Thus Spake Zara-you-thra

October 24, 2008

Did you see what I sort of did there?


  1. Now THAT was really stretching the Comments post variant … made me smile though, ta.

    Hello Graham, hope all is well with you and the IT3. I was watching the Lit. Brit. US and, considering your post a while back on the ups and downs of the IT Crowd in the US, I wondered how well you thought it translated?

    Please don’t feel obliged to answer, I just wondered, that’s all.

    [love the Palin posts, btw]

  2. Have you seen the McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off?


    Very funny. Also very kind of scary how far amateur CG face transplanting has come.

  3. Hi Graham, thanks for posting the Jim Henson funeral clip, it’s impossible to watch without feeling both a lump in your throat and a smile on your face. There’s a really touching ending to this too. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ3Q-Qw9jCQ) Why can’t life be like the Muppets? Why Graham?

  4. And the “comedy” show that so appalled you last night was..?

  5. My wife was curious – what Theatre was the first episode of season 2 filmed in (Work Outing)?

  6. Channel 4 has pictures of the season 3 rehearsals up. Except it just appears to be pictures of people’s desks, and Graham in longshot…

  7. I can’t slag off other shows because then it becomes this big thing, but a bit of detective work should provide the answer. Jesus, though, it stinks. It stinks like a murder scene.

  8. Lobby stuff-Wimbledon theatre.
    actual musical–Richmond theatre

  9. I’m always okay whenever I hear “being green”, until “but why wonder” and then boom, total collapse. I guess you’ve seen Frank Oz’s eulogy as well, which is lovely and then suddenly devastating?

  10. Oh also, apropos of nothing, that’s not David Sant as in Peepolykus’ errant, beaming strong contender for funniest living human directing nob jokes on BBC 3, is it? It can’t be. Please.

  11. Those photos on the channel 4 website are intriguing, whilst actually showing very little. Whoever captioned the close-up of the schedule ‘ooooooh, Douglas’ bedroom’ can clearly read my mind.

  12. Hi Graham, thanks for sharing all these internet treats with us.

    If you like Martin Luther King dreaming of an $8.88 steak, you might also enjoy this take on his speech:

  13. Ha! I just came here to post the McCain-Obama dance off link too!

    def. worth a look

  14. Do you have a link, Simon?

  15. oooh i really can’t wait for season 3 ! As long as Douglas is involved, i’m happy ! Matt Berry is my all time favourite comedy man ! x

  16. Hi Graham. Steven Sodenbergh is making a 3D Cleopatra rock opera with Bob Pollard. It was bound to happen sooner or later.


  17. I think this is the Frank Oz clip at the funeral that Simon was talking about.

    Did that stinky show last night have the word beach in its title?

  18. Douglas is DEFINITELY involved, Rohypnol or no Rohypnol.

  19. I’ve slagged Sarah Palin as much as the next guy, but this Palin rap on SNL is going too far, she’s sitting right there:

    Also, here’s a great piece from Larry David:


  20. Sorry, yes that’s the clip, sbrugby. I actually blogged it up a couple of months back along with a montage of Grover and Philip Glass-scored Sesame Street clips, and then accidentally found if you press play all three simultaneously the results are seriously transcendent:


    I think that’s a link. Best of luck for this evening. I hope you all have fun.

  21. That Jim Henson clip made me cry nearly instantly.
    Thank god you had that clip of the man on the broken chair to take the edge off.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Adrianne, I went on that emotional rollercoaster too. I had to watch the man falling off the chair at least three times before I stopped sobbing at the Henson thing.

    On an unrelated note, is anyone else deriving vast amounts of happy from the Matt Berry jelly sweet teddy ‘Bring on the trumpets!’ advert?

  23. Damn you Linehan! [shakes fist]
    It’s repeated next week so now I’ve GOT to watch it…

  24. When Russell Brands go wrong:


  25. The dreadful comedy last night – I think I watched the same thing, did it by any chance make Two Pints seem appealing in comparison?

  26. Can anyone drop a subtle-yet-very-obvious hint so that I can avoid watching this apparently dreadful programme?

  27. Have something for the weekend:

  28. Graham: I heartily insist, like I did last year, that you badger the lovely Matt Berry and his band to put together a proper recording of the “Sorry” theme they played on Screenwipe last year, because the MP3 of it I have from the show has been in permanent residence on my iPod ever since, and I dearly want a decent quality version.

    That is all. At least until I think of something else.

    May I be the first to say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

  29. …and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! And Easter.

  30. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet. Calm yourselves.

  31. If there is a god, he’s the one who made that fat South African minister fall through his chair on Youtube.

  32. Re: The “taking the ‘chair’ out of chairperson” video

    David Baddiel, Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington seem to approve too. A quote from Karl, via Ricky’s blog: “it’s like a politically correct Humpy Dumpty”.

    Or just ideal comedy blog fodder?!!

  33. When Nietzsche first posited the idea of the superman his publishers suggested a small run of THERE IS NO “U” IN ZARATHUSTRA posters, until he pointed out to them that there was.

