirt months ago when it was indie ;) I’ve got most of the other ones.

    If the other shirts feature in the series maybe I’ll have to move them from my main shirt drawer and into the “shirts I used to like” drawer…

  7. Really excited about the show tonight, Graham. It seems a shame you would even have to think about pre-empting criticism before it even arrives, but then that’s the web. People are very brave online.

    As a pre-emptive compliment, I was listening to the Amnesty Secret Policemen’s Ball podcasts this week, and Stewart Lee told Robin Ince that his favourite TV comedy moment ever is when Ted is waving to the chinese family, and there’s the black square on the window that makes him look Hitlery.

    *hopes to God that this wasn’t Arthur’s idea*

    Anyway, we’re rooting for ya, Champ!

  8. Cant wait for this.

    My little big planet pod is an homage (rhymes with french cheese) to The Crowd. I’ve even made a Moss sackboy… I’m playing with dolls again, but its so much fun I don’t care.

    I’ll be wearing my electric sheep t-shirt and toasting your success Mr. L, congrats.

    geeks ftw!

  9. I am so looking forward to this. But will it have sharks in it? This does.


  10. Does anyone have a link to the series 3 trailer? Still not seen it!

  11. Can’t wait ! hey I’m from Paris France, it’s gonna be hard for me to watch it, sorry I’ll have to dowload it. But don’t worry, one day, probably with dvd or I don’t know I’ll pay somehow for this show. Thank you U for this. ITC is one of the funniest Tv show I know.

    cheers, french fan

  12. The premiering of the third season of The IT Crowd only happens once in a lifetime, and then once again an hour later on C4+1, and I will not miss it for this or any other world.

    It’s been a long and emotional month, and this is sure the sweet tonic I have been craving.

    Hooray for all things great! Congrats on the efforts of all those in the team …. Team. Team. Team. Team. Team. Team. I even love saying the word team. You probably think that’s a picture of my family. Uh uh. It’s the A Team. Bodie; Doyle; Tiger; The Jewellery Man.

    [apologies on the quote, but you get the point]

  13. I’m sitting here frothing at the mouth in yes, an IT department, counting down the seconds… Really, really looking forward to season 3. And really, really looking forward to the Guardian slagging it off one week and then praising it to high heaven the next! The rascals.

  14. IT Crowd and BOFH –


    Make my life much more entertaining! I love the IT crowd, but BOFH really captures the IT’s average dream!

    Thanks for, I hope, another great series!

  15. I went to see tonight’s show being taped.

    IS GOOD!!

    And so I’m right on the side of studio sitcoms…

  16. I have been this excited since series two was about to start. :-)

    Well done Graham and the rest of the cast and crew, I’m sure you will have done another cracking job. I’m off to watch some episodes of Darkplace to get an Ayoade fix.

  17. When is it on normal telly?

  18. Channel 4 at 10 not normal enough?

  19. Graham, Any cameos this season? You were great as the mariachi guy. I really believed you were disappointed when you were told to do away.

  20. The IT Crowd cast were hanging around my building in Brick Lane yesterday – must’ve been doing some last minute pick-up shots?

    Anyway, made me very excited. I’ll be watching the proper geek way – via 4oD…

  21. I shout “We’re all going to die!” at one point. That’s about it.

  22. Greetings from Germany. Can’t wait to see the new episodes. Is it true that the DVD will be released middle of March 2009? At least that is what amazon.co.uk is claiming.

  23. really excited about seeing the new series. I was absolutely gutted about not getting to go see it as I missed out on tickets but i’ll enjoy it anyway.

    I just wonder what era of gaming the dvd will use, I hope it goes for the N64 personally, that’s be interesting to see.

  24. I absolutely can’t wait :D x

  25. Graham, is there going to be a proper way for those of us who are outside the UK to watch these? I’m in the states, and the DVDs are GREAT but it’s painful waiting for them.

    Also, while I’m at it, thanks for the amazing DVDs. I don’t think I fully understood what deafening laughter was until I showed the first episode (with the l33t subtitles enabled) to a room full of geeks.

  26. I understand all three series are going to be available next year in the US. Sorry it took so long! Also, the next series will be region-free, so you can get it from Amazon Uk ahead of time! Hurray! (I think it is coming out in March).

