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November 14, 2008


  1. My own Dead Set appreciation:


    Hope Brooker gets a long-running (fiction) show and/or an episode of Dr Who now!
    In the meantime, there’s always Screen Wipe to look forward to.

  2. Very excited about the C4 trailers for IT Crowd!

  3. This comedy incest is driving me insane. Linehan replies to Pegg’s reply to Brooker, who replied to Pegg’s reply to Brooker, which was replied to by James Henry, who replied to Gervais’s reply to Pegg’s reply to Brooker’s reply to Pegg.

    I really hope you guys have actual conversations too.

    (And, er, I think I read blogs too much)

  4. Yay! Big Fat… on channel four has comedy sitcom’s best geeky character playing actors – Richard Ayoade and David Mitchell – together! Alan Carr’s there too though.

  5. What, you think we actually get to see each other?

  6. I done happy noises at the Dead Set blog. Especially agree on the Andy Nyman-ness.

    I have to say, I disagree about Brooker’s cursing on Screenwipe; I think it’s the childishness of his ripping the piss that makes it funny, and obviously cursing can be seen as trying to make it more “grown up” kind of thing, which makes it even more childish? I make no sense, yeah? yeah.

  7. Brooker’s swearing makes him sound even more irate and completely pissed off with something about a squirrel and a page 3 girl doing a phone in (for example, though probably coming soon to dave) and truly captures the essence of a man and his impending embolism.

    Gratuitous swearing really does put me off though. 30% of my telly-worship is being wasted by words i could say myself at home. Why would i look up to that?

    I’ve caught the IT crowd trailer twice with the tv on mute so far so I’ve made my own storyline to go with the shiny pictures and honestly…this series is gonna suck.

    (In all truth, I’m away next weekend with some good friends. 2 nights in a city far away I’ve never been to before…and half hour of which is to be spent in the hotel room watching the aforementioned funny-show. Bloody comedy-addicts…they’re worse than junkies.)

  8. ps…Just noticed who posted above me….one of the afore-mentioned funny-addicts.

  9. When you inject some imagination into it, swearing can be both big and clever.
    Andy Nyman has so many hilarious lines in Dead Set, I’d quote some but I’d rather not spoil it for others.
    And weren’t the bits with Davina in them shockingly good too? I don’t think I’ll hear Mika in the same way again haha.

  10. @Wrong Headed: my name on the “glory boards” in work (I work in credit management, don’t judge me) is Mika, which I loathed until Dead Set. Now when the song gets stuck in my head, I just see the amazing visual *avoids spoilering* and it makes me do a happy.

  11. Hello Kerry and Grace. Excited for Hotel based IT Crowd shenanigans (by shenanigans I mean… watching)

    Dead Set was pretty fantastic. I’m also very happy that the dvd, despite its quick release, is loaded with extras. Good ol’ Uncle Charlie.

    I too am rewatching the Big Fat Anniversary Quiz. Richard and David are lovely. But we all knew that…

  12. Naw, Graham, I don’t reckon you do — blogs and articles seem to be a conversational medium to you famous creatures. Who needs vocal contact when you can see how your friends are doing/what they think just by flicking up the Guardian website?

  13. I thought Andy Nyman was outstanding in Dead Set. Patrick may well have the most hideous person ever on television. He had not one single redeeming feature, yet he was compulsive viewing.

  14. I know this blog is a place of harmony and good will to all men but not all blogs are such, including the aforementioned guardian site…..check out this unholy mess:


    I don’t even know where to start.

  15. Und also my Dead Set appreciation:

  16. New Watchmen trailer is out:


    Here’s what annoys me about the trailer: why do they use Philip Glass’s tunes “Prophecies” and “The Grid” from Koyaanisqatsi? Is the actual score for Watchmen just not up to scratch? GTA 4 did it too. It’s like that Two Towers trailer where they plastered the Requiem For A Dream theme all over it. LAZY

  17. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes Charlie throws a swear party on Screenwipe and it’s hilarious. I just think, when it’s not hilarious, he should cut it. Because swearing for emphasis or effect is, in my view, chef-like.

  18. But, you know what? In the end, it’s really none of my business how Charlie chooses to do his show. All I really wanted to say was…’Dead Set’ is brilliant.

  19. Can I have my spider back please?


  20. Not swearing can be just as funny see: “The Old Grey Whistle Theft”

    By the way this is “fupping” brilliant.

    click play, then click the video and drag the cursor arrow to spin the view around.

