That’s a wrap!

October 31, 2008

…well, nearly. Last episode tonight!
Just to say, this is the one. This is series we’ve been trying to make since the start. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And anyone who has listened to my commentaries will know that I’m not given to bigging the show up when it doesn’t deserve it. Really, this one feels good.
Can’t wait to get it out there…


  1. Congrats, Graham! Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Congrats! Erm, don’t have much more to say. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. How odd. We said virtually the same thing.

    Has anyone been watching Dead Set? Top fun – although I would like it to have been longer.

  4. Crikey, a series finale! Can’t wait for tonight now. Anyone recommend a good pub nearby for a bite to eat before we go in to the recording?

  5. Excellent news, Graham. Any idea of a transmission date?
    In other news:

  6. Hi Graham, looking forward to the new series. Congratulations on wrapping up. Also, on seeing the video you posted on McCain the other day it reminded me a lot of this gem, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIFggCQv4J4 … seen it before?

  7. great news! congratulations from Spain!

    You and your serie have fans here :D

  8. Congrats Graham, can’t wait for it! (Sydney, Australia. Will *ahem* torrent, and then buy the DVD, as previously!)

  9. very excited about it now! Congrats on finishing the series.

  10. Congrats, can’t wait! Hope the press see sense this time around and really get behind it.

    Any mags/newspaper interviews I should look out for over the next weeks for my scrapbook?

    (sorry, sad I know, but I really am that crazy about the show!!)

  11. Woohooo!! Am now even more excited about coming tonight! I’m bringing my ma and pa, and having listened to your commentaries on the last two series, my mum is very worried about laughing like ‘something trying to escape’. I’ll smother her if needs be. Congratulations on the series!

    Eeeeeee <– excited noise.

  12. Congratulations! Good luck with Episode 6. I attended the filming of what will be, I think, Episode 5. Cannot wait for it on TV, then DVD, etc.

  13. Very glad to hear it – the S1&S2 DVDs were a source of great comfort to me during some recent protracted emotional unpleasantness.

    And speaking of Roots Manuva’s love of Father Ted, I seem to remember that the famously jolly Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound and David Tibet of Current 93 are major fans. Stapleton lives quite near the Craggy Island parochial house, I believe.

  14. Well done in advance! I love that feeling right after a big project is complete and you can just kick back and enjoy your new found spare time. Well, guilt-free spare time! I suppose you’ll be doing PP for the next while anyway.

    Have you checked out Mad Men? It’s a series set in an advertising agency in 1960’s New York and is only excellent. Full of smoking, drinking and objectification. It’s not quite up there with The Sopranos/The Wire but the attention to period detail more than makes up for it.

  15. I can’t wait to see it either – congratulations! xx

  16. Well done sir ! bring it on x

  17. – and try and get Matt Berry to do a commentary or two ! – can’t get enough of that man’s voice ! x

  18. Yayers congratuwelldone! Very excited about seeing it myself an’all; the one we went to (the 3rd episode, I believe), has ensured that I’ve been eagerly awaiting it.

  19. …..do we have any inkling of an air date yet? I know it’s not even finished (nearly)…but congrats to everyone too :)

  20. Coming along tonight, and really looking forward to it. Hope to get a chance to smile or say hello, but that aside, hope you and the crew have fun too.

  21. Can’t wait. On the heels of your “trying to make since the start” statement, I have a theory, one cannot tell if a sitcom is worth engaging in until three episodes are viewed. Admittedly riskier in a 6 episode season, but still applicable.

  22. congrats man! Can’t wait to see it!

  23. Dead Set has me hooked, though 30 minutes is a little short I feel.
    What a strange wonderful chap that Roots is, he had me bouncing!
    Thanks for the interview Graham, I like how the opening of the show resenbles a trip-hop nightmare!
    Happy Hallo-time!

  24. hallo, this has nothing to do with this post but i’m not sure where to put it, (although how the IT crowd could get any better is beyond me, its already THE best sitcom), thought you may like to see this, its amazing!!!


    Hope it works!