  34. have you guys heard of the superest? it’s a drawing game between two people where one draws a superhero, and the other one draws a superhero to cancel out the power of the previous superhero, and so on and so on… with sexy results! no not really, but it’s really quite clever and incredibly well illustrated.

    here is the entire archives, start at the very bottom and read to the top! the ultimate in superhero hilarity.

  35. The song was perfect. Jim Henson’s workshop was on my way to school, and every day I’d pass there’d be a different muppet slumped in one of the windows. Well, almost every day.

  36. I just got told to have a nice flight and a good Christmas and New Year by a man in Heathrow. Dear god, does this mean I have to start buying things soon?

  37. Last Boxing Day, my local Tesco’s put up a big display of Easter Eggs, with the sign “Happy Easter” with pictures of flowers etc around it. I took a photo, which I still have.

  38. You guys have seen?

    Love the funeral clip, is it wrong to cry?

  39. That Wassup clip was very funny – didn’t really like it when it turned out to be an endorsement for Obama.

  40. I know….ah well. At least the start was amusing.

  41. Hmmm.

  42. I’ll bet the farm that the rotten comedy was ‘Coming of Age’. No one with an IQ over 60 could watch more than three straight minutes without losing blood.

  43. Flann’s the Man
    – There was another nauseating pile of “funny” shite on at the same time so, maybe, the identity of the comedic effluvium that Graham was alluding to will forever remain a mystery.

  44. So we’re spoilt for choice!

  45. Mr Linehan. I have just moved to Turkey and Black Books has just started to be run (or possibley re-run) out here. I am enjoying it immensely. Apart from your acting cameos, obviously.

    And there is a small aside concerning censorship.

    In the second episode whne Manny wakes Bernard from a drunken slumber, Bernard looks at Manny – all long hair and beard – and asks “am I dead?”. This was cut from the Turkish TV. Presumably because Bernard mistakes Manny for Jesus and the depiction of any prophet in Islam is banned. Hmm.

  46. do u when the it crowed coming back

  47. If it weren’t for the fact it actually exists censorship would be hilarious…
    To be honest I was kind of hoping the wassup would be a political endorsement. All is forgiven, guys.

  48. Doesn’t matter if he did it or not, Shawshank Redemption anyone?


  49. Here everything is Halloween related. Last year (and I fully expect this year as well) the store across the street from me started taking down the Halloween stuff and putting up the Christmas stuff on the NIGHT of October 31st. About an hour before the store was due to close, they had most of their Christmas stock out and their “Merry Christmas” banners everywhere.

    Were it not for Halloween, I fully expect they’d be out now.

  50. I’m grateful the stores haven’t discovered the ultimate answer. Year round aisles/displays for every festival. “Come to ***** and get all your supplies for Easter/Halloween/Divali/Eid/Christmas and New Year – TODAY!Fireworks ALWAYS in stock!” Yuk.

  51. fast moving clouds and things to a great song anyone?

  52. fast moving clouds and things to a great song anyone?

  53. I feel so sorry for decent reasonable human beings in America, who have to deal with the likes of this:


    Definite contender for “Most Punchable Face of 2008”

  54. sorry, here’s the link

  55. Hey Graham,
    big fan of your work, just start reading the blog yesterday, funny stuff. Here’s a link i thought u might be interested in. Its a prank call made by a mate of mine back to the local bully in the small town in mayo he grew up in. Usually im not a big fan of prank call humour but this one just craks me up. The video’s rubbish but its all about the audio…

  56. Would it be this show by any chance, Graham?


    If so, I’ve helpfully reviewed it here, so you don’t have to.

  57. Just been watching IT Crowd, just to refresh my memory, and I have to ask you Graham-how big a Boards of Canada fan are you? Or is it just that you think Moss and Roy would be fans, or is it both? Or is it a stupid question…?

  58. Both! I like Boards of Canada a lot. Not a stupid question at all.

  59. That paint things pretty cool, but everyone knows that Braid’s the new Portal. They should all combine forces and make a time bending-teleporting-paint’em up. Maybe not.

  60. That paint thing is really cool, but it strikes me you could easily go made after several hours of painting it.

  61. That paint thing is really cool, but it strikes me you could easily go mad after several hours of painting it.

  62. Hello there. Just wanna say Graham, I finally got IT crowd box set on DVD for a lovely 13.50 and I love the commentaries. suppose it is quite ‘nerdish’ but it is always great to have something different while you watch the show for the 60 billionth time. good work nad giddy up! :)

  63. speeding muppet:


  64. Thanks Uncle Gra-gra. Just one comment on your blog above and my stats have gone up more than 100% two days in a row.


    I wuv yoo.

  65. funny/annoying Budweiser “wasuuuup!” ad from 8 years

    Has been updated. With original cast. To take a a swipe at Bush
    Administration . Now however each one is suffering as a result of 8
    years bad govt….ie Iraq, house repossession, hurrican katrina,
    economic recession etc…

    nice idea.