  27. […] is also writer and producer of the even acer The IT Crowd. Season 3 of this starts tonight. From his blog: Anyone who wants to start being nasty about me or the actors or the show, this is not the place. […]

  28. You don’t need it, but good luck Graham. We have been counting down to tonight. Can’t think of anything clever to say, just we are sooooo excited, the trouble is it will be a whole week until the next one.

  29. Looking forward to the show tonight, can’t wait! Purposely muted or turned over any trailers or write ups about what is going to happen, just a thing I do makes it better I think :D

  30. I suppose I am a IT Crowd ‘fanboy’! I know that no matter how it is received (in general), I will love it.

    Can’t wait for tonight.
    My only complaint will be that the start of the series means that the end won’t be far behind, and then I’ll be left wanting more!
    MORE! I tells thee.

    Came to the 2nd filming sesh. Loved it. Great night out. And it was free!

  31. (my first post)

    Can’t wait! I’m a huge fan of all your work, I’ve almost worn out my Father Ted DVDs!

    I’ve loved every IT Crowd episode so far and I just know I’ll love tonight’s!

    I’m more excited than Dougal before the eurovision song contest!

  32. Is this series as funny as the first episode of the second series of IT?
    the small crowd of people I consider friends believe that is the Funniest peice of funny in the history of funny. (even people who hate every other episode of the show agree that series two episode one is hilarious)

  33. As a USian, it’s the middle of my work day at my own IT job. I cannot wait to get home to watch the show! I caught the other two seasons on imported DVD (amazing work on those, BTW; we giggled ourselves silly at the menus). The anticipation for this series has been tremendous at our home! I hope you don’t mind too much if I download the show now, until such time as I can buy the DVDs.

  34. Good luck tonight Graham and thank you!!!

    Ken and Paula

  35. Graham, is the “Cookalong Live” on tonight? It wasn’t on last week.
    ha ha. just playing around.

    for some intertextuality, I suggest Moss cooking with the sweary Ramsay for Jen, Roy and Douglas.

    Good luck with the series.

  36. Best of luck tonight – not that you’ll need any.

    Power outages anticipated in some areas…

  37. Good luck Graham. Everyone ready to record?

  38. It’s now gone 10, and Gordon the swearing chef is still on!

  39. Here we go…

  40. Crack on!

  41. Brilliant first half – hilarious.

  42. Have it on record at the moment. Brother is playing XBox with his mates. *shakes fist* Best of luck with the series Graham.

  43. As a US fan, I wish I could support your efforts by purchasing a DVD or three. A DVD release in the states would be great. I think it’d make a fair amount of money.

  44. Douglas’ gun discover and Jen’s phone drop – stunning! So great to have it back Graham. Thank you.

  45. Hey! This is the episode I saw filmed!
    I almost fell part of something.

  46. Fell?

  47. I lol’d !

    Nice one!

  48. Fantastic fantastic fantastic!! Graham the comedy God!

  49. Brilliant, great to have it back… Matt Berry’s genius….

  50. Got you, you crafty Irish *******!

    Brilliant throughout. Mr Linehan, you’ve done it again!

  51. you were right to build it up!
    great stuff!
    you crafty irish bastard :)

  52. Terrific.

  53. So good I could shoot myself in the leg!

    Thanks Graham.

  54. Brilliant Episode, had us roaring with laughter at the video camera box and the conference call. Fantastic.

  55. Loved the iPod party!

  56. Nice to see that Togo Igawa continues his monopoly of the middle-aged Japanese businessman market. He was almost a Cyberman, you know.

  57. That was the best episode ever – I’m 95% sure.

  58. I’ve just blown red wine down my nose and choked. Twice. Bloody brilliant, just bloody brilliant. Now to watch it again on C4+1 to pick up on the new bits in the office I missed! Cheers Graham!

  59. Well, I enjoyed it.

  60. Hi Graham,
    Very funny first episode and good start to the new series. Really love the show and great to have it back. The inner geek in me (well its actually not very ‘inner’ at all!) enjoyed all the new bits and bobs from the new set dressing :-)
    Cant wait for the rest of the series.