  25. Hurrah! I’m ridiculously excited. Episode 3 was spectacular to see being recorded, so I am eager to see the rest of the series.
    And yes, more Matt is definitely a good thing. A commentary with you both may be too much win to handle.
    Good luck with tonight. I hope you celebrate well afterwards! (Oh, and steal as much candy from as many babies/children dressed up as you can in the process.)

  26. Ok, I just watched that Eye2Eye interview, and all I can say is what kind of crack were the camera men smoking? One of them seemed to think he was stalking a big cat around the Serengeti, and the rest of the camera work just reminded me of Strictly Come Dancing! Is it something to do with having a target audience of ADHD-afflicted teenagers, who are liable to change channels if the picture stops moving for more than two seconds?

  27. Sweet. I hope it comes out on region-free DVD ;)

  28. Congrats! Looking forward to it with eager anticipation (having missed out on audience tickets for the second year running!).

  29. @dalas v:

    If you live in America, do yourself a favor and get yourself a multi-region player online or a Philips DVP 3962 at Wal-Mart. (It can be recoded easily – just Google it. Takes 30 seconds, max.) It will cost you about $50-$70 and you can watch all the Region 2 DVDs you want! :-)

  30. Yay! Now I have to wait a year for it to be shown on the ABC, or at least order the DVD from England when it comes out.

  31. Congrats Graham!
    Looking forward to seeing it.
    Hope all goes well tonight.

  32. Congratulations!
    I can’t wait, I just can’t.


  33. Ok, so I made it to the filming of the 2nd episode. But, given that I applied for tickets as soon as it was announced, and never heard a word – and yet my collegue applied well after me, and got some. Well, I suspect foul play!!

    Love your work, Graham. Top man.
    I never tire of people saying to me, “Yes, I *have* tried turning it off, then on” (I work in I.T. Support).

  34. Congrats Graham, being one of your commentary listeners I know that you wouldn’t throw those words around lightly. Can’t wait to see it! When shall we expect it?

    You’re Eye to Eye thing went well I thought, ye both came across very well!

    I’m currently entering a series into the RTE storyland competition. Hopefully we’ll get accepted! It’s a surreal comedy set following the adventures of a Zorro like character called Borro(he Borrowed the costume) as he battles with ridiculous villains in an attempt to keep the streets of Ireland crime free.

  35. well done on everything ;) i will be looking forward to watching something worthwhile on the old tellybox once more.

  36. Congratulations, Graham, I can’t wait!

    Is it Version 3.0? Or Version 2.1?

  37. Graham, I was at the filming last night, and I just wanted to say thank you, not only for the wondrous IT Crowd, but also for a brilliantly fun evening that I will remember for a long time.

    I will try to avoid spoilers, but there were times when I was laughing so hard at the pre-taped episode that I forgot to breathe. I actually just had to stop typing to have a little chortle just then.

    Watching the live episode was fascinating as well as hilarious. There was a lot said about keeping the laughter going for the second & third takes, but it was testament to your writing and the actors’ delivery that the lines were still genuinely hilarious after a couple of repeats.

    I was interested to hear you say that you were going to use a less intense clip of Douglas & April at the end of the live episode after we all did a bit of gasping (as well as laughing) – did you have a series of different clips pre-filmed, or will that one be edited?

    In response to someone saying a couple of weeks ago that they didn’t like the warm up guy – I thought he was very funny. There’s nothing like seeing a slightly chunky chap trying to eat his way out of a sweetie necklace to keep you amused.

    Also, not sure if I should mention this, but can I get tentatively excited about the phrase “Hopefully see you all next year.”?

  38. maith thu a chara!

  39. SO looking forward to Series 3!

    Been making due with Series 1 & 2, as well as “No Heroics”.

    I can set my friend Toni in New York City to uncontrollable giggling, merely by stating, “I’m a lonely man, on a lonely road”, a la Roy.

    Thank you so much for this brilliant series. There’s nothing here on U.S. commercial/cable TV that approaches IT Crowd in humor, writing and performing.

  40. Was at the recording last night and it was positively genius. And I’m not the sycophantic type. I have a sore throat from laughing at the japes and gasping at Douglas.

    Not to contradict Public Enemy but guys, do believe Graham’s hype.

    Problem though….I’m trapped in a room with 3 people who can’t get the emergency services number out their head. In Moss’ voice.

    Good luck Graham but i severely doubt you need it.