  21. @sbrugby: just read that article. Scary opinion. I’ve obviously witnessed staunch Republican views, but I don’t think I’ve seen the other side of the extreme, to that degree anyway. Either extreme is never going to be accurate but it’s scary when someone with such a voice expresses it as if it is.

  22. Hello Graham… Loved your piece in the guardian today, it made my Saturday shift on a hellish call centre damn near bearable, sat chuckling to myself at the Mike Leigh section.

  23. I’ve not seen dead set, and I’m NOT going to make my mind up about something I haven’t seen, but I’m a bit put off watching it by the fact that, for all the horrible things Charlie has written about contestants and producers etc of reality shows (Especially Big brother) And the all the bile, he seems perfectly happy to use the ‘pull’ of that sort of thing as a basis for a show. I know if I was going to spend that mental energy coming up with snappy viciousisms about Bookcase or Henriella from ‘BB’
    I wouldn’t have made a show about them. (Being killed or not)

  24. I’ve just picked up a Guardian and will bring it with me to read at work tomorrow. There’s something oddly satisfying about reading Saturday’s papers on a Sunday… unless you miss the news of the coming apocolypse or something…

  25. Swedish dance bands of the 70’s!


  26. Woops, just noticed they’re up on boingboing too.

  27. @AstonishingSodApe

    “Here’s what annoys me about the trailer: why do they use Philip Glass’s tunes “Prophecies” and “The Grid” from Koyaanisqatsi? Is the actual score for Watchmen just not up to scratch?”

    The film’s not due out until March. The score has probably not even been written – it’s usually one of the last things to be done, since the film’s edit needs to be locked down before the score can usefully be written. So it’s actually quite rare that a trailer can contain music from the actual film. It’s not a judgement on the actual score, nor is it lazy. It’s just a practical reality of the movie industry.

  28. @ kirstenin…dejavu
    @ thingy..fo shizz? the internet-dudes really need to come upwith that irony button so i can be sure.
    @ graham..i concur. deadset is brilliant. also helps that my family are good people and will appreciate the dvd 3 times over. one each. when charlie brooker gets a swimming pool in the shape of lovejoy…i shall expect an invite to the pool party. aislene and i shall compare..i dunno…being a woman.

  29. I’ll join in and say Dead Set was brilliant. There is always an arrogant, selfish arsehole in zombie films/TV series, and Patrick was easily the most arrogant, selfish of them all.

    To be honest, I didn’t find it very funny. That’s not a criticism; to me, it seemed more of a drama with bits that COULD be construed as funny.

    Loved your piece in the Guardian today, Graham. And I leave you with one of the best jokes I’ve heard in a while:

    What do paedophilia and race crime have in common?

  30. Wow. And after reading my piece, you still thought I’d enjoy that joke?

  31. Stunning sense of humour there, APD.

    Graham, here’s a thing. http://i33.tinypic.com/29stmu.jpg

  32. Oh, and with regards to papers not as pointless as the one disparaged above, I liked your article in the Guardian. Funny, expressive, enlightening. But… but… Graham, how could you?! One of these days, you gotta write for us poor, guidance-hustling, comedy geeking sitcom writers who read Graham Linehan’s blog in the small hours of Sunday morning and who have listened more times to your DVD commentaries than the shows themselves because that’s one of those rare times when you DO actually give us “invaluable pointers for the would-be sitcom writer”.

  33. @ Jim: it’s a valid point about the score neing written late in the process, but I still maintain that plundering the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack is lazy. Same old same old. I don’t like to see trailers thieving from other scores. They should source their trailer music elsewhere. I mean, surely there’s plenty of classical one-size-fits-all lowest-common-denominator background wallpaper music out there!

  34. *neing = being

  35. Oh, I don’t know, I thought the article was very useful. Never again will I waste whole days planning to syncronise my supermarket trips with Richard Ayoade’s. So many lost hours…

  36. Huh. Well, er, I thought it was funny! To be honest, jokes like that all depend on the person telling them – maybe if I included an exclamation mark after the “me” it might have made it slightly more humourous…

    I don’t really get your response though, Graham. I said it because I thought it was funny – wasn’t referring to your piece at all.

    So no one found it funny?

  37. A strong contender for the trippiest music video ever.

  38. Another contender, Eric Weirheim (of Tim and Eric fames)video for Flying Lotuses “parisian goldfish”.

    Beware, REALLY not suitable for work.