  61. Well done Graham. Very funny tonight. But maybe not as funny as Pat Kenny interviewing the satanic sluts right now.

  62. That was very enjoyable, well done . Thanks for the laughs.

  63. My friends would like to know who supplied or suggested the old TSB Savings Piggybank-but-not-a-piggy that is visible behind Roy’s desk… (they told me it was called a ‘Tivvy’ or somesuch but this was a phone conversation and I didn’t quite catch the name properly and did not want to display my ignorance by asking that it be repeated or spelled out). I think it might have made their night. I know they have a similar one in a Sunderland football strip lurking on the windowsill at the top of their stairs just outside the toilet. I know this because I have seen it.

  64. Really irritates me that people slate audience sitcoms, if it’s funny then it’s right.

    Awesome episode, really fast paced and solid too. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  65. That was fantastic! Graham, you have done it again – Top notch, excellent comedy writing.
    [Serious kudos for the cake is a lie t-shirt too.]

  66. It was good to see Chris Morris making a short reappearance and the stuff with the builder was funny too. Stand out moment has to be the end to the Moss and bullies sub-plot though. Hope the rest of the season manages to achieve the same hilarity as the episode in the theatre did.

  67. I could hardly watch, in case it was a let-down after the last series, but… man, oh man. Just brilliant.

    Watch yourself Graham, you’re getting good at this.

  68. That’s not Hitler – it’s a woman.

  69. Absolutely hilarious episode, all the threads plumbed the heights of insanity I hoped for. Moss’s Taxi Driver crescendo made me choke violently on my cider (red wine is a bit sophisticated for me).

    Thanks mister!

  70. “I lost it on a horse,” — my favourite joke.
    Hitler — Fiona’s favourite joke.
    Am currently rereading the Father Ted scripts and being amazed anew.

  71. Heeeee :) I loved Matt Berry. The bullying stuff was a bit close to the bone for me, but well described …

  72. Thanks everyone! Very kind of you all to write. I hope you like the rest of it… my aim with this series is to make everyone stop talking about the theatre episode. Smileyfacewink (can’t bring myself to actually do one.)

  73. Mr Linehan, ‘I am beholden to you’ for giving my Friday nights purpose for the depressing wintry period ahead. I would love to say I’m the IT Crowd’s biggest fan, although that sounds clichéd (but I secretly think I am). I own series 1 and 2 on DVD and I still love putting them on and chanting along (yeah I know all the words…). The best episodes have to be ‘Calamity Jen’ (stand upright. Well that’s silly, now I can’t read the instructions’) and ‘The Work Outing’ (it’s I love willies. sorry? it’s I LOVE willies! Excuse me sir, could you keep it down?)

    Judging by this first episode, if people have set their standards as high as the brilliance of series one and two, they won’t be disappointed.

    Thankyou so much!

  74. Ooops sorry I mentioned the theatre episode… but I did provide quoes from other episodes too… no anger please!!

  75. Great episode…so excited it’s back!!

  76. Excellent stuff! Amazing opening episode. I trust the standard can be maintained. I believe in you Graham! Only recently discovered your blog so I’m probably showing major ignorance here, but what does this mean –
    ‘Anyone who wants to start being nasty about me or the actors or the show, this is not the place. There are several sites out there where you can get your hate on and no-one will just instantly mark your comment as spam. And best of luck with getting that script commissioned!’
    ???? What happened? Has there trouble here before? Sounds horrid.

  77. Graham, that was brilliant (I just came home from an exhausting night out after an exhausting day at work, and still sat down to watch my digi-recorded version). It’s a good thing my housemate isn’t in, or I’d’ve woken her up laughing. And a Chris Morris cameo! Yay!

    I’m super excited about next week’s episode – it’s one of the ones I got to see at Pinewood. It’s a corker, guys. (I don’t know where Richard Ayoade draws that cockney voice from, but it’s amazing! I wondered if it was dubbed at first!)

  78. Welcome back and thanks for the unmitigated joy!

    Was tonight’s episode shorter than usual or is it just that the things we love alter our perception of time?

    Either way, with all the additional ad-time CH4 crams in each write must be about 20’ish minutes isn’t it?

    Would you ever consider writing extended episodes Graham as I would like to see more character development? Just running to a full 30 minutes would make all the difference.

  79. Argh! Bollocks! I’m in the midst of a very intensive course at the moment, and let this slip my mind. I’m so ashamed. Hope it’s repeated. I promise to watch the rest of the series.

    Bollocks bollocks bollocks.

    Best of luck.