  41. BBKF, I have that too. I sang it all the way home, and I’m singing it this morning. But not as well as that dude at the back. Amazing! Slightly frightening, yes, but amazing!

  42. Kathryn, I agree about it being a testament to the writing and acting that people keep laughing. I was only at the episode 3 filming and was amazed, but not really that surprised, that re-watching scenes where the actors do something slightly differently can gain the same huge laugh as it did the first time. I think this is especially true of Matt. In each take, he seems to give a bigger and better performance than the previous… and he’s just bloody fantastic. It’s so interesting to watch. My inner-geek did backflips.
    Oh, and I think there have been a few different warm-ups over the past few weeks.

  43. Hi Graham,

    Went to the recording last night and it was sheer brilliance – from what I saw, I agree this is the best series yet.

    I was also completely over the moon to see some Dinosaur Comics stuff on the set. That was my contribution to your hive brain, so thank you for featuring it.

    Couldn’t help laughing at the fact that whenever we saw Roy’s screen, he was reading this blog…

  44. No, not my blog–his blog…

  45. Dear Graham,

    Like some of the previous commenters I was lucky enough to be at yesterday evening’s recording and wanted to add my thanks to the pile. You really did provide us all with a wonderful evening of laughter that I’m sure will be just perfect when it finds it’s way to the screen.

    Personally I won’t be able to forget Matt Berry’s inability to say the word ejaculate with a straight face … and I really felt for you when he kept saying ‘used to be’ rahter than ‘being’ … :)

    If you do happen to find yourself with a spare day at some point you would be most welcome at the university where I work to talk to the media students about your work.

    With best wishes,


  46. visible only by the soles of ones shoes comes to mind!

  47. Graham – Great to chat last night and to see the two episodes. You have yet another winner on your hands. Spawny get. x

  48. Watched “Shrooms” last night for Halloween. If you haven’t seen it, it takes place in Ireland and it’s very funny to pretend that the deformed baddies in the movie are just “typical Irish people.” Probably even funnier if you’re actually Irish. Actually, they were very similar to Tom from Father Ted. Recommended for brainless fun.

  49. Hello Graham
    Was at last nights recording and like a few others here, felt priviliged to have attended. The double episode was a brilliant suprise and the chance to watch you working was facinating. You mentioned something about next year, please tell me there is def more IT Crowd. This looks like the best so far, really funny and can’t wait to see the other episodes. My daughters who came with me and though great fans of the show had no idea who you were till i pointed you out. But by the end they saying did you see how much Graham was laughing at the restuarant scene and then they figured out it was you as the fortune teller in series 2 selling Douglas the drug to get his way with Jen. They always loved your reaction when you got hit with the bag of money.
    Disappointed a little not to see Richmond, is he in this series? Glad to see lots of Matt his delivery of lines even after a few takes is always genius.
    Don’t know who the other warm up guy was who got negative comments earlier but Tom was great.
    Wish I had the guts to hang about and speak to you, kicking myself all the way on the long drive back.
    Thanks for a fantastic night.

  50. Interesting video, Rachel. Only in America could someone like Obama be described as the “far left”! Karl Marx he ain’t

  51. You know, I can’t stand Lewis Hamilton. As a truly obsessed racing fan I could write a long, long essay on why. (In fact I have.) But ultimately it comes down to attitude and mentality. He’s fast. But he doesn’t think. Symptom of being young I guess.

    The problem is a lot of people, whether they say it or not, assume if you don’t like Hamilton, it must be because you’re a racist. That really irks me. Nobody assumed I hated all German’s because I despised Schumacher.

    I’ve had people accuse me of not liking Hamilton because I’m racist. (When really, I’m “arrogant gitist” if you really must label me with an “ist” word.) With scum like those whom Graham has posted about out there, and that website that came to light that I won’t even name, it’s no wonder people assume anyone who doesn’t like him is a racist.

