Happy Talk

November 7, 2008


  1. Hello G

  2. Is ‘happy talk’ in reference to my spoiling of ‘Obama Day’?

  3. I always end up with Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me stuck in my head, which I don’t mind as I do really like that song. It’s just when I get the intolerable We Are The Pipettes stuck in there, I begin irritate myself.

    This comment has no point. I’m going to scuttle back under my rock.

  4. I’m sorry, the above wasn’t happy-talk. I’ve hardly slept. The Pipettes are good. I just can’t stand that one song. But even my favourite bands have one song I can’t listen to. Sad times.
    Why am I still typing? I should go to bed.
    Night all! x

  5. If you like the Pipettes then listen to Camera Obscura(so much better!!)

    There first album ‘Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi’ is awesome!! I really recommend it!!

  6. I want more It Crowd!! :(

  7. The video and the music make me smile every time. Cute cartoon dancing, bouncy do-wop vocals and an infectious bass and drum line…what’s not to love?

  8. I hope you saw this:


    In the Metro they spelled ‘Feck”Fekk’, which made it even funnier.

    I hope the kid didn’t have those Pat Mustard mutton chops!

  9. Hey Graham – Can’t wait to see the new “IT” episodes!

    What’s the deal with “Feck It”? Do people really say that in Ireland? Our family has adopted it as our own…versus “freakin’, or frickin'” used in the states as a tame substitute. (see Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
    Just curious.

    As far as my thoughts on Obama – “Meet the new Boss, same as thr old Boss” I wrote in Ron Paul.

    April in Arizona

  10. I quite like June in Chicago.

    What a week? America takes a step back to the normal table, interest rates plunge in the UK (hope you Tracked your Mortgage when you moved recently Mr L) and we’re one week closer to the Series3.

  11. I’ve been mostly listening to this super tune by the Kings Of Leon.


  12. I really enjoyed the recent interview with you and Arthur. I enjoyed your entry about the interview even more. Damn I feel like I had something to add to that but it’s not coming to me. Ah well. I’ll be back if I think of it.

  13. Channngge!!!
    (see recent south park episode)

  14. I don’t know if this has already been mentioned on here, but tomorrow night (Saturday), BBC2 is paying tribute to Geoffrey Perkins with a special edition of ‘Comedy Connections’. They’re also showing The Catherine Tate Show, Father Ted (yes, on BBC2) and The Fast Show.

  15. Joke I made on my blog: They’re not “black people” any more, now they’re “Presidential-Americans”.

  16. In the billions upon billions of talking heads that descended post acceptance speech, one of them quickly, and quietly, said something other than “first african-american/black president”. For a fleeting moment I and my also-mexican friend thought we heard the word hispanic. His little inlaid box was in the top left screen, and he was immediately drowned out by bigger boxes, stevie wonder, and oprah being swallowed by a ginormous crowd. Man, to dream the impossible dream indeed. I just want this whole thing to fast forward to salad days 2.0 and the point at which IT Crowd season 3 is on dvd so’s i can import it post haste.

  17. There seems to be a lot of discussion in the UK about modern comedy, presumably prompted by various phone calls from someone I’ve not really been exposed to in Australia, and I wondered if you considered the IT Crowd (and Father Ted etc.) to be in the same vein, or your work was a more traditional style of comedy (whatever that is – i hope it isn’t Benny Hill)?

  18. Rather brilliantly, the Pipettes have just changed two-thirds of their line-up, a la Sugababes. Obama would approve.

  19. This has been one hell of a week, and I love how all the conservative wingnuts are freaking out now like Obama is the end of the world.

    Isn’t it nice that the sane, rational folk get to be the smug ones now.

  20. Drood – the world won’t end until the inauguration, so we’ve got time to organise and end of the world party to beat all parties! And we won’t have to tidy up afterward.

  21. There’s a good new ‘Get Your War On’ about Obama and the fears of what he might bring now that he’s tricked everyone to vote for him….


  22. On behalf of America, you’re welcome.

    We Democratic Texans tried to warn everyone else but they wouldn’t listen. For the love of Jebus, they would not listen!

    Sorry about the last 8 years. I voted against W.

  23. For the love of Mike, what the hell is the name of the band with that terrific “you’re not supposed to” song? I must to have it.