  80. Was just the nicest thing to have the IT Crowd back, and it was a great episode, meaning full of ideas and just completely silly as we all like it to be. To me, the Hitler joke was in itself worth the wait. Hopefully I’ll stop giggling like an idiot about it someday. For the moment it’s still going on.

  81. Excellent episode!

  82. Loved it/brilliant/loved it.

  83. out of every episode ever, this was my favorite. great to have chris morris back, as well :]

  84. Glad to see I’m not the only one still giggling like an idiot. Fantastic episode.

  85. “No it’s a new number 0118 999…” Best recurring joke moment ever. If it weren’t so damn funny I would be sad to say I shrieked.

  86. Oh crap – the trails for next week’s episode have spoiled this series’ underlying theme of Moss gaining his Jedi powers and eventually turning to the Dark Side of blokedom. (That’s a joke. I hope…)

  87. “it certainly help me to buy sandwiches”
    nice episode, glad to see it back!

  88. I just saw it, and couldn’t wipe the massive grin off my face the entire time. I’ve been looking forward to it for months and months and you did NOT disappoint!

  89. This was the episode my wife and I were at the studio filming of. Loved every minute of it then and it was even better all put together. I missed jokes during Denholm’s letter to Douglas. Just loved the “I was going to use the gun to kill myself but, as you know, I jumped out of a window”. Who said you couldn’t do subtle? I didn’t by the way.


  90. I cannot wait to see the new series, that and forcing my loved ones to watch it.

    One of the best things is trying to spot different nerd related things in the background – so don’t worry Graham, people WILL notice!

  91. Very solid episode, Graham! Loved the guest appearance. ;)

    Oh, and shall I start the “spot the geek memorabilia” list?

    1. Guy Fawkes mask
    2. Pink Space Invader sticker…

  92. Stop people talking about the theatre episode? You can try Glinner, but I love talking about the theatre episode! Because it’s great.

    I like you, so I’ll give the new series a go. But if it’s not up to scratch I’ll be talking about that episode all over the shop, there’ll be no stopping it, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

    I’ve heard you listen to music. Nice.

  93. Love it! Love the bullying role-play in particular. Yess it’s back.

  94. What a fantastic opening to the new series. I loved Douglas’s ipod party and it was fantastic to see Chris Morris.

    You have made friday nights worth staying in for again. Well done sir!

  95. Okay, that was fantastic.
    Me and Grace freaked out at the titles, “Matt’s name’s on the opening credits! Matt’s name’s on the opening credits!” Exciting!

    I’m not gonna give anything away but that… appearance from that guy that everyone should love after the incident with the object in the drawer made me happy. Him and Matt together at last was too good. Did everyone at the recording cheer or gasp? I feel that would have been my reaction had I been there!
    Also, what colour is the Protect the Human sign? From the studio it looked white at the time and we were confused when it looked black on the screens at the ep3 recording. Then last night we thought we were going insane or there was some sort of tv magic (or… lighting) being used to turn it black, then occasionally grey. Burn the witch!

    Ramble ramble ramble, it was brilliant. A strong first episode. And I’m so glad you’re proud of it.


  96. Great to have you back. Look forward to next week.

  97. hmmm…

  98. Man, a HUGE pile of props (comparing the condition to the previous series) on the IT Room! Nice, it did _really_ work out. :D

  99. The props really do make a difference. I also like Jen’s hair and wardrobe in this episode.

    I’m wondering what Douglas says when he’s waking up. Did he say Margaret Thatcher? I don’t get the joke. Ignorant yank here.

  100. I thought Douglas said “call Mark Thatcher” which is random and I probably heard it wrong.

  101. Hello!, Loved it, especially liked the amnesty poster squirreled away on set!

    Looking forward to next one.

  102. I thought Roy trying to help Moss deal with the bullying was so sweet! And Jen’s hair is lovely. And I loved everything about this episode. :)

  103. Loved it! Nice to be reminded what funny looks and sounds like. From my own attempts I know how incredibly hard sitcoms are to write- and how quickly everyone puts the boot in when they don’t quite work.
    Hats off!

  104. Thought it was fantastic, great stuff.
    Well done, sirs!

  105. I was brilliant!! Thank you guys for making me laugh this much again!

    Keep up the great work!

