Webcomics: A comparison!

October 1, 2008

This was the beginning of one short ‘storyline’ in Achewood, when Philippe meets a shy, Japanese otter and embarks on a tentative romance (it was also the first Achewood strip I saw). link

Now, that to me, is damn funny. Don’t know why. Maybe the way there’s no apostrophe?

The latest strip ends with a character being ‘seen to’ in a darkened room. It ends with the following dialogue: “Oh, HELL yes! Man, I can’t imagine askin’ a chick I actually knew to do this…this ROCKS! This is the PERFECT thing to do to a guy in a hotel! No WONDER there’s so many hotels!”

Meanwhile…at the other end of the webcomic scene, this is a recent Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Allow me to lay them both at your feet with no further comment.

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