    (On the Obama tip—that’s one smokin’ president! I’m trying not to let the line-up of his economic advisory group (rich business guy, rich business guy, token labor guy, rich business guy . . .) spoil the vibe of mid-sixties idealism I’ve been riding this week. If nothing else, I can, at least for the time being, be a little proud of my country. It’s a strange feeling.)

  24. John, it’s by Field Music.

  25. Pipettes sound like the Ting Tings – or visa versa. They’re no B52s or even Voice of the Beehive, that’s for sure!

  26. Graham, please enjoy this late poke at the McCain/Palin monster by my talented friend Nancy Beiman.

  27. I don’t see how Camera Obscura are remotely like The Pipettes…

  28. I haven’t listened to much of the Pipettes. ABC reminded me of some of the more up beat songs on Camera Obscura’s first album. Camera Obscura are a lot more alternative rocky. Going by that song I thought you would like Camera Obscura is all…

  29. Oh have you seen any of the new HBO cartoon The Life and Times of Tim yet? I think I said it on here before, but it is so so funny! You can torrent all the episodes very quickly on mininova.

  30. I guess I didn’t make the connection when I heard ‘Country’. Felt more Belle&Sebastianny to me. I like that cartoon!

  31. I hope you saw this:


    In the Metro they spelled ‘Feck”Fekk’, which made it even funnier.

    I hope the kid didn’t have those Pat Mustard mutton chops!
    by Jim November 7, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Basically the news item was that a woman was watching telly at the time her waters broke? Must have been a slow day in the Sun offices…

  32. Camera Obscura are VERY Belle & Sebastianny, to the point that the singer from Belle & Sebastian produced their second album.

  33. hi graham am just asking why is father ted on bbc2 tonight?

  34. “Never receive bad news while playing online poker.”

    There were some nice anecdotes and memories shared there.

  35. Ooooh look at you Mr Linehan on the BBC!!
    And Dave, most of the programming on the BBC tonight is in tribute to a legendary producer.

  36. Any chance this early Ted documentary sytle script is available for perusal?

  37. I’m really enjoying the Geoffrey Perkins night. A lovely little tribute.
    It’s strange to see Ted on bbc2 though!

  38. “American’s new flag is just a white flag, but there’s a picture of a burning American flag on it.”

    That joke is MAGNIFICENT!

  39. “ABC” reminded me of “Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken” and some of Camera Obscura’s more upbeat stuff, too.

    Do you listen to Destroyer? My favorite song from the new album is “The State,” but I can’t find a version of it to link to. It’s on ITunes, though. Here’s Destroyer’s Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/destroyer
    European Oils is another one of my favorites.

  40. I put my foot down last night, watching the Comedy Connections tribute when ma wanted to see certain dancing results.
    T’was delightful, quite moving. Higson seemed to be edited into the devil’s advocate role & Enfield came across really lovely. Nice of C4 to give BBC2 an episode of Ted for the night.

  41. Geoffrey’s Comedy Connections was great. It got emotional at the end.

    Kirstenin, I had a dream last night where I met you! Bizarre.

  42. Aww, I’m touched, my apey old chum! Maybe it was a prediction of the future: united by the powers of wordpress.com!

  43. Graham has probably seen/heard this one already. But, for the rest of you:
    “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama”

  44. That band singing the Obama song = bleeuuugh.

  45. Oh dear.


    This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in me:

    “One of Mr Obama’s first actions was to appoint as his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, whose background reportedly includes volunteer service in the Israeli army.”

  46. Hey again,

    this is a link to the first episode of my short demo for a comedy show im developing for an RTE programme called Storyland, the segment im doing is called The Hardy Bucks. Its a comedy about two lads who live in small town rural Ireland and the mis-adventures they get into. Its essentially a double act with the main two charecters at the core of it, but as the show continues we meet the various strange inhabitants of the town and the surrounding area.

    Its a show im hoping a younger audience will get excited about because with the one glaring exception, Irish made shows about rural Ireland are very rarely (intentianally) funny.

    Its a kind of irreverant humor that i think you, graham, might enjoy and people who dig your work might also appreciate….or might just think is a shitty Father Ted rip off.

    Either way, Id love to hear back from people if they have any thoughts on it, we submit it to RTE a week from today.Cheers.