  106. Brill episode but one question: Why was the lights in the basement off?? Was it for some effect??

  107. Woo! Wasn’t that ACE?! All the mates I had round to watch it laughed their asses off the whole way through and it made me so proud. My head almost exploded when I saw my very first ever television screen credit roll past. Cheers Graham for being such a legend and making this the best job I’ve ever had. And I’d like to second Graham’s cheers to everyone who submitted ideas for props – you gave me a lot of work to do, but it really makes the show. Roll on next week! Ben “Researcher” Capel xx

  108. Graham, I think that was the strongest, funniest first episode you’ve ever made. Fantastic!

  109. Loved it! I was ill all day, and it really cheered me up (when I finally woke at three o’clock this morning.) My sister loved it too. Can’t wait until next week :D

  110. I was so excited when I saw the prop I suggested – a Kingdom of Loathing sticker! (It’s the one that says I [Club] Seals)

    This is perhaps my greatest achievement.

  111. Fantastic.. although, I missed the first five minutes because I couldn’t find a save crystal in the Final Fantasy game I was playing. I only watch FX channel these days (Burn Notice, Breaking Bad and the occasional Family Guy) and I’m glad to get a chance at having a good laugh now. Thank you for giving us a comedy series worth watching.

    I was trying to squint at what was in the centre of the set charts on the T-Shirt… thanks for posting the picture. The plethora of other nick nacks in the IT department background was distracting me also.

    Yeah… I could have caught up on the 1st 5mins on E4+1, but I was near a boss battle in the Final Fantasy game… and I would lie for you in a BARB poll and say I watched them both… I mean no offence in writing that.

  112. This episode was fantastic! And I’m not just saying that. It was really funny.

  113. Marvellous stuff. Because I trust you, I even let my 10 year-old stay up to watch it. You didn’t let me down. Thank you.

  114. The most me and my girlfriend have laughed since the dog eating Peep Show one. ‘Nuff said.

  115. M keboard seems to be fucked o tis ew laptop so apologies i advace.

    Tak ou so muc agai! Reall glad ou liked it. Lots of good tigs to come.


    does aoe kow w all te middle letters o tis laptop ave suddel stopped workig?

  116. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    (I’m so sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

  117. I noticed that without Y,H & N; Anything comes out as Atig.

    I’d do atig,
    For ou dear atig,
    Atig for ou….

    The (possible) reasons your keys dont work:

    Coffee droppage (more a danger if over sugared).
    Falling asleep on laptop (Those keys are in the dangerous, nose region).
    Small fragment of factory worker stuck under keys (Nails, tooth or earlobe are the most likely).

    I suggest setting up your keyboard to compensate the loss of these keys:
    |\| = N
    # = H
    ¬ = Y (Japanese Yen sign would be better)

    M¬ ke¬board seems to be fucked o|\| t#is |\|ew laptop so apologies i|\| adva|\|ce.
    T#a|\|k ¬ou so muc# agai|\|! Reall¬ glad ¬ou liked it. Lots of good t#i|\|gs to come.
    does a|\|¬o|\|e k|\|ow w#¬ all t#e middle letters o|\| t#is laptop #ave sudde|\|l¬ stopped worki|\|g?

    Problem solved!!

  118. I’m going to get quite the odd look in immigration, when under reason for immigration, I write “Television and sausage rolls.”

  119. Taks a lot, Bob! ver amusig I do’t tik!

  120. Actuall, ver fu.

  121. Loved it! Am now having fun going back and pausing shots to look at the set. It’s almost like “Where’s Waldo (or, as Wikipedia tells my American brain, Wally)”.

  122. Have your middle keys got little arrows in dark grey on a dark grey background? They’re maybe moonlighting as the world’s most ineptly placed function keys. Either that or your keyboard’s been devalued by about 5%.

  123. Hi Graham.
    Firstly let me say how much I love The IT Crowd. Last week (21.11.08) it was great, and nice to hear, even briefly, a part of “0118 999 881 999 119 725… 3”.

    More to my point, I am (yet another) wanna-be writer out there and I wrote an IT Crowd script, I hope I’m not imposing when I ask if you would mind taking even a glimpse of it? I completely understand I you just don’t want to or are too busy. :)


  124. Both The Mirror AND The Star said The IT Crowd had ‘canned laughter’.

    I shouldn’t be surprised that journalists at these papers are completely stupid, but as TV critics surely they should have just a small grasp on how the TV industry operates?!

