Hey, kids! Anyone got any questions for two people you’ve never heard of up until this moment?

October 30, 2008

Brenjamin in the comments section had a nice thing to say about Arthur and me appearing on RTE’s ‘Eye to Eye, but I have to say…well, God love ’em, but it was a totally random collection of kids who had no questions about ‘Father Ted’ once the cameras were off. It was hilarious. Does anyone want to be a writer? No. Does anyone want to work in comedy? No. Any more questions about ‘Ted’? No.

As they left, one of the staff waved at one of the departing kids. I noticed they looked a bit like each other. “Thanks for that,” she said to the kid.

They were related! The kid was doing her a favour! “Yeah, i’ll go and ask a question. Who is it? The two old men who wrote ‘Father Ted’? Ehhhh…
“Oh, pleeeeeeeeeease! Pleeeeeeease come!”

Actually, I tell a lie. One girl put her hand up when I asked if anyone wanted to be a writer. Good for you, kid! How the hell did you get in?

(Note to Eye To Eye producers. Please know that I am not writing this with anything resembling true annoyance. I had a fun day and I enjoyed doing the show. In fact, here’s a link!).

(Thanks, Brenj!)

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