  39. @ Flann: saw TV On The Radio last night in Dublin, great gig. But I have to disagree – this Dan Deacon video is a superior brain-melt:

  40. Ape, I just found out an hour ago that they were on last night. Consider this forehead slapped. Hard.

  41. This is utterly utterly utterly utterly wonderful…


  42. @APD, said with enough irony the joke could be amusing although hardly hilarious. I think you killed it before we’d seen it by announcing it to be brilliant!

    People can object on the grounds of taste but that depends on the tone of the delivery, which is hardly clear in text

  43. Just watched the first episode of Dead Set. I’m already hooked. Can’t wait to finish it. As for 28 Days Later, I know what you mean. I love Danny Boyle’s style but I’m not a big fan of Alex Garland. He has great ideas but he doesn’t execute them very well. Sunshine, especially, falls apart due to his writing.

  44. Four days to go! Woo! Can’t wait.

  45. I.T. Crowd clothing news:


  46. Entirely irrelevant to anything said here already, and possibly too late, given the election result, but still, a nice way of explaining some not very nice things…


    I wonder if it would sustain more names and more misdemeanours, or if it would collapse into a big mess.

  47. Re: Swearing (funny or non-funny, or undisinfunny)

    Radio 4 this morning:

  48. Cheers Darren, yeah, I’ll remember to verbalise jokes like that in the future. Jokes are NEVER as funny when written down.

    @Andrew, that is utterly, utterly wonderful. I am now going to seek more of Pete Drake thanks to you. My favourite part of that video though is the presenter’s voice and hairstyle – why did that go out of fashion??

  49. Regarding swearing being funny, in my opinion it’s only funny if it’s used to show someone’s idiocy (Partridge etc) or completely random….

    On that subject, something I’ve always wondered (and also convieniently one of the best examples of my point), is that your voice from off camera shouting “Fuckin’ ‘ell” in “Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep”?

    It made me laugh a lot purely for the randomness of it being the only proper “bad F-word…WORSE THAN FECK” in all of Ted for seemingly no reason!

    So THAT kind of thing is funny…Bo Selecta swearing for no reason…hmm, no so much!

  50. There’s swearing in this series of ‘The IT Crowd’. Three swears, I think, in total. One I might bleep because it’s not important to the comedy, the other two I won’t because, well, they always made me laugh, and in both cases I couldn’t think of an alternative that made me laugh as much. But I did try, because I really, really hate the way it’s so easy to get a laugh with a ‘fuck’.

    Swearing is clever when it’s clever. It’s depressing otherwise. In the UK in 2008, it’s ubiquitous, and as a result, it’s generally depressing.

  51. think new Series of screenwipe is on tomorrow!

  52. fergal d: Yes, on BBC4 at 10.30pm

    Graham: Given your previous post, I thought you might like this: http://www.charlian.co.uk/

  53. Excting to hear about possibly bleeping swears. Sort of a mini insight into the editing. Speaking of which (I’m gonna try be as un-spoilerish as I can) I’m looking forward to seeing whether or not the “Come on, love, be game!” is kept in. It made me laugh hard. And Matt’s little hand shake and sort-of dance before the takes is something that NEEDS its own dvd extra if it’s not featured heavily in the outtakes! Aaah, thoughts of the dvd already and the series hasn’t even aired yet. Strange.

    OH! And on a totally unrelated note you’ve probably already seen this, but it’s oddly hypnotic: http://www.ustream.tv/videoplayerpopup/channel/317016
    Aww, look at the puppies… Aw! That one just fell over!

  54. I think swearing can also be funny if it is COMPLETELY uncalled for. Like calling Pudsey the bear a cunt or something. Of course, it’s still a cheap and easy laugh.

    Also, immature as it may be, saying “cocks” all the time just never gets old.

  55. Loved Dead Set thanks for recommending it.

  56. Free download of On the Hour…


    Did you ever work on this Graham, or was it just The Day Today?

  57. Hey Graham, if you’ve got some time spare you might like this podcast Radiolab:


    It’s the most fascinating, delightful radio show I’ve ever heard. Much less precious than This American Life. Their new season just started but all of the old episodes are fantastic – try Memory, Stress, Zoos and Musical Language.

  58. Question for you Sir Graham of Linehan…how come you’re not credited for directing Father Ted season 3…well on the boxset anyway.

  59. also, Charlie Brooker offends television shoppers:


  60. Graham… loved having you on the show today! Thanks a million for taking the time out, and hope to get you on as a guest again.

  61. Spin 1038! The memories! *shoves old pseudonym back into the cupboard*

  62. Graham I can’t wait for the new series!
    It seems like many light years ago when series 2 was aired, but that’s probably just because I’ve watched it over and over and over again.
    And when I think about it properly I think i must congratulate you with how quick the third series will arrive to our tv-screens.