    Anyway, first episode was pretty bloody good – had loads of your usual brilliance in Graham!

  125. Thanks God, ehhh… I mean.. thanks Graham for bringing us another amazing episode of The IT Crowd show. The Hitler’s appearance was soooooo funny ;), another gag for the TV comedys’ history.

  126. Urgh, Seefacts, why did you have to mention that some tabloid “journalists” (my three year old is more articulate)had reviewed Friday’s episode? I went and read them and I’ve got myself all annoyed and worked up, and they don’t even let you comment on their articles, the damn cowards!

  127. (for commenting, I mean online, a la The Guardian. Although I am inclined to write a letter)

  128. ps. My laptop keyboard did a similar thing a while ago. Turned out I had sticky keys turned on, whatever a sticky key is!

    (sorry for posting three times on the trot, I’ll go back to working now…)

  129. Yeah, like jolene I think it might be Stickykeys, Graham. If you hold down the shift button for too long it comes on and is a big old shitter. Turning it off and on again is a quick fix, google it to find out how to turn it off, I guess.

    That’s assuming it is Stickykeys.

    Great first episode btw, loved the Morris comeback!

  130. Gratz for an excellent start on the new season! Keep em coming!

    -A from the States

  131. I’ve got that Pivot poster too!

  132. Graham – is your NUMLOCK light on?

  133. This first episode was great the first time I saw it on Friday last. Now I have seen it enough times to be fairly sure I have got all the jokes. The stories were woven together so well. Loved Moss’s revenge on the bullies. Really there was not a duff second.
    Sad person that I am, I particularly liked the change in the sound quality and the tinnitus after the shooting. I doubt that any whodunnit writer could weave a plot better. Brilliant start to the series, and having been in the audience for next weeks episode, I know this is equally excellent.

  134. On another note: Sweet, suffering Christ! It’s like Ted never happened!


  135. Very impressed ! Matt Berry truly is a king amongst men – loved the space invaders too ! x

  136. […] We’re back! Today’s the day, kids! I’m still editing, but I definitely think this is our best series. We […] […]

  137. Cheeky Hitler peeping round the door frame of “heaven” might have been the episode’s highlight for me.

    Well done, Graham – you have ensured that, come what may, at least the next 6 weeks will be filled with happiness.

  138. glasgow is cold. it crowd is good. exciting.

  139. That’s an Altair! That’s an ALTAIR behind Moss on the shelving!

    You found an ALTAIR!

    I am in awe.

  140. Oh, and the episode itself?

    Top marks all around for all involved!

  141. Another fantastic episode. :)

  142. Hilarious episode, great job. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  143. Another vote for the gunshot/ear-ringing gag. A moment of genius.

  144. Great stuff Graham, cast and crew! Looking forward to the next episode.

  145. Hello Graham!

    Awesome episode! Loved seeing Chris Morris back. Laughed loads.

    I went to what I thought was the first episode of the new series (it continued on from the second series). Will this episode not be aired?

    Thanks for the fun


  146. Graham,
    I have to say: well done!
    My favorite scene is when Jen confronts the big ugly builder. “Weeell. Lets forget about it then, shall we?” :D
    Also, I liked the references to the previous two series very much.

    However, there is one thing I just can’t get:
    During the video conference gone wrong we see Chris reaching for the 20 pound note outside the window of Matt’s office, but in the next-to-last scene, he tries to get it out of Matt’s shirt pocket. Am I missing something here?

    Greetings from cannibal-land.

  147. “I’ve got a gun! I’ve got a ruddy gun.”

    Best line ever has to be “I would be beholden to you.” Perfect delivery. Well done to all involved.

  148. The show goes from strength to strength. I am already looking forward to the next episode. Well done!

    Loved the reference to the new phone number for the ambulance. :)

    (Already watched it twice, might watch it again)

  149. “Both The Mirror AND The Star said The IT Crowd had ‘canned laughter’.

    I shouldn’t be surprised that journalists at these papers are completely stupid, but as TV critics surely they should have just a small grasp on how the TV industry operates?!”
    by Seefacts November 23, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    I know exactly how you feel, ‘shouldn’t be surprised’, although we are. Every time. Shit-for-brains, the lot of ’em. I haven’t bought or read a newspaper for years due to their general ineptitude.