    This is F1’s Jackie Robinson moment I think. Despite me not liking the guy, I admire the fact that he doesn’t seem to be letting the racist scum get to him. And unlike Robinson, he’s at least having to not suffer it from within the sport. As far as we’re aware anyway. I like to think we’re much more enlightened now than they were in 1947 America, then I see pictures like Graham has posted, I have to stop and wonder…

    Wanted Kubica to win the title anyway…

  52. Part of what qualifies those guys as all-time arseholes is that their little “act”, though clearly racist, does not actually clearly express disapproval, or anything else. If somebody told me they were misguided fans, I would believe it. So, racist AND incoherent.

  53. AH DAMN! this is going to drive me mad being in Oz and having to wait possibly a very long time for it unless I download it illegally – when are these TV/distributor type people going to finally get over themselves and provide everything online? seems a bit crazy that it is easier to get pirated versions of TV shows than pay for it.

    If only there was some way you could provide the shows on your site for sale with Vimeo or something – I would gladly pay whatever you asked!!!

    Anyway, sorry for my whinge, chuffed to hear you have S3 wrapped up, can’t wait!

  54. Good news, Craig. I’m 99% certain this next DVD will be region free. So keep watching Amazon!

  55. Graham – the show has fans all over the world, and this is as close as most of us will ever get to the production cycle of a series. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Out of curiosity, when do you expect the 3rd season will be aired?

    Best of luck in editing! :)

  56. I think it’s on in a few weeks. We’re certainly killing ourselves trying to get it done in time for some nearby date…

  57. Great to hear. Make sure you start penciling out season #4. ;)

  58. I’m on it.

  59. A little late, but last week I had a dream that I was invited to a pyjama party at Charlie Brooker’s house to celebrate Dead Set. On the way there, just after leaving A N Tube Station, you passed me driving a 2CV and you were wearing a Trilby. I got to the party and was the only person in jammies. It was embarrassing.
    That is all.

  60. Hiya

    Just wanted to say the recording was genius! Absolutely hilarious! Can Matt Berry please be in everything ever recorded…he is too funny!

    All weekend me and my friends have just been quoting the 2 episodes we saw and I now can not wait to see the rest of the series!

    Thank you Graham for writing this absolutely work of genius!

  61. God. That blackface photo made me piss with rage. First time anything in F1 excited me at all.
    It gives a tiny wriggle of satisfaction to see that the T-Shirts read “HAMILTON’S FAMILLY’…Why is rasists never no spel good?
    Hope they turn up in the US on Wednesday in their OBABA’S FAMILY’ shirts.

  62. Morning G,

    Wanted to take the time to remind everyone of Chris Morris’ upcoming controversial extravaganza, and find out what you think of this Graham, and also for anyone interested in silly over the top banned videos. I won’t include the direct link, but check out ‘Dance Floor Dale’ on this link right down the bottom (excuse the pun). You’ll either hate it or be very amused. Be warned it’s not on MTV for a reason.


  63. Well, I guess I’ve been missing out on live taping all my life. it sucks to be living in South Africa, to be honest :D

  64. hey graham,

    John Cleese & Keith Olbermann…yay!!

  65. “My fellow prisoners”?!?! I missed that one, fergal d. Amazing.

  66. yeah i know my side was splitting when i heard that clip and Cleese’s commentary on it!

  67. John Cleese is an empty vessel. I haven’t laughed at anything he’s written for 20 years. His commentary on the American election is cro magnon. This man lost his talent decades ago.

  68. oh go home brendan

  69. Don’t let’s start, everyone.

  70. Aw please can we start?

  71. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=veDk2Vd-9oQ
    audio spotlight technology that only targets certain people to get inside your mind grapes :/ the voices in your head are real!

  72. Literal Video: Under the Bridge

  73. Bubble, it’s teling me I need to update Flash or turn on Java…

  74. Palin pranked:

  75. Hi Graham, not sure if this has been posted yet, but thought you might get a kick out of it..

  76. D’oh!

  77. re: The Sound of Not-So-Young Ireland.

    Graham, could I just ask under what circumstances that picture was taken. Interesting interview btw.

  78. Graham, whatever you’re doing with your face in that pic in The Sound of Not-So-Young Ireland picture, you look terrifyingly similar to Brian Cowen.

  79. Series 4? Can I book a seat or two now? And where can I pre-order the DVD?

  80. Trying to decide whether to watch the rest of the coverage on CNN or BBC. CNN are great with the gadgets and the hard numbers, BBC seem to be more about the analysis and chat. Any thoughts?