  47. Emanuel is a good man, he was an aide to Clinton administration and he can do a the job.

    From the tone of that article, there seems to be the misinterpretation that “dialogue” with Iran means a normalizing of diplomatic relations. There’s a loooong way to go before that happens.

  48. For some reason the link above is returning a video removed message, this one works though…


  49. Gay. Blind. I get those mixed up ALL the time…

  50. no wonder the sherpa was tensing?

    imm here all week …

  51. Heard this on Radio 2 many months ago, nd nearly crashed the van I was driving I was laughing so much. I didnt’ realise Tim Minchin were on The Policeman’s Ball, but thought I’d share with everyone who missed out on both, cos I missed it on the telly. The crowd reaction isn’t as good as it were on the radio, but the man has talent!


  52. Pipettes = yeah right. Go and listen to The Fall and stop wasting everyone’s time.

  53. The internet has turned against me and refuses to post my comments :(

  54. Apart from that one

  55. And that one, obviously. And (possibly) this one.

  56. Yep, that one too.

  57. While awaiting the next series of the IT crowd, I am lurking daily (almost) on your blog. Here’s to all blind mountaineers everywhere,( gay or not) oh yes and Tim Minchin, for giving me a grin. as I look at the 16 foot canoe half filling my living room, I need the next series of the IT Crowd to transport me to another equally untidy place. I do have a life, and this only takes a few minutes each day. Hope the editing is going well. Both sons who came to the show assure me we will hear me laughing at the last two episodes as I apparently laughed longer and louder than anyone else, still laughing now at the memory.

  58. I don’t know if you’ve changed the majority of your Blogroll section thingy or just removed some links, but I see that Cracked.com is no longer there. Was this just a seasonal update or have you gone off it? I’m subscribed to it via RSS feed, and I find myself more and more recently just clicking “mark all as read”. It used to be funny :(

  59. Oh, Gerard, I was listening to The Fall while you were still grooving to S Club 7.

  60. Groovin’ or movin’? Because as you will know, S Club advise you not to stop movin’… to the funky funky beat, especially.

  61. Hey Graham!

    Don’t know if you’ve heard about the storyland malarky RTE are running, but there are some guys from Mayo who made demos for it and it really is great shtuff, hopefully it gets through!

  62. a postcard from tiffany, NYC (ad by keta keta):

  63. Yikes. Sorry, Bubble, but that sucked. Gimme my thirty seconds back!

  64. that is some funny stuff ashmo. nice one!

  65. o, that’s a shame! i offer a video of 2 guys catching sunglasses on their faces instead, and if that sucks too, i guess i owe you a minute and a half more.

  66. Moving and puerile. Before they take it off again, quick!
    (Does this break rules? Please remove if so)

  67. Went to watch a group of guys recording their stuff for their next Radio 4 (British station, my non Brit friends) series. They’ve had two series before. They go under the the name of ‘Cowards’ and feature the great Tim Key and Tom Basden. Keep an ear out. It’s good stuff.

  68. Everybody cool out…COOL OUT!! You know things are getting out of hand when S Club 7 are being dissed. Shame on you Graham. You’d better Apologise… :-)

    Remember – there really ain’t no party like an S Club Party. Fact.

  69. No S Club 7 for me, Graham. I’ve only ever grooved to T. Rex ‘The Groover’. I’m quite a literal person.

  70. Go Oblermann!!


  71. Subezh, with respect, even if he’s managed to rein in his vicious temper, it’s still a case of the Chief of Staff representing the interests of the 51st State for another 2.5 years. He supported the war on Iraq and will take no prisoners (or not? please no) in his attitude towards Palestine.

  72. As you know, Emanuel wasn’t in Congress so he didn’t vote for war on Iraq, though yes, he has said that he supported it. It would be near impossible for Obama to fill his staff with people who opposed the war. Even Biden voted for it.

    As far as Israel goes, it is a matter of fact that the US will not, in the foreseeable future, waiver in its support.

  73. The dilemma of the disappearing post. Do I give up? I can’t now – it’s become a matter of pride and principle. Do I look like a moron for repeatedly posting the same crappy link a dozen times? Yes, this is the risk I take. But goddammit I won’t be beaten by a computer.