  66. sorry about double post…

  67. Hi Graham, have you seen this William Shatner clip, he is wonderfully bitter…

  68. Anyone donated £25 to Chris Morris yet?

  69. Oh, and thanks Graham for answering my Boards of Canada question!

  70. y’awl seen this one: watch carefully


  71. That painting game is interesting, but I expected the novelty would wear off within about 30 minutes.

    Portal was fun, but a one trick pony. A very GOOD trick, but having completed it I have no desire to ever play it again.

    Been playing World of Goo lately. Now that’s a fun game.

  72. That’s a very funny comment to the Sarah Palin quote… “Sarah Palin is fully qualified regarding NASA, since she can see space from Alaska.”

  73. Wonderful McCain YouTube moment:

  74. (It’s much better than the Palin one.)

  75. I am sure you have all seen this before but I haven’t laughed this much for a while.


  76. I know you posted it ages ago, but I’ve only just watched that Take On Me/Cloooose Uuuup Eeeyes video. I cried with laughter, especially at “Cooome tooo meee. Maaagic fraaame. Siiing tooo yoooou. Band montaaaaaage!” and “Show this guy then cut back to these two.”
    Thank you.

    Oh, and kramerica, I’m very tempted to, but haven’t yet…

  77. Anyone been watching Brooker’s new show Dead Set? Some of the best TV we’ve had for ages in my opinon

  78. just finished watching my brand nuuuu IT crowd v2.0 dvd! time to hit the internet for egg cracking clues! as a side note, i love listening to commentaries :)

  79. Yeah, I’ve been watching Dead Set. Is it really too difficult to come with something this awesome more than once a fuckin’ year, TV? TV, can you hear me?

  80. Latest Father Ted junkie?….none other than Roots Manuva.


  81. Hi Graham, I saw yourself and Arthur on Eye to Eye yesterday. Was a cool show, really nice vibe from it. The kids seemed so happy to have you talk to them, you both came across really well.

  82. PS I fancy the pants off the presenter, she’s so cute. Now that I’m unemployed I catch her everyday on Ice!

  83. oops, sorry for the triple post but here’s a link for anyone who missed it or not from Ireland…


  84. The link for the Roots Manuva thing isn’t working, Graham.

    And the feedback during the credits of Eye2Eye is great! “They’re…erm, really nice guys!”

  85. weird…it was working earlier.

  86. That Eye2eye thing is really sweet. And your blog about it is too. Nice that there’s not a trace of scorn in it, just genuine fondness at their politeness.
    I feel all warm now. Aww… I’m really gonna have to upgrade to DVDs of Ted someday to replace my knackered old videos…

  87. The whole state.ie website seems to be on the blink….I’ll have a rummage around to get a new link. I saw it originally on the nialler9 blog.

    Here’s something to keep us going till it comes back online (from 236.com)

  88. Here’s the link to the Roots Manuva interview:


    BTW, Rodders(as he’s known), lives in Sheffield, and used to frequent my local. He’s a good lad, but extremely shy. A true testiment to his humilty and talent, in comparision to the egos in the industry!

    Also, what with you being friends with the naughty Mr. Ross, with him having 12wks off, will he be over distracting you from your work? Or you are keeping this overblown media circus at arms length and stoney silence on the matter?

  89. Hello Graham, good luck with the last episode of Series 3, I’m right thinking it’s tonight? I’ve just finished reading Russell T Davies’ “The Writer’s Tale” (a fascinating read I thought) and there’s a chapter in which he quotes Charlie Kaufman…this is RTD quoting CF so it may not be word for word.

    “I read an interview with Charlie Kaufman, the man who wrote “Being John Malkovich” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” in which he said, so forcefully, that any writer who starts a script knowing where it’s going to end is morally bankrupt, that they had forfeited their right to stand as a dramatist because they weren’t open to the infinite possibilities of storytelling”.

    I just wondered what you thought about that. I guess writing a sitcom you need to know how it ends so you can trace back and plant things earlier on in an episode? Have you ever thought of documenting how you write either through a book like RTDs or via this website? Maybe its something you could publish here once an episode has gone out so you’re not giving anything away.

    Best Wishes


  90. I’ll just say that I thought Russell Brand’s apology was great.

  91. Darren, I divide Kaufman films into two types–the ones that don’t look like he knew where he was going from the start (‘Adaptation’) and the ones that do (‘Eternal Sunshine’, one of my desert island movies).

    I know what he means, but he’s proscribing, and that’s never a good idea when you’re talking about writing. “Doing this is wrong, doing that is right…” Everyone has a different approach, and you can be sure that some great works of art began with a writer coming up with a great final scene or image.

    However, it’s always a good idea to be flexible as you write, so that you’re alive to the possibilities of the story. If you know exactly where you want to end up, writing can become a chore. But at the same time it’s important to have some sort of plan so that if you veer wildly off course you can find your way back onto the road.

    Kaufman was probably just having a day.

  92. RE that RTE thing. I loved the way the show came under the rubric of “RTE Young Peoples”. Conjures up the image of two middle-aged producers debating : “What do you think the Young People would like?”
    “How about something about Father Ted? That was pretty cutting edge stuff.. back in 1996.”

  93. Ha! Thanks for that!

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