  81. Looks over! I don’t know what number CNN is on my telly so I’m jumping between BBC and ITV.

  82. Is it wrong to be disappointed the results not a bit more exciting?

    That clip of the Phoenix Boys choir singing at the McCain post election party venue was the moment it was all over for me.

  83. CNN just called (or projected, at least) Pennsylvania for Obama. Look’s like I’ll get to bed after all. A great day for America. G’night all!

  84. Ohio, Florida…final nails. Thank Christ for that.

  85. The CNN coverage is ridiculous/amazing. Such bizarre shoehorning of technology.

    “Help me, Obi Wolf Blitzer, you’re my only hope!”

  86. For the first time in my whole life, I’m actually PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!

    Seriously, I can’t believe I just said that…

  87. Congratulations. Some very moving scenes right now. Jesse Jackson with tears in his eyes.

    Who are the c**ts who booed when McCain use Obama’s name in his concession speech, though? Bad, bad, form.

  88. That shouted more than boo’s, I thought it was going to get ugly at one stage.

  89. A great rant from Harlan Ellison. Every writer who reads this blog will know the feeling exactly…


  90. QVC meets Charlie Brooker with predictably hilarious results

  91. That man deserves that smoke!

  92. That man will NEED them, now he’s on the final rung of the slippery ladder to the White House. Just a couple of months to catch his breath (* insert obligatory smoking joke*) before the reality of the job he’s got before him hits him reet in the chops.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s got it, rather Stretch Armstrong’s Grandad, but when your Vice-Preident has stated that his Presidential career will turn out like JFK, then I really have start to worry if it does and what kind of man would step up to the plate. Sorry for the pessimism, but a majority in the House, means (like Bush – but even greater) that there will be no opposition. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the pledges of Obama’s campaign, and the likelihood of keeping these (not many have done so in the past), but I really hope that America can get straightened out, unfortunately when a certain Mr. Blair was campaigning and promoted as the British messiah after a tortuous greedy and lacklustre Conservative reign, we should all remember how that turned out!

    Once again sorry for the negativity, I’m just trying to see through the media cloud of bullsocky, cos if it were a football game, the Republicans came out like a drunk pub team, and the Democrats like a sterling Chelsea team, with all the backing they could muster. I’ll stop there cos I could go on forever.

    Whats your take then Graham?

  93. I’ve been drawing parallels with Blair in 1997 as well. Everyone was so optimistic, people were saying “finally Labour are back and they’re gonna shake things up, change the way things are done.” But really things are more the same than ever…

    I too definitely prefer Obama, as the lesser of two evils, but I don’t expect a lot to change.

  94. Maybe I’ve been suckered by the rhetoric (I gave my inner cynic the day off today), but I never, ever thought I’d hear a speech like Obama’s last night – ‘gay, straight…disabled, not disabled…’ – from any US president, let alone a black one. That alone is momentous. Jesse Jackson’s tears were the most moving, eloquent sight – just imagine, for a moment, all that man has seen, and lived through, and dared to dream of. And he’s not exactly Obama’s number-one fan himself. (And as for McCain’s concession speech – where was THAT man during the campaign??)

    Yes, it’s all very Blair ’97 (but he does sound like he means it all more – doesn’t he?) – and Obama was backed by huge money – and we, once, thought having a woman prime minister would change everything (sadly, how right we were…). And a year from now, we’ll all probably hate him, when he’s bombed his first wedding in the desert, or cut his first deal with big security, or sold out on healthcare… But only probably. So for today, let’s just imagine how Bush is feeling, and allow ourselves a little chuckle.

    A black president. Say it to yourselves a few times, and think about what it really means. A black president…

  95. Well Matt I agree with you there on several points, but my cynical eye has a broken off switch. Now as an detailed observer of human behaviour. Last time I checked most people who cry, but not on camera, have a tendency to wipe their tears generally as they fall or moments after…they don’t cry and hold them on their face for the perfect photograph or video picture. I am not saying that ol Jesse didn’t feel real emotion, it just felt slightly ‘staged’ or rather posed for the cameras.