    So …. for any fellow procrastinating writers (is that tautology?) … I urge you to WRITE OR DIE: http://lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html – Loved this. It really works too, if only it could be built into one’s favourite editor it’d be a winner.

  74. Yay! Triumph! Vindicated at last …

  75. Notacrook: Olbermann for the win! This should be played on repeat to the pustules in the Irish church who have announced their plans to further oppose gay marriage. I skimmed through the Irish Catholic (ewwwwwwwwwwww) in the newsagent’s today and was overcome with the urge to ask the letters page editor to get f***ed.

    Subezh: Agreed, the variety of viewpoints held by Obama’s cabinet is a function of its supposed bipartisan nature, but I can’t help but despair when Biden proclaims himself a Zionist and Emanuel supports attacks on Palestinians and the war on Iraq (yes, still). I don’t like it one bit. And how about his plan for compulsory national service? Or his cosy relationship with big business? He’s a Republican in all but name. And a hawkish Zionist. A truly awful, though somewhat inevitable, choice by Obama.

  76. I’m guessing people have heard of Bo Burnham?

    Ridiculously clever, funny in the most near-the-knuckle way you can imagine (check out “The Perfect Woman”) – and to think, he’s 18! He’s a master of puns already.

  77. Sod-Ape, the Israel question should really be put to bed as nothing will change regarding the US-Israel relationship. Emanuel also only served briefly during the Gulf War. I would hardly call him a Republican for his beliefs about Israel. Yes, he got rich on Wall Street. I have no more to offer on this.

  78. Re: I’m impressed either way
    I don’t get it. Was the climber gay? Was he blind? Do we split the difference and say he was cockeyed?

  79. Head over to Fistoffun.net, the downloads section has had a marvelous overhaul. Including Stewart’s Resonance slot with Graham as guest.
    What happened to the skydiving DJ’s?

  80. My son tells me an IT Crowd series 3 teaser just aired in the UK. Do we have a date when the first episode will air Graham?

  81. I realise I should have known this earlier, but the next series of ‘The IT Crowd’ begins on November 21st at 10.00pm on Channel 4. I finally got my head around that fact this afternoon.

    It’s good, I think!

  82. Thank you, Graham, for the best news ever! Can’t wait! Obviously will have to, of course.

  83. I have serieslinked it already, Graham! (It took a few minutes of button-pressing and swearing to get it to happen, but I think my first ever serieslink is now up and running.)

  84. Bloody hell, so soon! That’s brilliant. It better be good Graham or I’ll… I’ll… read your blog slightly less often! Ha, then you’ll be sorry.

  85. I’ve watched that clip with the little kid causing excitement so many times, but it’s not failed to make me grin with every watch… That’s what youtube’s there for!

  86. November 21st! Fantastic.

    I’m a bit shakey today. Recovering from a Vietnam-themed birthday party, dubbed “Beer’nam” though it was more cocktails than beer. And russian roulette with a cap gun. The ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ was the evening’s winner: vodka, rum, tequila, absinthe and lemonade. And a slice of orange. Sweet Jeebus, I feel rough…

  87. Can I once again cynically plug my hilarious satire site, Uncle gra gra?:


    See you at Auntie Beryl’s on Saturday.

    Cheers then

    Cousin Charlie

  88. I am really looking forward to the next installment of your mad genius mind and the awesome that swarms it. We have a region free dvd player for the sole purpose of watching your shows here in the U.S of Region 1 lock-down.

  89. I wonder when people stop commenting on these posts and start hording their comments/questions for the next one.

    I wonder if that makes sense to anyone but me.

  90. Saw a trailer for series 3 on Ch4 tonight… almost wet myself

  91. Thanks Graham. Finally got to see the trailer online earlier. As an employee of Intel and being in marketing, the subject matter amused me greatly. Can’t wait to see the new series.

  92. Love that feel good post. It’s nice to see that even as a toddler, Obama had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

    In fact, I believe ‘How big is the whale?’ was just behind ‘Change, change change!’ when he was picking his catchphrase.


  93. Gracefulstalker – in reply to your question, I would offer that this comment, for example, is entirely wasted. So if I were smart, I’d save it up for the next comments post.

  94. The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  95. i love funny stuffs, but i specially like funny movies and funny videos on the internet *’:

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