    Stop buying newspapers, buy more IT Crowd dvds! Vote with your wallet people. The only language they understand. We have all the real power.

    So Graham, will we see an extended christmas special this year at all? I’m dying to see longer episodes re. my earlier comments ^.

  150. don’t think it’s sticky keys. not turned on anyway. using o-screen keboard to write this. pai i te arse!

  151. Peraps someoe wo was i te studio audieece ca e-mail Te Star ad te Mirror ad tell tem wat’s wat? I’d do so mself if m FUCKIG KEBOARD WAS WORKIG PROPERL!

  152. From tomorrow’s Star:


    Father Ted creator and comic writer Graham Linehan (59) was clearly enjoying the ‘success’ of his latest creation, The IT Crowd, a little too much last night.

    Staff at our Letters department were confused when Linehan (44) sent through an incoherent diatribe, appearing to rail against the quality of our journalism.

    “He was quite clearly intoxicated”, our man in Letters said, “every other letter seemed to be missing. It was like reading an email from an angry caveman who had caps lock left on”.

    Sources close to Linehan have previously expressed worries about his drinking – (insert Irish stereotype here)

    Oh go on, write in yourself Graham. It could be comedy gold.

  153. Ha, I just ended my last blog with “let the games commence” then realised that this one finished with that too. Nice.

    Anyway, I know you’re not into unnecessary swearing, Graham, but I think everyone should email the Mirror and the Star saying simply, “Shit off.”
    Actually, let’s send that to the Daily Mail too ‘cos… I mean… it’s the Daily Mail.

    Maybe “Shit off, guy! I was there AND I laughed AND it was genuine AND it was recorded. Thus, real people laughing at real jokes. How VERY dare they?” instead.

  154. o, do’t swear! be polite! xx

  155. Umm, I forgot to watch as I was playing Fable 2. Which is also funny though – so Hooray!

  156. Just caught up with everyone on this. Glorious. Takes what Seinfeld did and extends it!

  157. Some of your best work in recent times in my opinion. Bam bam bam came the laughs, genuine, from the gut. The series has really started strong. In particular the Hell scene with one Chris Morris & some chap with a moustache. The way he peeks round to see who’s coming in.. Brilliant.
    I can’t wait to see episode two(please post it now!!)
    Congrats Graham!

  158. Just saw the first episode of the new season! I bounced around with excitement when I found out that new season started. I must say that I am glad that the show is back. A year is is too long of a wait to get my IT Crowd fix. I wish that I could find 1st and 2nd season DVDs in the States.

  159. I have to say that the gun shot tinnitus was subtle genius. Particularly since it’s the exact same frequency as my actual tinnitus (not yet permanent luckily), I had to check with my boyfriend that it was the telly and not just me!

  160. I was very excited to read you’re working with Steve Delaney on a Count Arthur Strong project. The Count is one of the funniest creations I’ve seen on stage. He should be on our screens.

    Good luck with the rest of the series. Very, very enjoyable.

  161. Great show and good to see it back. On a separate note, you write further down about how you shouldn’t begin a screenplay with an angry monkey.

    I’m wondering if this counts for disappointed monkeys too?

    If not I shall proceed unmolested.

    The very best of luck with the new series.

  162. Trailer

  163. Congratulations on the emmy Graham! I hope your fly got its act together.

  164. Congratulations! The Emmy is much deserved.

  165. Congrats on the Emmy. Just read it on the BBC site.

  166. Was the Emmy for “Best Canned Laughter”? Seriously though, congratulations. I am dreading Episode 5 because I was laughing A LOT and I hope the mikes didn’t pick me up as I edged towards hysteria. Best show since Big Train, Black Books and Father Ted.

  167. Nice one Graham! All those naysayers and “critics” who said IT Crowd was, well, not very nice things, can go and stick it where da sun don’t shine.

    Good to see everyone settling into their characters: I can see another “Father Ted” – this new series really hit the ground running. It even appeals to my teenager daughters (probably because they see me in Moss!)

  168. I felt series 2 was a little hit and miss in spots. Still funny, but not “Dear god I’m going to die” funny.

    No such worries with this. Loved everything, but especially the stuff involving Matt Berry which was another level of genius entirely. You two were made for each other, comedically speaking. My wife is now starting to understand why I think Matt Berry is a genius.

    In fact I’d go as far as to say that the way he checked to see if the gun was loaded was the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV this year.