    I was wondering; do the makers of a show get to pick which bits go into the trails or which bits get shown on tv-programmes for promotion?

  63. As much as I worship Partridge it annoys me to see “On the Hour/Day Today” labelled as “See Alan Partridge before he was famous and had his own shows! They’re like his demo reel! Wowzers!” when they’re MUCH much more than that, as Charlie Brooker pointed out on tonights Screenwipe.

    I wonder if Graham Linehan has a Last.fm and if he were to publish it how compatible we would be.
    Obviously this is more a rhetorical question as publishing a link to a profile on such a popular site as this would mean being swamped with friend requests to the point of being unmanagable so a simple “Yes/no” and “probably very low compatibility” would do ;-)

  64. I must admit I really enjoyed Dead Set…Davina MacColl as a zombie was pretty deadly and the ridiculous idea of it made it so good!
    Kevin Eldon is a hero though!

  65. Screenwipe, like everything Brooker does, is superb.
    Anyone into gaming who likes his stuff would like zeropunctuation.
    Brooker should have a cameo in the IT Crowd, though he is a dreadful actor. I reckon he could do a decent straight man (if he /ever/ keeps a straight face!).
    Graham, have you got Little Big Planet? It is amazingly good, the community will take a few months to ramp up, but the pre-made levels are more than enough. My partner hates games, yet is hooked on it. Breakout game of the year.

  66. Andrew, that “utterly wonderful” Pete Drake clip was hilarious.

    The comments on YouTube by “Bobbofallenstar” had particular resonance. :D

  67. Graham, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Pipettes split earlier this year, much to my dismay. We’re one band named after a piece of scientific equipment down I’m afraid…

  68. To be honest, they didn’t feel like a long-term prospect. One great album is enough, I guess. But please tell me Caribou are still together!

  69. http://www.myspace.com/cariboumanitoba


  70. Hello Graham, I was so happy to meet you (and Jon Ronson!) in person down at Shunt last night, just charmed. Now, to business: not too late to be posting old Bush clips, is it, surely? Well anyway I came home from “W.” unsatisfied, started surfing and found this, two minutes long, sums up the godawful presidency pretty perfectly. You may have seen it already. It’s just tragic:


    Hope Robert Popper’s thing rocked. You are a diamond.

  71. hi

    is there anywhere these trailers can be viewed online?

  72. Nice to meet you too, Simon! You are as charming in preson as you are in a comment box.

  73. Mr Linehan,

    Your Twittering is dreadful
    Please update more.

  74. “I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And then I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.” I think that’s my favourite Jack Handey Deep Thought. Wonderful.

    You want to know something surreally brilliant, Mr Linehan? The Nobel peace centre in Oslo now stocks ‘War on Terror’. We just have to work out how to win the prize and my work here will be done.

    Looking forward to IT Crowd tomorrow.

  75. That Cariou song + video is gret. But the “cut-out bird” is blatantly ripped off the one in the video for “Harrowdown Hill” by Thom Yorke!

    Have a look – as it happens, it’s a masterpiece:


  76. *Caribou!

  77. Woo! IT Crowd on Friday!

  78. How dare you impugn my twittering, Sam. This is the real link–


  79. In the “Dead Good” post… doesn anyone else think it looks like the zombie is watching a bedroom scene from ‘Ted’?

  80. Mr Linehan,

    I apologise you truly are a master of the Tweets. I’m rounding up a posse to stop this other Graham Linehan. Down with this sort of thing!

  81. Hi. I recently heard a radio interview you did with Stewart Lee in ’03 and you mention a film you and arthur were writing about parachute jumping dj’s. Did you finnish it?

  82. Congrats on your award! It should mean alot especially when you have written and directed the entire show. Its an amazing achievement.

  83. Congratulations! I love the-part-of-the-world-that-is-not-America! I’ve even been there. Twice. Years ago… sigh.

  84. there i was waiting for an interview with you and then Ryan Tubridy invited Tom Baxter to play another song…

  85. just on your twitter there..er that sounds wrong. anyways re The Mist..i think maybe its somewhat dodgy cgi suited its B movie aesthetic..Wasnt that scene where the bug lands on the window just brilliant. Probably my favourite movie of the year. I think Frank Darabont just seems like a really cool bloke aswell. Oh and apparently hes got the rights to The Long Walk which is great news…

  86. DJ movie didn’t work out…pity!

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