    I guess by picking apart the campaign at this stage is far too late, and I feel even the satirists went very easy on Obama, cos they in fact wanted ‘change’ I heard most of the world sigh with relief this morning at about 4am…it woke me up!

    But indeed, now the US has its first president with black heritage, does this mean criticism will be hard to come by. a.) cos he’s ethnic, and one doesn’t want to be considered a racist, though one isn’t at all? Or, b.) receive backlash from the wave of euphoria that no doubt will last as long as it did here in the UK with the Blair administration and ‘Cool Britannia’?

  96. Personally, I think Obama will find criticism very easy to come by. Maybe not from Europe, but within the US, for sure. There will be an awful lot of people waiting for him to make the tiniest slip. Not even for his race or colour, necessarily, but for his politics, his perceived lack of experience, his self-assuredness (slickness, even). He will have many, many enemies.

    And as for Jesse Jackson posing a bit…I think we can allow him that, can’t we?

  97. Perhaps, and fellow readers I won’t go on and on and on…

    But Matt the only reason I say the Jesse Jackson clip catches my eye is the history on Obama’s campaign with this clip:


    Also he does maybe harbour feels of bitterness somewhere, cos I think deep down he wanted to be first. I could be wrong, but it was a nice pose though!

  98. Don’t know if anyone watched the final season of the West Wing but the parallels with this campaign verged on the downright spooky at times. After the last episode I remember thinking ‘what would actually happen if an idealist like Santos did make it to the White House?’ Well, I shall wonder no more. Watching how Obama deals with the realities of idealism and (some) radical reform ideas as they clash with the realities (and inevitable compromises) of life on the hill. Fascinating times ahead.

    As an aside, I thought McCain’s concession speech was very impressive.

  99. I can’t get behind the idea that things are exactly the same as they were under the Conservatives. I just can’t. Sorry. What I really love about Obama’s victory though is the kick in the guts it gives not so much to McCain but to the Clintons, and the whole doctrine of a Democratic party that can only achieve power through a sell-out of its principles, the hurried slaughter of the mentally ill on death row and gibberish about not inhaling. Tirree!

  100. Agreed on McCain’s concession speech. It was nice to see. He definitely had to appear more right-wing than he really is for his campaign. In truth he’s not so different from Obama, but he’s never have gotten Republican support if he let his true, slightly more liberal, self shine through.

    Still a twat, but less of a twat than he appeared :)

  101. matt. you are on the buttton..

    “So for today, let’s just imagine how Bush is feeling, and allow ourselves a little chuckle.

    A black president. Say it to yourselves a few times, and think about what it really means. A black president…”

  102. I know why no-one wants to allow themselves to be happy after the kick in the teeth that the Blair years turned out to be, but in this case the thing itself is cause enough for whoops. An articulate, intelligent man, who happens to be black, is now the leader of the free world. That is reason enough to be happy.

    And that “gay, straight” thing…what a beautiful way to begin a Presidency.

    Reality will have its say soon, and there will presumably be disappointments, but we have every right to enjoy the moment for as long as it lasts.

  103. TRUE

    I think it’s also that Bush would have left whatever. There’d be a lot more joy on this page if HE’d lost to Obama. The choice of the music from “Crimson Tide” for McCain’s beautiful concession speech I still find just extraordinary, unfathomable even. I hope it’s a nice little parting joke from McCain as he finally walks out on his “fellow prisoners”, not a parting joke played on him by an unforgiving GOP.

  104. Hey everyone! Check out this clip, methinks the first 8 secs are a prediction of the future,


    however lets hope it isn’t in relation to a big hunk of rock hurtling towards the planet!

  105. BTW, I apologise, I’ve realised from my previous comments and subsequent one above, that it might be perceived that I dislike/disapprove or simply am trying to spoil the good feeling from Mr. Obama’s President-elect status. This is not my intention. I should write my thoughts down somewhere, and keep schtum, until the appropiate time, of course.

  106. They actually say “Hamilton’s Familly”

  107. Applied for tickets to see this series being filmed however SRO never got back to me – anyone else have the same problem? Shame I missed it, sounds great!

  108. Reading this from the Onion I finally felt as good as I thought I should, if that makes sense. It’s just beautiful, (like the end of Scrooged (only if you like the end of Scrooged though))

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