    Fantastic work Graham. And I cheered when Chris Morris returned. Just like I did when he returned in series 2.:)

    I love all five characters on the show. (Reynholm, Roy, Moss, Jen, Moss’ hair. Yes I consider his hair a character as I laugh every time I see it.:))

  169. Very well done on the international emmy!

  170. Any show that gets the same award as The Kumars feat. Donny Osmond gets a giddy thumbs up from me.

    And after the polished crafting of the series 3 opener you must surely have you eyeses on more prizes.

    Congratulations, very well deserved.

  171. Hi Graham,

    Really enjoyed the return of the show, but just wanted to ask a question about it that’s been bugging me:

    After Matt Berry fired the gun at Tom Binns, there was a really high pitched whine on the audio track for about 10 seconds. It didn’t seem to have any “joke” attached, and seemed like an incidental sound effect – perhaps to convey realism, but was really quite painful to the ear…..

    I think it was either
    a) some sort of audio mistake in the edit?
    b) an attempt at realisticly portraying the after effects of gunshot in a confined space?

    Could you shed any light?

  172. Here’s the award winner himself, with a grinning John Waters grinning like a Cheshire cat.


    (click the bottom middle picture to get a larger view)

  173. Congratulations on the Emmy Graham. Thoroughly well deserved, I’m so pleased for you!! International or not there’s no comedy that can touch IT Crowd. For acting, writing and production and laugh out loud comedy it’s peerless.

  174. Congratulations on the Emmy! That’s fantastic.

  175. Great stuff with the Emmy. Saw a clip on the BBC website which appeared to show yourself shuffling towards John Waters… The gait was unmistakable…

  176. Congradupulations on your Emmy Mr. L! Well deserved by the way!

    Here’s something I came across, don’t know if it’s been shown/linked before. But it tickled me:


    Also if you like a rude Stephen Fry, check out the infantile humour of Cassetteboy Vs Harry Potter – be warned – for infantile adults only! ;)

  177. As an American, I say the IT Crowd is a top 4 comedy with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Peep Show, and the Office US. I refuse to choose a favorite.

    I love you all for your funnyisms and laughables. You make me so joyistic that I can’t hardly stand the happyality.

  178. Congrats!

    John Waters is a delightful fellow. Just SO charming and — rare word alert — GRACIOUS. He really is.

  179. Great to have something decent to watch on a friday nite,beside’s the late late show obviously.
    Loved the crafty irish bastard bit at the end aswell
    Looking forward to this weeks episode!

  180. Congratulations on that lovely shiny award which is truly deserved. Having seen half of the new series (the first episode plus the two we saw recorded) I can testify that it really is as good as Graham says it is. I can’t wait to see the other three – and to see how the episode we saw filmed is edited. Thanks again for making me laugh until I almost let a bit of wee out.

  181. John Waters *spazzes out*

  182. wait, congratulations as well! I had a happy attack at lunchtime today, you’re on the front of… some paper.

  183. congratulations bro! very proud of you! that´s all I can say, love Chris.

  184. Congratulatiosn for the emmy. I love the show, and many people here in my country is also in love with The It Crowd. Hope in the future to have DVD editions with spanish subtitles included, I would for sure buy it and all the spanish geeks will do so as well.

    Brilliant, It Crowd is a gem, makes me laugh like no other TV show!

  185. Congratulations again! We met in the line up for taxis at the Hilton after the show. Would love to keep in touch! Father Ted is one of my fav shows and now I am looking for The IT Crowd to come to Canada. If you need help getting it here let me know!

  186. Just noticed IT Crowd is a co-production between Talkback Thames and Delightful Industries!

  187. Loved it:) Nice to (briefly) see Chris Morris again, too!

  188. Just heard you on the radio. Great stuff. And I add my congratulations to all of those above for the great achievement. Well deserved!

  189. Will Douglas get his own show?

    I’d pay a dollar for that…

  190. Just wanted to say Congrats on the Emmy :)

    Fair play,i really love the show

  191. I’ve just has this weird dream where you won an Emmy. Bizarre.

  192. Just wanted to post a link to The Mary Onettes. http://www.themaryonettes.net/ They have an 80’s retro sound very much like New Order. I’m enjoying their stuff very much right now.

  193. Though the original is best here’s one of the virals going around for that American Idol clip….

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